3D-News Archive January 2011

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Disney's 'Tangled' to be Released in IMAX 3D Throughout Asia
3D-News Posted: Monday, January 31, 2011 (14:21 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

IMAX Corporation and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures announced that the Oscar(R)-nominated hit Tangled will be released in IMAX(R) 3D in key Asian territories day-and-date with the individual countries' wide release dates. Starting in February, the film will open in select digital IMAX(R) theatres in Korea, the Philippines, Japan and Thailand, with other Asian countries to follow soon thereafter. Based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale 'Rapunzel,' Tangled is an animated fantasy directed by Nathan Greno and Byron Howard and featuring the vocal talents of Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi.

"One of the best ways to celebrate the arrival of a movie in any given market, in any part of the world, is to include an IMAX release," said Chuck Viane, President of Global Distribution for Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. "Tangled is ideally suited to the enhanced image and sound quality of IMAX, and we're looking forward to offering audiences the opportunity to experience it in this very special way starting next month."

"Having witnessed the great success of Tangled so far, we believe it will be a welcome addition to our robust 2011 international film slate," said IMAX CEO Richard L. Gelfond. "Due to the worldwide growth of the IMAX theatre network, coupled with the program flexibility of our digital projection system, we are able to provide more moviegoers with more sought-after content than ever before -- especially in this important region."

"Our partnership with Disney has been outstanding and we are excited for the opportunity to offer another iconic and beloved Disney adventure to IMAX moviegoers in these key territories," said Greg Foster, Chairman and President of IMAX Filmed Entertainment.

Students get free 3D glasses to experience the emotions of studying abroad
3D-News Posted: Saturday, January 15, 2011 (5:23 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Starting this week, high school or university students can experience a free 3D study abroad adventure by picking up 3D glasses distributed on school campuses by EF Education First. The glasses come with an invitation to watch a unique 3D video at www.ef.com/3D

In the "Open your world" video, students are treated to a magical 3D adventure in London, New York and other cities around the world. The actual characters, dancers and artists are played by actors, while stereoscopic 3D animations bring surprise situations and magic.

"EF offers study abroad programs that can change young people's lives, a positive experience that teachers in general recommend. But to get this positive message out to the actual students we have to communicate in a way that appeals to young people today. And we hope 3D will grab students' attention," says Mats Ulenius, Marketing Director at EF. "Our wish is of course that students will also want to ‘open their world' in real life as well."

Students who haven't found the 3D glasses at their high school or university can order the glasses for free at http://www.ef.com/3D

Comprehensive 3D workshops teach 3D principles, filming and post production.
3D-News Posted: Saturday, January 15, 2011 (5:16 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

In response to growing demand, the 3D Film Factory is set to continue its popular monthly 3D training workshops for 2011. These comprehensive, hands-on sessions instill individuals with the guiding principles and art of stereoscopic 3D production, 3D shooting and 3D post production.

Workshops are one-day (ten hours) and cover the following topics: 3D HD digital shooting, camera choices, genlock, lighting for 3D, beam-splitter and side-by-side rig usage, as well as set-up, 3D shooting ratios, depth and pop, proper convergence, alignment issues, easy 3D post workflows, and all the other details you need to know to create superior quality 3D entertainment.

3D Training is geared for individuals preparing to shoot a 3D production, be it a commercial, short, documentary and/or feature film in the real world. Therefore participants are encouraged to ask questions and get behind the camera.

3D Film Factory's veteran3D instructors (stereographers) are World-Class experts, with years of 3D filming and production experience. They’ve shot for a variety of major clients and fortune 500 companies Worldwide.

3D Workshops are held on an ongoing monthly basis in a plethora of convenient U.S. locations. Times and dates are flexible as to customer needs. 3D Film Factory supplies everything - the cameras, 3D rigs, lighting and lunch - all for a very affordable price. For more information see http://www.3DFilmFactory.com

XPAND Partners With JTM Concepts To Offer 3D Learning In Multiple Languages
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, January 12, 2011 (19:46 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Further strengthening its leadership position in delivering the benefits of 3D to education applications, XPAND is partnering with 3D educational applications leader JTM Concepts to offer students across the globe interactive stereoscopic 3D lessons in eight different language packages. The lesson packages are available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Latin Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese editions.

"As the first company to develop a modular 3D lesson program in multiple languages, XPAND is at the forefront of educational technology and is literally changing the way students around the world see their school assignments," said Maria Costeira, CEO of XPAND. "Teaming up with JTM Concepts helps promote interactive, exciting and educational experiences that will keep students highly involved in their work."

