3D-News Archive November 2001

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3-D LA: Modernism in Three Dimensions, The Stereo Photography of Jack Laxer, 1953-1965
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, November 21, 2001 (3:43 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

On Thursday, November 29 at 7:30 PM, The Los Angeles Conservancy's
Modern Committee and the California Science Center are hosting an
evening with legendary 3D photographer Jack Laxer. Since his arrival
in Los Angeles in 1950, Laxer has experimented with the latest in
photo technology from 3-D to micrography to his recent multimedia
travel presentations.

This narrated slide show includes never-before-seen images of Southern
California's commercial landscape from 1953-1965 -- a lost world of
coffee shops, period interiors and sleek office buildings -- all in
stunning full color 3-D! You'll see such Armet & Davis Googie
masterpieces as The Wich Stand, Pann's, Norms, Penguin and early
Denny's. Also featured are the original 1962 Hanna-Barbera Studios and
several 'special guest star' Palm Springs locations by architects Paul
Williams and William Cody.

Projectionists for the evening will be David Starkman and Susan Pinsky
who will use a restored 1950s Stereo Realist projector. They are past
presidents of the Stereo Club of Southern California-established in

This virtual reality journey through Modern Southern California takes
place at the California Science Center IMAX theater in historic
Exposition Park. Special Polarized glasses will be distributed and the
3-D images will be projected on the theater's silver screen (although
not at full IMAX size). The program will last about an hour, with an
informal question and answer session afterwards.

Tickets are $10 for Conservancy members and $15 for non-members and at
the door. Parking is $5 in the Science Center parking lot (free street
parking also available).

Be part of this exceptionally rare opportunity to enter a vanished
technicolor world of the future!

Ticket order form is available at the Los Angeles Conservancy main
site or call (213) 623-CITY (2489).

DTI 3D Displays At I/ITSEC Show in Orlando
3D-News Posted: Tuesday, November 20, 2001 (13:29 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Dimension Technologies Inc., generally regarded as the world leader in
flat panel 3D display technology and the world’s only source of 2D/3D
switchable LCD Displays, will be at the 2001 Interservice/Industry
Training, Simulation and Education Conference November 26 - 29 at the
Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

DTI 3D LCD Displays will be in the Paragon Imaging booth (#209) and
also in the U.S. Air Force Air Education Training Command booth
(#870). The company’s Model 2018XLQ 18.1” 3D Display will be available
for demonstration in both these booths, and company representatives
will be on hand to answer technical and application questions about
these unique displays. DTI 3D Displays are currently in use around the
world in hundreds of industrial, military and educational applica-
tions. Typical uses include video teleconferencing, simulation,
bio-imaging, inspection, photogrammetry, 3D game and web site
development, military targeting systems, CAD/CAM, architectural design
and many more.

More details about the show can be found at http://www.iitsec.org.

Information about Dimension Technologies and its line of 3D Displays
is available at the company’s web site, http://www.dti3d.com.

Stereoscopic Displays and Applications (SD&A) Virtual Library now open.
3D-News Posted: Saturday, November 17, 2001 (18:14 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

he SD&A Virtual Library is a new online repository of selected
Stereoscopic Imaging publications. There are many pioneering books on
the topic of stereoscopic imaging - however, many of these titles are
now very difficult to obtain. It is the goal of the Virtual Library
to make some of these volumes easily accessible once again by
converting selected publications into electronic editions.

The first title in the SD&A Virtual Library is the 1982 book
"Foundations of the Stereoscopic Cinema" by Lenny Lipton.
"Foundations of the Stereoscopic Cinema" provides a wide ranging
analysis of many stereoscopic topics. The book's primary focus is the
stereoscopic cinema, however the book's many background sections are
equally relevant to the many different types of stereoscopic display
devices available today. This book provides a wealth of information
for both the novice and also those already active in the field of
stereoscopic imaging. Also included with the download is a 5 page
errata list for the original book.

"Foundations of the Stereoscopic Cimena" is available now as a FREE
download from the SD&A Virtual Library: http://www.stereoscopic.org/library

StereoGraphics Now Shipping Improved CrystalEyes 3 Stereoscopic Visualization Eyewear
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, November 14, 2001 (13:05 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Company Also Releases new E-2 Emitter to Replace ENT

StereoGraphics Corporation, the world’s leading supplier of
stereoscopic visualization products, is now shipping improved
CrystalEyes3 wireless liquid crystal shuttering eyewear and a new E-2
emitter. The new eyewear features increased range and longer battery
life; the new E-2 emitter allows operator adjustment of the I/R
signal. CrystalEyes and StereoGraphics' emitters are used by
scientists and engineers for visualizing complex 3D images in
molecular modeling, GIS/mapping, industrial VR (virtual reality), MCAD
and medical imaging.

