3D-News Archive November 2000

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Award-Winning Graphics Board and 3D Gaming Glasses Available in Affordable Bundle
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, November 22, 2000 (13:25 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

ELSA, Inc., a world leader in computer graphics and data communica-
tions solutions, announced the availability of the ultimate gaming
bundle. The ELSA gaming bundle will ship immediately and include an
ELSA GLADIAC 32MB graphics board, a pair of the award-winning wired 3D
REVELATOR gaming glasses, ELSA Best Select custom gaming bundle and
ELSAmovie DVD software player. Based on the recently announced
GeForce2 GTS from NVIDIA, the ELSA GLADIAC gaming bundle will be
available in time to kick off the Christmas season. Priced at $299
SRP, the ELSA GLADIAC gaming bundle is available worldwide through
GreenLeaf and Mini-Micro distributors.

The ELSA GLADIAC 32MB graphics board has garnered several awards from
industry leading publications since its launch in late April. The
ELSA GLADIAC 32MB was named "Editor's Choice" by PC Gamer Magazine,
"Best Buy" from PC World and given a "Stamp of Approval" from Computer
Games Magazine. Additionally, in the November issue of Computer
Shopper, the GLADIAC 32MB was ranked as one of the Top 100 products of

ELSA Best Select Customers now have the ability to create their own
customized gaming bundle online. With ELSA Best Select, customers can
pick up to three of the season's most popular titles for a extremely
low price, which includes shipping and handling. For more information
about ELSA Best Select, please visit http://www.elsa.com/AMERICA.

i-O Display Announces Stunning 3D Videos & Images On CD-ROM
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, November 15, 2000 (13:32 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Razor Digital Media and i-O Display Systems, LLC announced November
10th the release of three new 3D CD-ROM products based on their
revolutionary 3D PC imaging and viewing system technologies. Whether
you are in the mood to swim with Great White Sharks, immerse yourself
in World War I action or sunbathe while Heidi Klum strikes a pose for
the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, one of these offerings is for
you! There are more than 1,000 incredibly realistic images and videos
for viewing, allowing every viewer to feel the breathtaking reality of
Stereo 3D on a PC monitor.

There are eight different CD titles: Bugs in 3D; Beneath the Sea in
3D; Sharks in 3D -- Environment & Habitat; Sharks in 3D -- Anatomy &
Evolution; World War I in 3D; Historical World Tour in 3D -- Part 1:
The Americas; Historical World Tour -- Part 2: The British Isles; and
Sports Illustrated 3D Swimsuit Edition. There is something for
everyone in the family, and more images are on the way. During the
next few months, releases will include extreme sports, horror, fashion
and other topics.

The PC images and videos are specially formatted to provide an
interactive and immersive 3D experience on a PC monitor. The images
were filmed using sophisticated 3D camera equipment, and the LCD
shutter glasses for viewing are the same technology used in public,
large format 3D presentations.

These new CDs are the newest releases in a rapidly expanding series of
professional 3D images and videos available for the Windows(R) PC
format. Viewers who already have the convenient 3D viewing glasses can
get the new images without purchasing additional glasses. New viewers
can get these affordable, remarkable new technology glasses for
attractive prices at www.i-glasses.com.

"Up to now, high-quality, professional 3D imaging and video has only
been available to consumers via theme parks, such as Universal Studios
or Disneyland, or at IMAX style theaters," said Dave Woodward of i-O
Display. "True stereo 3D has not generally been available for home
viewing due to the technical limitations of standard consumer TVs."

"A standard home PC has powerful image processing and display
capabilities. Razor's unique PC video format was developed to take
advantage of a PC's ability to display very high-resolution,
flicker-free 3D graphics," added Woodward. More information is
available at www.i-glasses.com.

Christie Digital Announces World's First Stereoscopic 3-D DLP Projector
3D-News Posted: Tuesday, November 14, 2000 (14:04 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Fakespace Systems Hosted Preview of New Digital Visualization
Technology at Supercomputing 2000 Show

Christie Digital Systems, a recognized leader in high-performance
projection technologies, presented a technology demonstration of the
world's first stereoscopic 3-D digital projector, based on 3-chip
DLP(TM) technology, at the Supercomputing Show in Dallas last week.

Sponsored by Fakespace Systems Inc., a world leader in visualization
technology, the demonstration featured a single large-screen display
in regular show-level lighting with interactive applications.

"The market has been demanding an active stereo 3-D digital projector
with enhanced brightness and clearer images to create the most crisp,
near-life visualization experience. Using our expertise in DLP
projection technology, we are creating a solution that provides the
best possible combination of image quality, resolution and brightness,
as well as enhanced ease of use and reduced maintenance time," said
Dr. Rocco Fondacaro, Vice-President of Marketing, Christie Digital

Traditionally, active stereoscopic projection has been the domain of
analog CRT projectors. This technology, while proven and robust,
offers brightness in the range of 250 lumens. Christie Digital's
active DLP solution will generate substantially greater levels of
brightness. The demonstration unit offered 10,000 lumens and XGA
(1024x768 pixel) resolution at 110Hz refresh capability.

"As one of the pioneers in visualization, we're excited to be
showcasing the latest in stereoscopic projection technology," said
Jeffrey Brum, Marketing Manager, Fakespace Systems Inc. "Digital,
high brightness projectors open up a range of possibilities for new
product developments and applications. This will be a welcome
alternative technology alongside traditional CRT based projection."

According to Fondacaro, "We're very pleased to provide this preview of
our solution for 3-D applications. As we continue to address the
needs of customers for advanced 3-D environments, we plan to launch an
entire suite of stereoscopic 3-D and Virtual Reality projectors.
These projectors will be available in varying brightness levels and
higher resolutions, including SXGA."

"Our ultimate goal is to display images that are so visually
compelling that the participant becomes more intimately involved and
enveloped in the 3-D experience," added Fondacaro.

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