3D-News Archive March 2001

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3D-Stamp from Slovenia (followup)
3D-News Posted: Saturday, March 17, 2001 (21:28 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

(followup to 3D-News posted Monday, February 5, 2001 [6:51 PM GMT])

On March 21st, Slovenia's first 3D-stamp will be issued. It shows
a fluorite crystal. Left and right eye images are placed side-by-

StereoGraphics Launches StereoEnabler™ to Provide Stereo3D™ on Non-Stereo Ready Graphics Cards on Windows 98/Me
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, March 14, 2001 (14:47 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

StereoGraphics® Corporation, the world's leading supplier of
stereoscopic visualization products, announced on March 14th that it
is now shipping the StereoEnabler™ for stereoscopic visualization on
Windows 98/Me. The StereoEnabler permits stereoscopic viewing of
stereo-enabled software on graphics cards that do not normally support
stereo on Windows 98/Me platform. Additionally, it allows stereo
visualization of non-stereo OpenGL software. The StereoEnabler will
also provide Stereo3D™ support for selected graphics cards for Windows

"The StereoEnabler is a powerful product which brings Stereo3D
visualization to platforms previously not supporting stereo," said Ian
Matthew, director of marketing, StereoGraphics Corporation. "It
allows software developers to bring advanced stereoscopic
visualization to a much wider audience." The StereoEnabler supports
all current StereoGraphics Stereo3D products, such as CrystalEyes®.

Stereo3D visualization allows CAD, GIS/Mapping, Chemistry and Medical
professionals to review complex models more realistically. Benefits
include faster reviews, reduced errors and improved prototype

How it Works
The StereoEnabler connector works in conjunction with StereoGraphics
Stereo3D eyewear and ZScreens® -- CrystalEyes 3/StereoEyes™ and
Monitor ZScreen 2000 Series. The StereoEnabler acts as a pass-through
VGA connector for the monitor and outputs the stereo sync signal to an
infrared emitter or ZScreen controller via a 3-pin mini-DIN plug.
Additional power required by the emitter is achieved by plugging in
the PS/2 connector on the StereoEnabler into the keyboard PS/2
connector on the PC. The emitter or controller interprets the sync
signal to shutter the eyewear or ZScreen to separate the left and
right eye images, giving the user the ability to view in stereo.

The StereoEnabler includes a CD-ROM that contains drivers necessary to
support Stereo3D visualization for applications running on Windows
98/Me. The CD-ROM includes free demonstration versions of professional
software applications including MSI's WebLab® ViewerPro™, Chasm
Graphics®' Sudden Depth® and Autodesk®'s Volo™ View Express.

Pricing and Availability
StereoGraphics' StereoEnabler carries a manufacturers suggested retail
price of $89 US and is available immediately. For additional product,
sales or reseller information on the StereoEnabler and other products
from StereoGraphics, call 800-783-2660 (outside the United States,
415-459-4500), visit the StereoGraphics Web site at
www.stereographics.com or send an email to sales@stereographics.com.

1950'S Retro 3D Show to be Presented in Joshua Tree
3D-News Posted: Monday, March 5, 2001 (16:22 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

The 3D series at Jeremy's Beatnik Cafe in Joshua Tree continues with
a one-night-only presentation of the 1950's Retro 3D Show, on Sunday,
April 1st at 7 P.M.

The guide on this journey into the 3rd Dimension is Christopher
Perry, A.K.A. "Doctor 3D". This show's audience will travel back in
time to view such phenomena as 1950's movie stars, TV stars, the
1958 World's Fair, Western stars such as Roy Rogers, Hopalong
Cassidy, Gene Autry, scenes from 3D movies such as HOUSE OF WAX,
and IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE. Scenes of early Las Vegas, The Miss
America Beauty Pageant, Queen Elizabeth's U.S. visit, and
even "Barbie".

An original 1950's 3D projector will be used with Polaroid 3D glasses
being provided for all audience members. This show is presented one-
night-only on Sunday, April 1, 2001 at 7 P.M. at Jeremy's Beatnik
Cafe in Joshua Tree. Admission is $6. For reservations call 760-366-

Showscan Entertainment Inc. Files Reorganization Plan
3D-News Posted: Saturday, March 3, 2001 (21:54 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

On March 1st, Showscan Entertainment has filed its formal Disclosure
Statement and Reorganization Plan in accordance with the guidelines
and schedules as set forth by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the
Central District of California.