"We continually work to improve the capabilities of our visualization
products based on feedback from our users," said Ian Matthew, director
of marketing, StereoGraphics Corporation. "The new improvements to
CrystalEyes 3 will enable more hours of continuous use between battery
changes and a greater range. The addition of a wide/narrow I/R switch
allows users much more flexibility in positioning emitters."

Specifically, the new electronics in CrystalEyes 3 now provide over
800 hours of continuous operation – more than three times the battery
life of earlier CrystalEyes 3s. In addition, CrystalEyes 3 will now
sync with a StereoGraphics' emitter at an increased range – at a
distance that is 10% farther away from the emitter.

The new black E-2 emitter will replace the current ENT emitter. While
the E-2 has the same range and form factors as the current ENT, it has
an additional new WIDE/NARROW I/R spread switch. This new switch in
the back allows users to control the spread of the emitter's I/R
signal. The WIDE setting produces a 130-degree spread of the I/R
signal that is reduced to 60 degrees when set to NARROW. The new
switch is particularly useful for customers using stereoscopic
workstations in close proximity to one another, as it enables the I/R
stereo sync signal to be focused on the customer's particular

System Requirements and Compatibility
CrystalEyes 3 and the E-2 emitter work with all stereo-enabled
graphics cards and software applications. It is compatible with all
computer operating systems including Linux, UNIX, Windows 2000 and
Windows NT workstations. All leading molecular modeling, GIS/mapping,
industrial VR and MCAD software developers support stereoscopic
viewing and are compatible with CrystalEyes 3 and the E-2.

Pricing and Availability
The new CrystalEyes 3 maintains a suggested list price of $795 (U.S.)
while the E-2 carries a suggested list price of $200 (U.S): both
products are available immediately. For additional product, sales or
reseller information call (800)783-2660 (outside the United States,
+1(415)459-4500), visit the StereoGraphics Web site at
www.stereographics.com or send an email to sales@stereographics.com.

Dimension Technologies Awarded SBIR for 2nd Generation Glasses-Free 3D Flat Panel Display
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, November 14, 2001 (12:56 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Dimension Technologies Inc. (DTI), generally regarded as the world
leader in flat panel 3D display technology and the world’s only source
of commercially available 2D/3D switchable LCD Displays, announced
on November 13th that it has received a National Science Foundation
Small Business Innovation Research award.

During this SBIR Phase I project, DTI will develop and test technology
and fabrication techniques for its next generation of glasses-free 3D
displays. Several advances that are expected from this program include
larger autostereoscopic displays that have a wider viewing angle, less
cross talk, and the ability to adapt to any type of flat panel
including plasma displays, field emission displays (FED), organic
light emitting diode (OLED) displays and LCDs. This research promises
to create 3D images with the same resolution as conventional 2D
images. Like DTI’s current products, the resulting desktop monitors
will have the ability to act as conventional 2D monitors and switch to
autostereoscopic 3D mode at the push of a button.

DTI has historically been able to convert the research from its SBIR
contracts into commercial products relatively quickly. Its current
line of switchable 2D/3D LCD Displays was partially developed through
SBIR research contracts.

For additional information, contact DTI at +1(716)436-3530 or visit
the company’s website at www.dti3d.com.

Linux 3D Stereo Support Now Available
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, November 14, 2001 (3:19 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Quad-Buffered Stereo Provides Unsurpassed 3D Display For Professionals and Gamers

Xi Graphics Inc., a manufacturer of premium graphics drivers for UNIX
and Linux, has announced 3D stereo support for Linux in the company's
new line of downloadable graphics drivers. The 3D stereo support is
available with most graphics cards supported in Xi Graphics'
(http://www.xig.com/) new Accelerated-X Summit v2.0 Series of drivers.

Quad-buffered 3D stereo provides realistic 3D effects when used with
shutter glasses and a supported graphics card.

"This feature adds a whole new dimension for Linux gamers," said Jon
Trulson, Xi Graphics' engineering manager. "It also gives
professionals in the medical, geophysical, military and intelligence
fields a much-needed tool for viewing complex images on low-cost
Intel/AMD hardware running Linux."

According to Trulson, the 3D stereo feature has been requested from
numerous users, from hard-core gamers to professionals needing quality
OpenGL 3D stereo with Linux.

"I think they will be very impressed with our results," said Trulson.
"The new features offered with Accelerated-X Summit v2.0 Series
underscore Xi Graphics' commitment to provide its customers with the
latest, most innovative technology."

