3D-News Archive February 2009

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Visumotion at CeBIT 2009
3D-News Posted: Saturday, February 28, 2009 (9:07 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

This year VisuMotion will be presenting at the world's largest IT-show in the world. The focus on this year's presentation will be on the main topic: "The world is 3D - We make you see it!"

At the booth of Thuringia on hall 9 booth 12 VisuMotion for the first time will present 3D solutions to a broad audience that have been especially developed for VisuMotion customers. Visitors at the show have the chance to see a 3D animation which specifically has been developed for a simulator or can go on a virtual tour to vividly experience a planed interior in 3D. A highlight at the booth is a gaming machine of the latest generation. Three-dimensional animations, fascinating graphics and an extraordinary winning experience fascinate every gambler.

The solutions demonstrate that VisuMotion already offers its customers a comprehensive portfolio of technology, consultation as well as service relating to 3D. VisuMotion customers get all services from one source which provides them with a decisive value added. The offer of VisuMotion includes for example:

  • Consulting and development services for 3D displays
  • Adaption of professional applications in industry, science and medicine
  • Customization of software products
  • 3D standard software for content playback, content creation and content processing
"VisuMotion understands itself as a provider of technology for several industries where 3D visualisation can bring major advantages. By implementing 3D features into customer products such as for instance gaming machines or design systems for rooms VisuMotion customers receive an outstanding solution that separates them from the competition and often provides them with a USP", underlines Dr. Markus Klippstein, Managing Director VisuMotion GmbH.

VisuMotion software is designed to support a variety of 3D displays in the market. Existing 3D clips currently can be displayed on 40 different types of 3D displays of several manufactures worldwide.

The Jena based company employs a team that has extensive knowledge and experience in the 3D business. In February 2009 the company has filed its 28th patent application. In its short history the company already has registered for about 50 protective rights worldwide.

VisuMotion also will be presenting at the booth of Microsoft in hall 4 /A 26, since the company is promoted by Microsoft's initiative for founders "unternimm was."

IPS Brings Immersive Virtual Reality Process to Life
3D-News Posted: Saturday, February 28, 2009 (9:01 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Invensys Process Systems (IPS), a global technology and consulting firm, unveiled its Immersive Virtual Reality Process technology, a next-generation human machine interface (HMI) solution that will revolutionize the way engineers and operator trainees see and interact with the plant and the processes they control.

When it becomes commercially available later this year, IPS expects Immersive Virtual Reality Process to deliver a wide range of client benefits that will help improve plant safety and security, ensure environmental and regulatory accountability, and increase production and efficiency while controlling feedstock and material costs. Energy, chemical, oil and gas, and other vital process industries will also be able to apply the technology to meet the knowledge-management, training and retention challenges they encounter in the face of an aging and dwindling industry workforce.

IPS' Immersive Virtual Reality Process can create a three-dimensional computer-generated representation of either a real or proposed process plant. Via a stereoscopic headset, users enter a totally immersive environment in which they can move through the plant in any direction. Such freedom is made possible because the virtual environment is rendered at 60 frames per second, significantly faster than what can be achieved by traditional, non real-time rendering.

"The ability to simulate complex processes in connection with virtual actions allows the user to directly experience an environment that changes over time, making it more effective at transferring skills learned in training to the work environment," said Maurizio Rovaglio, director, IPS global consulting. "And because rarely performed volatile tasks such as plant shutdowns can be rehearsed in a stable, realistic environment, users and operator trainees have the opportunity to learn and make mistakes without putting themselves, the community or the environment at risk. In addition to that, using computer models of real equipment allows endless experimentation without ever taking the equipment off line, mitigating risk to production as well."

IPS will make Immersive Virtual Reality Process truly realistic by applying its proprietary DYNSIM(TM) software to emulate the plant environment, linking process simulation models with physical-spatial models to create virtually any scenario that a user could encounter in real life. The inherent flexibility of IPS' technology results in fast and economical program configuration.

The company's new solution has been designed for a wide range of scenarios, including process design, maintenance engineering and plant safety, and IPS expects Immersive Virtual Reality Process to be widely used in the next generation of process training programs.

"Immersive Virtual Reality Process is another example of IPS developing and delivering innovative solutions that help our clients solve their most critical business issues," said Tobias Scheele, IPS vice president of advanced applications. "The solution continues to be tested in a variety of installations, and we are beginning to realize its full potential and value-add possibilities. When it becomes available in the second half of this year, we believe it will provide immediate, far-reaching benefits to clients spanning the process industries."

