3D-News Archive January 2014

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SENSIO Obtains Japanese Patent Related to Frame Rate Conversion for 3DTVs
3D-News Posted: Thursday, January 9, 2014 (16:54 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

SENSIO Technologies Inc. announced that the Japan Patent Office has issued patent no. 5421821, relating to a method to increase the 3D frame rate of a frame-compatible format in order to eliminate flicker while providing smooth playback on active 3D devices such as 3DTVs. This new patent, added to a similar Chinese patent granted in April 2013, brings SENSIO's portfolio to 15 issued patents and 21 pending in 13 different patent families.

Frame rate conversion is a technique typically used to increase the frame rate of a video program in order to create a more fluid and smooth playback. Movies which are usually shot at 24 frames per second (fps or Hz) can be converted to higher frame rates such as 60fps or even 120fps before being displayed on HDTVs. Since the filing of this patent application, 2D frame rate conversion has become a widely available feature with the rising popularity of higher frame rate televisions (i.e. 120Hz and 240Hz). The method to which this patent is related allows to leverage the power of frame rate conversion to provide flicker-free smooth playback in 3D.

"In 2002, long before frame rate converters became widespread in 2D television sets, we had envisioned that such technology could be used to improve the 3D viewing experience of active technology based 3D systems," said Nicholas Routhier, President & CEO of SENSIO. "This new patent is an example of SENSIO's development strategy. For over a decade, we have been developing technologies and building a strong portfolio of IP which is reflected in today's announcement. This patent is also the second issued in Japan in 2013 which shows our commitment and ability to protect our intellectual property in the Japanese market."

With the issuance of this patent and considering current developments with the USPTO, SENSIO is also exploring the possibility of creating a new patent licensing program for 3D frame rate conversion. The purpose of this second patent licensing program, which would be managed either internally or externally, would be to license the aforementioned frame rate conversion-related method to 3DTV set manufacturers and other device manufacturers using active based systems (i.e. electronic shutter glass). SENSIO is currently evaluating the enforceability, market size and revenue potential of this new patent licensing program.

"Patent licensing activities have generated significant revenues for SENSIO in the last two years," mentioned M. Routhier. "As previously pending patents are gradually becoming granted worldwide, it is now time to evaluate our options in terms of monetizing our portfolio and accelerate our revenue growth. Patent licensing is expected to become an important part of our revenue mix and of our growth strategy in the coming quarters."

For further information on SENSIO and its technologies, please visit http://www.sensio.tv

Marvel Digital Features Ultra-D Glasses-Free 3D at CES 2014
3D-News Posted: Thursday, January 9, 2014 (16:53 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

By showcasing the 4K glasses-free 3D technology at the world's premier consumer electronics showcase, Marvel Digital joins Stream TV's growing list of strategic collaborators that include companies such as Haier (Central Hall 10939) and Konka (Central Hall 7904).

Using complex algorithms, Ultra-D™ technology converts standard HD content so that Blu-ray discs and programming from cable, satellite, and internet services like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and others can now be seen in 4K glasses-free 3D. For the commercial world, opportunities for advertising and customer interaction are virtually unlimited.

"Marvel Digital opens up a whole new market segment for Ultra-D," said Mathu Rajan, CEO of Stream TV Networks. "Marvel's reach and connectivity in the commercial signage world is significant, and their adoption of our technology is an exciting endorsement."

Ultra-D is the only proprietary glasses-free "real-life" 3D technology that delivers both display and content conversion, which means, unlike other companies and technologies in the new glasses-free 3D space, Ultra-D doesn't require the human eye to do all the work. Ultra-D converts all content (even non-3D) in stunning detail, alleviating complaints of motion sickness, limited viewing angles and the need to be in a "sweet spot" to see images in 3D. And Ultra-D puts viewers in control, with the ability to adjust 3D "pop" and depth to their liking. A room full of people can simultaneously experience Ultra-D's vibrant no-glasses-required 3D. Any sense of "gimmicky" looking 3D is eliminated by use of Ultra-D's patented hardware, middleware and sophisticated-software algorithms, which visually transport TV, computer or any other platform/device viewer, into an unrivaled, adjustable real-world 3D experience.