The Company, which filed a voluntary Chapter 11 petition to reorganize
in August 2000, will continue to operate its businesses under the
reorganization plan, subject to approval by the Court.

Octograph Inc., Showscan's long term film production partner, has
purchased Showscan's major secured claim, previously held by a
European financial institution. As part of that acquisition,
Octograph has agreed to financially support Showscan's reorganization,
and to convert its claims into a majority equity position, subject to
Court approval of the Showscan reorganization plan. Octograph has
also agreed to provide interim cash infusions for Showscan's working
capital, if needed, and has agreed in principal on the terms for
further infusions as needed to implement Showscan's reorganization

Dennis Pope, Showscan President and Chief Executive Officer, said,
"Octograph and Showscan already enjoy a strong relationship. This
reorganization plan can only lead to a strengthening of that alliance,
and provide for a constant flow of future titles to the simulation
attraction and large format industries, all of which will be
distributed through Showscan."

Octograph is an integrated film production company, specializing in
the creation of films for simulation rides and other major
attractions, as well as 70mm large format films and other special
venue motion pictures.

Showscan currently is the exclusive worldwide distributor of two major
simulation thrill ride films produced by Octograph, "Dragon Planet"
and "Robo Soldier." Octograph is producing two new stereoscopic 3-D
simulation ride films for Showscan distribution this Summer.

In conjunction with the above, Showscan has also announced that Mr.
Pope will be leaving the Company on March 2, 2001, to pursue other
interests and activities. Mr. Pope, who voluntarily deferred a
substantial portion of his compensation, beginning in April 2000, as
an integral element of Showscan's reorganization plan, said, "In April
2000, I promised Showscan's Board of Directors and its employees that
I was committed to lead the Company to a specific point. With the
filing of Showscan's Disclosure Statement and Reorganization Plan,
together with Octograph's financial commitment to, and its direct
involvement in, the reorganization plan and operations, that specific
point has arrived."

Mr. Pope will be available on a non-exclusive basis to Showscan to
assist with certain specific matters relating to operations and the
reorganization of Showscan. Assuming Mr. Pope's responsibilities will
be Russell Chesley, Showscan Senior Vice President, who has been
significantly involved in Showscan's reorganization, in addition to
his extensive operating responsibilities. Mr. Chesley will reassign
internally specific responsibilities.

Showscan is an international leader in production, distribution and
exhibition of exciting movie-based attractions shown in large format
theatres worldwide. Showscan's simulation attractions and special
venue theatres are open or under construction in 24 countries around
the globe, located in theme parks, cinema multiplexes, expos,
festivals, world's fairs, resorts, shopping centers, casinos, museums,
location based and family entertainment centers, and other tourist
destinations. It is estimated that over 100 million people worldwide
have experienced a Showscan Entertainment attraction. The Showscan
camera system, used by Showscan in creating the world's premier
entertainment attractions and experiences, was awarded a Scientific
and Engineering Achievement Academy Award(TM) in 1993 by the Academy
of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. For more information, visit
Showscan on the Internet at http://www.showscan.com.

Sun Expert3D-Lite Provides Professional-Level Graphics at PC Pricing Without Sacrificing Quality
3D-News Posted: Saturday, March 3, 2001 (21:48 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Expanding its range of professional level graphics solutions, Sun
Microsystems, Inc. announced February 27th the availability of the
Sun(TM) Expert3D-Lite graphics accelerator for $995 -- a price more
typically associated with PC industry graphics.

Developed for professionals in such markets as mechanical computer-
aided design (MCAD), geographic information systems (GIS), digital
content creation and medical imaging, the Sun Expert3D-Lite graphics
board provides customers with a new price standard without quality

Additionally, the Sun Expert3D-Lite graphics accelerator has been
extensively tested and certified with a number of leading technical
software application developers, including Alias|Wavefront,
Autometric, Dassault, EAI, ERDAS, GeoQuest, Landmark, PTC, Paradigm
Geo, SDRC and Unigraphics.