For more information and to see a video demonstration of Immersive Virtual Reality Process, please visit http://www.ips.virtual-plant.com

iZ3D Monitor for Gamers Wins the GameIndustry.com 2008 Game of the Year Award - Best Peripheral
3D-News Posted: Thursday, February 26, 2009 (9:39 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

iZ3D Inc., designer, developer and pioneer of advanced stereoscopic 3D visualization systems, announced a new addition to its trophy chest. Readers and followers of the popular gaming website Gameindustry.com honored the 22-inch 3D monitor display system by naming it the "2008 Game of the Year - Best Peripheral."

"If 2009 becomes the year of the 3D game, it will be because of the gains made by companies like iZ3D in 2008. The 22-inch 3D LCD was the first real mass-produced LCD monitor that let games literally take their favorite titles into the next dimension. Today the prices on these amazing monitors are falling rapidly, so the final barrier to widespread acceptance of 3D could soon be crossed," commented John Breeden, Editor in Chief of Game Industry News.

"As a pioneer in the development of 3D drivers and hardware for stereoscopic 3D, 2008 marked another milestone in our pursuit of bringing 3D to the consumer market. More off the shelf 3D games, 3D TV broadcasts and thirty-two 3D movies are slated to be distributed in 2009," stated Thomas Striegler, CEO of iZ3D Inc. "3D as a viable delivery medium is here to stay," he added.

iZ3D's 3D gaming display products are among the first 3D displays being offered nationwide in brick and mortar stores. In addition, the iZ3D monitors are available online at Staples Online, NewEgg, Amazon, Critical Buy, and other e-tailers. Consumers can easily find a listing of store locations and get information on iZ3D's products and special offers at www.3drulez.com.

In recent months iZ3D has made headlines as it introduced the first 3D monitors with custom painted designs from Smooth Creations®, released its new industry-standard-setting 3D display driver, announced channel distribution partnerships with Ingram Micro and D&H Distributing Company, made 3D monitors significantly more affordable, and announced a partnership with AMD which included an ATI 3DLP driver and $50 rebate offer for ATI Radeon(TM) graphics card customers.

The iZ3D 3D monitor solution includes:

  • 22-inch wide screen 3D/2D keyboard switchable LCD monitor
  • 3 pairs of passive polarized 3D glasses (5 other models are available
  • iZ3D Stereoscopic 3D and Anaglyph 3D software drivers (other drivers are available online)
  • Power and video cables
  • Quick-start guide
  • Free membership into iZ3D's upcoming 3D Owner's Lounge and Gamer's Network
Monitor specifications are:
  • 22-inch wide screen LCD
  • 1680 x 1050 resolution
  • Up to 170-degree 3D viewing angle
  • 5ms response time
  • 700:1 contrast ratio
  • 16.7-million colors
  • 300 nitsThe solution is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Vista operating systems, games written for DirectX 8, 9, (soon 10), and requires a graphics card with dual video outputs (VGA, DVI, or HDMI). Most games written in the last six years are already designed for 3D, but have lacked until now, a way of displaying them properly. Games that have been tested by iZ3D, MTBS, and customer testers can be found at http://www.3drulez.com

    Availability and Pricing
    The iZ3D 22-inch monitor has a new manufacturer's suggested resale price of $399.00. The iZ3D Version 1.09 Driver is available at http://www.iz3d.com. The standard iZ3D S-3D output and anaglyph output are included with the purchase of an iZ3D monitor. The exclusive ATI 3D DLP output is free to AMD customers. All other drivers can be purchased at $49.99 per output.

  • Planar Introduces Entry-Level Version of StereoMirror™ 3D/Stereoscopic Display
    3D-News Posted: Thursday, February 26, 2009 (9:33 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

    Planar Systems, Inc., a worldwide leader in specialty display solutions, announced the new entry-level version of its StereoMirror™ 3D/stereoscopic display. Supporting the company's ongoing strategy to deliver display solutions designed to meet specialty needs, Planar's current SD line of StereoMirror displays has established new levels of visual performance and comfort for professional applications such as photogrammetry, computational chemistry and virtual simulation. The availability of the lower-cost, entry-level SD1710 makes it possible for larger audiences to deploy 3D monitors and for less frequent users of stereoscopic applications to benefit from the capabilities of this technology.

    Perfect for photogrammetry production houses and molecular modeling teams who want to put a StereoMirror monitor on every desktop, Planar's entry-level SD1710 maintains strong stereoscopic viewing performance. Planar's top-notch engineering team and world-class supply chain have partnered to provide the ideal lower-cost solution for 3D/stereoscopic displays. Now offered at a list price 40 percent lower than the first-generation SD1710, the new model supports 1280 x 1024 resolution in stereo but with the same compatibility with graphics cards and stereo supportive software as the other StereoMirror products.