Wavien, Inc. Demonstrates an Innovative Real 3D 'Out of the Box' Display
3D-News Posted: Thursday, January 9, 2014 (16:53 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Wavien, Inc. is demonstrating a newly developed high brightness Real 3D Display, which produces true 3-dimensional "floating" images of real objects and LCD display images without the use of special glasses. The Wavien system creates the appearance of a 3-D product hovering in mid-air, outside of the confines of a display case, to draw customer attention at such locations as trade shows, malls and other retail outlets. A 3" version, for small objects like diamond rings, will be demonstrated at the CES, January 7th - 10th, South Hall, Booth# 21859 and it is also being sold online at the Wavien SHOP. A 17" version for larger objects is currently planned for release in May 2014, and may be pre-ordered now for early shipment. The Wavien technology is also available for licensing.

"Wavien's 'Out of the Box' system, based on its well-established, proprietary, Dual Paraboloid Reflector Technology, produces a higher quality image with over five times the brightness of standard systems, using fewer components for a simplified, more compact design, and at lower cost. It is also compatible with LCD displays with polarized light," stated Dr. Kenneth Li, President and CEO of Wavien, Inc., who is also the inventor of the DPR. "Most 3D display systems currently on the market use virtual imaging technology which produces images that are 'Inside the Box.' The 3D image display systems which give an 'Out of the Box' experience have not been widely accepted up to this point, primarily due to low image brightness. Wavien's 'Out of the Box' system, based on its well-established, proprietary Dual Paraboloid Reflector Technology, produces a higher quality image with over 5 times the brightness of standard systems," added Dr. Li. "It is expected that the many advantages of using Wavien's tested DPR technology for this novel application will lead to a migration from the current 'Inside the Box' to 'Out of the Box' 3D experiences."

Epson's Next-Generation Augmented Reality Smart Glasses Built to Revolutionize Gaming, Video Entertainment and More
3D-News Posted: Thursday, January 9, 2014 (16:53 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Epson America announced its second-generation Moverio™ "smart glasses" with a combination of new features geared to transform how consumers experience games, video entertainment and the world around them.

Sporting a sleek, light design, the Epson® Moverio BT-200 is a true binocular display using a miniaturized LCD-based projection lens system and optical light guide in each side of the glasses. The Moverio platform's advanced binocular optical system projects see-through overlays of digital content onto the real-world in the center of the smart glasses' field of view. Enabling a seamless blend of the physical and digital world, the Moverio BT-200 technology platform makes a new world of augmented reality applications possible for consumers as well as commercial enterprises.

The Moverio BT-200 projects a stereoscopic virtual display with a 16:9 aspect ratio and a 23-degree field of view. A 360-degree panoramic experience is possible through third-party software that takes advantage of the glasses' head-tracking features. For optimum viewing privacy, Moverio's projection system features unique light guide angles which prevent other people from viewing the projected content.

The compact Moverio BT-200 delivers an impressive list of features for augmented reality and digital entertainment experiences, including:

  • Bright, transparent display with 960 x 540 pixel (qHD) resolution
  • Sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetic compass) enable head-motion tracking for gaming and hands-free navigation
  • A front-facing camera enables image and video capture as well as marker detection for AR apps that give users relevant information related to the real-world
  • A handheld controller unit powered by Android™ 4.0 provides a robust open-source development environment and gives users access to a growing selection of augmented reality apps
  • Built-in Wi-Fi® connectivity offers a wireless way to enjoy streaming video content while an optional wireless mirroring adapter enables streaming of high-definition video from content source devices with HDMI connectivity such as DVD players, set-top boxes and more
  • Native support of MP4 with H.264 plus AAC encoding allows high-definition video playback
  • Bluetooth® 3.0 support allows wireless connectivity to headsets, speakers, keyboards and other peripherals
  • A MicroSDHC card slot supports up to 32GB of external memory, allowing users to view and enjoy personal content like photos, videos and music even when wireless access is unavailable
  • Dolby® Digital Plus produces a full-body surround sound experience to complement the rich visual experience
"The Epson Moverio BT-200 smart glasses offer consumers crystal clear video as well as access to incredible new augmented reality experiences and relevant information according to their personal interests and needs," said Atsunari Tsuda, General Manager, Visual Products Division, Epson. "Leveraging Epson's leadership in LCD projection technology and visual imaging, the Moverio BT-200's transparent display and powerful new features give users a new way of seeing the world."

"In addition, the Moverio technology platform can serve as a foundation for designing highly effective visual tools in a wide variety of commercial and vertical market applications, including training, logistics, science, medicine, security, education and more," Tsuda said. "Epson is currently working with premier organizations and development partners to bring these applications to market."

