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VR Helps Microbiology R&D
3D-News Posted: Friday, October 12, 2012 (13:38 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

IMTECH, an India-based microbiology research and technology centre, has recently installed a Virtalis ActiveWall Virtual Reality (VR) system as well as Virtalis' own VR software enabler for PyMOL, which allows molecular data to be visualised and interacted with in stereoscopic 3D.

Srikrishna Subramanian, principal scientist at IMTECH, explained: "When the ActiveWall and the VR Enabler for PyMOL were installed, their application as a high-end visualisation platform for macromolecular biodata was clear. Once the integrated system was up and running, people were awe-struck by the stunning visual impact of being able to look at their structural data on a large screen where they could interact with it in real-time. The utility of this system is such that researchers can use it to interactively visualise biological macromolecules at an atomic level, allowing detailed structural analysis. In addition to serving as an exceptional research environment, our ActiveWall can be used as a teaching tool to highlight the importance of macromolecules to students and research collaborators from other related research areas."

The Virtalis ActiveWall is an immersive, interactive 3D visualisation system and probably the bestselling VR system in the world. ActiveWall draws on active stereo technology and features a custom screen, specialist computer, Virtalis custom software and powerful projectors. Movements within the ActiveWall environment are tracked using a tracking system. This added functionality alters the perspective of the visuals according to the user's position and orientation within the scene to give a natural and accurate sense of relationship and scale. The hand-held controller allows the immersive experience to be enhanced further. The user can navigate through the virtual world, pick and manipulate molecules in real-time and make decisions on the fly.

IMTECH's scientists carry out integrated research in classical, as well as emerging, areas of microbiology, immunology, bioinformatics, protein science and engineering, and drug design. IMTECH's research in bioinformatics and structural biology focuses on a variety of in silico and biophysical techniques such as Molecular modelling, X-ray crystallography, SAX and Electron microscopy.

Subramanian added: "Our lab specialises in developing new computational approaches to study protein structures by carrying out evolutionary analysis and the classification of protein families/folds. We have been using PyMOL for our research for quite some time now. Complete VR-integration of the open source PyMOL software was a very important factor in choosing Virtalis, as PyMOL is the only visualisation tool most of our students use, owing to its intuitive GUI and strong command-line scripting abilities. The first impression users have of the ActiveWall with its VR-enabled PyMOL is always a big WOW! We now have an easy to use, interactive platform on which we can visualise molecules of interest in 3D."

IMTECH is currently using its ActiveWall with VR-enabled PyMOL to visualise biological macromolecules (especially proteins) in 3D in order to study the interaction of these molecules with one another and with other biological moieties. The system is also deployed in a teaching course on protein structures, as it helps students to visualise macromolecular interactions, such as, protein-DNA interaction, in specific contexts like multiple-drug resistance.

Subramanian concluded: "ActiveWall makes group discussions more interactive, because the minute details of a particular protein or macromolecule are much clearer in 3D on a large screen. We now have a better appreciation of how a protein's function is modulated by atomic level interactions and the audience can see these macromolecules in rich interactive detail. The hand tracking system gives power to modulate a structure as and when needed during the course of a discussion and to visualise from multiple viewpoints. Overall, the Virtalis ActiveWall fosters an atmosphere of active discussion and participation for all."

Very Rare 3D Screening of Inferno 3D and Dark Country 3D
3D-News Posted: Sunday, October 7, 2012 (5:16 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

A screening of classic and contemporary "Desert Noir 3D" films, Inferno 3D (1953) and Dark Country 3D (2009), sponsored by the LA3D Club, will take place at the Downtown Independent Theater on Sunday October 28 at 7pm. On hand to introduce the films will be the "Czar of Noir," Eddie Muller, founder of the Film Noir Foundation, and Thomas Jane, director and star of Dark Country 3D. Jane will also be doing a book signing at 5pm at the theater for his new graphic novel publication of Dark Country, with art by Thomas Ott.

Inferno 3D is the only 1950s 3D film produced by 20th Century Fox studio. Presented here for the first time in a brand new digital restoration by film historian Daniel Symmes, Inferno makes striking use of 3D in telling the tale of a treacherous wife (Rhonda Fleming) who leaves her millionaire husband (Robert Ryan) in the Mojave Desert to die.

