3D-News Archive November 2010

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GRilli3D Revolutionizes 3D Stereo Viewing on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
3D-News Posted: Thursday, November 25, 2010 (4:52 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

GRilli3D LLC unveiled a revolutionary technology that allows Apple® iPad®, iPhone® and iPod touch® users to view 3D-generated content in true 3D stereo format without cumbersome and expensive 3D glasses. GRilli3D offers the very first of a next-generation utility that allows users to enjoy true 3D stereo depth by virtue of applying a simple and inexpensive plastic film to a 3D-enabled device. GRilli3D films are known as "GRillis" and provide exceptional excitement because they are:

1) Smarter & More Convenient - No more complicated 3D "sunglasses" worn indoors. A simple and easy-to-apply plastic film that changes life forever.

2) Inexpensive - GRIlli MSRP is $29.99 for iPad® and $14.99 for iPhone® and iPod touch®!

3) Social & Practical - Because more than one person can simultaneously view 3D Stereo, with no need for special glasses.

GRillis will be available worldwide starting on Friday, November 26th, by simply going to the GRilli3D website: http://www.GRilli3D.com. There, you can order your GRilli based on the type of Apple® mobile device you use to view 3D stereo. GRillis also serve as a screen protector when viewing all your other 2D content.

GRillis operate by interposing a series of "Barrier Lines" between the eyes and the projected image, blocking the view of each eye differently and providing the signal separation that result in depth perception at close intervals when used with mobile devices. "GRilli3D really is the first of a new generation of 3D stereo viewing devices that completely eliminates the need for special glasses," said Dwight Prouty, GRilli3D's Inventor and Founding Partner. "Imagine that special moment when friends and colleagues can watch compelling 3D stereo content without the need to go 'incognito.' Well, that time is now! We have studied 3D technology from its inception and created a winning, no-hassle solution. Now we have married that technology to the needs of today's savvy, mobile entertainment and information users. We are very excited about the opportunity to establish relationships with the top distributors and creators of 3D stereo content to redefine the way the world sees 3D stereo."

Gran Turismo5 Now Available on PlayStation3 (PS3) in the Latest Installment of the Award-Winning Series
3D-News Posted: Thursday, November 25, 2010 (4:50 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC continues their highly successful and critically acclaimed series of racing simulation video games with the North American release of Gran Turismo®5, available exclusively for the PlayStation®3 (PS3™) and for the first-time ever in stereoscopic 3D. Developed by Polyphony Digital Inc., Gran Turismo 5 brings the world's most realistic and comprehensive driving experiences to fans in one of the most highly anticipated games of all time. For the first time in the franchise, players can look forward to real-time car damage, dynamic weather effects, kart racing, access to select NASCAR® cars, a Course Maker and robust online community features. The game will also feature an impressive line-up of more than 1,000 licensed cars from the world's top manufacturers and more than 20 tracks with over 70 variations, including famous world circuits, city courses, snow and dirt, and original environments popular among fans.

"Over the past five years, the team of designers and engineers at Polyphony Digital have worked to set new standards in graphics, presentation, and gameplay within the Gran Turismo franchise," said Scott A. Steinberg, Vice President of Product Marketing, SCEA.

"With Gran Turismo 5, the development team has set a new bar in the racing genre with more than 1,000 vehicles, new racing modes and features, and a robust online community. We are excited to offer loyal fans a racing experience that remains unmatched."

With exciting new features to suit newcomers, automotive enthusiasts and seasoned fans, Gran Turismo 5 raises the bar on the franchise's quality of design, physics and technology, while delivering an ultra-realistic driving experience with unparalleled visuals and lifelike graphics that are difficult to distinguish from a live race. The game will feature a completely new physics engine for an improved and more realistic, and responsive, driving feel across the board, as well as real-time vehicle damage and wear, with adaptive and accurate car deformation based on point of impact and velocity. Additionally, players will have the chance to utilize face tracking capabilities using the PlayStation®Eye camera, allowing players to look around the interior of vehicles while in the interior dash view.

For the first time, players will also be able to create their own Gran Turismo race track with the in-game Course Maker, as well as take part in kart racing, and race select NASCAR® cars on select NASCAR-sanctioned and other tracks. Additionally, Gran Turismo 5 will feature an extremely deep online and community feature set where players can race online with up to 16 players through PlayStation®Network via the all-new custom race lounge and exciting new social gaming features that expand the Gran Turismo universe online. Players can also transfer vehicles unlocked in Gran Turismo® for PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) into their garage in Gran Turismo 5.

Photo Mode and Photo Travel allows players to capture great GT moments from race replays and exotic locales, and to share with friends online, including stereoscopic 3D support for taking stunning 3D screenshots (stereoscopic 3D TV required).

Largest Hungarian Theater Chain First to Screen Previews in 3D - Without Glasses
3D-News Posted: Thursday, November 25, 2010 (4:46 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

iPONT International, a creator, converter and distributor of glasses-free 3D, and Palace Cinemas, the largest cinema chain in Hungary, will screen 3D movie trailers without the need for 3D glasses - giving movie-goers the first-ever opportunity to preview movies in 3D while in the lobby.

Beginning November 25 at the Palace Cinema West End in Budapest, Hungary, movie-goers will be able to see autostereoscopic movie trailers from MegaMind, Tangled, Tron and Narnia on a 65-inch 3D display. Timed to coincide with the Hungarian premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the trailers can be viewed from virtually any angle.

"To be able to walk up to a screen and see the action just pop right out at you – without glasses – is spectacular," said Glen Harper, Sales Director of iPONT International. "We believe that once movie-goers get a taste of this experience, they'll want more."

Based in Budapest, Hungary, iPont International (http://www.ipont.eu/) specializes in the creation, conversation and distribution of 3D content.

