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 Index : 3D-Equipment (new and used)

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» SilverFabric  Hot Link!
A brand new 3-D screen material!

Added on:Mon Mar 22 2010, Hits: 1011 [ Report ]
» StereoVision Imaging Inc. - 3D Binoculars, 3D Cameras and Portable 3D Imaging Systems - 3D VuCam  Hot Link!
Stereovision Imaging develops and commercializes advanced 3D imaging technology for portable 3D imaging systems such as 3D binoculars and 3D cameras based on patented optical and 3D facial recognition algorithms

Added on:Thu Aug 16 2007, Hits: 1491 [ Report ]
» Stereoscopic 3D Media Player - China 3D Media Player in VCD & DVD Player  Hot Link!
Stereoscopic 3D Media Player - China 3D Media Player in VCD & DVD Player

Added on:Tue Nov 2 2010, Hits: 1947 [ Report ]
» TMP Mediagroup 3D Projection in 3D Stereo - Virtual Reality - 3D movieproduction - Silverscreen  Hot Link!
WORLD NEWS: The new 3D 1080p Stereo camera from S3R made in Germany. We produce cameras for industrial solutions. Our Camera can used for: 3D sportscam, 3D roboticcam, 3d nearfieldcamera and much more.

Added on:Fri Mar 16 2007, Hits: 1455 [ Report ]
» Software for lenticular printing  Hot Link! Software for lenticular printing, 2D to 3D convertion

Added on:Mon Nov 30 2009, Hits: 1763 [ Report ]
» Tru3D: home & office 3D provider with 3D Displays, 3D Ready PC, 3D Ready Glasses and more...  Hot Link!
Tru3D: home & office. S3D provider with Stereoscopic 3D Displays, 3D Ready PC, 3D Ready Glasses and more...

Added on:Fri Mar 12 2010, Hits: 3457 [ Report ]
VIDIMENSIO presents a flicker free, high resolution, full color, full depth 3D projection with only one! DLP Projector, projected on a normal white wall or screen. The user wears a lightweight wired or wireless 3D-LCD-Shutter-glasses. The HDTV compatible system opens the way of 3D-Home-Cinema for everyone for an affordable price. The video device allows the 3D projection that way is called 3D-Dual-Processor. It receives an interlaced video signal from a normal DVD-Player playing an interlaced 3D-DVD and converts it to a progressive VGA Signal connected on a DLP projector or PlasmaTV. The advanced downwardly compatible version is the 3D-Dual-Processor-Professional with two VGA outputs for polarisation projection with two projectors.

Added on:Fri Sep 7 2007, Hits: 1423 [ Report ]
» View-Master and 3D Vision  Hot Link!
An excellent website with lots of details and images of (predominantly) View-Master viewers. Also sections about View-Master clones, Bruguière, Colorelief, Lestrade, RoMo, Stereoclic, Stori-View, Tru-Vue, Meopta, Radex, Vistascreen, Photoscope etc.

Added on:Mon Feb 20 2006, Hits: 1968 [ Report ]
» YouTube - Realist Maintenance - Intro(Part1)  Hot Link!
Part 1 of a 10 part series showing how to clean-lube-adjust-maintain a Steeo Realist Camera--presented as a free service by Jim McDonough--all 10 parts are on YouTube

Added on:Sat Jan 31 2009, Hits: 1461 [ Report ]
» digi-dat 3D equipment  Hot Link!
3D equipment: stereoscopic LANC remote (inclufing the new Sony A/V-R connector), stereo mounting system, racks, SDM rigs (z-bars, trigger), complete digital 3D photo cameras, underwater housings for stereo camcorders/cameras

Added on:Sat Jan 31 2009, Hits: 1273 [ Report ]

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