3D stereo requires about double the memory and processing power that
non-stereo modes require. Xi Graphics recommends using a card with at
least 32MB framebuffer memory and a monitor that can support at least
100Hz vertical refresh rate.

Currently Xi Graphics' Summit v2.0 product line supports over 30 cards
that can provide 3D stereo. Graphics cards that do not have a built-in
stereo connection can be viewed in 3D by using shutter glasses such as
the Revelator model from Elsa. Cards with the built-in connection can
operate with shutter glasses such as the Crystal Eyes model from
Stereo Graphics.

The new line of Accelerated-X Summit Series v2.0 downloadable drivers
are now available at Xi Graphics' Web site at http://www.xig.com/ .
The new product line is based on an OpenGL 1.2.1-compliant rendering
pipeline that was completely redesigned to provide exceptional
graphics performance in desktops, laptops and workstations. The
initial release includes 2D and 3D support for over 30 cards and
laptops and is available as a free upgrade to owners of 3D
Accelerated-X v1.0. Customers can download a demo at Xi Graphics' Web
site and then purchase a key online to make the product permanent.

About Xi Graphics Inc.

Xi Graphics Inc., developers of the Accelerated-X(TM) Display Server
and Summit Series product lines, provides premier graphics system
software for Linux and UNIX operating systems, including desktops,
laptops, and multi-head configurations with 2D and 3D hardware
acceleration. Founded in 1994, Xi Graphics is a privately held
corporation located in Denver, Colorado, providing retail products
sold direct and through resellers and OEM's worldwide. Products
include free customer support via phone and e-mail. For more
information, contact Xi Graphics at 800-946-7433 or visit their Web
site at http://www.xig.com/.

Stereo Vision Completes Production Phase of 'Ferretina'
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, November 14, 2001 (3:09 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Stereo Vision Entertainment, Inc., in association with A&A Ltd.,
announced recently that its animated 3-D, C.G.I. feature film,
starring Oscar winners Chita Rivera and Joel Grey entitled
"Ferretina," has completed the principal production phase, and has
begun animation at the A&A, Ltd. Studios in Toronto.

The cost of completion is included in the $24 million funding package
recently committed by Thomson Kernaghan, an investment-banking firm
also based in Toronto. Stereo Vision's Chairman, legendary music icon
Tom Noonan says, 'Ferretina' will reflect to our shareholders our
determination to create entertainment content of a socially positive
nature. Also, we're very excited about exploring computer generated
3-D filmmaking, particularly in the animated children's film
department. The dimensionality of C.G.I. 3-D animation, of course,
does not require the viewer to wear the traditional 3-D glasses. And I
love the score, it could be a big seller as well."

"Ferretina" is scheduled for wide release in 2002.

IMAX and Tom Cruise Blast Off Together to the International Space Station
Noted Actor to Narrate IMAX 3D SPACE STATION Film Slated for Spring 2002 Release
3D-News Posted: Sunday, November 11, 2001 (17:52 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Multi Academy Award nominee Tom Cruise will narrate the first-ever
IMAX 3D space film, SPACE STATION it was announced November 5th by
IMAX Corporation. The giant-screen film documents one of the most
challenging engineering feats and important accomplishments by the
National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) since landing a man
on the moon: the construction of the International Space Station.

Scheduled for release in spring 2002, the film is produced by IMAX
Corporation, and presented by Lockheed Martin Corporation, in
co-operation with NASA.

"The minute I saw the amazing 3D footage shot by the astronauts in
space, I knew I had to be involved with this very special film,"
Cruise said. "My family and I have enjoyed IMAX movies for many years
-- particularly the ones about the NASA space programs, and I'm
honored to participate with the SPACE STATION team in this historic
project that documents space pioneers from 16 nations working together
to help build the International Space Station."

Twenty-five astronauts and cosmonauts who were trained as filmmakers
used specially-designed IMAX 3D space cameras to shoot more than
66,000 feet, (or 12 miles) of 65mm film in space between December 1998
and July 2001. This IMAX adventure takes audiences on an incredible
cinematic journey of discovery from the Kennedy Space Center to the
International Space Station orbiting at the speed of 17,500 mph, some
220 miles above Earth.

"We're thrilled that Tom Cruise has agreed to lend his passion for
flight and space, as well as his talents, to this historic film," said
Greg Foster, IMAX's President of Filmed Entertainment." He brings a
special dimension to this exciting project which takes the IMAX 3D
experience to even more spectacular heights. This film will transport
audiences worldwide directly to the Space Station, the first major
international outpost in space, where they will literally feel like
they are in space with the astronauts and cosmonauts, in a way that
only IMAX films can accomplish."

