3D-News Archive January 2002

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Southern Cross International Exhibition of Stereo Photography
3D-News Posted: Monday, January 28, 2002 (4:39 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Stereo photographers all over the world are invited to enter the 22nd
Southern Cross International Exhibition of Stereo Photography. The
closing date in Sydney, Australia is March 29, 2002.

A PDF Entry Form can be downloaded from the PSA Stereo Division
website at http://www.psa-photo.org/stereo.htm

Alternately, Entry forms can also be downloaded as either PDF files or
zipped Word files from the Sydney Stereo Camera Club website at
www.oz3d.info . Just Click on the "2002 Southern Cross Exhibition"
medal to go to the Southern Cross webpage where the entry form can be

The Entry Fee is US$8 for entries from outside our local Australia &
New Zealand area.

Downloads Page updated
3D-News Posted: Saturday, January 26, 2002 (16:47 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

The Stereoscopy.com Downloads Page has been updated. It now offers
the latest versions of various 3D-software.

Please have a look at http://www.stereoscopy.com/downloads

SGI Displays Advanced Medical Imaging Technologies At Medicine Meets Virtual Reality Conference
3D-News Posted: Thursday, January 24, 2002 (20:44 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Company Applies Expertise in Visualization, High-Performance Computing And Complex Data Management to Virtual Reality Technologies for Medicine

Medicine Meets Virtual Reality Conference, Booth 101
SGI is showcasing technologies that are revolutionizing the high-end
medical visualization market at the 10th Annual Medicine Meets
Virtual Reality (MMVR) Conference, January 23-26. SGI's presence and
interactive display at the conference further demonstrate its
position as a leader in visualization and virtual reality
technologies for medical applications.

Since 1992 MMVR has hosted an annual interdisciplinary conference to
promote medical research and clinical adoption of virtual reality.
This year the conference highlights the newest tools in the industry,
including information-guided surgery, data visualization, robotics
and telemedicine.

SGI's booth demonstrates high-fidelity stereoscopic imagery with
partner BARCO's new Galaxy Stereo DLP(TM) projector. On January 26,
Almos Elekes, SGI director, medical industries, hosts a general
session on stereoscopy (3D) projection with BARCO. Presentations from
a variety of companies demonstrate how cutting-edge 3D graphics and
stereoscopic projection are being utilized for a wide range of
medical visualization and clinical applications around the world.

"SGI's advancements in medical imaging are influencing several areas
of medical technology," says Elekes. "Our ongoing efforts to improve
not only MRIs and CTs for radiology and surgery but also the surgery-
rehearsal products of such partners as Volume Interactions set the
stage for the clinical adoption of virtual reality in clinical

Since cofounding MMVR in 1992, SGI has remained at the forefront in
developing visualization technologies that enable rendering of and
interaction with large data sets in real time. Through the years SGI
(R) technologies have evolved from being primarily research tools to
addressing a wide range of clinical products and applications needs.

IMAX Signs Agreement with Smithsonian for a Third IMAX(R) System and a System Upgrade
3D-News Posted: Tuesday, January 22, 2002 (21:10 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

IMAX Corporation announced today that the Smithsonian Institution has
expanded its commitment to The IMAX Experience(R), adding a third
IMAX theatre to be located at the new Air and Space Museum's Steven
F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Dulles, Virginia.

In addition, the Smithsonian will upgrade its first IMAX theatre at
the National Air and Space Museum to an IMAX 3D system. The theatre
is among the top performing IMAX theatres in the world.

"We are very excited to expand our relationship with the Smithsonian
because of its prestige, its commitment to excellence and its
extremely strong history of operating IMAX theatres," said IMAX co-
CEOs Richard L. Gelfond and Bradley J. Wechsler. "The Smithsonian
has traditionally played a leadership role in the institutional
community and we are delighted with its continued commitment to
IMAX. This announcement is particularly exciting given the
upcoming release of our first ever 3D space film SPACE STATION 3D."

The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum's (NASM) Langley Theatre
opened in 1976, and is one of the most highly attended IMAX theatres
in the world. IMAX has worked very closely with the Museum and other
key partners such as Lockheed Martin, in the production of space-
oriented films. Together, the partners have made valuable
contributions to public education through the production of such IMAX
space films as: "The Dream Is Alive," "Blue Planet," "Destiny In
Space," and "Mission To MIR." The Smithsonian also has the Samuel
C. Johnson IMAX 3D Theater at the National Museum of Natural
History. These theatres are operated by the Smithsonian's Business
Ventures division.

The Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, to be located at Washington Dulles
International Airport, will be a 10-story attraction housing more than
200 aircraft and scores of space artifacts. It will also include
classrooms, a visitor orientation center, stores, restaurants, and an
observation tower. It is scheduled to open in December, 2003, to
coincide with the Centennial of the Wright Brothers' historic flight.