    Customers looking for an appropriate StereoMirror solution should consider the frequency of use, the stereo image quality requirements, the criticality of the application and price. For less frequent uses, the entry level StereoMirror provides acceptable StereoMirror performance at an affordable price point. For users with critical daily applications requiring better resolution, the higher-end 20-inch SD2020, 24-inch widescreen SD2420W and 26-inch widescreen SD2620W support up to 1920 x 1200 resolution.

    Palo Alto, Calif.-based Sharper Technology is offering the SD1710 to its academic customers who have requirements for high-quality 3D visualization on a limited budget. "We are excited about the possibilities this opens up for our business. The new SD1710 makes it possible for us to bring 3D technology to new customers that previously couldn't consider a professional-grade 3D display," said Kevin McCarthy, president of Sharper Technology.

    The SD series uses StereoMirror technology to provide the highest quality stereoscopic image available in a desktop monitor and is composed of two LCD monitors in an up/down configuration separated at a 110-degree angle. A semitransparent mirror is positioned at a bisecting angle between the two monitors that, when combined with polarizing glasses, generates the stereo separation. This unique beam-splitter approach creates a stereoscopic 3D monitor that retains the full resolution, response time and color saturation of the individual monitors, while also offering a dual use as a standard 2D monitor with the flip of a switch or by simply lifting the mirror. Furthermore, the SD series supports a broad platform of OpenGL, DirectX and Windows based applications utilizing dual-DVI output graphics cards right off the shelf.

    "The new SD1710 has improved our ability to bring the StereoMirror technology to a wider audience," said Doug Barnes, general manager and vice president of Planar's industrial business unit. "This initiative is part of our continued investment in this unique technology and builds on the success we have already experienced in the geospatial market. We will continue to expand our high performance StereoMirror line while creating opportunities for this technology in new markets and applications."

    The SD series includes monitor sizes ranging from 17- to 26-inch, which are available for immediate delivery. All StereoMirror monitors and accessories are now available through Planar and direct resellers and come with a one year warranty. Extended and advance replacement warranties are available. For additional information please visit

    SENSIO obtains a first key patent in the United States for its SENSIO 3D Technology
    3D-News Posted: Wednesday, February 25, 2009 (4:37 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

    SENSIO Technologies Inc., inventor of the SENSIO® 3D technology, announced that it has been granted its first main patent for its distribution and formatting technology of stereoscopic contents on different 2D or 3D screens. This patent covers the method that has been developed and marketed by SENSIO for many years and which allows the distribution of 3D content over conventional 2D distribution channels.

    "The acquisition of this first patent is a major event in our company's history, because it confirms the legitimacy and solidity of our intellectual property towards studios and manufacturers and supports our licensed business sales model. Going forward, our customers and partners wishing to use the SENSIO® 3D technology will be able to move ahead by knowing that they can rely on a solid basis and on a clearly defined intellectual property, which puts us in a favorable position vis-à-vis our competitors. With this patent in hand and the recently announced developments, we believe that we have significantly increased our chances to become the 3D distribution standard for the consumer market", said Nicholas Routhier, SENSIO's President and CEO.

    This patent, delivered by the United States Patent and Trademark Office ("USPTO"), gives SENSIO the exclusive operating rights for its compression and decompression method on the U.S. territory. As delivered, this patent extends beyond the home theatre market and notably to the professional, personal computer and mobile telephony markets. It takes effect as of the date of the filing of the application in 2003, and remains in force for a period of twenty years. The same patent was also filed in China, Europe, Japan, India and Canada. The acceptance of our patent by the USPTO will help us with our current steps and we remain confident that we will obtain the certification in these countries", explained Nicholas Routhier.

    Several other patents to come

    Following the patent application filing which has just been approved, a patent of addition was filed in 2004 covering namely different applications of the technology. As the main patent gives a certain degree of latitude, several patents of addition may be added over time so as to protect the technology's evolutionary aspects and thus ensure its competitiveness. As well, three other patent applications were filed during the last six months, and they are currently following the normal certification procedure. "As a technological company, our intellectual property is our greatest asset and we have adopted an approach aimed at increasing our intellectual property portfolio in order to stay at the forefront and increase the value of our company. The acquisition of our first patent is perceived as an important approval of our approach and we have every confidence in our future patents", added Mr. Étienne Fortin, Chief Technological Officer at SENSIO.

    NAB Show Content Theater Headliners Unveiled
    3D-News Posted: Wednesday, February 25, 2009 (3:15 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

    Organizers of the NAB Show announced the featured speakers and highlights of the 2009 Content Theater. Featuring content and insights from blockbuster animated features, harrowing documentaries, and legendary industry executives, the 2009 NAB Show's Content Theater will be one of the highlight venues during the NAB Show.

    Unveiled in 2008, the NAB Show Content Theater showcases the most innovative cinema, television, online and mobile filmed entertainment, and examines how it was created using new tools and technologies found on the Show floor. The 2009 Content Theater is part of the NAB Show's overall Content Central exhibit area, located in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Highlights will also include a stereo-related speech: "Pixar Animation Studios - Case Study: Pixar Stereoscopic".

