3D-News Archive November 2013

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Get a FREE copy of ISU's 'Stereoscopy' (Issue 4.2013)
3D-News Posted: Friday, November 15, 2013 (8:40 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

If you are no member of the International Stereoscopic Union (ISU) yet, this is your opportunity for a FREE copy of issue 4.2013!

Stereoscopy Issue 4.2013 will cover a large range of 3D subjects:

* The Keystone Re-creation Project (Gisela Will)
* Restoring Antique Stereoviews (David Richardson)
* The Making of "Ladakh" (Matìj Boháè)
* A Course in Stereography (Christopher Schneberger)
* Image3D: View-Master for Everyone (Rich Dubnow)
* The Austrian Competition of Photography and Art (Hermine Raab)

Here's a quick preview:

You are invited to join the ISU - and if you join and pay within the next days for 2014 (or 2014-2016 [3 year membership] or 2014-2018 [5 year membership]), you will receive the upcoming issue 4.2013 as a bonus - free of charge and mailed first class/priority mail. An offer too good to miss!

ISU membership is only US-$20 per year (or $54 for three years or $80 for 5 years). You may join on-line right here and pay by PayPal:

Alternatively (if you want to pay in your own currency to your ISU Country Representative), you may find the contact details of your ISU Country Representative here:

Virtalis Helps Schneider Achieve the Impossible Virtually
3D-News Posted: Friday, November 15, 2013 (7:41 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Virtalis has provided Schneider Electric with a suite of immersive and interactive Virtual Reality (VR) customer training modules plus an ActiveMove transportable advanced visualisation display system which enables training to be appreciated in full, stereoscopic 3D. Schneider is billing it as the training system which allows you to see what you cannot see in real life and do what you cannot do in real life - this is a big departure from its existing training methodology.

Schneider Electric Technical Institute director, Stephan Pradal, said: "VR is enabling us to do and see things that we can't in real life. The modules we've commissioned feature additional pedagogical benefits that go beyond classroom training and even hands-on training because, in the virtual world, our cabinets have current running through them, making all the sounds and reacting all the way you'd expect in real life. In our hands-on training, safety dictates there is no current. In the Virtalis virtual training environment, it is also possible to virtually strip back our equipment, so that in the Medium Voltage switchgear, trainees can see the working parts, which really helps them to understand our technology."

Virtalis designed the virtual training environment by taking Schneider Electric's data from various sources into 3D Studio Max and then, using Virtalis' MaxExchange exporter, into its Visionary Render software to VR-enable it. Once the static parts existed virtually, Virtalis Development Team member, Jamie Femia, travelled to Germany to observe the various working parts and record the real-life sounds that give the training environment such a stamp of authenticity. Then, working closely with Schneider Electric training specialist, Claude Houbart-Santini, who was developing an exhaustive storyboard covering all the processes step-by-step, Femia was able to create the simulations by scripting the tasks and animating the parts to work just as they would in real life.

"I really see many benefits from this technology", explained Pradal, "both for product familiarisation and for solving real-life scenarios. The tools and keys used in real life are also used virtually and the components move into their required positions only when the correct actions are performed. Our first module is a discovery of the Medium Voltage switchgear, which includes the explanation of the mechanism and several pedagogical games. Our second module takes you through a procedure including in-simulation comprehensive instructions, so trainees can practice following correct procedural methods. Another more advanced section leaves them to make mistakes and we will build on this gaming aspect of the Virtalis technology in future. I think the interactive experience challenges trainees' minds, forcing them to ask questions, learn faster, gain experience and receive feedback."

Schneider Electric provides technology and integrated solutions to optimise energy usage in markets such as industry, data centres, residential, energy and infrastructure. It has more than 20 training centres around the world, so the Schneider Electric team has a wealth of training experience which they brought to bear in the Virtalis system's design, by ensuring that training objectives were met at each stage of the simulation design. They took the opportunity to load the simulations with additional details, so that when the trainees explore the virtual circuit-breaker, they can then break out of the simulation, if desired, to look at line drawings of the same equipment.

Now the system is being deployed on training courses around the world, as well as travelling to exhibitions to act as a market differentiator to customers. The hardware platform it is shown on, ActiveMove, was developed with this kind of use in mind. The Virtalis ActiveMove immersive display system comprises an active stereoscopic, High Definition resolution, high brightness, high frame rate, three chip DLP projector with a rear projection screen in a dedicated enclosure, coupled with a PC, eyewear, head and hand tracking, installation and support. ActiveMove is transported in two custom, wheeled cases specifically designed for local and international shipping, making it easy to share between locations.

