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Title:House of Wax
Company:Warner Brothers
Country:United States of America
Producer:Bryan Foy
Director:André de Toth
Script:Crane Wilbur
Camera:Bert Glennon
Music:David Buttolph
Actors:Vincent Price, Frank Lovejoy, Phyllis Kirk, Carolyn Jones, Paul Picerni, Roy Roberts, Angela Clark, Paul Cavanagh
Remarks:New York, around 1900: Mutilated in a fire at his wax museum, a demented sculptor arranges a supply of dead bodies to be covered in wax for exhibition at his new showplace. Spirited remake of "The Mystery of the Wax Museum"; as a piece of screen narrative it leaves much to be desired, but the sudden shocks are well managed, perhaps because this is the first Grade-A 3-D film, packed with gimmics irrelevant to the story and originally shown with stereophonic sound. The horror career of Vincent Price began with this film. The director, André de Toth, could not see the 3-D effect, being blind in one eye.

First shown: April 10, 1953 at the Paramount-Theatre, New York City.

German title: "Das Kabinett des Professor Bondi"
First shown in Germany: 1953
Minimum age: 16 years (Germany)
German Filmdienst number 2542
Illustrierte Film-Bühne Nr. 1962

Andrew Woods' five minute review of:

House of Wax
195x? [M] 88mins

Professor Jarad (Vincent Price) is a sculptor who specialises in wax models of people. Jarad and his business partner jointly own a wax museum but the business partner sees more money claiming the insurance money and lights a fire which burns down the wax museum. Jarad eventually takes revenge and kills his business partner. With the help of another rich businessman Jarad sets up a new wax museum (The House of Wax) which will focus on violent acts in history. Unfortunately, Jarad's hands were damaged badly in the fire and he no longer able to sculpt. He has therefore taken to casting real bodies in wax to obtain the realism which he can no longer sculpt with his own hands. The movie is fairly slow moving but considering the vintage of the movie I guess this is to be expected.
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