"Stunning is the only word to describe this new 3D technology," said V.J Maury, CEO of Palace Cinemas. "When our customers see these trailers, I know they will want to come back to see the movies – and come back to see more trailers"

The Queen Experiences Virtalis Technology
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, November 24, 2010 (6:08 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh experienced Virtual Reality (VR) for the first time. Instead of actually digging the first sod for the new Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (Nuclear AMRC), as is traditional for an official launch, The Queen activated a virtual digger to do the work remotely. Then the Nuclear AMRC appeared to be built in 3D thanks to Virtalis advanced visualisation techniques.
Her Majesty enjoyed the immersive experience during a visit to the University of Sheffield AMRC with Boeing. The new Nuclear AMRC is a collaboration between the University of Sheffield and the University of Manchester, with the backing of the Government and leading companies involved in building the new generation of civil nuclear power stations. Based on the same collaborative model as the AMRC, the Nuclear AMRC will help UK companies become global leaders in the production of components and systems for the new generation of nuclear power stations. VR will be a key technology at the Nuclear AMRC and Virtalis has been chosen to be the technological partner for this sphere and is designing and supplying the new centre's VR facilities.

Her Majesty donned a set of virtual reality glasses within the AMRC's MANTRA (Manufacturing Transporter) for the VR experience. MANTRA is a customised lorry and trailer designed to give aspiring young engineers a hands-on experience with state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, including a Virtalis ActiveMove VR system used for product design, simulation and training. Virtalis technical director, Andrew Connell, together with the Virtalis development team and AMRC's Dr. Rab Scott, created the VR environment that enabled Her Majesty to deploy the virtual digger and see the finished Nuclear AMRC. Andrew attended the official launch along with Virtalis MD, David Cockburn-Price.

Professor Keith Ridgway OBE, founder and research director of the AMRC and programme director of the Nuclear AMRC, said: "The Nuclear AMRC will take technological excellence into new markets, and help British companies supply the new generation of power stations worldwide."

Professor Keith Ridgway, research director of the University of Sheffield AMRC with Boeing, presents plans for the new Nuclear AMRC to The Queen and The DukeThe Nuclear AMRC building will sit alongside the established AMRC Factory of the Future, on the Advanced Manufacturing Park in South Yorkshire. It will incorporate 8,000 sq m of factory-scale research facilities, laboratories, and office and meeting space. The landmark building is designed by Bond Bryan Architects, and scheduled for completion in Autumn 2011. The manufacturing research facilities in South Yorkshire will be complemented by expanded research laboratories at the University of Manchester.

LC-Tec and SII to Jointly Develop Liquid Crystal Devices for Stereoscopic 3D Applications
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, November 24, 2010 (5:37 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

LC-Tec Displays AB (LC-Tec) and Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) have signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) outlining their intention to jointly develop high-speed liquid crystal devices for stereoscopic 3D applications. The devices will be based on LC-Tec's fast switching technology and will leverage on SII's production know-how. Potential applications include shutter lenses in active 3D glasses and screen-sized polarization modulators to be placed in front of a display entailing the use of passive 3D glasses.

The high-speed liquid crystal technology will be presented by LC-Tec at the International Display Workshops 2010 in Fukuoka, Japan, on December 2, 2010

Toonz Animation's 'Gaturro' tops box office in Argentina
3D-News Posted: Friday, November 19, 2010 (5:06 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

The stereoscopic 3D animated feature film co produced with Illusion Studios Argentina exceeds Box office expectations.

Technopark based Toonz Animation India's 3D animated feature film 'Gaturro' has topped the box office figures in Argentina a week in to its premiere on 9th September. Released both in normal 3D format and in stereoscopic format the Spanish version of the movie received wide spread appreciation from all quarters of the industry.

Based on the famous Argentinean cartoon strip, the 3D animated film brings to screen, the life of 'Gaturro' the cat, whose love for his neighboring cat Agatha constantly gets him into trouble. Hollywood, glitz, and glamour throw the adorable cat, with a little help from his furry pals, into a wild journey that ultimately leads to the realization that true love is all about being your real self. Created by cartoonist Cristian Dzwonik ("Nik"), the comic has been published in more than 30 books, magazines and comic volumes and has become a phenomenal success across Latin America. "Gaturro" includes not only the love story between the two cats, but an entire universe of fellow pets and humans that expands the franchise of characters.

"We are thrilled at this phenomenal response. After getting good reviews at this years' Cannes, we had a gut feeling that the movie would do well. We had tried really hard to make it technologically at par with the best and also with an equally good story line. Plans are on to release the English and Hindi version in India by January next year" says P. Jayakumar, CEO, Toonz Animation India.

The world-wide distribution of the movie is done by the Oscar winning Voltage Pictures. A universe of amazing characters, a high visual impact 3D production and a captivating and amusing story make up an adventure providing fun for the whole family.

SENSIO puts SENSIO 3D technology and expertise to work for Videotron
3D-News Posted: Thursday, November 18, 2010 (13:22 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

SENSIO Technologies Inc. announced that it has signed an agreement with Videotron, the leading integrated communications company in Quebec. As part of its broadcasting activities, Videotron will launch a 3D content offering this coming December. The cable-TV distributor has selected SENSIO for its SENSIO® 3D technology as well as its expertise, acquired through over ten years in the industry, in order to deliver the most immersive experience to the consumer, whatever the type of television set owned.

"Our mission is to provide the best possible experience to all our customers," said Robert Dépatie, President and CEO of Videotron. "SENSIO's 3D technologies are the best available in terms of image quality, immersion and comfort for viewers. It's also a real pleasure to be doing business with another Canadian company, from our home province of Quebec to boot."

For 3DTVs, programming will be offered in the SENSIO® 3D format. SENSIO® 3D technology enables broadcasting of 3D content over the conventional 2D infrastructure, via cable, satellite or IPTV, while providing superior quality to common frame-compatible formats. SENSIO® 3D delivers ‘visually lossless' 3D images, which are so faithful to the originally captured images that the difference is imperceptible to the eye of the viewer. For non 3D-enabled TVs, SENSIO's know-how enables the best-quality anaglyph (viewed through the red-and-cyan glasses), which provides an unrivalled level of viewing comfort. Through these technologies, Videotron's customers will be able to view diversified 3D content including movies via video-on-demand, sporting events and concerts.

"We are very proud that our first agreement with a cable broadcaster is with a Canadian company," stated Nicholas Routhier, President and CEO of SENSIO. "Videotron wants to offer 3D programming of a better visual quality and our aim is to enable our partners to supply an improved customer experience. It's a real meeting of visions."