Multiple programs and lesson plans will be included in each language including, "Making Cubes," "The Solar System" and "Composite Solids-Volume." Classroom3® promotes the enhancement of learning opportunities through 3D applications by providing students clear visualizations of concepts normally seen as difficult to comprehend by the average student. Partnering with XPAND, JTM Concepts' technology will continue to grab and retain students' attention.

Orange and Dimension 3 invite producers to an information day focusing on stereoscopic 3D
3D-News Posted: Saturday, January 8, 2011 (15:55 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Avance Rapide Communication, the organizer of Dimension 3, the International Forum on S-3D and New Images, is teaming up with Orange, one of the telecommunication operators world's leader, to run the Orange 3D Workshops. This partnership includes an information and awareness day on the Orange 3D Workshops, under Dimension 3's banner, held in the Paris area on January 17th, 2011.

This day is aimed at all European producers with an S-3D project who want to learn more about 3D production. A panel comprising some twenty experts, broadcasters, producers and stereographers will share insights on the present state as well as the future of S-3D in the coming months and years. The Orange Workshops, whose goal is to encourage contents with high creative or technological value, will reward the most promising projects through writing grants.

These 50,000 Euro grants will promote project development in five fields: fiction/animation, documentary, game, sports, music/live show. The most promising S-3D project will receive an additional 50,000 Euro grant, bringing its Orange sponsorship to 100,000 Euro. This exceptional prize will be awarded during the Dimension 3 forum, held in the Paris area from May 24 to 26, 2011.

For more information, visit the Orange workshops website at http://www.ateliers-orange.com or the Dimension 3 website at http://www.dimension3-expo.com

CyberLink Demonstrates Glasses-Free Auto-Stereo 3D Solutions With Strategic Partners
3D-News Posted: Friday, January 7, 2011 (16:02 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

CyberLink Corp. announced the upcoming showcase of its cutting-edge auto-stereo 3D solutions with strategic partners, enabling viewing glasses-free stereo 3D Blu-ray playback on laptops and desktop PCs with PowerDVD, marking a significant breakthrough in auto-stereo 3D technology. The newly-revealed solutions leveraging PowerDVD include 3DeeFlector with Spatial View, 215FS01 with CPT, and SeeFront 3D Rig.

The advancement of auto-stereo 3D technology creates compelling viewing experiences in 3D without glasses, enabling users to enjoy 3D movies with PowerDVD at an entirely new level.

"Our mission is to incorporate the latest video technologies for PowerDVD," said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. "We are glad to co-work with our strategic partners in delivering such an exciting, convenient and innovative 3D movie experience on PCs."

"The 3DeeFlector provides laptop manufacturers with a low cost and easy migration path to stereoscopic 3D," said Ihor Petelycky, GM of Core Technology and Applications at Spatial View. "We are confident that the experience of watching 3D movies and digital content without the need for special glasses will have a positive impact on the adoption of stereo 3D by laptop owners."

"CPT is a dedicated professional panel maker," said Sheng-Chang Lin, President of CPT. "We are delighted to work closely with CyberLink to provide state-of-the-art viewing experiences by leveraging its flagship PowerDVD on 215FS01 of CPT solution."

"We are witnessing the increasing demand of a vivid 3D experience without the obnoxious glasses," said Christoph M. Grossmann, Founder and CEO of SeeFront. "By cooperating with CyberLink, together we offer true 3D effect and freedom of movement in all directions, creating the ultimate 3D viewing experience."

Broadcom and RealD Collaborate to Bring Bluetooth Technology to 3D Glasses
3D-News Posted: Friday, January 7, 2011 (5:16 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Broadcom Corporation, a global leader in semiconductors for wired and wireless communications, announced that its Bluetooth® technology is being adopted for active shutter 3D glasses by RealD Inc., a leading global licensor of 3D technologies. At present, most active 3D glasses utilize infrared technology to synchronize the shutter mechanisms used by active glasses to create a three dimensional effect for television viewers in the home. Broadcom Bluetooth technology allows a greater sense of freedom for wearers, with no line-of-sight restriction and much longer battery life than glasses based on other technologies, including infrared (IR) and other radio frequency (RF) based 3D glasses.

Broadcom and RealD plan to demonstrate how Bluetooth can transform the home 3D experience with technology demonstrations at the CES tradeshow in Las Vegas, January 6-9, 2011.

