3D-News Archive October 2000

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WorkWall(TM) System Enables Powerful Collaborative Virtual Prototyping Demonstrations at PTC Collaboration Center Theater
3D-News Posted: Monday, October 30, 2000 (3:59 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Fakespace Systems Inc., the world leader in immersive visualization
systems, announced on Oct. 18th that it delivered an immersive display
system to PTC (Nasdaq: PMTC), a leading provider of collaborative
product development (CPC) solutions, earlier this year. The
WorkWall(TM) brings PTC's visualization software to life, providing
high-resolution, large-scale viewing that makes three-dimensional
computer-generated models and visual simulations appear to have a real
presence in space.

PTC, working with SGI, selected Fakespace Systems to supply a
stereoscopic visualization solution with built-in motion tracking and
interactivity for use in customer demonstrations of its
industry-leading virtual reality application suite. The software
translates engineering models and other three-dimensional renderings
into extremely realistic virtual prototypes and simulations that
can be displayed and manipulated in real time. PTC chose the WorkWall
because of Fakespace Systems' reputation for high quality, excellent
service and leadership in delivering complete immersive visualization

"To fully communicate the benefits of virtual prototyping, it is
extremely valuable to demonstrate our software solutions in a
collaborative environment where high-resolution models can be viewed
stereoscopically," said Mark Hanson, director of Collaboration Centers
and Services at PTC. "Our customers are amazed by the impact of
experiencing CAD models on a WorkWall system. They realize details
and mechanical relationships that are unclear or difficult to
understand when viewing models on standard computer monitors."

PTC installed a 7 x 16-ft. Fakespace Systems WorkWall at its Detroit-
area Collaboration Center in Troy, Michigan. The rear-projected flat
wall display provides more than two mega-pixel resolution based on two
edge-blended CRT projectors. The size of the display enables viewers
to work with dimensionally accurate full-scale models, to zoom in on
components to review intricate assemblies, and to view multiple files

When used with PTC's visualization software, Fakespace Systems
displays help manufacturing organizations shorten design cycles and
cut costs by reducing the need to build physical prototypes. The
WorkWall enables better group collaboration with models that can be
changed on the fly and reviewed immediately. For design reviews and
customer presentations, it helps both designers and customers
collaborate to make better, more informed decisions early on in the
design process and to more clearly communicate design ideas.

"PTC's visualization applications make it easy for engineers and
designers to port their models directly from the desktop to an
immersive visualization environment with all of the benefits of motion
tracking, interaction and multiple projectors for large scale," said
Hanson. "Many of our customers use display systems, such as those
available from Fakespace Systems, to fully leverage the value of their
product models."

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