    With two Disney Pixar films releasing in Disney Digital 3D in 2009, Pixar is moving to the forefront of 3D cinema. This case study will examine the use of 3D in Pixar's storytelling, the process developed for resurrecting and converting 14-year-old images to release Toy Story in 3D on October 2, and the production pipeline designed for Disney Pixar's first feature film in 3D, Up, opening nationwide on May 29. The speakers will be Josh Hollander, Director of Stereoscopic Production, and Bob Whitehill, Stereoscopic Supervisor. The presentation will include special content, not to be missed.

    The NAB Show will take place April 18 - 23, 2009 in Las Vegas (exhibits open April 20). It is the world's largest electronic media show covering filmed entertainment and the development, management and delivery of content across all mediums. Complete details are available at http://www.nabshow.com

    Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience opens in select IMAX 3D theatres February 27, 2009
    3D-News Posted: Tuesday, February 24, 2009 (7:30 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

    Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and IMAX Corporation announced that the highly anticipated Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience will open in select IMAX® 3D theatres, simultaneously with the film's wide release in 3D on February 27, 2009, for a one week engagement. The IMAX 3D release will be digitally re-mastered into the unparalleled image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience® with IMAX DMR® (Digital Re-Mastering) technology.

    Commenting on the announcement, Chuck Viane, president of distribution, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures said, "Seeing the Disney Digital 3D(TM) Jonas Brothers film in IMAX 3D is the ultimate way to experience the excitement and exhilaration of the group's sensational 'Burning Up Tour.'"

    "We're delighted to be a part of Disney's next big 3D film which looks incredible in IMAX 3D," said Greg Foster, Chairman and President of IMAX Filmed Entertainment. "We look forward to this special one week engagement that will help transport IMAX audiences right on to the stage with the Jonas Brothers and into their high energy performance."

    This high-energy Walt Disney Pictures rockumentary 3D feature film event from director Bruce Hendricks ("Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour"), blends excerpts from the Brothers' red-hot "Burning Up" concert tour, including guest performances from Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift. The film also includes exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, off-the-wall segments, a never-before-heard song ("Love Is On Its Way"), swarming fans and a lot of JB-style humor - giving fans never-before-seen insights into the lives of Kevin, Joe and Nick.

    Guidelight Develops Next Generation Automotive Measurement Tool with Matrix
    3D-News Posted: Tuesday, February 24, 2009 (7:26 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

    Guidelight Business Solutions, an Austin, Texas software consulting firm, has completed a project with Matrix Electronic Measuring, a provider of vehicle measurement systems, to develop the first handheld, stereoscopic measurement tool for the automotive industry.

    The resulting Matrix Wand System enables any automotive technician to quickly and easily measure the extent of vehicle damage from any angle by capturing digital images with the handheld measuring device. By building upon the techniques developed in previous products, the new device measures automobile components above the chassis, including under hood points, door pillars, trunk enclosures, and body panels. The Wand System is not limited to standard passenger vehicles and can be used to measure damage in motorcycles, recreational vehicles, tractor trailers, and others.

    The Wand system integrates multiple technologies, including stereo imaging, digital photography and photogrammetry, in a unique manner to produce a next generation tool that measures with millimeter accuracy. Three patent applications were filed throughout the development process. A key requirement of the project was to create a software/hardware system that was not only accurate and repeatable but also rigid and robust enough to survive the body shop environment.

    Guidelight Business Solutions has been working with Matrix on measurement systems since 2004. Previously developed products include a lower body robotic measurement device capable of scanning and evaluating an automobile chassis and comparing it to a factory specification database. The Matrix Wand project began development in the fall of 2006. The first wand prototype was created in early 2008, and the Wand System is expected to officially launch in February 2009. Jan Srack, CEO of Matrix, said, "Guidelight continues to deliver innovative solutions to us. Their communication skills and strict adherence to budget and deadlines has allowed Matrix to once again bring to market a cutting-edge product providing infinite measurements to every one of our customers in the collision repair industry."

    Da-Lite Screen Company Recognized for Product Leadership with 2009 rAVe ProAV Product of the Year Award
    3D-News Posted: Tuesday, February 24, 2009 (7:19 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

    Da-Lite Screen Company has been awarded a 2009 rAVe ProAV Product of the Year award in Best Screen Technology for its innovative 3D Virtual Black/Virtual Grey screens by the editors of rAVe ProAV in its February 2009 issue. "Every year, there are a handful of products that will break through each product and market category and become leaders," stated rAVe ProAV Editor Gary Kayye. For 2009, Da-Lite's 3D Virtual Black/Virtual Grey screens were one of only 17 products selected for these awards.