Pradal commented: "We took our Virtalis System to this year's Hannover Fair, and we received rave reviews, just as we did at CIGRE, a Transmission event. The feedback from the first trainees in Regensburg, Germany has been equally enthusiastic. This system is most definitely not just an eyecatcher. As a result, we are bursting with ideas about future modules and further phases of development. The levels of interactivity are going to increase and we plan to add avatars."

With more than 130,000 employees in over 100 countries, Schneider Electric is a global specialist in energy management and a world leader in energy efficiency. Schneider Electric devotes 5% of its sales every year to Research and development with over 7,500 R&D engineers in centres worldwide. It sees innovation as a way to make its solutions greener, simpler and easier to integrate into the daily environment of its customers, relying on strong investment and many partnerships. David Cockburn-Price, Virtalis' MD said: "We look forward to a long and successful technological partnership with Schneider Electric."

New LED-Based Christie Mirage WQ-L Stereoscopic Projector Expands Christie's Line of High Performance 2D and 3D Visual Display Systems
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, November 13, 2013 (13:58 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Christie®, a global leader in visual display solutions, announced the expansion of its Mirage Series of high-performing 2D and 3D projectors with the launch of the Christie Mirage WQ-L, an LED-based 1-chip DLP® projection system with WQXGA (2560 by 1600) resolution and 800 ANSI lumens for sharp images and exceptionally accurate and lifelike colors. Offering a stable and reliable LED light engine rated at 60,000-hours (approximately 6.5 years) life cycle, the Christie Mirage WQ-L includes Christie ArrayLOC™ for synchronized color and brightness management, which reduces calibration requirements.

A powerful but cost-effective and flexible display solution, the Christie Mirage WQ-L is ideal for a wide range of markets, from aerospace and automotive to oil and gas, government, academia, and entertainment. Its solid-state LED light engine delivers years of worry-free operation without compromising image quality.

"We received positive reviews when we previewed the Christie Mirage WQ-L at SIGGRAPH 2013," said Larry Paul, senior director of technology and visualization solutions management, Visual Environments, Christie. "The projector's sealed LED-based light engine eliminates the need for filters, reduces heat and makes it virtually maintenance-free. Its flexibility and low-maintenance design makes it the perfect display solution for a wide range of customers that require a high-performance system that is also eco-friendly and backed by Christie's reputation for quality and reliability."

The Christie Mirage WQ-L operates off the exclusive Christie KoRE™ electronics and firmware platform, which provides the most extensive level of input capability and control flexibility available for advanced visualizations systems.

SA Photonics Introduces the SA-30: the World's Highest Resolution Head Mounted Display
3D-News Posted: Tuesday, November 12, 2013 (10:59 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

SA Photonics, a developer of head mounted displays (HMDs) for military and commercial customers, announced it will unveil its latest HMD, the SA-30, at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) in Orlando, Florida on December 2nd, 2013.

Designed for maximum image quality, with a 20/19 Snellen resolution (0.94 arc-minutes per pixel), the SA-30 has the highest resolution of any commercial HMD. It has a horizontal field of view of 30 degrees and was carefully designed to minimize peripheral obscuration. Users can easily view their surrounding environment, which could include a personal computer, desktop, joysticks/controls or another user, without it being obscured by the HMD. The WUXGA (1920 x 1200 pixel) OLED microdisplays provide both high resolution and high contrast.

"We're extremely excited to be able to deliver an HMD that surpasses our customers' expectation for image quality," says Dr. Michael Browne, General Manager of Vision Products for SA Photonics. "This HMD breaks the 20/20 resolution barrier in a package that is comfortable to wear and view."

The SA-30 can benefit a range of applications, from architectural modeling to virtual prototyping and performing remote medical procedures. Its high resolution display will enable users to perform the most precise tasks without having to worry about degraded visual performance. The SA-30 can be easily used for simulation and training exercises for a multitude of military and commercial tasks. In addition, the SA-30's high resolution, stereoscopic imagery and potential for head tracking makes it a natural display for maximizing telepresence when guiding unmanned vehicles.