Magnetic 3D brings Glasses-Free 3D Display Technology into the Asian Market with onActivity
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, November 17, 2010 (18:34 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Magnetic 3D announced their plans to expand into the Asian market with a new reseller agreement with onActivity. Through the new agreement, onActivity will offer Magnetic 3D's entire line of products and services, including its industry-leading combined 2D- and 3D- compatible displays, logistics support, and pre/post sales support in the emerging glasses-free 3D display market. onActivity will also feature Magnetic 3D's auto-stereoscopic (glasses-free) 3D screens in its booth (10C03) at InfoComm Asia at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong.

onActivity Ltd. is a provider of digital media and display solutions for customers in a variety of markets. Its core competence in digital signage solutions has resulted in a proven track record of success in the industry. The team is recognized as unique solution provider in the region with multi-disciplined expertise in display hardware, software and content design. The Company is based in Hong Kong with focus in China as well as Asia on the whole.

"As a global leader in providing specialty display solutions for the world's most demanding environments, this agreement with onActivity will expand the availability of Magnetic 3D glasses-free 3D display to out-of-home advertisers and events promoters in the region," said Tom Zerega, CEO of Magnetic 3D. "We're honored that onActivity has selected Magnetic 3D screens as the best-in-class option for their customers."

Through the new agreement, onActivity will offer the entire Magnetic 3D product line, which consists of 3D display technology ranging from 22" to 57", as well as Magnetic 3D's turnkey software solutions for 3D content production, playback and networking with the E3D Creative Suite and FuzionCast content management software.

"onActivity customers demand the highest quality available on the market, which is why we selected Magnetic 3D as our glasses-free 3D screen supplier," said Kelvin Lam, Director, onActivity. "Not only are Magnetic 3D's cross-compatible 2D- and 3D- screens an ideal solution for those looking to future-proof their digital signage networks, but Magnetic 3D's streamlined content production tools, playback and networking suite helps to simplify the process of keeping screens current with 3D visuals that catch customers attention."

Muscade 3DTV WorkShop
3D-News Posted: Sunday, November 14, 2010 (9:40 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

The MUSCADE European consortium organizes a one-day 3DTV workshop targeting the production, transmission, rendering and display of more immersive 3D content than just 3D-Stereo.
This workshop will take place in Rennes, France close to the R&D Centre of Technicolor, one of MUSCADE's partners, on December 16th 2010.

More information available here: http://www.muscade.eu/announcement.html

Planar Announces 3D Ready Monitor for Professionals and Consumers
3D-News Posted: Sunday, November 14, 2010 (9:39 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Planar Systems, Inc., a worldwide leader in specialty and stereoscopic display solutions, announced the latest addition to its 3D stereoscopic product line. Leveraging six years of expertise in manufacturing 3D monitors with the highest stereoscopic image quality available, Planar is launching the new SA2311W 3D ready desktop monitor. Planar's SA2311W 3D display will offer a single monitor entrée for the consumer market and an added option for the professional market, supporting the company's strategy to develop innovative display solutions for unique applications.

The SA2311 utilizes the NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ technology, to produce full 1920x1080 resolution stereo images that can be seen with NVIDIA 3D Vision and NVIDIA 3D Vision Pro active shutter glasses. The stereo image quality is the best available for frame sequential 3D technology. The monitor is competitively priced at $449 MSRP, attractive for use with a wide array of professional applications such as computational chemistry, CAD, and digital content creation, as well as for consumer markets like PC gaming. The SA2311W, a single monitor solution, provides 3D and 2D use capability, making it a convenient solution for professionals who do not require constant stereoscopic viewing.

NVIDIA 3D Vision™ consumer technology is a combination of a wireless infrared emitter, active shutter 3D glasses, and one of many compatible NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards and software, which delivers an immersive 3D gaming, video and photo experience on the SA2311W. NVIDIA 3D Vision Pro technology employs active shutter glasses and an innovative radio frequency (RF) communication system for use with Planar's 120 Hz monitor, in conjunction with NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics cards. Professionals can design, create and explore in stereoscopic 3D, enabling collaborative workflows on the SA2311W.

"When paired with NVIDIA's new 3D Vision Pro RF glasses, the Planar SA2311W sets a new quality bar for life-like 3D graphics and creates an exceptional 3D visualization solution for professional applications such as Siemens' new syngo®.fourSight™ Workplace 3D ultrasound," said Phil Eisler, general manager, 3D Vision, NVIDIA. "The blazing fast 120Hz response time also makes the SA2311W a great choice for playing 3D games or watching 3D movies in the home with high fidelity."

Planar uses cutting edge 120 Hz LCD technology to produce a 3D monitor with blazing fast response time. The 23" screen is packaged in a sleek design that looks beautiful in both the home and work environments. The SA2311W also functions great as a 2D monitor and its speed makes it ideal for gaming or geospatial image roaming; however, the 3D capability is what differentiates the product from the competition.

"We were amazed how crisp and clear the stereo images looked on the SA2311W," said Jeff Yates, general manager of DAT/EM Systems International and Planar Systems customer. "This product meets a growing need in the geospatial industry for a high quality, low cost stereoscopic monitor."

Planar is offering the SA2311W bundled with the 3D Vision Kit and Planar's new ProGlow™ backlit keyboard. The keyboard features seven brightness levels including "off," using an individual LED behind each of the 105 keys. This provides excellent keyboard visibility while wearing 3D glasses and/or when working (or playing) in a low ambient light environment.