"Customers buying Sun workstations and graphics are making million
dollar decisions every day based on what they see," said Fred Kohout,
Director of Marketing, Technical Market Products Group at Sun
Microsystems. "They demand tested, mission critical quality graphics
and will not tolerate inaccurate renderings or displays. The Sun
Expert3D-Lite graphics board maintains our commitment to provide high
quality, professional-level graphics for an extremely affordable

The Sun Expert3D-Lite graphics board is based on 3Dlabs' newly
introduced, high performance Wildcat II chip set. Co-developed with
3Dlabs, exclusively to Sun specifications and requirements, Sun
Expert3D-Lite leverages the advanced architecture of Sun's high end
Expert3D graphics board announced in 2000. Sun Expert3D-Lite's
architecture consists of three dedicated memory banks, a geometry
accelerator, a rasterizer and a bus interface. Sun Expert3D-Lite
graphics is able to offer many of the same capabilities of Sun
Expert3D, but at one-third the price.

When compared to the Sun(TM) Elite3D m3 graphics board, the Sun
Expert3D-Lite graphics accelerator gives users 300% greater texture
mapping performance, 58% higher 3D resolutions support, 30% faster
geometry performance, and 300% more onboard memory -- all for about
half the cost.

"With the new Sun Blade(TM) 100 workstation and Sun Expert3D-Lite
graphics accelerator board, Sun has yet again re-set the standards for
3D graphics computing," said Sarang Ghatpande, Research Analyst, D.H.
Brown. "Sun has accomplished this by focusing on the entry-level 3D
graphics market with a perfect blend of professional level graphics,
64-bit computing -- in both architecture and operating environment --
and solutions geared towards addressing market requirements with an
ever more affordable price band."

Flexibility Improves Quality, Increases Productivity
The new Sun Expert3D-Lite graphics accelerator supports a wide range
of systems running on the robust Solaris(TM) Operating Environment,
from the entry level Sun Blade(TM) 100 workstation, to the Ultra(TM)
60 and 80 workstations, and up to the high-performance Sun Blade
1000 workstation.

To help customers increase productivity, Sun's 3D graphics
workstations offer greater flexibility by supporting as many as four
graphics accelerators in a single system. Applications using Sun
workstations and graphics solutions can span multiple displays and can
be viewed as one single virtual display.

Other features and benefits include:

  • 4.1 million triangles/second with up to 88 Mpixels/second
    texture fill rate: improves designer productivity by providing fast
    and realistic 3D graphics, allowing users to capitalize on 3D
    application functionality with a cost-effective graphics solution.

  • 32 MB dedicated frame buffer memory supporting all of Sun's
    displays at resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 pixels (HDTV): allows users
    to display several application windows on-screen with little or no
    overlap, enabling the user to see more data at once.

  • 16 MB dedicated, hardware-accelerated texture mapping memory:
    improves on-screen design quality and provides high-performance
    hardware-based texture mapping operations for fast visual feedback;
    helps ensure that there are no trade-offs between display resolutions,
    texture memory, and z-buffering depth.

  • 3D volumetric rendering: makes it possible to render internal
    textures of objects, a capability especially important in medical
    imaging (e.g., to view a 3D CCAT scan) as well as oil and gas

  • 32-bit Z-buffer: eliminates "poke-through" anomalies, in which
    objects appear to penetrate each other and flicker in and out as the
    image is moved.

  • Stereoscopic video graphics support at 960 x 680 pixel, 1152 x 900
    pixel, and 1280 x 800 pixel resolutions at up to 120-Hz refresh rates:
    improves the design visualization of complex 3-D relationships that
    may not be seen otherwise; reduces perceived flicker on screen,
    lowering occurrences of fatigue and eye strain.
Availability, Price And Support
Sun's Expert3D-Lite graphics accelerator is currently available
worldwide for $995 (U.S. list). The Sun Expert3D-Lite graphics board
can be purchased directly from Sun and through standard Sun channels.
The Expert3D-Lite board is backed by Sun's standard service and
support and a one-year warranty.

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