Paula Cleggett, NASA's Deputy Associate Administrator for Public
Affairs added: "On behalf of NASA and the men and women who have been
working, and continue to work, so very hard in bringing the
International Space Station to life, I welcome Tom Cruise to the SPACE
STATION team. His remarkable talent will add tremendously to this
film that will undoubtedly entertain and educate audiences around the
world for many years to come."

"We're excited Tom Cruise has agreed to be part of this first-ever
IMAX 3D space film which continues Lockheed Martin's long-standing
partnership with IMAX and NASA," said Dennis Boxx, Senior Vice
President, Corporate Communications, Lockheed Martin Corporation.
"This film, along with the four other space films Lockheed Martin,
NASA and IMAX have partnered on, will help to educate audiences around
the world on both the importance of space to our planet's future and
the joy of living and working in space."

One of the world's true movie stars, Tom Cruise has acted and/or
produced over 30 films including: Risky Business, Top Gun, The Color
of Money and Rain Man. He received his first Oscar(R) nomination for
Born on the Fourth of July and has gone on to star in A Few Good Men,
The Firm, the Mission: Impossible series, and Jerry Maguire, for which
he received his second nomination. After working on Stanley Kubrick's
last film, Eyes Wide Shut, he earned his third nomination for his work
in Magnolia. He next stars for Cameron Crowe in Vanilla Sky and then
teams with Steven Spielberg in Minority Report.

About the IMAX 3D SPACE STATION film:
Early in 1997, IMAX Corporation, in association with Lockheed Martin
Corporation and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration
(NASA), began a program to develop new IMAX 3D cameras to fly in space
initially for use in connection with a film about the construction of
the International Space Station.

"This is the first time that audiences will have the all encompassing
view that only astronauts and cosmonauts are privileged to experience.
The camera actually puts you right there, with them, moving around and
floating in space," said SPACE STATION producer Toni Myers. "The IMAX
3D footage captures the excitement and magnitude of this amazing
project being built in outer space in a way that no other medium can."

SPACE STATION stars astronauts and cosmonauts from the United States,
Canada, Japan, Russia and Europe, who collectively have spent
thousands of hours in space. The IMAX cameras captured seven Space
Shuttle crews and two resident station crews, as they transformed the
International Space Station into a permanently inhabited scientific
research station.

More information about IMAX Corporation is available on-line at

Lens-Shades for the Stereo Realist Camera
3D-News Posted: Sunday, November 11, 2001 (17:44 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Pro-Shades for the Stereo Realist will improve your 3D results by
reducing or preventing lens flare. Pro-Shades are an effective
accessory to sharpen the stereo images by blocking light refractions
from lens micro-scratches that can cause contrast problems or

Manufactured and available from 3D Development Company

Advance Program for SD&A 2002 Announced
3D-News Posted: Sunday, November 11, 2001 (17:39 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

The Advance Program for the 2002 Stereoscopic Displays and
Applications conference is now available from the conference website:


The conference is scheduled for 21-23 January 2002 at the San Jose
Convention Centre, San Jose, California. Thanks to all the authors
who submitted abstracts, there should be a very interesting and full
program ahead.

The three days of the conference will see sessions on Autostereoscopic
Displays, Stereoscopic Video, Human Factors, Stereoscopic Camera
Systems, Volumetric 3D Displays, Integral 3D Imaging, Stereoscopic
Display Applications and Digital Stereoscopic Imaging. Plus other
special events.

3D-Sweepstake to win 3D-Display by Dimension Technologies, Inc.
3D-News Posted: Sunday, November 11, 2001 (17:35 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Dimension Technologies Inc. announced a sweepstake to win a DTI
15" 3D LCD Display.

The contest, which began on October 4th and ends on December 24th, is
based at the company’s web site at www.dti3d.com, and is open to all
residents of the United States 18 and older with a valid email
address. Merely visit the site and fill in the short entry form.

According to Arnie Lagergren, DTI President, "we are giving away one
of our original pre-production units. We built a very small number of
these models and most of them were used as demonstration and
evaluation models loaned to webmasters and magazine editors so they
could review this amazing new technology for their readers. Only a
literal handful of this model were ever sold. So the one we are giving
away is truly a collector’s item. DTI displays are the world’s only
commercially available 2D/3D LCD Displays."

Even though it is a pre-production model, the unit being given away
will be fully functional and will display images in real depth 3D.

Additional details are available on DTI’s web site at www.dti3d.com

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