"The new SA2311W 3D ready monitor will reach a wider audience with its ability to provide stereoscopic viewing for both the consumer and professional markets," said Doug Barnes, vice president of Planar Systems. "While our StereoMirror technology is regarded as having the best stereo image quality and viewing comfort available, our new SA2311W monitor is an exceptional value for customers that use stereo regularly, but not full time. With multiple stereoscopic display products and accessories, Planar has used its expertise of 3D technology to provide solutions that meet the demanding requirements of our customers. "

The SA2311W monitor, which will be available for delivery beginning in December, includes Planar's Customer First 3-Year Warranty with complimentary two-day advance replacement coverage. In addition to 3D Vision glasses (consumer and Pro versions), the SA2311W accessories include the professional backlit keyboard and a customized, rugged shipping case. For additional information, please visit http://www.planar3d.com

Integration of SENSIO 3D technology into MediaTek SoC gives consumer electronics manufacturers access to high-quality, immersive 3D capability
3D-News Posted: Sunday, November 14, 2010 (9:27 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

SENSIO Technologies Inc. (SENSIO) announced that it is teaming up with MediaTek Inc., a leading fabless semiconductor company for wireless communications and digital multimedia solutions, to integrate SENSIO® 3D technology into MediaTek products. Equipped with SENSIO® 3D, MediaTek SoC (system-on-chip) products targeted to the 3DTV market will enable television manufacturers to provide a high-quality, immersive 3D experience.

"As a company deeply involved in the television market, MediaTek is invested in offering its clients flexible, high-end products that support the highest-possible video quality," said Ryan Chen, General Manager of the Digital TV Business Unit at MediaTek. "We chose to incorporate the SENSIO® 3D format as an option on our chips because SENSIO offers the best spatial compression technology on the market. We want to give our customers the benefit of the proven performance and quality of SENSIO® 3D."

The MediaTek portfolio, consistently chosen by top TV manufacturers including VIZIO, continues to grow and evolve. The company's new SoC, which features SENSIO® 3D and is compatible with any type of 3DTV, will target the worldwide TV market. The chip will accept 3D sources from multiple inputs, including HDMI1.4, the Internet, and USB.

"Already favoured in the professional market for its visually-lossless rendering, the SENSIO® 3D format is well on its way to earning the same recognition in the consumer electronics market," said Nicholas Routhier, SENSIO's president and CEO. We continue to partner with the industry's top chip manufacturers to facilitate OEM adoption of the SENSIO® 3D format, and MediaTek's selection of SENSIO as a value-added 3D format for its SoC products will contribute significantly to our expanding presence in industry-leading chips and consumer products."

XPAND Universal 3D Glasses Are Now Shipping to Sears
3D-News Posted: Sunday, November 14, 2010 (9:25 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Working to ensure all 3D enthusiasts have the world’s first Universal 3D Glasses as the demand for 3D entertainment continues to grow, XPAND has shipped its first order of Universal 3D Glasses to Sears for its first round of availability to the consumer. The glasses will be available throughout the United States in-store and online at Sears.com.

While most 3D glasses are only compatible with a single brand of TV and cannot be used with other brands of TVs or computers, XPAND Universal 3D Glasses are compatible with any 3D-ready, infrared-emitting display. They can also be used in any of the thousands of XPAND 3D-ready movie theaters around the globe.

"With XPAND Universal 3D Glasses available at such a popular national retail outlet chain as Sears, the opportunity for enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite show, movie or video game in 3D is finally here," Maria Costeira, CEO of XPAND. "Rather than confusing the consumer with multiple brands of glasses, our Universal 3D Glasses will ease worry amongst those invested in 3D technology with the sole solution to 3D entertainment. This opportunity also gives Sears an exciting new product that satisfies a growing customer need, especially as interest in 3D TV will be stronger than ever this holiday season and into 2011."

For more information on XPAND’s Universal 3D Glasses, please visit http://www.xpandcinema.com

Teranex and SENSIO enable broadcasting of premium-quality 3D television to the home
3D-News Posted: Sunday, November 14, 2010 (9:22 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Teranex Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high-performance video processing platforms, and SENSIO Technologies Inc. (SENSIO) announced jointly the addition of SENSIO Technologies' patented 3D frame-compatible stereoscopic compression technology to Teranex's 3D encoding and decoding options, the VC1-3D-ENC and VC1-3D-DEC applications. The added capability will enable delivery of 3D programming of superior image quality over existing broadcasting infrastructure.

"Adding SENSIO® 3D technology to our VC100's 3D encoding and decoding applications ensures the highest fidelity to the original 3D image all the way down the distribution line. We wanted to offer our customers a professional-grade proven solution to deliver a truly immersive 3D experience to the home. Teranex's VC100 dual channel architecture is uniquely suited to 3D and combining our patented technology with SENSIO's enables our customers to broadcast premium-quality 3D content over existing 1.485 Gb/s infrastructure," said Mike Poirier, General Manager of Teranex.

"We are very happy to see our collaboration with Teranex come to fruition," commented Richard LaBerge, Executive Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer at SENSIO. "The integration of SENSIO® 3D in yet another piece of top-quality broadcasting equipment ensures continued excellence in image quality while enabling the best use of bandwidth. These conditions must be met for broadcasters to be able to confidently move into the 3D era."

Oakley Releases World's First Optically Correct 3D Glasses
3D-News Posted: Sunday, November 14, 2010 (9:17 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Oakley, Inc. announced the release of the world's first optically correct 3D glasses, Oakley 3D Gascan®. Utilizing the company's proprietary HDO-3D™ technologies, these premium glasses are engineered for unrivaled 3D performance, superior visual clarity and signature Oakley comfort. Oakley 3D Gascan will both complement and optimize the technology used in the majority of 3D movie theaters around the world.

"This is a landmark moment in 3D entertainment," said Oakley CEO Colin Baden. "We began with a single goal: to set the standard for optical performance in 3D. No one has ever engineered optically correct 3D glasses. We collaborated with industry partners and utilized the DreamWorks facility for testing. For Oakley 3D Gascan, we achieved unparalleled visual clarity while extending the wearer's peripheral viewing angle and providing truer alignment of 3D images. This is a technological breakthrough that sets a new standard for 3D," Baden concluded.

It should be noted that "optically correct" does not refer to prescription correction. Conven­tional non-prescription lenses that are designed and manufactured with inferior technologies may cause visual distortion due to deficiencies including refractive power, optical astigmatism and prismatic power. A variant of the company's High Definition Optics® (HDO®), Oakley HDO-3D technology addresses these deficiencies, allowing the company to offer the first optically correct 3D glasses on Earth.

With HDO-3D, Oakley 3D lenses virtually eliminate the ghosting or "crosstalk" between images that reach each eye from one moment to the next, a potential problem with inferior 3D glasses. Lens curvature is another issue with conventional 3D glasses. Greater curvature around the eyes provides a wider field of view, but without highly precise optics, even a mild curve can cause visual distortion.