World's First Fully Spherical 3D 360 Degree Video and Photo Gear Using 12 GoPro Cameras
3D-News Posted: Thursday, January 9, 2014 (16:52 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Introducing the world's first 3D fully spherical HD 360° by 180° video capture system using 12 GoPro® Hero3 or 3 black cameras. The 3DH3Pro12 is designed to record and render any environment in complete pan-optical motion and three dimensions. Now anyone can produce next generation immersive imagery! Using the whole field of stereoscopic human vision, viewers are able to plunge into 3D 360° interactive video experiences with off-the-charts sensations. The gaming industry and Oculus Rift® users are going to love us!

The breakthrough 360Heros™ 12-camera snap-in holder forms a tight array of 6 pairs of GoPro® Hero3 or 3 black cameras, and the video is processed using either side-by-side, over-under or many other types of stereoscopic formats. With an output of 6K x 3K in full spherical form, the imagery is projection quality and strikingly crisp when down sampled for online web and mobile 360 players.

For the Oculus Rift® users, the 3DH3Pro12 will now allow everyone to create and enjoy their own 3D 360° video presentations using the world's most versatile camera on the planet - the GoPro®.

360Heros™ currently has 8 different versions of 360Heros™ 360 Plug-n-Play™ holders, all constructed from a new aircraft grade flexible nylon and designed to capture HD 360° by 180° video on the most challenging shoots, from extreme environments to intimate spaces.

In recent months, 360Heros™ gear has filmed amazing, underwater interactive video of sharks off a Micronesian reef, a documentary Mount Everest summit trek, the Webby Award winning Beck/Chris Milk interactive concert, and a range of large format display and online interactive projects for companies such as Under Armour®, Ford® and Visa®. Visit http://www.360Heros.com to see how easy it is to create and deliver stunning content All Around You™.

VUZIX Announces 2014 CES Innovations Award
3D-News Posted: Thursday, January 9, 2014 (16:52 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Vuzix Corporation, a supplier of Video Eyewear and Smart Glasses products in the enterprise and consumer markets, announced its breakthrough V720 video headphone is the winner of two 2014 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards in the "Headphones" and "Wireless Handset Accessories" Product Categories.

This is the 10th consecutive year Vuzix has won a CES Innovation award and increases the total to 16 awards received over that time, including "Best of Innovation" last year for the highly-acclaimed M100 Smart Glasses.

The V720 are high-performance headphones with HD video screens that provide a huge fold-up 720p display to immerse the viewer in an incredibly detailed, lifelike video experience that is like watching an IMAX® movie. Ideal for games or movies which can be enjoyed with great audio, the V720 can even be used as a desktop display replacement. The V720 video headphones easily connect to PCs, mobile phones, tablets and game consoles and provides full support for 3D HDMI content.

"Vuzix is incredibly excited to have won our 16th CES Innovation Award," said Paul Travers, CEO of Vuzix. "These awards showcase Vuzix' leadership in both product design as well as core technologies including our new waveguide optics, co-developed with Nokia®. Our decades of innovation in both the augmented reality and personal display categories have led to several milestone product lines focused on the exploding wearable tech markets. 2014 promises to be a great year for Vuzix – and this CES award is only the beginning."

Sisvel Technology to Showcase 3DZ Tile Format at International CES 2014
3D-News Posted: Thursday, January 9, 2014 (16:51 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Sisvel Technology (CES South Hall 1, Booth 20431) will showcase to broadcasters and users how mature 3D technology currently is at International CES. International CES is the ideal venue for Sisvel Technology to show how the 3DZ Tile Format benefits 3D broadcasting – resulting in no glasses needed by the end consumer and a more budget-friendly solution for broadcasters.

Sisvel Technology joined forces with Triaxes – a Russian company specialized in software and hardware solutions for autostereoscopic displays – to create the 3DZ Tile Format, a system that enhances the performance of autostereoscopic (glasses free) 3D displays. This is the latest improvement to the high-performance Tile Format which already offers users better definition than existing alternatives; it is also backward compatible with 2D high definition TV sets and offers significant advantages to broadcasters by using a single bandwidth-efficient stream. The results of this technological advance will be on full display at the Sisvel Technology booth where attendees will enjoy attractive 3D viewing and advanced 3D decoding apparatuses.

