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Title:Starchaser - The Legend of Orin
Remarks:Andrew Woods' five minute review of:

Starchaser: The Legend of Orin
198x? [G] 107 minutes

This is an animated 3D movie. The story revolves around a young man called Orin who lives and works in an underground mine world. The people live and die to mine a special crystal. The baddie of the movie is Zygon who is basically the underground peoples slave driver. Orin discovers a magic sword which tells of a magical world above ground. Previously the people thought hell was up. Orin escapes with the help of the magic sword and eventually returns (after a mini adventure in itself) to free his people. The movie is certainly full of plot - actually crammed full of story line. Personally I would have given the movie a [PG] (parental guidance) rating instead of a [G] (General) rating because there was a little bit of bad language. I was a little bit sensitive of this since I invited the boss to bring is son along to see the movie.

This was the first 3D animated movie that I've seen and it was pretty good. The multiple layering showing how the 3D scenes were made up was pretty obvious. The vertical alignment was pretty spot-on during the whole show. There were only a couple of 3D scenes which made good use of things coming out of the screen.

In some scenes the animators got the depth levels mucked up and therefore a little bit confusing to look at. A couple were totally reversed. This movie also suffered from the problem of extreme values of positive/uncrossed parallax (things appear behind the screen). At my guess the uncrossed parallax reached a maximum of about 1 foot (30cm). My eyes complained about this a little bit.
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