3D-News Archive March 2009

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The cockpit of the future
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, March 25, 2009 (7:58 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Research scientists have developed a novel car dashboard that functions as a 3D display and shows velocities, engine speeds or warnings in three dimensions. The display's design can be chosen individually by the driver.

A driver gets into his car and turns the ignition key. The dashboard, which was black just a moment ago, now reveals itself as a 3D display with a simple but modern design. If his son were at the wheel, the controls for the mp3 player would now appear in the foreground: "Please select an artist". After choosing some music, he would set off. The display would show a 3D model of the town, and the integrated navigation system would direct him to his destination. The car owner, however, prefers other types of information, such as the latest traffic reports. He also likes to have the rev counter in view at all times. After he has driven for a while, the display changes and an alert message literally jumps out at him: "Please refuel".

The new 3D cockpit developed by researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, Heinrich-Hertz-Institut, HHI in Berlin not only looks classy but also offers a variety of useful functions. While conventional dashboards have a round disk with a scale and moving mechanical hands to indicate the velocity, and another for the engine speed, the new display is digital and shows three-dimensional depth images. "The information most important to the driver at any given time is displayed in the foreground - be it the air pressure, the route or the title of the song currently playing," says HHI project manager Dr. René de la Barré. So how does the system know which information the driver wants to see, and when and in what size? "Before setting off, the driver can choose how he wants the information to be displayed, and can save these preferences," the expert explains. The depth images are made possible by sophisticated equipment: Two cameras inside the car measure the position of the driver's eyes and the distance between them - in real time. The two superimposed images that generate the 3D effect on the display are thus individually adapted to the driver's vision. This ensures the full effect from every viewing direction and every sitting position.

A round or a ladder-like scale? Blue or red background light? The 3D cockpit can be personalized, so each driver can individually set their preferred design and functional navigation menu.

Infitec Dualcolor 3D GmbH officially presents the first high quality 3D filter technology for all projection materials related to professional 3-chip DLP projection systems.
3D-News Posted: Tuesday, March 24, 2009 (17:25 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

INFITEC, technology provider and, amongst others, a licenser of 3D cinema technology, developed a new 3D filter technology especially for 3-chip DLP projection systems. Distribution and sales for this new technology which is offered under the brand INFITEC Dualcolor 3D, is carried out by the correspondent INFITEC Dualcolor 3D GmbH, a company based near Bayreuth / Germany. With this new filter technology, having a high luminous efficiency, it is possible to get a very homogeneous and bright stereo image.

Like in other existing INFITEC based technologies, the new principle works on every white wall or any other kind of screen material for front and rear projection. Special silver screens are not needed. Even special applications like stereo 3D projection on house walls or floor projection is now possible. The method is based on specific interference filters which have been modified such that it is possible to get a cost-effective price of glasses for large venue applications. INFITEC Dualcolor 3D glasses are passive and need no power supply and no signal to assure synchronous operation with the stereo projector system. By use of genuine glass in the lenses of INFITEC Dualcolor 3D glasses the quality of the stereo image is superior and abrasion is much less than with 3D glasses of other stereo projection methods which use normal 3D glasses containing plastic foils.

projectiondesign brings high-performance 3D stereoscopic projectors to fmx/09
3D-News Posted: Tuesday, March 24, 2009 (17:24 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Reinforcing its commitment to the markets of 3D, gaming, effects and digital media display, Norway's projectiondesign® is to exhibit for the first time at the fmx/09 event in Stuttgart, Germany from 5-8 May. Now in its 14th year, fmx/09 offers a conference, a forum, an expo and a series of other events, all with the goal of furthering innovation in the creation, production, and distribution of digital entertainment.

Exhibiting with specialist Düsseldorf-based reseller 3D Powerstore on stand 2.4, projectiondesign will show a range of products including the F32 1080 INFITEC(tm) stereo 3D setup; an F32 wuxga supplied by 3D Powerstore; and, the ground-breaking F10 AS3D active stereo 3D projector which will be shown in conjunction with Autodesk design engineering software.

Additionally, Anders Løkke, International Marketing and Communications Manager at projectiondesign, will present a seminar on 3D technology between 14:00 and 15:00 on Friday 8 May, as part of the fmx conference programme. Among the topics to be discussed will be immersive design, trans-media storytelling and world-building, as well as 3D stereo for commercial and home entertainment.