The CES booth will showcase Italian and international broadcast partners who are using the 3D Tile Format: Quartarete, 50canale, SES-Astra and CNTV 3D channel. These broadcasters are also taking part in the 3D Content production; they will have the opportunity to present cutting-edge technologies in a prestigious international context. In particular, Sisvel Technology's cooperation with CNTV (one of the most important Web TV service providers in China) has enabled a 3D Web Channel which can be viewed also on a laptop screen, thanks to the plug-in developed by CNTV engineers (displaying in anaglyph, line-alternate and 2D compatible mode).

Sisvel Technology's booth at CES will be equipped with 3D and 2D full HD television sets to demonstrate how 3D programs can be viewed by both 3D and 2D devices as a practical result of 2D backward compatibility of 3D frame compatible formats. The demo will clarify the broadcasting procedure for transmitting a 3D program in one stream which can be watched stereoscopically on 3D television sets and simultaneously in 2D mode on full HD television sets.

During the exhibition the joint technologies and products developed by Sisvel Technology's manufacturing partners will also be presented: Android chipset (SoC by Hisilicon) and boards based on FPGA (by Vestek and by 3D Impact Media) which will ease the penetration of the 3D Tile Format technology in the market. Among the various demonstrations, the innovative set-top-box Teleweb Uno (TW-UNO) will be presented, which can convert analog TVs into smart TVs, enabling access to the Internet as well as the ability to recognize and reproduce all 3D frame-compatible formats, including 3D Tile Format.

Stream TV to Present Consumer-Ready 4KTVs with Glasses-Free 3D at CES 2014
3D-News Posted: Thursday, January 9, 2014 (16:51 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Stream TV Networks showcases its consumer-ready 4KTVs featuring breakthrough Ultra-D(TM) glasses-free adjustable 3D technology during WCES 2014. Of the various sizes to be brought to market by the company's brand partners in 2014, the 50" and 55" models will be on display.

Some of the TVs will be accompanied by the seeCube-4K(TM), an external device that converts a wide range of content – 2D or 3D stereoscopic sources – to 2160p glasses-free 3D in real time. Stream TV has successfully ported its realtime conversion technology to the new Qualcomm 8074 processor, and a second version of the TV will carry the conversion technology built into a chip, significantly reducing costs. Using complex algorithms, the Ultra-D technology converts 1080p/2 million pixel content into a 4K/8 million pixel viewing experience. Users can connect their satellite or cable service, VOD, Blu-ray player, Xbox or PlayStation, as well as watch Internet content from Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Baidu TV, PPStv, iQYi tv, Totou TV and other video sites with ease.

Qualcomm's latest 8074 processor features the new Krait 400 CPU in quad configuration, with speeds of up to 2.3 GHz per core for best-in-class performance per watt, so processor performance can hold up to the more demanding processing. The new Adreno 330 GPU delivers more than 2x performance for compute applications over the current Adreno 320 GPU, capturing playback and display in 2160p video.

"Ultra-D presents a never-before-seen glasses-free 3D viewing experience," said Mathu Rajan, CEO of Stream TV Networks. "There's a lack of 4K content out there, but by generating millions of new pixels with depth information, we truly take advantage of what a 4K screen can offer."

China National Culture & Art Corporation and i-marker Forge Strategic Alliance with Hollywood Studios on Import Film Business in China
3D-News Posted: Thursday, January 9, 2014 (16:51 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

i-marker Culture & Media Investments Ltd. ("i-marker Media"), Horizon Entertainment Group Ltd. ("Horizon Entertainment") and Motion Picture Association of America ("MPAA") have held a meeting in Hong Kong on December 9, 2013, with in-depth discussion on strategic cooperation and related details of implementation regarding the import film business in China, for implementation of their strategic partnership. Mr. Mike Ellis, President and Managing Director Asia Pacific of the Motion Picture Association (MPA), welcomed the strategic cooperation proposal as put forward by i-marker Media and Horizon Entertainment, as American film has a huge growth potential in the Chinese market, especially from 2012 onward, the quota on import films to China had been increased as based on original quota of 20, plus an additional annual quota of at least 14 IMAX, 3D and other enhanced format films, with revenue sharing percentage to the U.S. film copyright owners increased from 13% to 25%.

