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Incredible Phenomenon - Movie Theaters Are Full Every Morning - Turkish Teachers Shut Down Schools and Send Students to CinemaPark to Smell Movies
3D-News Posted: Thursday, February 10, 2005 (20:29 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

A revolutionary attraction has opened in Ankara, Turkey. Cinema-Park is a cinema complex which has been upgraded to serve as an educational theme park. Groups of students, families and employees of organizations and companies are invited to go on a four-hour Theme Package Tour between the different movie theaters.

At Each theater they experience a different aspect of the day's theme using different technologies. The program currently running at Cinema-Park is called "Journey through the Universe". It explores Planet Earth, the Solar System, the universe and space research. At the 3D Theater, a stereoscopic movie (projected digitally with two LCD projectors on a silver screen) depicts the creation of the universe, its vast expanses and minuscule building-blocks. At the Motion Theater, the visitors sit on what appear to be ordinary – albeit luxurious – cinema seats. But these are actually Smart Seats, with dual motion capability, 3 built in ticklers, a bass shaker, a scent system, air and water effects and personal speakers. The movie is a ride around our planet, with an emphasis on conservation, which is perfectly synchronized with movements of the Smart Seats and the special effects.

The Music Theater introduces the audience to the intergalactic language of music, and how it is implanted in movies about space. The Music Theater is equipped with a state of the art sound system, but also with an exciting disco-like lighting system. Other "stops" on the tour are the Dark Theater, in which the emphasis is on imagination; the Interactive Theater, in which all the visitors compete in a trivia game using unique personal remote controls; and the Inspiration Theater.

Space is only one of a multitude of subjects addressed by Cinema-Park's Theme Package Tours, from specific curriculum subjects to social, civil and ethical subjects; tangible or theoretical; from inside the atom to the summit of the Everest. Ori Yardeni, the initiator and founder of Cinema-Park Network, says, "I come from a family of teachers. So I always knew, that good content alone, or good teaching methods alone, wouldn’t work. The art is to combine them, and to do so cost-effectively, too. That's the key to quality, profitable educational experiences."

Yardeni considers the secret of Cinema-Park's appeal to be a carefully constructed balance between the educational elements and the fun elements.

"The Ankara Cinema-Park, situated in Armada Shopping center, is the first of five Cinema-Parks operated by Tuze group in Turkey. We have plans for 8 more Cinema-Parks in Europe during 2005, reaching approximately 40 Cinema-Parks globally at 2008", says Ami Dror, Marketing Director of Cinema-Park Network.

For more information, see their website: http://www.cinema-park.com

Imax Corp. to install two more giant-screen theaters in China
3D-News Posted: Thursday, February 10, 2005 (15:02 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Imax Corp. has reached a deal to install two more of its giant-screen theaters in China, one in an air museum and another in a science center, the company said Wednesday.

Imax already has agreements to install a number of its theaters in China and has also recently signed deals to open theaters in Russia, India, Pakistan and the Middle East.

The new Imax outlets will be located in the China Aviation Administration museum in Beijing and the Guangdong City Science Center, the Toronto-based company said. Both locations will be capable of showing Imax and Imax 3D films and will feature state-of-the-art, multichannel digital surround sound systems.

Both locations are scheduled to open in 2007. As of September, there were more than 235 Imax theaters operating in 35 countries.

Digital 3D Microscopy
3D-News Posted: Friday, February 4, 2005 (4:41 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Microstereopsis Corporation of Ijamsville, MD (USA) announced the latest digital 3D system for use on stereoscopic and surgical microscopes.

Retro-Opsis DV is now being offered with the new progressive scan XGA color cameras that operate at 30 fps real time. The system easily connects to existing stereo microscopes via a dual port beamsplitter placed between the viewing oculars and the main optic pod. Normal ocular viewing and simultaneous 3D visualization is then achieved. The system runs in Windows XP and includes TriD software (synch-double method) and active LC shuttered eyewear. Viewing is from high resolution CRT display for maximum detail and multiple viewer comfort. TriD now includes all viewing and digital recording functions along with image compression and editing routines.