SA Photonics will demonstrate the SA-30 in Booth 512 at the I/ITSEC conference in Orlando, Florida (Orange County Convention Center) from December 2nd to December 5th, 2013.

Veteran's Day World War 1 '3D Photography' Brought to Life in SOLDIER'S STORIES, Narrated by Oscar Winner and WW 2 Soldier Mickey Rooney
3D-News Posted: Monday, November 11, 2013 (14:56 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Stereoscopic photography was an early form of 3D that reached its zenith during the years preceding and following the war. "Many people are surprised to find that there was 3D photography as far back as WWI. Most people think of it as a recent innovation," says Producer, Nick Reed. "3D Stereoscopic photography actually dates back to the dawn of photography."

"Many of these photos have never been seen before. The depth of image is so powerful that it transports you in a way that no other format ever could into the world of trench warfare and into the lives of soldiers struggling to survive with the enemy dangerously close and watching every move." http://goo.gl/3W7cwj

World War I was truly a world war with over 135 countries supplying men to fight. It was the first industrial war where men were killed with a never seen before efficiency. "When we started the film one of the big problems was that the last WW1 veteran died a few years ago," said Director, Jonathan Kitzen. Looking for more insight into the emotional view of battle from the point of view of the soldier or the "grunt eye view" the director reached out to current veterans then had an epiphany.

Kitzen says, "I had started interviewing modern day Veterans about their experience of war, they sounded identical to the WW1 trench diaries that I had read and by putting the modern soldiers narration over these intimate, powerful imagery, it gave the film a certain profoundness that an actor or anyone who never had the experience could deliver. I think it is the first time a 100 year old battle has been narrated by another generation of soldier."

Soldiers' Stories is told by the young men who now fight again in different battlefields - Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Vietnam - but fight the same battle and share the same experiences of their forefathers four generations prior. WW1 started 100 years ago, and in 100 years the story of epic battle is still very much the same.

The film which will be released in 2014 in multiple formats including 15perf/70mm Imax format print. "It is the first time an adult themed documentary has been brought to the giant screen that is normally reserved for Penguins and Pyramid films," said Kitzen, "this film represents many firsts." SOLDIERS' STORIES shows that there are still novel uses for 3D that have yet to be explored by modern audiences yet which were created 100 years ago.

Airoha Technology Introduces World's 1st Bluetooth Single Chip for 3D Active Shutter Glasses Application
3D-News Posted: Monday, November 11, 2013 (14:55 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Airoha Technology, a fabless semiconductor company for wireless communications based in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, announced the availability of its AB1128, the world's first Bluetooth single chip for 3D active shutter glasses application that supports the newly adopted Bluetooth 3D Sync profile. AB1128 is a highly integrated single chip that includes baseband processor, RF transceiver, LCD shutter control switch, EEPROM, and battery charger.

The global 3D TV shipment is expected to exceed 100 million units in 2015. As the 3D technology matured, the importance of 3D glasses has increased. Compared to the traditional IR technology, Bluetooth offers greater advantages by not being restricted to line-of-sight, supporting two-way communication, and consuming less power. More importantly, 3D glasses are now interoperable with the recent standardization of the Bluetooth 3D sync profile. This is expected to significantly increase its market acceptance.

"The launch of AB1128, a Bluetooth 3D glasses single chip with high integration and low power consumption, is a major milestone in completing our Bluetooth product portfolio, and it will further establish Airoha as a leader in Bluetooth technology," said Dr. David Chang, the CEO of Airoha Technology. "Single chip design has greatly decreased our customers' development time and cost. The design also contributed to a smaller form factor that resulted in much more flexibility in 3D glasses design." AB1128 is already in the production stage.

For more information, please visit http://www.airoha.com

SENSIO Obtains Key European Patents for S2D Switch Technology and Hi-Fi 3D
3D-News Posted: Monday, November 11, 2013 (14:54 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

SENSIO Technologies Inc.announced that the European Patent Office has issued patent EP 2083574 relating to SENSIO® S2D Switch ("S2D Switch") technology, which enables users to switch the viewing mode of a 3D video feed from 3D to 2D and vice versa. This European patent is the fourth to be granted related to S2D Switch technology which is also protected by issued patents in Japan, the United States and India. Patent applications related to S2D Switch technology have also been filed in Canada and China.