On December 20, 2013, leaders of China Communist Party Central Committee Publicity Department ("CPC Central Committee Publicity Department") and Managing Director of China National Culture & Art Corporation ("CNCAC") hosted a meeting with i-marker Media, Horizon Entertainment, U.S. film industry participants, including 21st Century Fox, EDKO Films Ltd. (which is also the Hong Kong distributor of Universal Studios, Inc.), Lionsgate, Ivanhoe Pictures, Secret Lab, and other professional parties including China-EU Cultural & Creative Industries Alliance, and Mr. Daniel Cruz from Jordan Capital Markets Inc. on behalf of Liquid Entertainment Inc. and so on. They discussed on the strategic cooperation and related business regarding import and distribution of foreign film and TV content to China, expressed their optimism on the related business and believed it will raise the standard of film industry in mainland China and will play a positive role in integration of resources in the Chinese film industry. In addition to imported films business, the Hollywood studios in the meeting also expressed their intention to participate in diversified cooperation which can stimulate growth of the Chinese film industry, such as film co-production, co-financing movies, building of film city and film-related peripheral products. Fund companies in the meeting said they were actively exploring ways through which strategic investment can assist development of the Chinese film market. Mr. Xue Qiliang, Member of the Eight CPC Central Committee Publicity Department Party Committee and Deputy Head of the Mass Line Educational Practice Steering Group, pointed out the significance of this meeting, as the recently convened 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China emphasized on "to build a strong socialist cultural nation, the key factor is to enhance the cultural creativity and vitality of the whole nation", and Mr. Xue further emphasized, "We will fully support the full-scale cooperation between CNCAC and Hollywood studios, making the culture related industry bigger and stronger, more prosperous and more competitive." Mr Lu Changhe, Managing Director of CNCAC, said, "The year 2014 will see its full-scale, comprehensive and extensive cooperation with leading Hollywood studios to import and distribute more high quality blockbuster films to China." During the meeting, CNCAC and 21st Century Fox, EDKO Films Ltd. (Hong Kong distributor of Universal Studios, Inc.) and Lionsgate expressed strong intention for strategic future cooperation.

i-marker Media, a company with headquarters in Hong Kong, had entered into a cooperation agreement ("Cooperation Agreement") with CNCAC in October 2013 on the exclusive partnership in import and distribution of foreign revenue sharing import films and flat fee import films and TV content in the PRC. Pursuant to the Cooperation Agreement and on exclusive basis, i-marker Media in association with Horizon Entertainment will apply strategic partnership with leading Hollywood and international film and TV studios, producers, film makers and production teams, and exclusive agreements with strategic partners including Cactus Three and Cargo Entertainment, to assist in film import businesses in China to ensure access to a pipeline of premium Hollywood blockbuster film content and acquisitions of related IPs and other rights including merchandise, internet and mobile gaming for import and distribution across all media platform throughout mainland China, Hong Kong and internationally.

Founded in 1987, CNCAC is a large state-owned cultural enterprise directly under the Ministry of Culture of China. Its main business includes operating various large-scale cultural and artistic performances in China, and actively developing economic cooperation and related product development of well-known art groups and artists in China.

i-marker had signed a MOU on October 8, 2013 with FingerAd Media Company Limited (the "MOU"), a wholly owned subsidiary of China Railsmedia Corp Ltd (Hong Kong Stock code: 745) in relation to the proposed exclusive cooperation in import and distribution of foreign films and TV contents into the PRC. Pursuant to the MOU, i-Marker will assign all rights and obligations under the Cooperation Agreement to FingerAd, including the set up of strategic partnership with world class Hollywood and international film and TV studios, producers, and production teams; formulation of import film plan and strategy; appointment of Hollywood import film agent and partner; and assisting in the set up of cinema circuits in the PRC.

According to the State General Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, China's box office reached USD2.74bn (RMB17.07bn) in 2012, with an annual growth rate at nearly 30% for the past five consecutive years. US and other foreign films accounted for more than half of the China market in 2012, grossing USD1.41bn (RMB8.8bn) for a 51.54% market share.

3D-News Posted: Thursday, January 9, 2014 (16:50 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Stream TV Networks, Inc. announced its participation with British Sky Broadcasting and London's Natural History Museum in promoting the New Year's Day premiere of the latest program from Britain's best-loved broadcaster. Extinct creatures are brought back to life in DAVID ATTENBOROUGH'S NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM ALIVE 3D, to be broadcast at 6.30pm on New Year's Day on Sky 3D and in 2D on Sky 1 HD.