Workstation Research to Extend Existing DepthCube(TM) 3D Technology
3D-News Posted: Tuesday, January 22, 2002 (19:13 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Dimensional Media (DM), a 3D visualization technology company,
announced in early January that it has been awarded a Phase I Small
Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the Department of
the Army to develop a surgical simulation workstation. The
workstation will be built around DM's flagship DepthCube(TM)
technology, a revolutionary, new computer display system that creates
the first true 3D images. Images viewed on the DepthCube display
system exhibit real depth and perspective, and, unlike those
displayed by competing technologies, are viewable without the use
of peripherals or other encumbering devices such as stereo glasses or

With this latest round of government funding, Dimensional Media is
charged with designing a prototype of a medical/surgical modeling and
simulation device. Ultimately, the final system could be adopted into
the sustained training of military medical personnel for combat
casualty care skills. The resulting prototype will provide a very
realistic surgical training environment with enough field of view for
both a user and instructor. The system will also support glasses-
free, full-color and parallax 3D images that project into free space
to provide access for force-feedback interfaces.

"The receipt of the Army's SBIR grant is a true testament to
DepthCube's next-generation possibilities and potential value to the
field of medical research," said Jeff Kiesel, CEO of Dimensional
Media. "The subsequent evolution of the DepthCube technology, coupled
with our exploration into surgical simulation will bring us one step
closer from concept to reality, allowing for major technological
advances in the medical and 3D visualization communities."

For the next six months, Dimensional Media will receive monthly
payments totaling $70,000 to develop a functioning prototype of the
workstation. At the six-month mark, the company will be eligible for
an additional investment to further the technology's development.

Dimensional Media has been working with 3D imagery, simulation,
projection and force-feedback since its inception in 1994.

About DepthCube(TM)
The DepthCube 3D computer display system develops true 3D images with
real depth and perspective. The 3D images created by DepthCube can
be viewed from any distance over a wide field of view by a large
number of viewers, each with the appropriate perspective making
collaborative efforts possible. Unique to DepthCube is the ability
of users to view the images without the use of cumbersome and
potentially hindering peripheral devices. By providing the viewer
with true 3D images, DepthCube helps to rapidly convert computer
information into viewer knowledge and understanding within a PC or
workstation environment. Considering this new volumetric 3D display
can completely revolutionize the fields of commercial scanning,
computer-aided design/engineering, bioinformatics, pharmaceutical
research, scientific and medical visualization, military defense, and
petrochemical and geochemical exploration and exploitation among

New Technology Revolutionizes Online Entertainment, Education and Shopping
3D-News Posted: Tuesday, January 22, 2002 (19:03 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

TDV Technologies Corporation announced on January 15th the immediate
availability of the first three-dimensional viewing system for the
Internet. The TDV system transforms still and moving computer images
from standard 2D visuals to realistic 3D images that appear to float
in space, revolutionizing entertainment, education and eCommerce
Internet user experiences.

"The TDV system provides users with the ultimate, virtual reality
sensory experience in the privacy of their own home or office," said
Jonathan McCann, CEO of TDV Technologies Corporation. "Our technology
opens the door to a whole new online culture."

Through a combination of proprietary software and well-proven
Stereoscopic 3D technologies, TDV enhances ordinary 3D by adding
depth information to the perspective view, resulting in a completely
immersive experience. The result is a computer screen image with 3D
perspective that appears suspended in midair. Images viewed in TDV
are so realistic that the urge to reach out and touch the image is
almost irresistible.

The TDV3D system consists of everything one needs to convert 2D into
3D, including wire and wireless glasses, receiver, connecting cords
and infrared transmitter, install system software, and 2D-3D Adobe
plug-in (for still graphics). In order to access the Stereovision 3D
experience on the TDV Web portal, each customer must purchase the TDV
Viewing System at http://www.tdv3d.com , which is easy to install and
retails for $99.00.

All TDV content is viewable without distortion in standard 2D form.
Renderings on the portal can be viewed first in 2D, and then in
Stereovision 3D with just one mouse-click.

About TDV Technologies Corp.
TDV Technologies Corp. offers unique three-dimensional imaging and
cost-effective web services. Its primary Internet site, TDV Center
(http://www.tdv3d.com ) is the Web's first destination for real three-
dimensional e-Commerce, information, education and entertainment.

TDV's proprietary True Depth Visualization technology and web
architecture, branded "TDV", makes images, animations or digital
video appear to float in front of a screen. In addition, the company
offers custom, enterprise-quality Web design and hosting-including
the unique TDV technology -- for a price thousands of dollars lower
than comparable services.

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