The advanced PC includes a full terabyte RAID system for four or more hours of uncompressed recording time. A DVD RW bay is included as well as swapable hard drive and RAID modules. A wide variety of Firewire 1394a cameras are offered along with special optical couplers to permit perfect left/right image registration.

USA basic prices start at just under $20,000.00. Final testing for high resolution digital 3D projection using passive eyewear is now complete. Retro-View is also offered for interactive DVD-ROM 3D visualization (content created with Retro-Opsis DV).

Applications now are identified in microsurgery, entomology, pathology gross specimen dissections, MEMS and SMD electronic inspection, forensic evidence (including ballistics) and any full motion procedure of magnified objects that will benefit from true 3D visualization will benefit from the use of Retro-Opsis DV.

Contact Jim Averill for further details. E-Mail: javerill@mindspring.com

Breathtaking New 3D IMAX Theatre Film, SHARKS 3D, Presented by Jean-Michel Cousteau, opened at the Universal CityWalk IMAX Theatre
3D-News Posted: Thursday, February 3, 2005 (17:38 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

As part of the agreement with exhibitor Loews Cineplex Entertainment, SHARKS 3D will have an exclusive six-week run at the Universal CityWalk IMAX theatre. This IMAX theatre brings SHARKS 3D to life in grand fashion, offering a unique 3D experience from each of its 422 stadium-style seats with high-definition images projected onto the huge, eight story-tall screen and 12,000 watts of pure digital surround sound.

"I am very pleased that L.A.-area residents will now get the chance to share in this truly memorable encounter with the world's great shark species, such as the Great White, Whale Shark and Hammerhead," said Jean-Michel Cousteau, President of Ocean Futures Society. "Watching SHARKS 3D is like pulling on a diving suit and swimming weightlessly with sharks all around. You witness them as they truly are in their natural habitat - not wicked man-eating creatures, as they are far too frequently depicted in modern feature films, but wild, fascinating and highly endangered animals that have been in existence since a million years before the dinosaurs. If you've ever wanted to know what it's really like to dive with sharks, this film is certainly a must-see."

"The global shark population has experienced an alarming decline of up to 80% for certain species in just a decade, due primarily to over-fishing and for use in shark fin soup," said director Jean-Jacques Mantello. "I sincerely believe that SHARKS 3D, while entertaining audiences, delivers a strong and compelling argument for shark conservation by shedding new light on the urgent need to protect these animals. Ultimately, the film's purpose is to lead people to think differently and positively about sharks. As many fellow conservationists have stated before, we protect only what we love. Therefore, we first need to understand what sharks are really like before there can be a change in public perception. Then perhaps we will begin to protect them."

In addition to its Universal City engagement, SHARKS 3D is now playing at the IMAX Theatre at Tropicana (Atlantic City, NJ), the Audubon Institute's Entergy IMAX Theatre (New Orleans, LA), the Virginia Aquarium (Virginia Beach, VA) and the Luxor IMAX Theatre (Las Vegas, NV). Upcoming film openings include Moody Gardens (Galveston, TX) on Feb. 21, 2005, the CN IMAX Theatre (Vancouver, BC) on Feb. 28, 2005, and the Tennessee Aquarium IMAX 3D Theater [Chattanooga, TN] on March 4, 2005. Audiences in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Indianapolis, Providence, Sacramento, San Antonio and Vancouver will have the opportunity to discover SHARKS 3D shortly thereafter. For a full list of IMAX theatres, please go to http://www.sharks3D.com.

SHARKS 3D is produced by 3D Entertainment and McKinney Underwater Productions Inc. Directed by Jean-Jacques Mantello, filmed by Gavin McKinney and executive produced by Francois Mantello. SHARKS 3D features an original score composed by Christophe Jacquelin and performed by the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra, with an original song, "Still Be Blue," sung by Djazia Satour with lyrics by Claudia Philips.

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