Dark Country, released by Sony Pictures/Stage Six in 2009, is a 3D horror/noir thriller starring Thomas Jane, Lauren German and Ron "Hellboy" Perlman. About Dark Country 3D, Muller has written that "the movie is a delirious dream of the dark pulpy stuff we loved as kids—and always will." The evening of this big Desert Noir 3D double bill will also feature a display of historic 1950s 3D promotional materials in the lobby of the Downtown Independent Theater and a Q&A between Muller and Jane before the screening of Dark Country 3D.

The Downtown Independent Theater is located at 251 South Main St., Los Angeles, CA 90012.

More info about this screening and other LA3D Club screenings is at http://la3dclub.com

Stream TV Networks Wins 3D Film Festival Pioneer Award
3D-News Posted: Friday, October 5, 2012 (8:36 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Stream TV Networks, Inc.™, innovators of glasses-free Ultra-D™ 3D technology, has been granted the Pioneer Award from the 3D Film Festival for executing the world's first 3D without glasses live concert presentation.

The festival, which features independent movies filmed in cutting-edge 3D, concluded with a performance by Quincy Jones and the Global Gumbo All-Stars that Stream TV Networks showcased live for viewers in stunning autostereoscopic 3D from the Marriott Mixing Room in Los Angeles. This milestone marks the first concert ever to be shown live in 3D without glasses. High definition 3D cameras photographed the event, sending a video feed to Stream TV Network's proprietary SeeCube™ which converted the show in real-time to glasses-free 3D, much to the delight of hundreds of fans on site at the L.A. Live venue.

Stream TV Networks was one of four Pioneer Award winners at this year's 3D Film Festival alongside other innovators within the industry.

Stream TV Networks' Ultra-D technology uses the disparity between images to produce a high resolution output. This allows for stunning 3D without viewing angles or distortion. Consumers can use the bundled SeeCube Media Center Style Auto Conversion Set Top Box to convert any type of source content into 3D without glasses – Cable and Satellite TV Channels, Blu-ray®, Xbox®, iTunes®, Apple TV®, Google TV®, YouTube®, Netflix® and other feeds.

Earlier this month Stream TV Networks announced the development of a 2kx4k 3D without glasses TV dubbed the Ultra-D 2160p. Until now, current 2kx4k TVs and devices could not reach the full potential of these advanced panels because there is no native 4k content available for consumer use. But, with the introduction of the Ultra-D 2160p, 3D without glasses pushes ahead of 2D and 3D with glasses devices in terms of high resolution content.

"We are thrilled to be recognized by the 3D Film Festival as one of the recipients of the 2012 Pioneer Award," said Mathu Rajan, CEO of Stream TV Networks. "This recognition is yet another validation for the Ultra-D technology becoming the standard in 3D without glasses technology worldwide."

EON Reality Introduces EON Ibench Mobile and Partnership With Infinite Z to Provide Intuitive and Immersive Realistic Interaction With zSpace
3D-News Posted: Friday, October 5, 2012 (8:36 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

EON Reality introduced EON Ibench Mobile™, a table-top stereoscopic 3D display solution. EON Reality also announced its partnership with Infinite Z, Inc.®, a technology provider that enables natural interaction with virtual-holographic 3D imagery. EON Reality and Infinite Z are collaborating to provide innovative 3D solutions to the market by combining Infinite Z's unique platform with EON's software solutions.

The EON Ibench Mobile™ system utilizes Infinite Z's virtual-holographic 3D visualization technology, zSpace®, and is set to enable commercial and educational professionals to accelerate design and development processes and improve the way people learn, teach and communicate in today's world.

EON Ibench Mobile™ uses an integrated software/hardware solution available only through EON Reality. The system allows for intuitive, real-time interaction using Infinite Z's zSpace with a bright 24" HD stereoscopic display system that is responsive to the user's actions and allows interaction with realistic 3D objects or a full virtual environment. The system includes high-end 3D software that enables easy conversion of 3D data, scenario creation, advanced interactivity creation, and supports numerous CAD and 3D model formats as well as content from the EON Experience portal.

By using zSpace as part of the EON Ibench Mobile offering, users will be able to work with designs as if they are real physical objects before they are even produced. The holographic representation provides an extra layer of detail that can't be achieved through traditional 2D, and using the zSpace stylus allows for the pinpointed control to turn, take apart and manipulate the design with extreme precision.

"zSpace aims to change the way people interact with computers - offering an entirely new way of working with 3D imagery in a highly realistic virtual environment," said Paul Kellenberger, CEO of Infinite Z. "EON Reality offers an advanced set of 3D visualization solutions, and through our partnership we hope to enhance the 3D experience with added capabilities of zSpace, while encouraging further innovation and creativity in the design process."