    "Wowing the entire CEDIA and InfoComm shows, this new 3D screen technology will lead the 3D revolution that will start in 2009," continued the editors from rAVe ProAV. Long recognized as a leader in projection screen technology, Da-Lite is the only projection screen manufacturer to successfully launch both rear and front projection 3D screens designed and engineered for specific 3D applications.

    "As we celebrate Da-Lite's 100th Anniversary, this is a tremendous way to start our new year," commented Wendy Long, Da-Lite Vice President of Marketing. "Both the commercial audio video and home theater markets have responded very favorably to the launch of our 3D Virtual Black/Virtual Grey projection screens. With 3D projected to be a breakout product category this year, Da-Lite is perfectly positioned for this revolutionary change."

    3D Virtual Black is a proprietary rear projection screen material designed specifically for use in 3D passive stereoscopic applications. Since its launch, 3D Virtual Black has been specified for museum and commercial applications. 3D Virtual Grey is Da-Lite's front projection 3D passive stereoscopic material and is currently installed in several post production facilities that specialize in 3D passive stereoscopic content development.

    Inition Launch New 3D HD Video Processing Unit 'StereoBrain' at Broadcast Video Expo 2009
    3D-News Posted: Friday, February 20, 2009 (4:57 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

    February 19th was the unveiling of the StereoBrain Processor (SB-1), a new 3D HD video processing unit developed for use in stereoscopic 3D production and broadcast. The StereoBrain Processor (SB-1) is the first in a range of 3D processors being developed jointly by broadcast video experts NuMedia Technology and stereoscopic 3D specialists Inition.

    The StereoBrain SB-1 is designed to allow live viewing from a stereoscopic camera pair or other 3D video source on any of the current breed of 3D televisions. This enables live 3D viewing and manipulation in post-production environments from any 3D pair of HD-SDI sources.

    The SB-1 outputs the pair of images via a single DVI/HDMI signal in interlaced or side-by-side configuration, both of which are common 3D formats. It can also output overlayed left/right on a standard 2D HD monitor. Both side-by-side and mirror/beam-splitter rigs are also supported with the latter via a built in a vertical flip function.

    Future models of the StereoBrain Processor (SB-2, SB-3) will launch in Q2, 2009 and will support a range of sophisticated 3D video processing functions including the ability to shift convergence live and additional features to align and monitor stereoscopic 3D sources. The SB-1 is being demonstrated with a live 3D camera system on the NuMedia Technology and Inition stand K36.

    Andy Millns, Director at Inition commented: "3D has always been technically challenging from acquisition and post-production through to distribution. Current video hardware was not designed to handle 3D images but ability to view and manipulate 3D pairs of HD sources is an essential tool for 3D production. The StereoBrain Processor allows you to monitor and manipulate 3D on a wide range of 3D and non-3D monitors and TVs. This represents a significant improvement in the 3D production process."

    'Coraline' Director Henry Selick to Keynote NAB Show Session
    3D-News Posted: Friday, February 20, 2009 (4:49 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

    Henry Selick, director of the recently released 3D, stop-motion animated film "Coraline," will be a featured keynote speaker during the 2009 NAB Show in Las Vegas. Speaking in an afternoon keynote on Monday, April 20, Selick will offer NAB Show attendees his thoughts on how digital technology has helped to revitalize the handcrafted approach of stop-motion animation.

    Distributed by Focus Features, "Coraline" offers audiences what Selick calls "a fully immersive three-dimensional movie-going experience." The first stop-motion animated feature to be shot entirely in stereoscopic 3D, "Coraline" opened in the U.S. on February 6 to lavish critical praise and already has generated over $40M at the box office. Kenneth Turan writing for the Los Angeles Times said, "The third dimension comes of age with 'Coraline.' The first contemporary film in which the 3D experience feels intrinsic to the story instead of a Godforsaken gimmick, 'Coraline' is a remarkable feat of imagination, a magical tale with a genuinely sinister edge."

    Selick, a director, producer and stop-motion animation pioneer, is also well-known for other directorial works including "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and "James and the Giant Peach."

    Selick made his feature film directing debut in 1993 with "The Nightmare Before Christmas," the first full-length, stop-motion feature from a major studio. An instant holiday classic, "Nightmare" was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects and won the International Animated Film Society's Annie Award for Best Creative Supervision.

    In 1996, Selick followed with a second feature, "James and the Giant Peach," which combines stop-motion animation with computer graphics. The film received widespread critical acclaim and won the top prize for an animated feature at the Annecy Film Festival in 1997. After joining the animation studio LAIKA in 2004, Selick directed his first computer-generated effort, the award-winning short film "Moongirl."