Oakley technology maintains optical clarity so the wearer can enjoy a wide field of sharp vision. The curvature of Oakley 3D lenses has the added benefit of minimizing distractive glare.

This premier release of Oakley 3D Eyewear is a special rendition of a popular Oakley frame design. Oakley 3D Gascan will be released this month in two optional frame finishes: Polished Black and Polished White. The new 3D glasses will be available for U.S. $120 at select Sunglass Hut locations, Oakley Stores, www.Oakley.com and www.Zappos.com.

Oakley 3D Gascan is designed with a proprietary Three-Point Fit to retain the lenses in precise optical alignment. The fit optimizes comfort by eliminating the unbalanced pressure points common with ordinary frames. Oakley's durable yet lightweight frame makes contact only at the sides of the head and bridge of the nose, and it does not hook the ears like conventional frames made with curved earstems.

Oakley 3D lenses were developed to deliver a prime entertainment experience in cinemas that utilize passive polarization, the technology found in most 3D theaters. Oakley is also pursuing partnerships with manufacturers of home 3D systems that utilize passive polarization technology. This will allow consumers to use the same glasses for home and cinema 3D entertainment.

Oakley 3D glasses are optimized for indoor cinema application and are not intended for outdoor use. Due to their transmission profile (light and UV), glasses utilizing 3D polarization technology are not ideal for normal daily outdoor use and will not provide the same level of protection as sunglasses.

Singapore MDA's International Film Fund Shortlists 'The Harvest and Cooktales'
3D-News Posted: Sunday, November 14, 2010 (9:11 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

In boosting Singapore's film industry, the country's Media Development Authority (MDA) announced that it has shortlisted two projects The Harvest (working title) and Cooktales (working title) for funding under its International Film Fund (IFF).

The Harvest (working title), a stereoscopic 3D thriller-horror about the misadventures of a group of backpackers, is to be produced by Singapore's Blackmagic Design Films with Australia's Goalpost Pictures. Blackmagic Design Films is the film arm of post-production company Blackmagic Design, which has won several awards for its work on global television commercial campaigns. The company is in the midst of producing its first stereoscopic 3D feature film Bait, also with Australian partners, namely Arclight Films, Story Bridge Film and Pictures in Paradise.

Cooktales (working title), an epicurean drama set in the food paradise of Singapore about a coming-of-age tale of an amateur cook who at the same time has to deal with the twisted fate of his family, will be a film directed by Gina Kim (Never Forever). This is the second collaboration between Bang Singapore and Korea's CJ Entertainment following Neon Sign, a project that was announced at last year's American Film Market.

Mr Aubeck Kam, Chief Executive Officer, MDA, said: "Singapore has long been a champion of transnational co-productions, which effectively pool together creative and financial resources of media companies in different countries for a heightened outcome. The MDA International Film Fund is an initiative in this direction and we are glad that it has opened up opportunities in cross-border projects for Singapore's filmmakers."

IFF was launched by MDA in 2009 to encourage Singapore-based production and post-production companies to executive produce and/or co-produce films of global appeal with international partners. Hong Kong-based Distribution Workshop is a distribution partner of IFF.

IFF has since supported two projects, namely Bait and Neon Sign.

Bait, a stereoscopic 3D thriller about a pack of hungry tiger sharks and the first official co-production under the Australia-Singapore Film Co-production Treaty, has been pre-sold to 24 territories. Principal photography commenced in October 2010 in Australia's Gold Coast. The Singaporeans among its international cast include Asia Television Award Best Actor Adrian Pang and MediaCorps leading man Qi Yuwu. The film is targeting for release in 2012.

Neon Sign (working title) is the first Singapore-China-Korean film co-produced by Bang Singapore and Korea's Nabi Pictures. Backed by CJ Entertainment and Beijing Film Distribution, the film by Korean-Chinese director Gam-sung Pil is about a scandal-plagued Korean star who flees to Yunnan, China where he finds redemption and is slated to hit the cinemas in 2011.

ck Calvin Klein Eyewear Announces 3D Sunglasses
3D-News Posted: Sunday, November 14, 2010 (9:07 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

ck Calvin Klein Eyewear has partnered with Marchon3D™ to infuse its patent-pending 3D lens technology into the designer eyewear sector.

The patent-pending M3D lens technology is the only curved 3D lens on the market that is RealD certified. The curved lens, matching the contour of the eye, improves and maximizes a consumer's 3D viewing experience, allowing for a greater image immersion. The photocromic lens technology allows consumers to wear their glasses indoors and outdoors.

"With Marchon3D's M3D technology and ck Calvin Klein Eyewear's sleek, fashion-forward design, we are providing consumers the best 3D-enabled sunglass on the market," said Claudio Gottardi, President of Marchon and CEO of Marchon International. "Having infused technology and fashion only raises the bar in the 3D eyewear field and Marchon is excited and proud to lead the industry."

The ck3D sunglasses will be offered in three men's and three women's styles, each providing:

  • M3D patent-pending circular-polarized lens technology to provide the best possible 3D viewing experience
  • Photocromic capability, transitioning from indoor 3D glasses to outdoor UVA/UVB/UVC protected sunglasses
  • RealD certified
The ck Calvin Klein eyewear, part of the M3D collection, will be available December 2010 with the retail price of $180.

New Stereoscopic 3D Driver from iZ3D Joins AMD HD3D Ecosystem AMD and iZ3D Cooperate to Expand Stereoscopic 3D on the AMD Graphics Platform
3D-News Posted: Sunday, November 14, 2010 (8:53 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

iZ3D, Inc., designer, developer and pioneer of advanced stereoscopic 3D visualization software announced the release of its latest stereoscopic 3D (S3D) driver, which is a key component of the AMD HD3D ecosystem initiative. The newest S3D driver continues the iZ3D policy of producing universal S3D drivers that are compatible with most games, graphics cards and other S3D devices.

"iZ3D continues to grow market share by supporting the widest spectrum of S3D platforms and S3D devices. This partnership with AMD, along with support from S3D display manufacturers like CMI and Zalman, will accelerate the transformation of the nascent S3D market into an established mass market in 2011. With our fellow 3D gamers we can make this happen," stated Tom Striegler, CEO, iZ3D.

