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 Ink. 3D Photography & Conversion  Hot Link!
Various Anaglyphs

Added on:Mon Feb 20 2006, Hits: 1831 [ Report ]
 Join Spaces  Hot Link!
Conference for State-of-art 3D-imaging and display technologies. With lectures for download and big link-list. Based on a idea of Prof. Baldeweg.

Added on:Mon Feb 20 2006, Hits: 1707 [ Report ]
 La Gana + Santa Maria - Zigarren in 3D  Hot Link!
3D pictures about cigar manufacturing

Added on:Tue Apr 28 2009, Hits: 1178 [ Report ]
 Le Mie 3D  Hot Link!
Stereo Photos

Added on:Thu Jan 21 2010, Hits: 1066 [ Report ]
 Nintendo 3DS Blog  Hot Link!
The only source for 3D Nintendo content. 2D to 3D conversions of 3DS screenshots and videos of console games rendered in 3D.

Added on:Mon Jul 19 2010, Hits: 1151 [ Report ]
 Opti-Max 3-D  Hot Link!
Media 3-D "As it was meant to be seen" displaying a large number of (VR) 3-D images, to be viewed with E-Dimensional (LCD) glasses

Added on:Mon Feb 20 2006, Hits: 2915 [ Report ]
 Quick 3D Viewer  Hot Link!
Quick 3D Viewer (TM) is a simple to use stereoscopy system for quickly making free viewing and anaglyph images. It uses two Logitech QuickCam cameras, mounted and aligned on a bar and includes software. Requires two free USB ports and Windows 98 or later

Added on:Mon Feb 20 2006, Hits: 1903 [ Report ]
 Rainbow Symphony, Inc.  Hot Link!
Largest Manufacturer of Paper & Plastic 3D Glasses, Anaglyph, Polarized, Pulfrich, Holographic. 2D-3D Art Conversion Services. Anaglyph 3D Animation

Added on:Mon Feb 20 2006, Hits: 2280 [ Report ]
 Richard Weinhofer  Hot Link!
3D stereoscopic virtual reality picture; interlace, parallel, anaglyph, gallery, free download, with thanks Richard

Added on:Mon Feb 20 2006, Hits: 1702 [ Report ]
 Roberto Soldati  Hot Link!
Stereoscopy that you can perceive three dimensionally even with the naked eye. At a distance of approximately 60 centimeters (24 inches) from the computer screen, try to superimpose the two rocks by crossing your eyes and ignoring residual lateral images

Added on:Mon Feb 20 2006, Hits: 1982 [ Report ]

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