    "Coraline", based on the international bestselling and Hugo Award-winning novella by acclaimed author Neil Gaiman, is LAIKA's first feature film. The animation studio, specializing in feature films, commercials, music videos and short films, is owned by Nike co-founder and Chairman Philip H. Knight and is based in Portland, OR.

    iPoint 3D - Using fingers as a remote control
    3D-News Posted: Friday, February 20, 2009 (4:33 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

    The 'iPoint 3D' allows people to communicate with a 3D display through simple gestures - without touching it and without 3D glasses or a data glove. What until now has only been seen in science fiction films will be presented at CeBIT from March 3-8 by experts from the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, Heinrich-Hertz-Institut, HHI.

    The heart of iPoint 3D is a recognition device, not much larger than a keyboard, that can be suspended from the ceiling above the user or integrated in a coffee table. Its two built-in cameras detect hands and fingers in real time and transmit the information to a computer, says Paul Chojecki, a research scientist at the HHI, explaining the technology.

    The system responds instantly, as soon as someone in front of the screen moves their hands. No physical contact or special markers are involved. The small device is equipped with two FireWire cameras - inexpensive, off-the-shelf video cameras that are easy to install.

    In addition to its obvious appeal to video gamers, iPoint 3D can also be useful in a living room or office, or even in a hospital operating room, or as part of an interactive information system.

    "Since the interaction is entirely contactless, the system is ideal for scenarios where contact between the user and the system is not possible or not allowed, such as in an operating room," Chojecki says. The HHI invention can thus be used not only to control a display but also as a means of controlling other devices or appliances. Someone kneading pastry in the kitchen, whose hands are covered in dough, can turn down the boiling potatoes by waving a finger without leaving sticky marks on the stove. In an office, for example, an architect can peruse the latest set of construction drawings and view them from all angles by gesture control. The finger is the remote control of the future.

    3DFusion Debuts the 1st Broadcast Ready, Glasses Free 3D Display at the Digital Signage Expo, Las Vegas
    3D-News Posted: Friday, February 20, 2009 (4:31 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

    3DFusion (3DF) debuts the first market launch of its 3DFMax™, stereoscopic Glasses Free, Broadcast Ready 3D display platform at the Digital Signage Exposition 2009. 3DF has designed a 3D NO Glasses, AOOH AD Network Turnkey & Kiosk package, which is a dedicated, customized unit for the digital signage industry.

    Built upon the Philips 3D Solutions, 2D Plus Depth format, the 3DF IP enhances and augments the 3D advancements to the point of achieving the first 3D Broadcast Ready, picture perfect standard for stereoscopic Glasses Free 3D displays.

    3DFusion a key Philips North American 3D Solutions Provider and Certified Blue Box Content Creator, has taken the newly released Philips 3D Solutions WOWvx Media Player to the next level. "When 3DF coupled its 3DFMax™ optimizer technology with the latest Philips software upgrade," stated CEO Ilya Sorokin, "the results were breathtaking. The Philips 3D Solutions WOWvx product is the undisputed 3D winner, having crossed the 3D finish line first. In our opinion, the 3DFusion No Glasses Stereoscopic 3D is the first and only 'ready for Prime Time' 3DTV."

    Steve Blumenthal, President of 3DFusion remarked, "Philips 3D Solutions deserves all the credit, they baked a great cake, we just added the icing. From my perspective, the new release of the Philips 3D Solutions WOWvx Media Player, makes the Philips ASD package the 'go to' market leader in stereoscopic No Glasses 3D. Philips 3D Solutions stands alone in providing the only complete end to end technology solution capable of finally delivering the Holy Grail of Auto stereoscopic 3D."

    3DFusion has incorporated this historical first to market 3D solution into 3 products. They are the 3DFusion 3D Digital Signage, multi panel Kiosk for AOOH Ad Nets, the 3DF turnkey "3D in a Box" platform for all non-network applications. The planned 3DFusion Artist Guild for 2D to 3D conversion is a membership-based Guild dedicated to developing advanced 3D content rendering and conversion tools designed to support the end user.

    3DFusion’s first job was to get 3DFMax 3D out of the Lab and into the marketplace. 3DFusion management determined that any thing less than Broadcast Ready was a non starter. 3DF determined that not only was it necessary to create perfect picture 3D, but that access to a user friendly path for clients to create their own Broadcast Ready content was essential. With the advent of the recently released WOWVX Media Player, the Blue Box and the 3DFMax™ tools, this technology solution comes of age. For the first time, the tools are available through which any 3DFMax Guild member can achieve Broadcast Ready 3D for the Glasses Free, 2D Plus Depth format.

    Blumenthal went on to say, "This initial 3DFusion Broadcast Ready 3D is in its infancy. It will only get richer, more immersive and captivating. This is the very first of many steps in the art of 3D stereoscopic high impact imaging. But make no mistake, this is the key first step which delivers Glasses Free 3D without the accompanying Headache, easily surpassing conventional 2D TV."