The newest S3D driver from iZ3D further improves the performance of the previous driver, particularly for DirectX 10 / DirectX 11 platforms. In addition, iZ3D listened and responded to user requests, removing EDID limitations for 120Hz shutter 3D devices, and making iZ3D the only S3D driver that provides support for 120Hz shutter S3D technology for all types of graphics cards. This new version also includes the iZ3D 3D API and gives 3rd party developers the ability to generate S3D applications for all S3D devices on the market. AMD intends to co-market the iZ3D driver with select AMD Radeon™ HD 5000 and AMD Radeon™ HD 6000 graphics products.

AUO Showcases the World's First Deadzone-Free Naked Eye 3D Panel
3D-News Posted: Sunday, November 14, 2010 (8:21 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

AU Optronics Corp. announced that the Company will showcase the world's first deadzone-free naked eye 3D notebook panel at FPD International 2010. AUO combines lenticular lens 3D technology with SuperD's naked eye 3D solution to create deadzone-free 15.6" notebook and 10.1" tablet PC 3D panels that do not require the use of special glasses. This technology will provide consumers with a more convenient and comfortable 3D viewing experience.

With an eye-tracking system that captures viewers' eyeball movements, AUO's deadzone-free naked eye 3D technology overcomes the confined viewing angles of conventional 3D displays. Regardless of location, the viewers will be able to perceive 3D images of equally high quality. Not only will there be better 3D images to see, the audience will also feel much more comfortable not having to be confined by viewing angles.

The new 3D panels deliver high brightness and Moire-free image quality. Both 2D and 3D modes can operate concurrently on the same display, and the viewer can switch back and forth between the two modes while retaining high resolution. The audience can still read clearly the text as they enjoy the visually stunning 3D images. This development satisfies an essential need felt by all users of 3D information displays.

At this year's FPD International 2010, AUO will showcase the world's first deadzone-free naked eye 3D displays, including the 15.6" Full HD and 10.1" WXGA panels. They will be suitable for notebook and tablet PC displays and will be expected to be mass produced beginning in the third quarter of 2011.

AUO has dedicated itself fully to the development of 3D display technologies. The efforts include the early deployment of patents, such as the acquisition of lenticular lens 3D display solution from Ocuity. In addition, AUO has collaborated with SuperD, the leading naked eye 3D solution provider, to introduce SuperD naked eye 3D solution in 3D panels. AUO will invest HK$60 million in SuperD and acquire 10% of its shareholding. Together, AUO and SuperD will work to enhance 3D display technologies and to improve production capabilities for the advancement of naked eye 3D information display technology. The naked eye 3D technology will be applied to PC and other display panels to readily deliver clear and vivid 3D images, with no special glasses needed to enjoy a lifelike 3D world.

DQE and B-Channel Announce Co-Production Agreements
3D-News Posted: Sunday, November 14, 2010 (8:09 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

DQE, the entertainment production and distribution company, announced the signing of two equity and distribution co-production agreements for The Jungle Book, a 3D TV series and The New Adventures of Peter Pan a 3D stereoscopic TV series with PT Metropolitan Televisindo ("B-Channel"), Indonesia.

DQE concluded both the contracts with B Channel, during the recent visit of DQE Chairman and CEO Tapaas Chakravarti to Jakarta, Indonesia. B Channel confirmed participation as a equity and distribution co producer for the first season of 'The Jungle Book' TV series, which is in production now, as well as 'The New Adventures of Peter Pan'. Under the terms of the agreement B channel will contribute towards the global budget of Euro 9.20 Million for the 52 X 11' TV series of The Jungle Book, as well as towards the global budget of Euro 10 Million for 26 X 22' Minutes 3D stereoscopic TV series The New Adventures of Peter Pan.

B Channel has been granted the rights for Free TV/ Free VOD/ IPTV & Home Video Distribution Rights for the region of Indonesia. They will further be entitled to a royalty against DQE's distribution revenues for their equity participation.

ViewSonic launches new 3D 720p camcorder that helps anyone create their own 3D movies
3D-News Posted: Sunday, November 14, 2010 (8:06 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

To address the difficulty that many are facing in creating their own 3D content, ViewSonic has announced the launch of its easy-to-use 3D HD camcorder. With an estimated SRP of only £150, the ViewSonic 3DV5 makes it easy for anyone to record their own 3D movies and watch them back on their 3D-ready TV, monitor or projector.

The ViewSonic 3DV5 is simple to use, featuring a one-touch recording function and the ability to quickly switch between 2D and 3D recording modes. Once users have recorded their content, then they can either plug the camcorder into their computer via USB, or plug it directly into a 3D TV using the included HDMI cable. There is also the option to watch the content in 3D on the device, without the need for 3D glasses, thanks to the built-in 'autosterescopic' display. Videos can also be uploaded directly to YouTube's 3D channel and watched in 3D using the supplied 'anaglyph' glasses, even if using a standard 2D display.

"Everyone has watched 3D movies at the cinema, and lots of people are considering purchasing a 3D compatible display, whether a TV, monitor or projector. However, there is a lack of available 3D content, and people want to create 3D content that they will be able to watch for years to come," says James Coulson, European product marketing manager, ViewSonic. "The ViewSonic 3DV5 makes it easy for anyone to create future-proof, high quality 3D home movies and also shoot in standard 2D. As well as being easy to use, the camcorder is also excellent value for money, and will make a great gift this Christmas."

The ViewSonic 3DV5 features an autosterescopic 2.4" screen, as well as a Li-Ion battery which can be charged via USB. The camcorder is able to film content in MP4 format at HD 720p resolution, and can also take still images. There is 10MB of internal memory, which can be increased using an SD card.

Blackmagic Design Announces New HDLink 3.5 Software Update
3D-News Posted: Sunday, November 14, 2010 (7:45 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Blackmagic Design Inc announced a new software update for HDLink Pro 3D DisplayPort, the world's most affordable 2D/3D and 2K monitoring solution for HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort displays. This latest update adds HDMI 1.4a output support for full resolution 3D stereoscopic monitoring.