Highlights/Key Facts:

  • 3D continues to grow in popularity among consumers as a new and exciting way to enjoy an enhanced television viewing experience, with 35 million 3D-enabled televisions and home consumer electronics devices expected to be sold in 2014, according to market researcher ABI. With an expectation of 2 to 4 glasses sold per 3D TV, this is a market potential of 140 million 3D glasses.
  • Of the various technology approaches that currently provide the 3D experience in the home, so-called "active" 3D glasses are the most prevalent.
  • Serving as a reliable and convenient wireless connection between the 3D glasses and the associated device, Broadcom Bluetooth technology allows the active 3D glasses to synchronize its shutters with the action on the screen to create a 3D effect for the viewer. This technology is being adopted by RealD because it provides several advantages over other 3D approaches that rely upon IR technology to connect the glasses to digital televisions:
    • The Bluetooth standard includes a unique clock synchronization feature that allow 3D glasses to maintain synchronization with a 3D TV with substantially fewer updates, reducing power needs and prolonging battery life over competing IR glasses.
    • In addition, Broadcom (a leader in innovative Bluetooth implementations for consumer electronics applications) has developed proprietary technology that it has integrated into its Bluetooth products designed specifically to reduce power requirements of 3D glasses, optimizing its products to deliver a compelling user experience.
    • Because Bluetooth uses radio waves rather than light waves to connect to other devices, it avoids any line-of-site restrictions or interference from other household light sources (such as fluorescent bulbs, among others).

Rightware Announces its Flagship Product: Kanzi UI Solution
3D-News Posted: Friday, January 7, 2011 (5:09 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Rightware Oy, the leader in 3D user interface (UI) technology, announced that its flagship product, Kanzi® UI Solution, has been officially released and is available for licensing. Kanzi UI Solution is targeted to solve the implementation and differentiation problems of today's 3D user interfaces and enable rapid design, development, testing and deployment of visually rich and intuitive 3D user interfaces in mobile, consumer and automotive devices.

Kanzi UI Solution consists of two product components: Kanzi Studio and Kanzi Engine. Kanzi Engine is an integral part of a device's software platform, and Kanzi Studio is a standalone UI design software which enables rapid creation of innovative 3D user interfaces. Kanzi Studio works seamlessly with the leading 3D content creation tools, such as Autodesk 3DS Max, Maya and XSI and Blender. Once built, modifying and deploying UI designs to new devices and platforms can be done seamlessly and without additional engineering effort.

Stereoscopic 3D user interface rendering in mobile devices requires significant performance also from the UI engine. Given its years long work in field of graphics performance testing, Rightware has been able to optimize Kanzi Engine to make it capable to execute very complex UI designs with amazing performance. In addition to regular 2D UI technologies, Kanzi UI Solution supports stereoscopic 3D, transitions, animations, shadows, post processing effects, multi-touch, gestures and physics, that are all compatible with OpenGL ES 1.x and 2.0 open standards.

"We believe that mobile devices will be the best form factor to take stereoscopic 3D (S3D) technology to the mainstream, and we're proud to introduce Kanzi UI Solution to tackle the user interface differentiation problems of these emerging S3D-enabled devices," said Tero Sarkkinen, CEO of Rightware. "Stereoscopic 3D rendering technology will profoundly change the way consumers interact with and enjoy content on smart mobile devices, particularly when applied to innovative user interface (UI) designs," said Fred Cohen, director, OMAP Wireless Ecosystem, Texas Instruments. "When combined with the right complementary solution, Texas Instruments' OMAP™ 4 applications processor can uniquely deliver these breakthrough S3D UI experiences with the power and performance balance required by mobile form factors like Smartphones and tablets. We are pleased to work with Rightware and its Kanzi UI Solution, to help drive this capability into our customers' hands, enabling the quick deployment of visually rich and highly customizable UIs."

"The traditional way of creating user interfaces for embedded devices has been time-consuming, expensive, and often risky development process. With Kanzi UI Solution, device manufacturers as well as application developers can now slash the time it takes to create a UI, and provide the true-3D user interface that stands out from the masses," stated Sarkkinen. "With stereoscopic 3D user interface, the content becomes even more crucial. We're happy to work with our world-class UI/UX design partners, such as Fjord, to lift today's user interfaces to a whole new level," continued Sarkkinen. "3D is becoming a reality in embedded devices. Kanzi UI Solution is a great technology that helps Fjord implement our world-class designs rapidly," said Christian Lindholm, Managing Partner at Fjord.

More information about Kanzi UI Solution is available at www.rightware.com/kanzi and downloadable Kanzi UI Demonstrations can be also found from Android Market: Search for Rightware.

Kanzi UI Solution provides out-of-the-box support for Android, various different Linux variants and MeeGo.

Industry Leaders Darkworks and SENSIO Join Forces in 3D Games Technology
3D-News Posted: Friday, January 7, 2011 (5:06 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

SENSIO Technologies Inc., a pioneer in 3D-image processing, and Darkworks S.A., a leader in the console 3D video game space, announced that the two companies have reached an agreement to offer SENSIO® Hi-Fi 3D along with TriOviz® for Games Technology to ease creation of stereoscopic 3D games by developers and publishers. Under the agreement, SENSIO® Hi-Fi 3D will be integrated into TriOviz® for Games Technology upon request to offer developers and publishers superior-quality 3D - up to 1080p when supported by the gaming platform - even on gaming consoles requiring compression.