    The 3DFusion Digital Signage Ad Net Kiosk and Turnkey platforms are 100 percent compatible with existing Ad Net installations, performing within conventional 2D specification guidelines. The 3DFusion platform seamlessly replaces 2D systems without additional bandwidth or installation requirements, and it automatically operates as either a 2D or 3D Display.

    Stated Mr. Sorokin, "The 3DFusion Advertising/Entertainment platform is truly the next 'New New, Thing' - it will bring about a media revolution. It is precisely what the Advertising/Entertainment industry has been looking for."

    PC 3D Viewer Kit with LCD Monitor
    3D-News Posted: Sunday, February 15, 2009 (9:34 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

    Olympus Visual Communications Corp. plans to market a 3D viewing kit for PCs. The PC 3D Viewer Kit, which will go on sale on February 23 in Japan, will be sold as a bundle consisting of an LCD monitor (E2400HD LCD monitor manufactured by BenQ) and a package containing 3D media player software, 3D shutter glasses and a controller box. It is designed for use by creators of 3D content.

    Olympus Visual Communications has long been involved in the 3D business, especially the development and sale of eye care content and sports vision training system based on original 3D stereoscopic imaging technology. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of 3D movie theaters, and manufacturers have also announced 3D-capable LCD televisions. These improvements in 3D infrastructure are expected to drive growth in the demand for 3D content. This new PC 3D Kit, which will be bundled with an LCD monitor, offers convenient new features for 3D content creators and will make an important contribution to the availability of 3D content production environments.

    For more information, see the special web site for creators http://www.ep-s.jp/3dkit/ (Japanese only)

    Battle Rage Full 3D Wii Title Coming
    3D-News Posted: Friday, February 6, 2009 (6:13 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

    Data Design Interactive - a successful video games publisher and games developer - unveiled a land mark event, the first 'REAL 3D' console game, by using stereoscopic glasses on the Nintendo Wii. The first title to be released in 3D will be forthcoming game BATTLE RAGE: THE ROBOT WARS. So, get out your 3D glasses and visualize the future, watch the trailer which showcases the companies venture into 3D gaming.

    The media has been salivating about how the future of entertaiment will be in 3D, and with 14 planned 3D film releases, this year 2009 is the year of 3D. DDI will lead the games industry with 3D support planned in all its future titles. While some companies are looking at expensive 3D technology requiring specialised and expensive TV's and headsets. Data Design Interactive has continued with its accessable family friendly pricing, and found solutions through proven technology and software rather than hardware.

    Stewart Green CEO of Data Design said "This is an exciting development which will really enhanse the players experience. You can now feel you are inside the gameworld, by seeing real depth, objects float infront of you or appear to jump out of the screen. Players are now part of the game world, rather than sat outside watching the screen. Implimenting this code has been a natural progression for our internal development system 'GODS', which has already proven to be the fastest and most reliable development system on Wii. We are now enhansing the technical ability of our GODS engine and stereoscopic 3D is just one of many new innovative enhansments we will be making to improve the players enjoyment."

    BATTLE RAGE: THE ROBOT WARS is a third person shooter with elements of a beat'em'up game that allows a player to control giant robots. It will offer standard visual mode or visually stunning 3D graphics mode. Battles between the robots take place on carefully selected battlegrounds (so called “arenas") and they are short, quick, brutal skirmishes. The player can fight alone (versus one, two or even three opponents) or in a team against a common foe. Every robot has its own weapons (for melee and distance combat), additional enhanced weapon types can be collected on the arena.

    The player can customize their robot's parameters in the single player and multiplayer modes to create their own unique fighting style. Also many new, powerful robotic upgrades will be waiting for the player to unlock in the story mode. The Tournament has begun.


    • Single player and Multiplayer modes.
    • Arcade mode with a separate Storyline for each of the robots characters.
    • Robot Customization.
    • Compelling mechanics (Rage, Rush, Power Triangle).
    • Special Attacks (push, stun and other unique abilities for each robot).
    • Robots allowed to fight with 3 weapons at the same time (two ranged and one melee).
    • 8 unique starting robots.
    • 20 weapons.
    • 10 arenas.
    • Innivotive 3D graphics and VR control system.
    The Story

    Exodus It all begun in 2036 with invention of The Drive. After nearly a century the humanity turned its eyes at the stars again. First the Moon and then Mars, so unwelcoming and mysterious, had to submit to mankind's expansion. Space became swarmed with shiny hulls of ships. Cosmos turned into an obsession. It was an everyman's dream to witness, at least once, extraterrestrial wonders. Whether it was the surface of the Silver Globe bruised with craters, or for many years, intriguing "human face" - Cydonia. The governments were competing with propaganda, promising the volunteers piles of gold and the glory of conquerors. Those who believed them mostly found tough, dangerous life and uncertain fate. However, they wouldn't back off.