As the title indicates, the Natural History Museum is the central setting for the program, so it seemed quite fitting to stage a promotion at the venue. After reviewing and stringently testing competing glasses-free 3D technologies on the market and in development, BSkyB has chosen Stream TV's Ultra-D™ 2160p displays for the first public showcase of the trailer in glasses-free 3D.

For the first time in the UK, the Ultra-D screens are now on display at the Natural History Museum, giving viewers an early look at highlights from the upcoming broadcast. The six week promotion at the museum will run continuously during opening hours, demonstrating how watching 3D on 50" screens without the need for clumsy glasses is a reality with Stream TV's 4K Ultra-D display.

"We are excited to promote Sir David Attenborough's new project and are thrilled that Sky selected Ultra-D as the glasses-free 3D technology. It's a great validation of what we have worked to achieve," said Stream TV CEO Mathu Rajan. "Museum visitors will get to experience the great 3D footage created by Colossus Productions without having to wear glasses, immersing them into the natural world of the past in a way that has not been possible until the advent of our Ultra-D glasses-free 3D screens."

John Cassy, Director of Sky3D comments; "This is early days for glasses free 3D screens but it's exciting that consumers are getting to experience clips of this wonderful show through a new technology. We look forward to seeing how glasses free screens develop in the future."

The public can experience Ultra-D no glasses required in person at:

Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London, SW7 5BD
Open Monday to Sunday from 10.00-17.50, except 24-26 December.
Last admission 17.30

Written and presented by the multi-award winning natural history broadcaster, DAVID ATTENBOROUGH'S NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM ALIVE 3D marks his sixth 3D project for Sky. The film is produced by Colossus Productions, a joint venture between Atlantic Productions and Sky 3D.

Fulfilling a lifelong dream of the nation's favorite naturalist, DAVID ATTENBOROUGH'S NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM ALIVE 3D is the result of a collaboration with the scientists of the Natural History Museum. Produced by a BAFTA and Emmy award-winning team, this film was shot in stunning 3D by the same 3D team behind recent blockbuster Gravity with spectacular visual effects produced by a team whose combined credits include work on the successful Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings franchises.

Combining spectacular visuals with David Attenborough's extraordinary insight and delightful interaction with these creatures offers viewers a captivating window into prehistory, as they join him on a unique and enchanting journey through time to discover how these animals once roamed the planet.

David Attenborough commented, "I have been coming to the Natural History Museum since I was a boy. It's one of the great places to come to learn about natural history. In this film we have the technology to bring back to life some of the most romantic and extraordinary extinct creatures that can be conceived; some are relatively recent animals like the dodo, others older like the dinosaurs, and some we only know through fossil evidence. Using our current scientific knowledge, this film brings these creatures alive allowing me to look at some of the biggest questions surrounding them. I hope that it will make people think about these extinct creatures differently and bring the Museum to life in a new and exciting way."

Videographers Can Now Create 3D Videos With the Latest Update to Pavtube MXF MultiMixer
3D-News Posted: Thursday, January 9, 2014 (16:50 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Photographers and videographers can now convert 2D videos to 3D and preserve or mix MXF multi audio tracks with the latest upgrade to Pavtube's MXF MultiMixer and its Mac version, iMixMXF.

The MXF video format is familiar to most professional videographers and enthusiasts if they use any sort of professional camera or camcorder. However the MXF format is not supported by major editing software, most websites, tablets, smart phones and TVs, and people cannot play MXF video on them directly.

The Pavtube MXF MultiMixer software is designed to help those video-graphing fans to be able to edit or play videos on these platforms and also do much more with their videos.

"I get numerous customer requests everyday asking for ways to convert MXF video for all usable formats. A lot of users shoot videos with camcorders in HD quality and then want to upload the videos online, to websites like YouTube and others," said Sally Lee, one of Pavtube's customer support professionals.

Sally continued, "Many people converting MXF multi-track videos have tried to have all audio tracks in one video, but weren't able to do so. They simply mix them up into one, or lose one or two tracks. Some customers also have the need to output 3D videos. With the recent upgrade to our software, we found a way to help them."

Many professional cameras and camcorders now record videos with multiple audio tracks in MXF format. Canon XF series cameras, for example, are the most typical and widely used models which include two audio tracks, one is recorded by the microphone and the other recorded by headset. Of course, more audio tracks options come with more professional devices, such as Panasonic P2 MXF, and Sony XDCAM MXF.