"This will be the first time projectiondesign has exhibited at fmx, and we are very excited by the prospect," says Løkke. "We know we have projectors that are very precisely tailored to several of the different markets that fmx serves, and that many of these markets have excellent growth potential."

In addition to its fmx/expo and fmx/conference activities, projectiondesign will sponsor a 3D workshop by supplying a pair of F20 sx INFITEC(tm) 3D stereo projectors, a further pair with polarisation stereo technology, and F10 AS3D projectors for active 3D demonstrations.

iZ3D Announces New Alpha Version Driver Support for DirectX10 Games at GDC
3D-News Posted: Tuesday, March 24, 2009 (9:04 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

iZ3D Inc., designer, developer and pioneer of advanced stereoscopic 3D visualization systems, announced that it now offers an alpha version of a S-3D driver that is compatible with Microsoft DirectX®10-based games. The company will be showcasing the new drivers at the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, CA March 23-27, 2009 in Booth 6020.

"We have been on the cutting edge of developing compatible stereoscopic 3D drivers for the wide variety of games on the market today. It is a challenge between the sheer technology brainpower required to develop a driver, as well as the delicacy of ensuring everyone's intellectual property is safe as well," said Thomas Striegler, CEO iZ3D Inc.

The company has been at the forefront in developing robust drivers for the entire 3D gaming community. Other 3D manufacturers have used iZ3D drivers for 3D products, since they are appreciably the most current drivers. The company is also working with Microsoft® and major graphics card manufacturers to ensure fewer compatibility issues.

iZ3D brand monitors are top of the line 2D monitors the entire family can use for everyday applications. Then, with the push of a button, users can put on a pair of 3D-glasses and immerse themselves into a favorite off-the-shelf game in stunning 3D.

"iZ3D has helped the entire S-3D industry move forward with our research. Last year, iZ3D developed the free-for-download driver that allows users to 'test drive' anaglyph 3D on any monitor to see if they liked the 3D experience," commented David Chechelashvili, iZ3D VP of Marketing. "In 2009, we continued our research to create a driver for the next generation of graphics intensive DirectX10 based games."

Future of 3D is Looking Bright with New Polarized Glasses from iZ3D
3D-News Posted: Tuesday, March 24, 2009 (9:02 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

iZ3D Inc., designer, developer and pioneer of advanced stereoscopic 3D visualization systems, has created new linear polarized glasses for use with the popular iZ3D stereoscopic 3D monitors. The glasses are currently in beta testing are designed for use with the upcoming iZ3D Version 2.0/ DirectX®10 Driver. The company will be showcasing the new glasses on a system running the Version 2.0 driver at the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, CA March 23-27, 2009 in Booth 6020.

"Customer feedback is very important to iZ3D. We have been forging new ground for stereoscopic 3D displays and drivers for the wide variety of gamers, movie buffs and graphic artists that appreciate the 3D experience. Through this feedback we became concerned with a small percentage of people who saw two variations of color through our partially elliptical polarized glasses," said Thomas Striegler, CEO iZ3D Inc. "We began to research other types of polarization and were impressed with the many advantages that linear polarization provided to the entire S-3D visual experience."

The new polarized glasses consist of multiple optical layers instead of one polarized layer. This eliminates color differences some people experience from each eye. The multiple layers create a pure linear polarization that enhances the overall stereoscopic 3D visual experience for everyone. Because of the enhanced imagery, the glasses also provide easier user adjustments to the 3D environment to provide better into and out-of stereoscopic 3D screen effects and ultimately the enjoyment of longer game play.

iZ3D brand monitors are top-of-the-line 2D monitors the entire family can use for everyday applications. Then, with the push of a button, users can put on a pair of 3D-glasses and immerse themselves into a favorite off-the-shelf game in stunning 3D.

Can Communicate chooses Quantel to handle Stereo3D upsurge
3D-News Posted: Monday, March 23, 2009 (21:29 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Can Communicate, the UK's leading full-service Stereo3D production and post production company, has purchased a Stereo3D-equipped Quantel Pablo 4K non-linear color correction and finishing system.

