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Title:Friday the 13th, Part III in 3-D
Company:Paramount Pictures
Country:United States of America
System:Marks 3-Depix Converter, Movielab
Producer:Frank Mancuso, Jr.
Director:Steve Miner
Script:Martin Kitrosser, Carol Watson
Actors:Dana Kimmell, Richard Brooker, Catherine Parks, Paul Kratka
Remarks:Crazy Jason is still murdering kids up at Crystal Lake. No better than its predecessors for being in three dimensions; in fact, half as bad again.

"The first was dreadful and took seventeen million. The second was just as bad and took more than ten million. No doubt the distributor will be happy to learn that the third is terrible too." -Variety.

Andrew Woods' five minute review of:

Friday the 13th, Part III
year? [M] 96mins

I guess this movie follows on from parts 1 and 2 but since I haven't seen any of the others, I don't know. Basically a group of college types spend a weekend at the farmhouse at which (I guess) horrible things happened in the two previous movies. A guy, whose head looks as though it has been microwaved, gradually kills about 8 people in various gory ways. Just one girl survives (the one from the previous movie) in a highly suspense driven ending - one of the audience of about 100 people actually screamed. :-)

The movie had quite an interesting start for a 3D movie - it was in 2D. An announcement at the beginning of the movie said "Ladies and Gentlemen: The first few minutes of this movie is in 2D. You will still need to wear the glasses". I guess the reason for this was that they were showing the last few minutes of the previous movie which was obviously shot in 2D. The effect was quite intriguing when the scene finally sprung into 3D. It had most of the audience humming.
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