"We are extremely pleased with the results from our collaboration with Infinite Z," said Mats W. Johansson, President, EON Reality, Inc. "Together, we have combined the very best of software and hardware to be able to offer this intuitive, interactive, and immersive 3D solution."

New 'Glasses-free' 3D Advertising Medium Launched at Advertising Week
3D-News Posted: Friday, October 5, 2012 (8:36 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

A new 3D advertising medium that enables marketers and agencies to produce glasses-free 3D posters, point-of-purchase (POP) displays, billboards and out-of-home media that pop from their frames and captivate consumers makes its debut this week as part of the ninth annual Advertising Week celebration in New York City.

The new patent-pending technology is developed and marketed by SoliDDD Corp. (www.soliddd.com), based in Brooklyn, N.Y. It is on public display for the first time at the Advertising Week Experience (AWE) exhibition being held at The Times Center (booth #18). SoliDDD 3D print technology provides full focus, high resolution images with more depth than all prior attempts at printed 3D – from one foot to hundreds of feet. Text is easy to read and images virtually leap from their frame.

Dolby Laboratories and Royal Philips, through their Dolby 3D joint project, have partnered with SoliDDD to provide 3D assets for multiview conversion using their software and printing. Additional assets used to produce SoliDDD glasses-free 3D prints on display during AWE were contributed by Al Caudullo Productions, worldwide experts in 3D documentary production, whose 3D high definition video footage was converted to SoliDDD glasses-free 3D posters.

The SoliDDD glasses-free 3D posters on display at AWE were printed by Oce North America, a Canon Group company, using its Oce Arizona® Series of large format UV flatbed printers to produce near-photographic images at true production print speeds. SoliDDD has certified the Oce Arizona Series printers as qualified to print SoliDDD's glasses-free 3D images.

"Printed 3D images have never been a mainstream business due to a broad array of technological hurdles," said Neal Weinstock, CEO, SoliDDD. "We have not only solved these challenges but have developed an entire business ecosystem of software, hardware and authorized printing companies which will help to unlock the potential of the medium and free marketers and designers to reinvent printed display advertising and out-of-home media."

SoliDDD 3D images can be delivered in two ways:

  • For one time applications, they can be printed and affixed to a lenticular material to create a multi-dimensional effect.
  • For permanent locations (with changing posters/images), SoliDDD has developed a Replaceable Picture Frame light box with permanently mounted lenticular 3D lenses. It allows users to easily replace any poster with perfect 3D visual alignment every time and is a more cost-effective solution allowing advertising prints to be made on less expensive substrates without the addition of individual lenticular lenses.
"We deliver nearly two feet of depth from hand-held small images, with fine resolution that allows easy reading of text," said Mr. Weinstock. And we can deliver unlimited depth from large format printing – up to hundreds of feet of depth – depending upon viewing distance.

"Our patent-pending technologies work with large format UV inkjet printers, the highest quality laser printers and with most digital offset printers. Our conversion and multiview software helps to easily convert 2D and 3D still and 2D and 3D video images to stunning glasses-free 3D posters that stop people dead in their tracks," said Mr. Weinstock.

For additional feature and technical specifications, visit http://www.soliddd.com

Dimensional Optics Launches New Fashion Focused 3D Glasses
3D-News Posted: Monday, October 1, 2012 (10:42 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

The 3JAZZLE line of premium quality 3D glasses is designed with the fashion conscious consumer in mind. Contemporary frame shapes, combined with vibrant color combinations that truly make a statement, are perfect for anyone who is not satisfied with the boring black 3D glasses that are given away at movies theaters or included with 3D TVs.

Don't let all the fun and fashion fool you, Dimensional Optics has chosen premium quality acetate frame material to create the 3JAZZLE product line with the same quality and precision you would find in designer prescription eyewear. These lightweight frames also have premium stainless steel hinges that allow the viewer to wear the glasses for extended periods of time without any discomfort.

The 3D lenses are made with the highest quality optics available for 3D glasses. The optically correct design allows for undistorted views of Passive 3D content and the scratch resistant coatings protect the lenses to maintain optical clarity for the life of the glasses. The 3JAZZLE product also includes a stylish hard shell storage case and cleaning cloth to keep the 3D Glasses protected when not in use.

The 3JAZZLE 3D glasses are compatible with RealD® 3D movie theaters, LG®, Vizio®, Toshiba®, and Panasonic® Passive 3D TVs.

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