The Pablo is part of a very substantial investment programme that will equip Can Communicate to take full advantage of the explosion in real Stereo3D projects. "We are seeing a major shift from just talking about Stereo3D to real action - with paying projects," said David Wooster, Partner, Can Communicate. "2009 will be seen as the year when Stereo3D became a practical business proposition. The launch of 3D-capable flatscreen TVs has provided the final link in the viability chain, particularly for the corporate sector. Brands are now seeing 3D as a cost-effective point of difference and we have lots of significant projects in the pipeline as a result.

"Live and near live OB events are also gravitating towards the enormous potential of 3D, and announcements such as Sky's of a consumer Stereo3D TV channel within 12 months have put very significant stakes in the ground - making the industry really sit up and take notice."

"Can Communicate has a history of exploiting new technologies, and we intend to be the number one player in the UK Stereo3D market," said Chris Dyer, Partner, Can Communicate. "We already have considerable production resources, and are also acquiring four new camera rigs to enable us to handle more productions. We're now able to handle multi-camera live or near-live outside broadcasts alongside single camera corporate projects and give both the full weight of our technology and expertise."

"On the post side, the Stereo Pablo is the only piece of equipment in the market that guarantees clients the same finishing capabilities and performance in 3D that they are used to getting in the 2D world," added David Wooster. "The difference with 3D is that you have to get it right - you can't do it badly and get away with it. At Can Communicate, we've now got the experience and the technology for the whole process. We think that's a powerful magnet for brands and companies entering the 3D space - a company that can deliver the whole workflow from shooting to post and deliverables."

Palace Cinemas Adds Twelve 3D Digital Screens Across Central Europe for Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D Premiere
3D-News Posted: Saturday, March 21, 2009 (6:38 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Palace Cinemas announced the addition of twelve 3D-capable digital screens at its sites in Central Europe in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Three will be in Prague, two in Brno, two in Bratislava and five in Budapest in addition to the one in operation since December 2007. Eleven of the sites will use the Masterimage 3D technology while Palace West End in Budapest will add an additional Real D system. The Barco projectors and XDC servers were provided through XDC and installed by Film-Ton-Technik (FTT). Palace Cinemas' first wide 3D premiere will be Monsters vs. Aliens, a DreamWorks Animation production. There will be a special sneak-preview on 25 March at Palace Cinemas in the Czech Republic followed by a general release in the Czech Republic and Slovakia on 26 March and Hungary on 2 April.

"We are extremely excited to bring to our customers the very best in entertainment and 3D technology. It's a revolutionary technology that will radically change the business," says V.J Maury, CEO of Palace Cinemas. He adds "Palace Cinemas was the first to introduce digital projection to its markets in 2002. Our experience as an early-adopter of digital has given us invaluable experience. Our current expansion ensures that filmgoers in all our markets now have the opportunity to experience the many great new films being released in 3D this year."

Country Manager for Czech Republic David Horacek says, "We are eager to build on our earlier experience and expand into both Prague and Brno." "We see an audience eager to experience 3D at both of our sites in Bratislava," notes Slovakia Country Manager Andrea Baisova. "We believe Palace will have the best digital 3D offer in Hungary now with six screens in Budapest," comments Andrea Lovasz, Hungary Country Manager.

Palace Cinemas Central Europe is the leading cinema company in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary with 20 sites and 170 screens, with plans for further expansion.

International Datacasting Corporation's 3D Live Digital Cinema Technology Showcased at SatExpo Show in Rome
3D-News Posted: Saturday, March 21, 2009 (6:34 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

International Datacasting Corporation, a global leader in providing advanced solutions for the distribution of broadband multimedia content via satellite, announced the successful demonstrations of their SuperFlex Pro Cinema 3D Live Encoder and Decoder product lines, powered with Sensio® 3D technology, at the Sat Expo Europe 2009 international conference and exhibition held in Rome from 19-21 March.

The demonstrations included a simultaneous 3D broadcast of a live jazz performance over the satellite in a digital cinema configuration as well as broadcast and display on a commercially available consumer 3D television, demonstrating the technology for the direct-to-home market.

"The live demonstrations were well received by many observers, amazed at the full colour HD quality of the 3D displays as well as the fact that these off-the-shelf products are easy to use and available today. The Sensio® 3D technology that we use in our Pro Cinema products is rock solid compared to other techniques. It ensures that the left and right HD signals are locked and fully synchronized to avoid eye strain while only using half the bandwidth as compared to others," said Edward DiCarlo, IDC's VP Sales and Marketing. "This product line is a great addition to our digital cinema solutions portfolio - helping us add new revenues for digital cinema operators in this emerging market," he added.