"Video gaming 3D technology will shape the coming year in games, and Darkworks with TriOviz® for Games Technology will continue to lead the charge in this arena through both developmental advancements and essential partnerships with industry leaders such as SENSIO," said Guillaume Gouraud, Managing Director at Darkworks. "SENSIO® Hi-Fi 3D adds value to our TriOviz® for Games Technology enabling our clients to publish 3D games at the highest possible resolution. We take pride in providing genuine solutions that enable our clients to create lifelike game characters and environments, and with the addition of SENSIO® Hi-Fi 3D, it will further ensure that this quality is maintained in three dimensions on leading game consoles."

"Darkworks is known for its innovative use of technology to achieve visually-spectacular content, and the company's decision to offer its TriOviz® for Games Technology with SENSIO® Hi-Fi 3D will once again raise the bar for video game excellence," said Nicholas Routhier, SENSIO President and CEO. "With the option of adding value with SENSIO® Hi-Fi 3D, Darkworks' clients in the games publishing world will be able to easily create stereoscopic 3D games, whatever the console being used, and choose to differentiate their offering as standard or high-end. We look forward to the pool of superior-quality 3D content available to consumers increasing as a result."

TriOviz® for Games Technology is an impressive technological solution that enables smooth stereoscopic 3D conversion of multimedia products. The technology leverages existing three dimensional graphics information within each game to greatly enhance the depth-of-field. Best known for its integration into Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and Batman Arkham Asylum, TriOviz® for Games Technology is in use by a wide range of international game publishers and is quickly building a robust portfolio of exciting titles that are yet to be announced.

With the combined company offering, licensees of TriOviz® for Games Technology now will have the option of employing SENSIO technology to guarantee exceptional 3D image quality. SENSIO® Hi-Fi 3D delivers "visually lossless" 3D images that are so faithful to the originally captured images that the difference is imperceptible to the eye of the viewer. This high-fidelity 3D enables consumers to enjoy a rich, immersive viewing experience.

ViewSonic Debuts ViewFunTM 3D Line at CES; Puts 3D and Content Creation in the Hands of Consumers
3D-News Posted: Friday, January 7, 2011 (4:59 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

ViewSonic Corp. is bringing its commitment to quality and value to 3D digital photography with the debut of its ViewFun 3D line at CES 2011.

"Our new ViewFun 3D line encompasses the meaning of digital entertainment, enabling consumers to create and enjoy the possibilities of traditional 2D and 3D content," said Jeff Volpe, vice president and general manager for ViewSonic Americas. "These new offerings put content creation and enjoyment in the hands of our customers, enabling them to take ViewSonic anywhere they wish to remember and share."

Today, the ViewFun 3D line includes a total of five new media devices that enable consumers to create and connect to 3D and 2D content wherever they are. From simple point and shoot 3D to 1080p HD video, the ViewFun 3D line brings portable 3D entertainment to new heights. With integrated editing software, USB recharging, high-quality optics, glasses-less and autostereo viewscreens, consumers are equipped for 3D fun everywhere they go. ViewFun 3D products include the Snap pocket 3D digital camera, the PocketHD, Pocket and Palm 3D HD camcorders, as well as the Show 3D multimedia photo frame.

ViewFun 3D Snap Pocket 3D Digital Camera
The ViewFun 3D Snap is a pocket-sized digital camera that captures 2D and 3D images and video. With the Snap's dual 5-megapixel lens, consumers can enjoy an instant 3D experience with an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to capture and display their memories. For ultimate images, the Snap supports a camera resolution of up to 12-megapixels to get users right into the action. Enjoy instant 3D playback on a 2.4" 3D LCD panel without wearing glasses as a result of advanced parallax barrier technology. Consumers can also play back captured content on a regular 2D PC or notebook by selecting the red/cyan format and wearing the Snap's included red/cyan glasses. Or use the mini HDMI port to view images and videos in side-by-side format on most 3D HDTV solutions.

Additionally, the Snap's built-in software makes it easy to share content on Facebook and YouTube 3D. Paired with a rechargeable Li-ion battery and flexible SD/SDHC storage slot options, the Snap is the ideal 3D camera for everyday use. The ViewFun 3D Snap will be available in Q1 2011 for an ESP of $149.99.

