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╗ Spatial View - interlacing/conversion online services  Hot Link!
Spatial View Inc. is pleased to announce that it will now offer 3D photo services online, for both general consumers and professionals. Beginning Oct. 5, 2005, interlacing of stereo images for 3D displays, as well as the conversion of any 2D image to 3D.

Added on:Mon Feb 20 2006, Hits: 1698 [ Report ]
╗ Stereo Realist  Hot Link!
3D Video Production. Professional Stereographer services

Added on:Tue Jan 3 2012, Hits: 723 [ Report ]
╗ Stereophotography by Mark Blum  Hot Link!
Mark Blum is a 3 -D nature photographer and writer who specializes in the stereophotography of wildlife subjects. He is best known for his pioneering work in underwater stereo photography. Over 22 years of photographing the worlds oceans in three dimensions Mark has assembled what is perhaps the most comprehensive library of 3-D marine images in the world. Utilizing numerous custom-built underwater stereo camera systems, he is able to photograph an unprecedented range of subjects. From tiny symbiotic shrimps captured in 2áto 1 macro stereo to massive whale sharks, all subjects are rendered in lifelike depth. These true stereo images are of the highest optical and three dimensional quality, far surpassing 2-D conversions in 3-D effect.

Added on:Sat Jan 31 2009, Hits: 1339 [ Report ]
╗  Hot Link!
Italian 3D production service studio. Stereoscopic photograpy, conversion and video shooting.

Added on:Sat Jan 23 2010, Hits: 1107 [ Report ]
╗ Studio 555  Hot Link!
Home of Patented (ACB) 3-D 'Anaglyphic Contrast balance' (ACB) 3-D enables contrasts of the full spectrum to be visible within each colour channel, eliminating retinal rivalry. Send in your stereo pair for free (ACB) 3-D imaging and see the difference!

Added on:Wed Sep 5 2007, Hits: 1503 [ Report ]
╗ Syn4D-holographic print  Hot Link!
Synthetic digital holographic 4D print in large format with animation and full color, from digital data.

Added on:Thu May 24 2007, Hits: 1443 [ Report ]
╗ Taacam Inc.  Hot Link!
We provide XoonVueTM viewers, software tools and services to generate amazing Xoon3D images for your print and online media like books, magazines, newspapers , advertisement flyers, banners, logos, catalogs, etc. Xoon3D is a high quality color 2D image, but also a high quality full brightness, full color, full contrast 3D image, which delivers additional depth information to make feel the objects are jumping out of the page.

Added on:Wed Mar 25 2015, Hits: 472 [ Report ]
╗ Tracer Graphix Leader in Lenticular Printing Products  Hot Link!
TracerGraphix is a leader in lenticular print products. All Tracer lenticular prints are of the highest quality, exposing the finest photographic detail possible.

Added on:Tue May 16 2006, Hits: 1958 [ Report ]
╗ United States Virtual Reality  Hot Link!
A world leader in Stereo 3D production. Music videos, concerts, award winning corporate productions for names like BMG Records, Nintendo and Hanson's.

Added on:Sat Mar 11 2006, Hits: 2009 [ Report ]
╗ WHURL TV  Hot Link!
Stereographic stills and animation creation for the Web, DVD/CD, Print and Video.

Added on:Mon Feb 20 2006, Hits: 1520 [ Report ]

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