The patent rights associated with the S2D Switch technology are exclusively licensed to Wi-LAN Inc. ("WiLAN") for the purpose of granting licenses to third-parties. In addition, as part of the patent collaboration between SENSIO and WiLAN announced on September 17, 2012, WiLAN assists SENSIO with the prosecution of patent applications associated with the S2D Switch technology in various patent jurisdictions around the world. The granting of this European Patent and the Japanese Patent announced on May 1, 2013 are the direct result of the collaborative work between SENSIO and WiLAN.

"Europe is a very large market for 3DTVs, and in our view, today's announcement significantly increases the revenue potential of the S2D Switch program with existing and future licensees," said Nicholas Routhier, President & CEO of SENSIO. "This is the first patent that we have obtained in Europe, another key territory in SENSIO's IP strategy. This not only proves our commitment to obtaining global coverage for our intellectual property but also our ability to protect it in key regions of the world. WiLAN is an invaluable partner in these efforts and we are very pleased with the outcome of this second patent prosecution."

In addition to the S2D Switch patent, the European Patent Office also issued to SENSIO on the same day patent EP 2211557 which relates to the SENSIO® Hi-Fi 3D format. This patent covers the use of complementary mosaics in merged frame formats as suggested by standards put forth by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) and the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE).

"With this new patent, we reassert and further protect the ownership of our proprietary SENSIO® Hi-Fi 3D format in the European market," said Mr. Routhier. "With claims that go beyond the SENSIO Hi-Fi 3D format, this patent further strengthens SENSIO's IP portfolio in the field of 3D video compression, which opens up new monetization opportunities in the future."

For further information on SENSIO and its technologies, visit http://www.sensio.tv

IZON Glasses-Free 3D Television is Bringing 3D Back Home
3D-News Posted: Monday, November 11, 2013 (14:54 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

It took more than two generations for 3D movies to make a successful comeback in theaters.

But now 3D TV, in the throes of decline, is about to make a more timely comeback.

The root cause of this decline is the unpopular 3D glasses, which consumers find annoying and uncomfortable. Orlando, Florida-based television manufacturer IZON, LLC, a subsidiary of 3D Future Vision II, Inc., solves this problem by removing the need for glasses. The company is anticipating the launch of its line of LED screens with 32-inch, 47-inch and 55-inch glasses-free models by the second quarter of 2014.

IZON ultimately expects to create 1,500 new jobs in the U.S., where the product line will be assembled.

IZON has perfected the assembly process to produce sub-pixel accurate alignment in the 3D displays, creating clear crisp imagery at an affordable price. IZON features its "HyperMix3D™," a multi-threaded 3D rendering technology that uses algorithms that take advantage of multi-core GPUs and produces immersive 3D without eyestrain. In addition, IZON processes 3D stereo movies which can be seamlessly watched on its glasses-free TVs.

IZON's number one feature is user-friendly technology. The IZON team knows that keeping up with technology is not everyone's focus, acknowledging that most of the time people don't want to struggle with turning the volume up or even turning the TV on. IZON models are geared to be simple, smart and fun. Consumers can enjoy traditional broadcast in 2D, view broadcast 3D and their favorite 3D Blu-ray movies with a push of a button. The glasses- free 3D TV wide viewing angle produces sharp vivid imagery that enables the entire family to participate in the experience.

IZON will offer an array of apps for streaming thousands of movies and television shows.

3D Vision Goggles Improve Surgeon's View in Minimally Invasive Lung Surgery
3D-News Posted: Monday, November 11, 2013 (14:53 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Loyola University Medical Center is the first Illinois hospital to use new 3D vision technology for minimally invasive lung surgery.

The technology is called 3D video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS). A small video camera is introduced into the patient's chest with a scope. Surgical instruments are introduced through other small holes. The surgeon wears 3D goggles, which restore the depth perception that is lost with conventional two-dimensional video-assisted systems.

Marcelo DaSilva, MD, FACS, used the system while performing surgery on lung cancer patient Don Parks, a retired police officer who lives in LaSalle, Il. DaSilva removed the lower lobe of Parks' right lung. It was Parks' second bout of cancer. In 2006, Parks was successfully treated at Loyola for laryngeal cancer.

The minimally invasive technique results in less pain, faster recovery and smaller scars than open surgery. Most patients go home in one or two days and fully recover in two weeks. The patient is left with three small scars, each less than an inch across

Parks said the post-surgical pain lasted only a couple days, and was well controlled by pain meds. "It wasn't bad at all," he said. He also appreciates the small incisions, and how quickly he is healing.

