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Title:Carne per Frankenstein
Director:Paul Morrissey
Script:Paul Morrissey
Camera:Luigi Kuveiller
Music:Claudio Gizzi
Actors:Joe Dallesandro, Udo Kier, Monique van Vooren, Arno Juerging, Fiorella Masselli
Remarks:A lot of blood, many deaths, very ugly film.

German title: "Andy Warhols Frankenstein"
First shown in Germany: November 30, 1973
Minimum age: 18 years (Germany)
German Filmdienst number 18628

Andrew Woods' five minute review of:

Andy Warhol's Flesh for Frankenstein

1974 [R] 97 minutes

What can I say... I guess most people are familiar with the usual story of Frankenstein. Well this one is with a twist of blood, guts, body parts and sex. Dr. Frankenstein (I don't think that's his name in this version - he was just referred to as the Barron the whole way through) plans to build a superiour race of human beings using only the best body parts from the best specimens he can find in the local village. In this version the Barron 'builds' both a male and a female specimens with plans for them to procreate and continue the superior race. Unfortunately the Barron's plan to obtain the head of a male stud who would want to procreate the species until the cows come home is ruined when he accidentally gets the head of a farm boy who isn't interested in women and wants to become a monk - so his plan is ruined. In quite a funny ending (in a sick kind of way) everyone dies - the Barron quite spectacularly with a spear through his guts which projects right out of the screen into the audience (with guts on the end of the spear).
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