ViewFun 3D Pocket and PocketHD Camcorders
The ViewFun 3D Pocket and PocketHD Camcorders enable consumers to capture 3D or 2D HD videos in Full HD 1080p on the ViewFun 3D PocketHD and HD 720p on the ViewFun 3D Pocket. Enjoy instant live 3D playback on the 2.4" LCD panel without glasses, using parallax barrier technology. Then play back content instantly on a standard PC or notebook by wearing the included red/cyan glasses. Or, use the mini HDMI port to view images and videos in side-by-side format on most 3D HDTV solutions.

Additionally, consumers can enjoy 3D content on PC monitors with the NVIDIA™ 3D Vision Kit and on 3D HDTVs with their specific shutter glasses(1). With these dual 5-megapixel fixed focus cameras, consumers can capture 3D still images as well as 3D HD video. Intuitive built-in software is designed for easy uploading and one click video sharing on YouTube 3D and Facebook. A USB rechargeable Li-ion battery and flexible SD/MMC storage slot options make content creation simple when on the move. The ViewFun 3D Pocket camcorder is currently available for an ESP of $179.99. The ViewFun 3D PocketHD will be available in early Q2 2011 for an ESP of $199.99.

ViewFun 3D Palm Full HD Camcorder
A super compact Full HD 1080p 3D and 2D capable camcorder, the ViewFun 3D Palm records special moments without weighing users down. Perfect for video enthusiasts, the Palm records HD video at a rate of 60 frames per second (fps) to capture fast moving objects without delays or distortion. Additionally, the Palm features an auto/on/off flash light for pictures, dual LED lights for video, a night shot auto off mode, a built-in stereo microphone and speaker, and white balance correction settings (auto, sunny, cloudy, fluorescent and Tungsten) to ensure every memory is saved as the user experienced it first-hand. Like the PocketHD and Pocket camcorders, the Palm offers instant 3D playback on its 3.2" LCD panel without glasses, content play back on a PC or notebook with included red/cyan glasses, or 3D HDTV viewing via the mini HDMI port, as well as easy YouTube 3D and Facebook video sharing. This device also includes a rechargeable Li-ion battery and flexible SD/SDHC storage slot options, and will be available in early Q2 2011 for an ESP of $249.99.

ViewFun 3D Show Multimedia Digital Photo Frame
The ViewFun 3D Show makes it easy to share life's memories with the excitement of 3D. Not only does this device flawlessly display 3D photos and videos with no glasses needed, it also automatically converts standard 2D photos and videos to 3D. In addition to customized slideshows with music, this multifaceted device offers all the functionality of a cutting-edge digital frame, such as calendar, clock and alarm features. Additionally, a rechargeable built-in battery and hidden touch panel controls ensure the ViewFun 3D Show is as easy to use as it is interactive, and is now available for an ESP of $179.99.

Digital Revolution Studios and 3DRevolution Align to Create State-of-the-Art 3D Content
3D-News Posted: Friday, January 7, 2011 (4:58 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Stereoscopic 3D production company, Digital Revolution Studios (DRS), and Digital Revolution Studios International (DRSI) have joined forces with 3DRevolution (3DR) to amp up its current 3D conversion facility, and thereby create higher quality 2D to 3D conversions of forthcoming theatrical, television, catalogue and commercial content. As established industry leaders in stereoscopic 3D live action production, DRS is committed to successfully covering all grounds in the 3D industry. "Teaming up with the amazing team at 3DRevolution significantly expands DRS' ability to offer the best in groundbreaking conversion technology to our clients," states DRS CEO, Gina Tanner. "Thus meeting our goal to provide high quality 3D content in this revolutionary global industry."

DRS continues to offer a full array of 2D & 3D pre-production, production and post-production services. According to 3DR Managing Partner, Chris Falson, "DRS affords us the opportunity to focus on what we do best – 2D to 3D conversion, while at the same time providing our production, advertising and distribution partners with access to one of the industry's best producers of original 3D content."

DRS and 3DR are currently setting up multiple overseas facilities to further provide full service capabilities for their respective and common clients. DRS expects to announce the launch of a new overseas facility in the Dominican Republic later this week. CEO, Gina Tanner indicates, "Highly realistic and engaging 3D content is in great demand. It is crucial for key players in the 3D industry to work together to meet these critical needs. Consumers deserve to feel good about their new 3D TV and 3D content. Companies must be convinced that their investment in 3D advertising will generate maximum revenue return." On January 6, 2011, Digital Revolution Studios will announce, during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, their launch of an off-shore Visual Effects facility in the Dominican Republic headed by their subsidiary company, Digital Revolution Studios International, and the simultaneously, the formation of their alliance with 3DRevolution. 3DR Managing Partner, Chris Falson states, "This opens new doors - not just for our two companies, but for all those who are committed to expanding the 3D marketplace with ever more engaging content."

