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Interactive Virtual Reality Environment Transforms Surgical Group Collaboration and Education
3D-News Posted: Monday, November 20, 2006 (21:31 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

A breakthrough in neurosurgical collaboration and education using Virtual Reality technology was unveiled at the 56th Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS) 2006 Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL. Neurosurgeons utilize the Dextrobeam technology to discuss patient-specific surgical approaches with full detail and interactivity.

Dextrobeam(TM) is a virtual reality environment with the power to transform multidisciplinary group collaboration and medical education. Dextrobeam projects multi-modality, patient-specific CT, MRI and PET/SPECT images as Volumetric Interactive 3D objects. It provides neurosurgeons, radiologists, specialists and educators with virtual reality 3D images - on the large screen - allowing groups to gain a far deeper understanding of complex anatomical relationships.

"With this technology, we are using virtual dissection of a patient's anatomical images to expand visualization, deepen understanding and speed learning. We have opened a new era of advancement and expansion in neurosurgical education" said Dr. Saleem I. Abdulrauf, Director, Cerebrovascular and Skull Base Surgery Program, Division of Neurosurgery at the Saint Louis University School of Medicine and Secretary, World Federation of Neurological Societies.

Dextrobeam was introduced at the largest CNS meeting to date, with more than 3,000 medical attendees. Neurosurgeons and medical professionals had the opportunity to see how the Dextrobeam technology enables clinicians and academics to walk together through surgery step-by-step. Viewers watch the screen in stereoscopic 3D as an expert neurosurgeon takes the audience inside the patient's virtual anatomy by means of the Dextrobeam's unique interactive interface. The interface allows the use of both hands to explore, manipulate and interact with any plane, any volume or segmented object, any way desired.

"Residents and physicians-in-training can use their fund of knowledge in an innovative way. By applying virtual dissection in the setting of real pathology through the use of actual cases, all clinicians can see the surgical field prior to entering the operating room," said Dr. Charles J. Prestigiacomo, Director, Cerebrovascular and Endovascular Neurosurgery, University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ.

Dextrobeam can dramatically advance collaboration and education by taking an entire group closer to reality than was ever available before. In a small conference room or a large theater, Dextrobeam provides the unparalleled ability to interactively examine diagnostic findings, explore and evaluate surgical options, pathways, and plan, review and document the surgical approach.

Dextrobeam will also be exhibited at the 92nd Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual meeting being held November 26 through December 1, 2006, in Chicago, IL.

The system was developed by Volume Interactions, a Singapore-based developer of high-tech solutions for medical applications, specifically neurosurgery and advanced diagnostics, which is part of the Bracco Group.

For further information on the Dextrobeam and Volume Interactions' virtual reality technology, please visit http://www.dextroscope.com

SENSIO Launches its All-New Revolutionary Concept: IMMERSIUM - A Fully-Integrated High-Definition 4D Theater
3D-News Posted: Sunday, November 19, 2006 (10:23 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

SENSIO Technologies Inc., the inventor of the SENSIO(TM) 3D technology, is officially launching its all-new concept developed for the specialized exhibition market: IMMERSIUM.

With this new product, SENSIO enters the specialized 3D projection market in full force by offering a turn-key solution, integrating the industry's best components as well as a large library of 3D attraction movies. After having had successful experiences in the 3D home theater market, SENSIO is now presenting the results of its research to the commercial market with lMMERSIUM. At the heart of this system lies the SENSIO(TM) 3D technology, with proven exceptional image quality and operational reliability. Other components of the IMMERSIUM 4D system (including special effects) were also chosen to provide the consumer with a superior experience and the operator with ease of use.

"Every IMMERSIUM component was the subject of research, testing and negotiations for our clients", explained Richard LaBerge Executive Vice-President and CMO of SENSIO Technologies Inc. "Our system is solidly-built to meet the business needs of theme parks and museums in which operating conditions are often extreme. Some of our components were designed and are currently being used in the military and simulation areas, where reliability and performance are critical. With IMMERSIUM, SENSIO's know-how and reliability in the field of immersive experiences are now accessible to the entertainment and amusement market."

The integrated 4D theater solution includes a video server, the SENSIO(TM)PRO 3D HD processor, projectors, screen, sound-proofing system, glasses, moving seats, basic site plans, as well as a variety of pre-selected 3D movies. IMMERSIUM, along with its proposed options, is designed for rooms with capacities of 5 to 200 people, at a very competitive price, thus meeting the needs of specialized 3D projections in theme parks, attractions, museums, corporate presentations, and others.

Bumper Year for International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) Membership
3D-News Posted: Monday, November 13, 2006 (8:20 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

The International Hologram Manufacturers Association (http://www.ihma.org) has signed up 16 new members over the past year from around the world – the largest number in a single year in its 14-year history – many from the emerging industries in Asia. These include Dongnan Industry and Mattie Hologram Technology of China; Holo Solution Inc of Taiwan; Laser Art of Hong Kong; Gopsons Papers, Bajaj Holographics, Holo Security Technologies and Holographic Origination and Machineries of India; Polinas, Methas Holografik Company and Buyuk Endustriyel of Turkey; Scientific and Technical Centre "Atlas" of Russia; Fasver of France; Topac Multimedia Print of Germany and Holo-Source Corporation of the USA. 3M Company, also of the USA, is a new associate member.

The main part of the IHMA membership comprises organisations directly involved in the production of holograms – either in the provision of design and mastering services, in producing holographic foils, labels and laminates, or in supplying origination and production equipment. But in addition to such companies, the IHMA is now actively promoting associate membership to companies that, although not involved in the production of holograms, are nevertheless closely aligned to the industry in that they either provide the equipment for the application of holograms, or supply finished products incorporating holograms.

These finished products are typically multi-layered security labels and laminates that incorporate holograms alongside other security technologies. The companies that produce such products may not manufacture the holograms themselves, but buy these in and integrate them into the finished product – often as a result of strategic supply relationships with hologram manufacturers. And while not manufacturers themselves, such companies play an important role in the promotion and use of holograms around the world, in recognition of which, and to harness the benefits they can bring to the industry, the IHMA re-established the category of associate membership last year.

It is hoped that, as a result, the ranks of IHMA members will be swelled by the addition of such companies – principally integrators and converters - adding their experience and weight to the collective voice that the IHMA expresses in support of Holography.

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