In conventional video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery, a tiny camera called a thoracoscope, transmits images of the surgery to a 2-D video monitor that the surgeon views while performing the surgery. With the 3D technology, the surgeon instead views the surgery through 3D goggles.

The 3D system produces a high-resolution image and stereoscopic depth perception. It provides a precise spatial view of anatomy and improves the surgeon's hand-eye coordination. It is especially beneficial in performing more complex tasks.

"For the first time in laparoscopic surgery, this system enables the surgeon to experience a natural, 3D view inside the human body," DaSilva said.

The 3D VATS system can be used for thoracic procedures such as lung cancer surgery, biopsies and removal of mediastinum tumors, DaSilva said.

DaSilva recently joined Loyola as Chief of Thoracic Surgery. In addition to performing minimally invasive lung cancer surgery, DaSilva is one of the world's top specialists in performing complex surgeries for rare mesothelioma cancers.

KLIK! presents gaudy and rich program 2013
3D-News Posted: Monday, November 11, 2013 (14:53 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

The full program of the KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival has been published online at klikamsterdam.nl/festival/program. With the program announcement, the ticket sale is in full swing. From November the 12th until the 17th KLIK! presents the competitions: Animated Shorts, Animated Student Shorts, Animation For Hire, Political Animated Shorts and 3D Stereoscopic Animated Shorts. Another highlight is the delightful theme program 'The Fabulous Fifties'. There is also the choice of a rich array of feature films, talks, workshops and games and time to do a little dance during KLIK! KLIK! BOOM!.

Besides short animations, KLIK! also screens magnificently animated feature films and documentaries. At Saturday there is a special preview of The Congress, the long-awaited successor of Ari Folman's Waltz With Bashir. This is the chance to see the film before it's screened in Dutch theaters at the beginning of January.

The Dutch premier of the documentary Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony will astonish the audience with the intriguing phenomenon of 'Bronies', the male fans of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series.

The documentary Presistence of Vision is all about the best animation film never made; a fascinating life project of animation director Richard Williams (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?). As a fan of the unfinished work, director Garrett Gilchrist decided to make a finished version like Williams intended named The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Cut. Both films can be seen at KLIK!.

As a part of the theme The Fabulous Fifties, the feature film from 1962 Gay Purr-ee will be screened. This mix of Van Gogh and Disney style with the voice of Judy Garland (The Wizard of Oz) is a real must-see.

On the Friday and Saturday night, KLIK! stirs EYE and Toren with some dance moves. On Friday the live jazz music from The Ob6sions will move the audience in a fifties-stylized party. And last but not least, there is time to do a little dance during KLIK! KLIK! BOOM! on the Saturdaynight of KLIK!. This night, the French duo Gangpol & Mit will treat the audience on a visual spectacle.

MasterImage 3D and China Film Equipment Co., Ltd Sign Agreement as 3D Cinema Systems for China's Premium Market
3D-News Posted: Monday, November 11, 2013 (14:52 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Global 3D display technology leader MasterImage 3D, Inc and China Film Equipment Co., Ltd. (CFEC) announced an agreement to market and distribute premium 3D cinema systems to over 30 provinces throughout China.

China Film Equipment Co., Ltd. will service customers with MasterImage 3D's high-quality cinema systems. MasterImage 3D cinema products include their flagship for standard-sized theaters and the newly announced MI-HORIZON3D featuring industry-leading image brightness for larger-format exhibition. All models offer a license-free ownership business model, full system automation and high-frame-rate compatibility.

"We have a long-standing promise with our exhibition customers to represent only the best technology, solutions and companies," says President, China Film Equipment Co., Ltd.

"Moviegoers in China have a great appreciation and very high standard for compelling 3D cinematic experiences," says Younghoon Lee, Chairman and CEO at MasterImage 3D. "We are honored by our partnership with China Film Equipment Corporation and are confident that our 3D cinema products will delight cinema patrons in China."

Virtalis Launches Visionary Render
3D-News Posted: Monday, November 11, 2013 (14:52 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

VIRTALIS is launching revolutionary new software that makes 3D visualisation and Virtual Reality (VR) fully accessible for the first time. Virtalis MD, David Cockburn-Price, said: "Visionary Render delivers VR capabilities to CAD users and benefits throughout the product lifecycle and you don't have to be a VR expert to use it. Consequently, Visionary Render allows users to easily interact with and immerse themselves in their data on a human scale, to collaborate with others in a single VR environment and to tap into the benefits that flow from those activities."