    XpanD Launches the 'X101 Series' The New Generation in 3D Glasses Technology
    3D-News Posted: Friday, February 6, 2009 (6:09 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

    XpanD, the international authority in 3D cinemas and technology platforms, announced the official roll-out of its newest model of 3D glasses – the X101 Series – introducing them as the most sophisticated technology in today's marketplace for viewing stereoscopic 3D digital cinema.

    XpanD's new X101 Seriesof 3D active glassesrepresent several months of comprehensive R&D, engineering and design to equip them with state-of-the-art technical features and a streamlined, stylish appearance to optimize guest experience, comfort and to ease exhibitor operations. The core 3D viewing technology is the company's patented "pi-cell" system, in which a specialized, fast-switching liquid crystal cell provides rapid, stereoscopic shutter action to deliver alternate right- and left-eye images.

    New and upgraded features of the redesign were added with both exhibitors and their customers in mind. They include rugged construction with built-in flex points and replaceable batteries that extend product life, a lightweight and stylish form factor that is comfortable even when worn over eyeglasses, a modular design to accommodate both adults and children, environmentally friendly diodes, and a power-saving auto on/off mechanism. The light-efficient technology delivers the brightest possible picture and saves projector lamp power. The glasses also feature long-range IR signal activation, compatibility with DLP cinema chips, and a choice of two elective anti-theft systems.

    "Now is a time of dramatic growth in 3D digital exhibition, and our company is fully committed to providing exhibitors with a complete line of top-quality 3D cinema products that are both robust and well priced," says XpanD CEO Maria Costeira. "Technology never stands still and the new X101 Series active glasses are designed to be better, brighter, less costly and easier to maintain. Our dedication and constant efforts to improve XpanD's offerings mean that everybody wins: Theater patrons have a fulfilling experience and make repeat visits, and operators maximize their returns."

    The product line now also includes an optional, rolling trolley for storing, distributing and collecting the glasses before and after screenings. Each easy-load trolley holds about 250 sets of glasses. Additional products to support this new rollout of active glasses will be announced in the coming months as the company continues to develop a solid line of applications to make the 3D experience the best on the market.

    The Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience to have special one week only engagement in select IMAX 3D theatres February 27, 2009
    3D-News Posted: Friday, February 6, 2009 (5:54 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

    Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and IMAX Corporation announced that the highly anticipated The Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience, directed by Bruce Hendricks (Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour), will be released for a one week engagement in select IMAX(R) 3D theatres, simultaneously with the film's wide release in 3D on February 27, 2009. The IMAX(R) 3D release will be digitally re-mastered into the unparalleled image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience(R) with IMAX DMR(R) (Digital Re-Mastering) technology.

    Commenting on the announcement, Mark Zoradi, president, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Group, said, "Seeing the Disney Digital 3D(TM) Jonas Bros film in IMAX 3D is the ultimate way to experience the excitement and exhilaration of the group's sensational 'Burning Up Tour.' The Disney Digital 3D(TM) experience gives moviegoers a whole new appreciation for the music, performances, and personalities of the incredibly popular Jonas Brothers. This special limited engagement IMAX 3D presentation combines the company's world-famous surround sound with impressive imagery to supercharge the concert experience, and take it to a whole new level of entertainment."

    "Our ability to add this exciting limited engagement to our 2009 lineup was made possible thanks to the successful rollout of our IMAX digital projection system, which gives IMAX, exhibitors and studios increased program flexibility," said IMAX Co-Chairmen and Co-CEOs Richard L. Gelfond and Bradley J. Wechsler. "We're very happy to be expanding our relationship with Disney and we look forward to bringing together our two great brands to deliver a very special and immersive movie experience for Jonas Brothers fans."

    "We're delighted to be a part of Disney's next big 3D film event and this special one-week run is a great way to jump-start the five-picture deal our companies announced last year," added Greg Foster, Chairman and President of IMAX Filmed Entertainment. "With IMAX's amazing digital sound and crystal-clear images, The IMAX 3D Experience(R) will transport moviegoers and fans on to the stage with the Jonas Brothers and into their high energy performance."

    This high-energy Walt Disney Pictures rockumentary 3D feature film event from director Bruce Hendricks ("Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour"), blends excerpts from the Brothers' red-hot "Burning Up" concert tour, including guest performances from Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift. The film also includes exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, off-the-wall segments, a never-before-heard song ("Love Is On Its Way"), swarming fans and a lot of JB-style humor-giving fans never-before-seen insights into the lives of Kevin, Joe and Nick.

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