The SuperFlex Pro Cinema Live Decoder and Encoder, with Sensio® 3D technology inside, supports both 2D and 3D live and pre-recorded events which provides movie houses and other venues increased new business opportunities via alternative content programming. The products allow play out of live broadcast and pre-recorded stereoscopic (3D) content, up to 1080p 60fps, using industry standard 2D video distribution infrastructure and is compatible with all types of digital projection systems available on the market.

SENSIO remains the only corporation in the world to have successfully integrated its live 3D content broadcasting technology throughout a network of movie theaters.

IDC will be showcasing the IDC Pro Cinema 3D Live Encoder and Decoder products, along with the other components of IDC's end-to-end digital cinema solution and the rest of IDC's broadband satellite solutions for digital radio, high speed data and video such as IPTV, syndicated video at the following trade shows: SAT2009, March 25 to 27 in Washington DC; ShoWest, March 30 to April 02 in Las Vegas and NAB, April 20 to 23 in Las Vegas.

TDVision Demonstrates 3D HD 1080P Content for Massive Home Adoption At International Film Festival
3D-News Posted: Saturday, March 21, 2009 (6:13 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

In an unparalleled joint effort, TDVision, NewArt, MetaCube, Santo Domingo Animation-Ithrax, Wintel and Mitsubishi will showcase content created in Latin America and other parts of the world in true 3D HD in full 1080P per eye at the International Film Festival in Guadalajara, Mexico Mar. 20, 2009, demonstrating the possibility for massive adoption to the home of stereoscopic high quality content. NewArt Digital, MetaCube, TDVPro and Santo Domingo Animation-Ithrax are leading the way for stereoscopic productions in Mexico. The content will be encoded using the TDVision's TDVCodec format, a fully 3D/2D and MPEG compatible format. The TDVCodec 2D Delta Advanced Video Codec creates a bridge from the studios to the home while offering the best quality, resolution, and compatibility with all 3D displays and even 2D Legacy compatibility eliminating the need of any additional hardware. The content will be presented at the International Film Festival using a fully compatible Blu-Ray disc on a 3D-ready Mitsubishi DLP TV in astonishing 1080P resolution driven from Wintel PC with TDVReady certification

"As the home theater market continues to flourish and the cinema space continues to embrace 3D, it is clear that this technology will be the next in-demand feature on home theater products," said David Naranjo, director of product development at Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America. "3D in the home is becoming an exciting reality and Mitsubishi's energy-efficient 3D-ready Home Theater TVs will play a key role in allowing consumers to enjoy 3D movies and gaming. Consumer demand for 3D-capable HDTVs and content will only increase in 2009 and beyond. The industry can expect Mitsubishi to keep pace with this increased demand while at the same time making enhancements to our 3D-ready Home Theater TVs for 2009-2010", he continued.

"Definitively, if we keep aligning our efforts, we can achieve very positive things in the short term; Wintel, MetaCube, TDVision and NewArt Digital, we have all the resources for the content creation from acquisition, until the finished product for TV, Cinema or Internet," said Javier Leal, CEO of NewArt Digital

"The technology, content, performance, equipment and interest of the market for HD stereoscopic 3D coincides at the International Film Festival in an unprecedented event, showing what we all can do together when joining our efforts and initiatives, everything with existing tools and existing high quality content," said Manuel R. Gutierrez Novelo, CEO and President of TDVision Systems, Inc.

"The amazing world of 3D will finally be available for home delivery as it should've been long ago: crystal clear," said Ricardo G. Duprat, CEO of Santo Domingo Animation.

"3DTV in the home, with diversity of content and multiple platforms, will be the final coup de grace for a culture-wide proliferation of stereography in all its forms. The day is coming very soon when a producer will lose money by not making a stereoscopic version of their production," said Ray Zone, advisor for Santo Domingo Animation and Brijes 3D in Mexico.