Visionary Render renders huge and complex VR models in real-time stereoscopic 3D with high update rates and negligible latency. It allows users to create dynamic, interactive VR environments and simulations that can be deployed in a multitude of immersive visualisation systems or be 'published' and distributed to third parties. It is a collaborative, sharable sandbox that brings true 3D experimentation throughout the product lifecycle. The Virtalis Exchange toolkit helps to optimise data, seamlessly translating it into Visionary Render, where massive data sets can be viewed from multiple CAD packages simultaneously in one place.

"We've put all our VR know-how into Visionary Render. It's a system that can cope with the most complex data and render it in 3D stereo, then adds tracking for human-in-the-loop immersion and networking for interactive, multi-disciplinary design reviews or training exercises", explained Andrew Connell, technical director at Virtalis.

Key benefits:

  • Manages complex CAD data sources seamlessly
  • Collaborate in a single VR environment - Globally
  • View large models smoothly/flicker-free in stereo
  • Collision detection for the entire model
  • Cluster aware for increased performance
Visionary Render's 3D User Interface (GUI) allows users to access the full tree structure of the imported data along with associated and valuable metadata. Two views are provided: the Directory Tree shows all the properties of the model and the Developer View allows the manipulation of all the parts comprising the model.

To navigate, users can swap between a handheld VR controller, an ordinary mouse or a 3D Spacemouse, all supported natively. As the user moves the 3D cursor, it intelligently follows the surface vectors of the model. Any menus that pop up are 3D and transparent, maintaining the perception of depth within the model and maximising the visible area.

Interactive applications and simulations are created in Visionary Render using a simplified object-based variant of LUA, the popular and flexible scripting language, which allows behaviours to be added to 3D data imported from other environments.

Rab Scott, head of VR and Simulation at Nuclear AMRC, commented: "Our VR systems being linked with other VR centres worldwide to allow us to carry out international design, manufacturing and assembly reviews, as well as complex training exercises."

Momentum for Visionsense - Announces Introduction of Stereoscopic High Definition (3DHD) Camera for Brain Surgery
3D-News Posted: Monday, November 11, 2013 (14:51 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Visionsense Corp. has begun to reveal its newest VS3 - Stereoscopic High Definition Vision System (VISIONSENSE III) at the Congress of Neurological Surgeons this week in San Francisco, California. The new system enables true depth perception with HD resolution during endoscopic surgery. The Visionsense VS3 system includes with a line of revolutionary 4mm HD stereo endoscopes, enabling 3D Minimally Invasive Brain surgery.

Alex Chanin (CEO) stated that "Visionsense celebrated this surgical break-through as a major enabling step to 3D soon becoming the standard of care in visualization in the operating room."

The VS3 System (VISIONSENSE III) has 510(k) and CE Mark clearance and is available commercially, worldwide.

Visionsense develops novel visualization solutions that bring natural stereoscopic sight to minimally invasive surgery (MIS). With advanced sensor technology and proprietary software, the Visionsense system delivers depth perception, high definition resolution images and maneuvering flexibility through the smallest access diameters.

The VS3 System is Stereoscopic High Definition (3DHD) solution is based on a single, stereoscopic (3D) camera that utilizes small diameter stereo endoscopes. With stereo vision capabilities, surgeons gain enhanced tissue understanding, improved hand eye coordination and the confidence to use advanced (articulating) surgical tools, thus opening the door for new, unique surgical developments.

International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society Recognizes Cyclopital3D with Three New Product of the Year Awards
3D-News Posted: Monday, November 11, 2013 (14:51 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

The International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society announced thirteen products considered by its blue ribbon panel of judges to be the "Best 3D Products" of 2013.

Colorado based Cyclopital3D is being recognized for 3 new products released this year: the HD3D View-Vaster™, the Wide-angle Lens Adapter for the Sony PMW-TD300 3D camcorder, and the Stereo Base Extender for the Panasonic HDC-Z10000 3D camcorder.

The newest flag-ship product for Cyclopital3D is the HD3D View-Vaster™, which allows for the portable viewing of 3D photos and video using the newest 5" cell phones with HD displays. Cyclopital3D also specialized in the design, manufacture and sales of innovative tools for use with 3D cameras and camcorders that enable film-makers and photographers to vary their techniques and achieve fantastic results.