Traditionally, monitoring stereoscopic 3D video means having to compromise on the image quality as 3D encodings such as Side by Side or Top and Bottom throw away half of the picture resolution in order to combine both left and right eye video into a standard video frame.

With this latest 3.5 software update, HDLink Pro 3D DisplayPort now also supports 3D monitoring using the HDMI 1.4a standard. This means that both the left and right eye video from the HD-SDI connection is packed into an extended frame dimension and sent simultaneously to a HDMI 1.4a compatible 3D monitor, providing stunning full resolution 3D images without sacrificing picture quality.

"3D monitoring has always required processing boxes that are very expensive and a nightmare to set up. HDLink Pro 3D DisplayPort solves the problem by providing customers with a full resolution 3D monitoring solution that is really low cost and simple to use,” said Kristian Lam, Product Manager, Blackmagic Design. "Combined with real time hardware lookup tables, HDLink Pro 3D DisplayPort is an indispensable tool in any 3D workflow, from live on-set 3D monitoring to high-end post production."

Vizrt buys stake in 3D conversion co Stergen
3D-News Posted: Sunday, November 14, 2010 (7:39 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Real-time 3D graphics developer Vizrt Ltd. will acquire 20% of Israeli start-up Stergen Hi-Tech Ltd., which develops 2D to stereoscopic 3D video conversion software, for about $1.9 million, reflecting a company value of $9.5 million, in cash and marketing services. Vizrt will also distribute and market Stergen products.

Vizrt has $51.4 million in cash, so will have no problem financing the acquisition.

Stergen, founded ten months ago, developed its 3D conversion solution for the broadcasting of sports events.

Trick or Treat - Indie Filmmakers Tackle Monstrous Task of 3D Animation
3D-News Posted: Sunday, November 14, 2010 (7:38 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

"FranknSon" (http://www.FranknSon.com) is a feature-length, 3D animation that has just entered development and will go into production next year. "FranknSon" tells the story of a young monster in search of a family. It's a tale that will appeal to both kids and adults; as it draws upon the legendary Monsters from the golden age. It is about a forgotten group of Monsters that gets a second chance and a village that needs redemption. It's a timeless story of love and family, of friendship and loyalty. Apart from great characters, it has a wonderful screenplay. There are elements of the best "buddy movies" with a touch of The Magnificent Seven/Seven Samurai meets FranknSon. In "Franknson" there are heroes we can really care for in the best traditions of Disney, Pixar, or Dreamworks.

Why would an indie group choose to make a 3D monster animation?

Two reasons - If you look at the top-50 grossing domestic films in the United States, you will find that 40-plus of them were in the fantasy, science fiction, animation, and horror/terror genres. With evolving stereoscopic 3D tools and a great script in hand, a compelling business case can be made for this kind of production.

The second reason is that it is hard to do, that is, the competition in these genres for high quality films is low. There are only a handful of big studios that can take on a full 3D feature animation. Most Indie filmmakers believe they don't have the financing or expertise to pull off high-quality 3D stereoscopic animation or VFX productions. Yet we all know that the best talent in the industry comes up the indie route, but they all assume their polished upscale project will have to wait until they make it to "Hollywood"-we think this is a false assumption. We need to step up to the Hollywood challenge and prove that Indie filmmakers can create world-class 3D animations and VFX.

First-Ever Adult 3D Movie Site Goes Live, Set to Revolutionize 3D Viewing on Personal Computers
3D-News Posted: Sunday, November 14, 2010 (7:35 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

The adult entertainment industry is once again leading the way in the world of online entertainment. 3DCertified launched a 3D adult website that is viewable to any computer user.

3DCertified is the very first to bring quality High Definition 3D adult movies online. The 3D effect features both amazing depth and unbelievable pop, meaning even customers with regular computers can see the film stars emerge from their screen. All movies where shot using the stereoscopic method; this is the method Hollywood employs to produce eye-popping 3D movies.

Unlike hardcoded anaglyph movie files, 3DCertified utilizes the side by side encoding method, and then their sophisticated player produces the 3D in real time. 3DCertified works on all popular operating systems.

In the past year millions of consumers purchased 3D-ready computers. 3DCertified is also compatible with both polarized 3D computers such as the Acer 3D laptop, and also with computers utilizing the active shutter technology such as the Nvidia 3D-vision-ready systems.

What 3D movies did for the mainstream entertainment industry, it is set to do for the adult industry. It is no secret that 3D movies have generated over 3 billion dollars just in the past 12 months. 3DCertified allows any website owner to become an affiliate, allowing many to quickly profit off adult 3D.

3DCertified made sure that its movies can be viewed on any computer. If a member does not have 3D glasses, they can request a free pair and it will be mailed to them anywhere in the world.

For those who complain 3D stresses their eyes, 3DCertified incorporated a convergence adjuster, allowing the user to control the strength of the 3D.

3DCertified is making all of its content compatible with mobile devices; already they added some 3D content that you can view on your mobile device.

The consumer loves quality 3D and rightfully so. Properly shot and encoded 3D adult movies can significantly enhance the viewer's experience.

Nikon launches my Picturetown 3D
3D-News Posted: Sunday, November 14, 2010 (7:19 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Nikon Corporation and Nikon Imaging Japan Inc. announced the launch of my Picturetown 3D, a new 3D imaging service that offers 3D image conversion over the Internet for viewing of 3D images on a dedicated 3D digital photo frame.

my Picturetown 3D is a service for registered members that offers a 3D image conversion service available from Nikon's my Picturetown, an online image sharing and storage service, and supports viewing of 3D images without specialized eyewear on the new NF-300i 3D digital photo frame. The primary services offered are as follows.

  • Loan of an NF-300i 3D digital photo frame
  • 3D image conversion of still images stored on my Picturetown
  • Viewing and sharing services for 3D image utilizing my Picturetown functions
  • Distribution of 3D contents (still photos and movies) with my Picturetown
These services not only allow users to view their photos in dynamic 3D format, but also enable the sharing of 3D images between NF-300i 3D digital photo frames.

What's more, the Android mobile operating system has been adopted for the NF-300i 3D digital photo frame, enabling the inclusion of functions other than simple image viewing, including a calendar, a clock and display of weather information. my Picturetown 3D is only available in Japan.