The current principals of the alliance include, from DRS, CEO Gina Tanner, President Craig Tanner, and CTO Wayan Palmieri. 3DR Los Angeles principals include Managing Partner Chris Falson, CTO Damian Allen, and New York based, Frank Monteleone and Tim Hickson. The experienced DRS and 3DR creative and production teams have collectively worked on over one hundred feature films, including 3D releases Avatar, Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, Clash of the Titans, Alice in Wonderland, Piranha 3D, and Shrek . The team is currently slated to complete over 15 native and/or converted 3D productions in the year 2011.

The DRS and 3DR alliance was made possible by the efforts of iBN3D Solutions, which serves as a catalyst for introducing highly respected creators, producers, advertisers, packagers, and distributors with a common interest in achieving exceptional results in the 3D arena.

NVIDIA Unveils First Online 3D Vision Community
3D-News Posted: Thursday, January 6, 2011 (3:56 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

NVIDIA announced a new Web community dedicated exclusively to 3D content, enabling users to enjoy breathtaking, stereoscopic 3D videos and photos while using a 3D-enabled PC or notebook.

3DVisionLive.com is an online community where NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ technology users can enjoy and share a broad range of 3D content on their PCs. It allows them to stream 3D movie trailers, music videos, sport clips, and video shorts, as well as post and view high-quality, high-resolution 3D photos.

Consumers and photo enthusiasts alike can use 3DVisionLive.com to create their own custom 3D photo galleries on the Web, where they can upload and share high-resolution 3D images with family and friends, or with the 3DVisionLive.com community. In addition, they will be able to view and rate thousands of photos taken by professional photographers, photo enthusiasts and other 3DVisionLive.com users. The site features an intuitive user interface, and high-performance photo and video management engines powered by Phereo and Fordela.

"The goal of 3DVisionLive.com is to create an online community where users can experience the best applications and content for 3D PCs," said Phil Eisler, general manager of 3D Vision. "Now photo and video professionals and enthusiasts will see the future of their profession or passion in 3D with an easy-to-use website."

3D photos on 3DVisionLive.com can be viewed in full color and resolution using NVIDIA 3D Vision technology, as well as in anaglyph (blue/red) mode. In addition, 3DVisionLive.com users have the option of making their 3D photo albums available for private or public viewing. For more information visit: www.3dVisionLive.com.

NVIDIA will showcase 3DVisionLive.com at CES 2011, January 6-9, in Las Vegas (Booth # 31431 - Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall 3). In addition, NVIDIA will be announcing and demonstrating a number of new 3D Vision-equipped PCs, displays and other devices at CES, including the first 3D Vision-enabled all-in-one PC, the ASUS All-in-One PC ET2400XVT, which is now available at select online retailers. Featuring a 23.6-inch full HD (1920 x 1080) multi-touch display, a Blu-ray DVD drive, advanced audio, and the powerful NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 460M GPU, the ET2400XVT brings the 3D movie theater experience to your living room.

3D Glasses Incorporating Bit Cauldron’s 3D HeartBeat Technology Win CES 2011 Best-of-Innovations Award
3D-News Posted: Thursday, January 6, 2011 (3:55 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Bit Cauldron's 3D HeartBeat software and technology utilizes reliable radio frequency communications to deliver a superior quality 3D experience. Bit Cauldron's exclusive technology is incorporated in the Monster Vision MAX 3D glasses, which have won an International CES Best of Innovations Award in the category of Home Theater Accessories. Together with Monster's ACTIVE SYNC technology, the system provides the best and purest transmission of 3D content, eliminating the common sync issues found in most IR based shutter glasses. Monster Vision MAX 3D glasses will be showcased at CES in Monster's exhibit in Central Hall 13006. Products incorporating Bit Cauldron technology will also be on display at the ZigBee Alliance exhibit in South Hall Lower Level 21418A.

Bit Cauldron makes it easier for customers to view 3D in their home with reliable wireless RF universal 3D glasses. Bit Cauldron's exclusive HeartBeat technology provides the only RF 3D shutter glasses that work with all brands of 3D HDTVs.

Products entered into the prestigious Innovations Award program are judged by a preeminent panel of independent industrial designers, engineers and members of the media to honor outstanding design and engineering in cutting edge consumer electronics products. MonsterVison Max 3D is the first and only universal wireless 3D shutter system that works with all 3D-ready TVs, allowing users to experience a new level of visual immersion.

"We are honored to be part of Monster's product earning the Best of Innovations Award," said James Mentz, CEO of Bit Cauldron Corporation. "Bit Cauldron's HeartBeat technology is designed to give users a quality, reliable 3D experience that is easy to use and works with all 3DTVs."