"From consumer cameras to home theaters to 3D apps to automobiles…there are superb new 3D technologies in the market right now," said Society Awards Chairman, Buzz Hays. "3D technology is advancing at warp speed, and our judges had a wide variety of new products to pick from. In the end, we selected just thirteen."

Cyclopital3D makes all of their products using 3D printers in Fort Collins, which enables the flexibility to produce high-quality niche products, quickly. "We will continue to innovate and support the 3D community by providing the tools they need to produce the best 3D content and portable 3D viewers," promised co-founder Tanya Alsip. Alsip accepted the three awards on behalf of Cyclopital3D on September 18th at Paramount Studios in Hollywood.

nWave Acquires 'Galapagos 3D' for February 2014 Release to IMAX Theaters and 3D Digital Cinemas
3D-News Posted: Monday, November 11, 2013 (14:51 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

nWave Pictures Distribution announced the acquisition of worldwide giant screen distribution rights to "Galapagos 3D" (working title) from London-based Colossus Productions. Written and narrated by renowned naturalist and veteran filmmaker David Attenborough, produced by Anthony Geffen and directed by Martin Williams, the film is a unique exploration of these enchanted islands, whose remarkable creatures helped inform the way we understand the world.

"Galapagos 3D" will be released to IMAX® theaters and Digital Giant Screen cinemas in February 2014 and will available in 38- and 20-minute versions, 3D and 2D, 15-perf./70mm film and 4K/2K digital formats. The industry premiere of "Galapagos 3D" will be September 15th in Ottawa during the Giant Screen Cinema Association (GSCA) 2013 Conference at the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

"Galapagos 3D" takes viewers to a paradise unlike any other, where life has played out in relative isolation over millions of years. The result is a biological wonderland comprising some 9,000 species with approximately 80% of the land-dwelling population being indigenous to these enchanted islands. This extraordinary wildlife has adapted to their unique environment, forging unlikely companionships and surviving against all odds. In these remote volcanic islands, giant half-ton long-necked tortoises lumber among dancing blue-footed boobies and flightless cormorants. Penguins thousands of miles away from their natural habitats share the seas with unique marine iguanas that spit sea-salt from their noses.

"After successfully launching "Penguins 3D" earlier this year at major US institutions such as the American Museum of Natural History in New York, Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium and Boston's New England Aquarium, we are excited to again work with Attenborough and Geffen on this remarkable new film that will wow kids and families alike," said Eric Dillens, Chairman of nWave Studios. "Building a strong lineup that provides the highest quality production standards and meets the educational needs of our clients is one of our company's top priorities."

"Galapagos is full of dramas, and it is also full of very, very charismatic animals which, because they're uniquely unafraid of humans, you can get up close to and film: it's a natural for 3D," explains David Attenborough. "It's one of the wonders of the world, and the animals are absolutely riveting in 3D."

"We wanted moviegoers to discover the wonders of the Archipelago as never before," explains Anthony Geffen, Producer of the film and Chief Executive Officer of Atlantic Productions. "By using cutting-edge 4K 3D stereoscopic cameras and pushing the limits of existing technologies, we were able to meet the unprecedented challenges posed by the unique species and environments of the islands. We wanted to present the film in a way that gives audiences an opportunity to see these amazing creatures and vistas, but also to give them a chance to feel totally immersed in the experience through great 3D filming"

"Galapagos 3D" was filmed on location over a ten-month period, and the entire production lasted fifteen months. The small volcanic archipelago is governed by Ecuador and is located in the Pacific Ocean, some 600 miles (966 Km) from the coast of South America. This isolation, being located at the confluence of several nutrient-rich ocean currents, the lack of human contact for millions of years and on-going volcanic activity, has created a living museum of wildlife.

The film's official website is http://Galapagos.nWave.com

Exceptional 3D Leads Travel Plaza TV 'Through The Never'
3D-News Posted: Monday, November 11, 2013 (14:50 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Exceptional 3D announced they have completed the '2D-to-3D' conversion of the trailer for Metallica Through The Never with partner and leading 3D digital signage network operator, Travel Plaza TV. Metallica Through The Never will world premiere this week at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival. But the eye-catching 'no-glasses' 3D version of the trailer aired nationally last week in high-trafficked Travel Plaza convenience stores throughout the U.S. on Travel Plaza TV's nationwide 3D digital signage network.