Pavtube's developers found ways to meet customers' needs with some advanced technology in the first version of MXF MultiMixer/iMixMXF and helped users retain the original audio tracks in .MKV, .MP4 and .MOV. With this latest upgraded version they were able to add 3D output.

Sally continued "Some customers also found it helps fix some Cannon C300 clips that were corrupt, and can merge several clips into one bigger clip. These 2 features are also frequently mentioned and favored by other Pavtube users."

"With this latest update with 3D video output feature, Pavtube MXF MultiMixer/iMixer becomes unique among MXF converters. It is really good news for video editing hobbyists. They are now able to convert their current 2D videos to 3D in MKV, MOV, AVI, MP4, WMV formats so that they can play 3D video on various portable devices, and make 3D Stereoscopic editing with Premiere Pro CS5 etc. And it's still a perfect multi-track MXF mixer and preserver," concluded Sally.

nWave Pictures' New Feature-Length 3D Film 'The House of Magic 3D' to Enchant Audiences
3D-News Posted: Thursday, January 9, 2014 (16:49 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

nWave Pictures announced the release of the new feature-length 3D animated film "The House of Magic" opening last Christmas in theaters in France, Belgium, South Korea, Singapore and Italy. The 85-minute film, budgeted at $34 million, is produced by nWave Pictures in association with StudioCanal and media fund Anton Capital Entertainment. "The House of Magic" is directed by renowned 3D filmmakers Ben Stassen ("Fly Me to the Moon", "Sammy's Adventures: Escape from Paradise") and Jeremie Degruson, with original music by Ramin Djawadi ("Pacific Rim", "Game of Thrones").

"The House of Magic" tells the story of Thunder, an abandoned young cat who stumbles into a magical old mansion operated by a dazzling array of automatons and gizmos. Owned by a retired magician, the house is occupied by an assortment of his wacky assistants who don't all welcome the new houseguest. But when the magician lands in hospital and his scheming nephew puts the mansion up for sale, our young hero and his new friends join forces to save their magical home.

"This holiday season, our new adventure brings to moviegoers a fun, immersive and engaging experience for the entire family, set in an intriguing mansion full of wacky and endearing animals like our young hero Thunder the Cat, Lawrence the Magician, Kiki the Chihuahua, Maggie Mouse and Jack Rabbit," said Ben Stassen, Producer and Director. "During the first twelve of the thirty months we spent in production, we devoted our entire energy to fine-tuning our script and the design of our fifty different characters, always keeping mind our ambition to deliver the best 3D cinematic experience ever, with the most spectacular 'in your face' 3D effects."

"The upcoming release of our biggest animation achievement so far - bringing to life a unique story with a great sense of humor, positive values and universal appeal - coincides with the celebration of our company's 20th anniversary, "said Eric Dillens and Caroline Van Iseghem, nWave Studios' Chairman and CEO respectively. "We could not dream of a better Christmas gift, thanks to the extraordinary creativity and expertise of our team of artists led by Jeremie Degruson."

International sales agent StudioCanal has successfully sold the film in over 40 territories including China, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, United Kingdom, Portugal, Switzerland, Iceland, Poland, ex-Yugoslavia, the Baltic States, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Turkey, South Africa and Thailand.

The trailer of "The House of Magic" can be seen on nWave's YouTube channel at http://www.YouTube.com/nWavePictures The poster image and production stills can be downloaded from the film's IMDB profile at: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3148834/

"The House of Magic 3D" is written by James Flynn, Domonic Paris and Ben Stassen, based on an original story idea from Ben Stassen. The film is produced by Caroline Van Iseghem and Ben Stassen, executive produced by Olivier Courson and Eric Dillens, and features original music by Ramin Djawadi on his fifth collaboration with nWave Pictures.

nWave also confirms its plans for the 2014 launch of two new 4D attraction films designed for theme park and attraction exhibitors worldwide. "The House of Magic: The 4D Experience" and "The Haunted Mansion 4D" will be available this spring and Halloween respectively. Based on the animated characters from the feature film, and incorporating original material, the two 12-minute films are designed to maximize the impact of visual and special effects for the theme park audience.

To extend the experience, nWave has developed an interactive videogame incorporating film's main characters. Available in English, French, Dutch, German, Italian and Korean and compatible with iOS and Android devices, the game is available from Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store.

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Last modified on August 31, 2006

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