The prestigious Best of Innovations Awards have been recognizing achievements in product design and engineering since 1976. It is sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)®, the producer of the International CES, the world's largest consumer technology tradeshow.

eLocity Launches 3D Without Glasses Line at CES 2011
3D-News Posted: Thursday, January 6, 2011 (3:52 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Stream TV Networks announced it will be unveiling its new line of eLocity 3D Without Glasses devices at CES on January 6, 2011. The technology will include the eLocity 3T line of high definition 3D Without Glasses TVs that render the near perfect 3D experience. Other eLocity 3D Without Glasses technology being introduced include the eLocity 3PF 3D digital picture frame and the eLocity PC 3D desktop computer. It is a technological breakthrough with resolution that surpasses all the other 3D display products.

Maker of the sleek eLocity A Series mobile tablets, Stream TV is launching its new 3D Without Glasses technology at CES to offer a sneak peek at the many exciting applications of its cutting edge technology in development. The 3D Without Glasses introduced at CES on January 6th will all be available to consumers by Q4 of 2011.

"Bringing 3D into the home without the hassle and inconvenience of glasses while retaining picture clarity is the next step in creating a truly immersive media experience. Stream TV's top objective is to bring that experience to our customers as quickly as possible so we're pleased to announce our 3D Without Glasses solution, which offers the highest resolution and best viewing experience available today. We're confident that the eLocity 3D solution surpasses all other without glasses 3D displays in the market."

The new eLocity 3D Without Glasses products will be shown at CES (Booth 30329) along with the new A7 seven-inch and A10 10-inch mobile tablets launching for preorder shortly at online retailers nationwide.

Hungarian Start-Up Breaks Barriers With First-Ever Viewing of 3D Content Without Glasses, From Any Angle
3D-News Posted: Thursday, January 6, 2011 (3:47 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

People will be able to watch 3D TV without glasses and from any viewing angle at the iPONT International booth (#25304/25305 in South Hall 2, Home Theater Section) during the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

iPONT, a creator, converter and distributor of glasses-free 3D technology, will showcase the world's first multi-view autostereoscopic (glasses-free 3D) content at CES this week. Unlike competitive offerings, iPONT's technology enables viewing of 3D content that can be seen from 120 degrees, without the need for glasses.

According to ABI Research, market growth for 3D solutions is accelerating, with shipments of 3D TV sets to approach 50 million in 2015. Yet, a July 2010 study by Deloitte found that the requirement for 3D glasses is a major issue for consumers, with 30 percent of respondents reporting that they didn't like wearing 3D glasses. According to the firm, 55 percent of Generation Y respondents said they would buy a 3D TV if glasses were not required.

The iPONT 3D TV box converts stereoscopic (3D) non-HDCP protected Blu-ray discs and live, streaming internet--including 3D YouTube videos--into autostereoscopic content, in real-time. The company will be showcasing these capabilities on a 65-inch Tridelity LCD display for wide-viewing almost anywhere in the booth.

"The biggest barrier to interest and adoption of glasses-free 3D content and displays has been the requirement for viewers to sit in a specific spot to fully experience the 3D images," said Zoltan Korcsok, CEO, iPONT. "By offering the ability to view content from any angle--combined with an exploding interest in 3D content and viewing--iPONT can deliver a 3D experience to consumers that is simply unlike anything they have ever seen or imagined is possible."

iPONT will also demonstrate its digital signage solution, ideal for commercial ventures. The company's cloud-based Network Content Management Service (NCMS) will feature 3D trailers--including MegaMind, Tangled, Tron and Narnia--as well as some of the company's own original studio creations.

NCMS is targeted at businesses that sell digital, out-of-home advertising to consumers, including malls and airports, as well as convention centers and sports arenas. It is also ideal for businesses that sell a visual experience, including cinemas, sports bars, amusement parks and casinos.

Visitors to CES 2011 at the Las Vegas Convention Center from January 6-9, can learn more about iPONT and experience the company's autostereoscopic offerings first-hand at booth #25304/25305 in South Hall 2, Home Theater Section.

MasterImage 3D Showcases Glasses-Free 3D Mobile Displays at CES
3D-News Posted: Thursday, January 6, 2011 (3:42 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Ramping up its efforts to drive consumer adoption of 3D on mobile devices, 3D technology company MasterImage 3D, LLC is showcasing its glasses-free 3D displays for smart phones and tablets in Las Vegas this week at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Analysts predict that by 2014 the number of 3D-enabled mobile devices will surpass 60 million units. MasterImage 3D is a key force in driving the ecosystem that is enabling 3D as a universal experience on all platforms. Today the company provides digital 3D systems for theaters, auto-stereoscopic 3D display technology for mobile devices and a 3D camera ASIC for mobile photo and video.