"Having the chance to work on this project with Travel Plaza TV was very exciting," said Eric Angello, CMO & Chief Creative Officer for Exceptional 3D. "The trailer looks incredible in high-definition 3D," said Mr. Angello, "and now customers have a chance to enjoy a taste of the 3D experience, without the glasses, whenever they stop at one of the Travel Plaza TV network locations." Mr. Angello finished by saying, "We've always taken pride in the fact that we are a full-service solutions provider and most of the time our industry-leading glasses-free 3D technology gets all of the attention. But I believe that is because our creative team has been the proverbial 'wizard behind the curtain' when it comes to the engaging experience and impact that the content being presented through this technology has on an audience."

Travel Plaza TV's glasses-free 3D television and digital signage network exclusively features Exceptional 3D's patented auto-stereoscopic 3D display technology. The U.S.-based national 3D digital signage network is capable of playing both 3D content and legacy 2D content in sequence or at the same time through content management software making it an entirely future-proof digital signage solution. The Travel Plaza TV 3D digital signage network offers advertisers the opportunity to make an unforgettable impression, in previously non-existent locations, to deliver content or brand experiences to a captive audience of local neighborhood shoppers, travelers and truckers who are taking a break from the road.

"When it comes to high-profile clients who expect first-class results with sophisticated creative material, Exceptional 3D is the unequivocal glasses-free 3D creative producer of choice," said Bill Botte, CEO and President of Travel Plaza TV. "Having worked together on airing [no glasses] 3D trailers for Jack The Giant Slayer and Pacific Rim," continued Mr. Botte, "we knew an exceedingly respected 3D experience would be the result of Exceptional 3D's professional integrity and creative craftsmanship." Mr. Botte finished by saying, "Travel Plaza TV presents advertisers with the opportunity to deliver a unique glasses-free 3D content or brand experience and our 3D digital signage network opens the door to a captive audience environment for advertisers where they previously did not have the chance for exposure. They can be certain their brand and image will be handled professionally while the Travel Plaza TV 3D digital signage network puts a unique glasses-free 3D advertising experience well within reach."

To see the trailer for Metallica Through The Never in attention-grabbing glasses-free 3D, visit any one of Travel Plaza TV's locations across the United States.

EonVision to Reveal the First Hollywood-Produced, Fully Interactive, 4D Multi-Sensory 'Idome'
3D-News Posted: Monday, November 11, 2013 (14:49 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

EonVision, Inc, a joint venture between EON Reality, the world's leading interactive 3D software provider, and Vision 3 Experiential (V3E), an entertainment industry frontrunner in multi-media content and technology, announced the EonVision Idome (EVId). EVId is the first 'Edutainment' dome experience to combine Hollywood feature film quality, stunning Virtual Reality characters, 4D multi-sensory theater platform and full interactivity for every guest.

EonVision Idome has been engineered to revolutionize the 'Edutainment' market by combining the best elements of movies, theme parks, museums and interactive gaming. EVId allows guests to explore our universe, the oceans, inside the human body - even prehistoric worlds in a new and provocative way. But more than just "observation," guests are active participants in the adventure and help guide how it will go.

The Idome's unique design results in total audience immersion. Personal interactivity devices and spectacular, "branched" story content ensure individual excitement, group collaboration and infinite show variations. High-definition stereoscopic 3D visuals and 3D sound married with 4D elements like motion seats and ambient effects (water, heat, wind) results in an addictive, adaptable and exhilarating learning adventure for all.

EonVision Idome has a tiered seating platform that accommodates 30 guests. It is semi-portable and can be re-deployed quickly and economically. EVId is perfect for malls, museums, science centers, theme parks and other high traffic areas.

"The market for 'Edutainment' is experiencing a rapid global growth. To meet these market demands, EonVision has developed a strategy with local partners to optimize the introduction of these state-of-the-art 'Edutainment Showplaces' in each key region," said Mats W. Johansson, President of EON Reality. "This includes a turnkey solution delivering all hardware, software, content, installation, training, maintenance and support."

V3E's CEO, Pierre de Lespinois, said, "We're very excited to launch our EonVision Idome! I believe this combination of VR technology, immersive interactivity and visual storytelling has never been seen quite like this before. This is how we SHOULD learn and how we WILL WANT to be entertained in the future."

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