EON Reality Launches High-End 3D Display Innovation for Collaborative Experience - the EON Experience Icube
3D-News Posted: Sunday, November 14, 2010 (7:19 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

EON Reality is taking the next step in experience and immersion with the launch of a new Virtual Reality innovation for collaboration, the EON Experience Icube. The emerging technology behind the EON Experience Icube connects users in a totally immersed 3D collaborative world and can be used for everything from training rescue operations on an offshore platform to advanced collaboration and entertainment.

Using several stereoscopic environments, EON Icubes, shaped into a star shaped cluster, participants can enter their own "cube reality" and simultaneously interact with others in that same world. The technology is an interactive multi-user concept aimed for high-end experience centers, with the purpose to engage visitors in a collaborative experience.

"The concept was developed as an extension of our IDC's (Interactive Digital Center) to address the request for very high-end immersion and vivid visualization in experience based collaborative learning and training. We have developed and deployed an installation of five multi-user Icubes. This is a fully interactive experience that enables one or several users to interact with and collaboratively explore a photorealistic 3D virtual environment while simultaneously providing an engaging and educational, reality-like experience," said Mats Johansson, CEO, EON Reality, Inc. "Combined with the virtual world application, EON Coliseum users can build their own interactive 3D environments for experience based learning."

SENSIO granted patent in India
3D-News Posted: Monday, November 8, 2010 (18:50 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

SENSIO Technologies Inc. announced that the Indian Patent Office has granted patent no. 242873 covering the SENSIO® S2D Switch. SENSIO already holds a patent covering this product in the United States.

The SENSIO® S2D Switch enables consumers to view 3D material in 2D, extending their accessibility to content and ensuring they get the most out of their investment in their 3D-enabled TV. For example, a movie purchased in 3D, via video-on-demand (VOD) and recorded on a DVR, can be viewed in 2D with the entire extended family on Thanksgiving evening, regardless of the number of pairs of 3D glasses owned. Later it can be viewed in its fully immersive 3D version.

"This patent grant adds a vast and fast-growing market for the SENSIO® S2D Switch," said Nicholas Routhier, President and CEO. "The ability to view 3D in 2D is essential technology for TV manufacturers, and we anticipate that demand for our patent licence will be positively impacted."

It is also the second step towards SENSIO's goal of worldwide patent presence. The company has patents pending with the European Patent Office and in Japan and China.

CyberLink PowerDVD 10 Supports Full Blu-ray 3D MVC Decoding and HDMI 1.4 Output on New AMD Radeon HD 6800 Graphics
3D-News Posted: Monday, November 8, 2010 (18:44 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

CyberLink Corp. (5203.TW) announced the support in PowerDVD for full-quality stereoscopic 3D video on AMD Radeon™ HD 6800 series graphics.

On systems with the updated version of PowerDVD combined with the new AMD Radeon HD 6800 series graphics, consumers can enjoy full-quality Blu-ray 3D disc playback on the latest 3D televisions, through an HDMI 1.4a connection. Home theater enthusiasts are able to stream full multi-channel Blu-ray audio through the same HDMI connection to their compatible Audio/Video Receiver. PowerDVD takes full advantage of the Unified Video Decoder feature of AMD Radeon HD 6800 series graphics, delivering outstanding video quality even when decoding Blu-ray 3D MVC stereoscopic video at up to 60 megabits per second.

"CyberLink is dedicated to providing the best possible entertainment experience," said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink Corp. "We are delighted to deliver accelerated video software performance with the updated version of PowerDVD 10. With AMD Radeon™ HD 6800 series graphics and CyberLink PowerDVD 10 Ultra 3D, home theater enthusiasts can enjoy Blu-ray 3D in full quality."

"We are excited to work closely with CyberLink on its flagship product PowerDVD 10 optimized for AMD Radeon graphics, offering Accelerated Parallel Processing and support for DirectX 11," said Matt Skynner, corporate vice president and general manager, GPU division, AMD (NYSE: AMD) . "The new PowerDVD 10 Ultra 3D takes full advantage of the Unified Video Decoder and HDMI 1.4 features of the AMD Radeon HD 6800 series graphics, enabling spectacular 3D viewing experiences."

Peter Pan Flies to Israel
3D-News Posted: Monday, November 8, 2010 (18:21 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

DQ Entertainment, an entertainment production and distribution company announcesd the signing of a broadcast acquisition deal for a DQE property by Noga Communications Ltd ("Noga"), Israel's leading independent television content producer and broadcaster.

Noga's broadcast channels include "The Children Channel", "Channel 8" and the very popular "Logi Channel". The company has extensive brand presence within the Israeli market for multifaceted entertainment. As per the agreement, Noga will hold the rights to broadcast "The New Adventures of Peter Pan" for the region of Israel utilising multiple channels over a four year period.

"The New Adventures of Peter Pan" is a 26 x 22' 3D stereoscopic animated TV series being produced with a global budget of approximately EUR10 million in high-end 3D stereoscopic CGI which is anticipated to be available for broadcast by the beginning of 2012. The series is being produced by DQE with ZDF Group, Germany, Method Animation, France in association with France Televisions, De Agostini-Italy , ATV - Turkey as co-production partners.

DQE, along with all their partners, screened the high definition trailers of "The New Adventures of Peter Pan" at the recently concluded MIPCOM in Cannes. The screening was very well received by the audience which included many leading industry and media figures.

Tapaas Chakravarti Chairman & CEO of DQE commented, "Noga's reach in this region is unquestioned and they are the perfect partner to showcase this high quality iconic property. This deal will provide further impetus in monetising our content across different platforms and verticals in this region. This property has tremendous brand value and we are confident that the broadcast on Noga's channels will provide us the visibility and reach for the correct target audience for our content.

"We are delighted to associate again with Noga and look forward to a long and continued association with them"

Rotem Rosen, Head of programming at Noga Communications Ltd., said "We are thrilled and excited at this opportunity to introduce to our young viewers this timeless classic brought to life with the most up-to-date high end animation technologies. No doubt, the Israeli kids are in for a lot of entertainment and fun!"

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