At its CES exhibit booth, #26011 & 26012 in the 3D@Home Tech Zone, the company is introducing its MasterImage Stereo Kit (MISK) to content developers, a hardware/software system with a 4" auto-stereoscopic 3D display that runs on the Android OS which can be used to create 3D games, movie playback, short-form content and custom UI's for smart phones and tablets.

Demonstrations of these devices feature the trailer and gameplay footage from Crytek's upcoming "Crysis 2", the highly anticipated first person shooter that will be available in stereoscopic 3D. The 3D content reel also includes 3D movie trailers, a 3D commercial and 3D gaming content secured in partnership with the S-3D Gaming Alliance. MasterImage 3D is also demonstrating for OEM partners its patented cell-matrix parallax barrier display, which was incorporated into one of the first mass-produced 3D smart phones; the Hitachi Wooo.

Roy Taylor, MasterImage 3D EVP and GM of 3D Display, said "As the leader in glasses-free 3D we are pleased and excited to be able to show "Crysis 2" in stereo at CES this year. Crytek's award- winning CryENGINE proves its adaptability by running flawlessly on mobile platforms and in gorgeous stereo 3D with MasterImage 3D's cell-matrix technology."

The MasterImage 3D mobile display is based on parallax barrier technology, the preferred approach for glasses-free 3D. MasterImage's patented cell-matrix parallax barrier uses a 'cell gap' approach that lets users switch easily between landscape and portrait modes and between 3D and 2D functions. As more polarized light passes through the display with this method, displays are brighter and 'ghosting' is reduced. The MasterImage 3D technology works with any kind of display, from TFT to OLED, PDP and more, and the company's patented manufacturing process for its 3D displays delivers an extremely high production yield while keeping costs low.

"We are excited about the near term future for stereo 3D without glasses for mobile," Taylor said. "It's anticipated that four key applications will drive 3D technology for mobile devices: user-generated 3D content from stereo cameras on smart phones and tablets; streaming and downloading 3D movies, TV shows and ads; interactive 3D gaming and new 3D applications and the mobile web. Some 3D devices will also support the direct conversion of 2D content to 3D."

TDVision Systems at CES 2011
3D-News Posted: Thursday, January 6, 2011 (3:32 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

TDVision Systems Inc. announced it will launch its new 3DLEAP stereoscopic adoption initiative. TDVision will have experts on-hand to discuss the company's Full High Definition 3D, bandwidth optimized, and 2D legacy compatible technology, known as the powerful "Encode Once, Deploy Everywhere" 2D Delta System for videostreams at the CES 2011 Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 6th – 9th.

TDVision can be found at the Sisvel exhibit located at LVCC South Hall Lower Level 20537.

"Over the past year, the consumer electronics industry has embraced 3D as a vital initiative. After several months of market penetration, user feedback, and broadcast evaluation of interim and half resolution 3D formats, the 3D industry is gaining strength and users demand more content and a better quality experience. In order to ramp up the generation of top quality content, production and broadcast costs need to be efficient. TDVision Systems provides a solution to these pressing demands," said Ethan Schur, CMO of TDVision Systems.

TDVision has developed the 3D Licensing and Early Adoption Program "3DLEAP." The 3DLEAP initiative enables early adoption of technologies such as 2D Delta, Dynamic Convergence, and Advanced Profiles. TDVision's patented and award-winning 2D Delta system is also known as the TDVCodec, and TDVision's IP has been declared to the 'Multiview Video Coding' (MVC) codec (ISO-MPEG-14496-10:2008, Amendment 1) standard, an extension to the ITU-T H.264 Advanced Video Coding (AVC) recently adopted by the Blu-ray(TM) Disc Association as the Blu-ray 3D(TM) specification.

TDVision's groundbreaking 2D Delta system solves the problems inherent with current, "Frame Compatible" half resolution interim 3D video formatting.

"With our 2D Delta Service Compatible System we provide full HD 3D and save considerable bandwidth over current Frame Compatible half-resolution solutions. We do this by providing a single, highly compressed and correlated broadcast stream that can serve both the rapidly growing number of new 3D users in full HD per view as well as the current base of 2D legacy users. Our system provides higher quality and compatibility at a lower cost," said Manuel R. Gutierrez Novelo, CEO of TDVision Systems.

TDVision's innovative stereoscopic encoding system takes advantage of the redundancies that occur naturally between the two stereoscopic views, leading to superior bandwidth savings. The similarities between the two views are removed and only the differences are compressed. This compressed difference, or "Delta," is stored in the video stream, along with one of the views as the 2D version, in such a way that the updated decoders retrieve the 2D and the Delta to reconstruct the full HD 3D stereoscopic video. Legacy decoders and set top boxes simply ignore the 3D information and display the full 2D HD signal. This opens the door for a single broadcast stream that can be seen by all existing cable, satellite and over the air users, "In full HD 3D where available."

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