"We had the opportunity to be part of the first implementations of TDVision's technology several years ago and now, finally, the digital convergence has achieved the right level for feasible implementation," said Rodrigo Sanchez Gonzalez, producer and stereographer of TDVPro. "Stereoscopic content is a completely new audio-visual language," he added. "Stereoscopic 3D content is an art and it will lead to a completely different level of entertainment and communication," mentioned Idania Monsalve, editor in chief of TDVPro.

iZ3D Provides Dramatic Stereoscopic 3D Demonstration at Game Developers Conference
3D-News Posted: Thursday, March 19, 2009 (10:26 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

iZ3D Inc., designer, developer and pioneer of advanced stereoscopic 3D (S-3D) visualization systems, will be providing Game Developer Conference attendees a unique visual comparison among standard 2D, the famous red and cyan anaglyph 3D and a state of -the -art Stereoscopic 3D(S-3D) display. iZ3D will be providing this demonstration during the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, CA, March 23-27, 2009 in Booth 6020.

"3D visual technology has come a long way from the days of the red and blue anaglyph 3D effect that tricked your eyes into the illusion of depth through the use of color. 2D technology is the current norm and presents users a flat graphics experience that is great for word processing applications, but not for an immersive graphical experience such as gaming," stated Tom Striegler, CEO of iZ3D Inc.

"The easiest way to explain the visual difference an iZ3D monitor provides is to play a game on a 2D monitor where you experience only a two dimensional game. On an iZ3D monitor, the graphics that were originally created in a 3D modeling program come to life, you duck items flying at you and experience movement such as flying or falling," commented David Chechelashvili, iZ3D VP, marketing.

iZ3D brand monitors are affordable, top of the line, S-3D monitors that the entire family can use to enhance their visual experience and enjoyment. When users are not immersing themselves into a game realm or a 3D movie, the monitors can be easily switched between 2D and 3D with the push of a button for everyday uses such as cruising the Internet or word-processing applications.

iZ3D's approach to 3D puts the technology in the display, not in the glasses. This provides affordable entertainment for multiple players. In addition to the display, iZ3D also develops its own 3D passive polarized glasses, plus 3D software drivers and media players. iZ3D bundles a complete 3D display solution, which includes:

  • 22-inch wide screen 3D/2D keyboard switchable LCD monitor
  • 3 pairs of passive polarized 3D glasses (5 other models are available online)
  • iZ3D Stereoscopic 3D and Anaglyph 3D software drivers (other drivers are available online)
  • Power and video cables
  • Quick-start guide
  • Free membership into iZ3D's upcoming 3D Owner's Lounge
The specifications for the centerpiece of the iZ3D solution, the 3D monitor, are:
  • 22-inch wide screen stacked dual-panel LCD display
  • 1680 x 1050 resolution
  • Up to 170-degree 3D viewing angle
  • 5ms response time
  • 700:1 contrast ratio
  • 16.7-million colors
  • 300 nits
  • Dual Inputs
The iZ3D solution is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Vista operating systems. Games written for DirectX 8, 9, (soon 10) require a graphics card with dual video outputs (VGA and DVI or HDMI). Most games written in the last six years are designed for 3D, but lacked, a way of displaying them properly. Hundreds of games have been tested by iZ3D, MTBS-3D and iZ3D customer testers. A list can be found at http://www.3drulez.com

MTBS Releases 3D Game Analyzer at Game Developer Conference
3D-News Posted: Thursday, March 19, 2009 (10:21 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

As a precursor to the 2009 Game Developers Conference (GDC), Meant to be Seen announced the first release of MTBS' 3D Game Analyzer (M3GA), an interactive tool that accurately measures game quality when played in stereoscopic 3D (S-3D) on all S-3D gaming solutions. The company will be showcasing the new quality standards during the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, CA March 23-27, 2009 in Booth 6020.

"iZ3D has taken a look at M3GA, and we're really liking the idea. I think this will help new 3D users, as well as stereoscopic driver makers like ourselves," said Aaron Rapp, Marketing Manager for iZ3D Inc.

Stereoscopic 3D refers to the ability to display true volumetric 3D content through 2D media. Examples include explosions that pop out of the screen, and a sense of depth that makes viewers think they can reach inside the display. This has taken off in a big way with 3D display hardware and software solutions like iZ3D's 22" 3D monitor and drivers, and NVIDIA's GeForce 3D Vision glasses and software support.

"Customers need to know what will work with their 3D system and under what circumstances. Therefore, MTBS was founded with the purpose of growing the success of 3D gaming, and independently testing, reviewing, and certifying video games for S-3D compatibility. Now that there is a wide selection of capable 3D software and hardware solutions by iZ3D, NVIDIA, and more, it's important that MTBS' expectations are fair, consistent, and customer driven -- both for game developers and consumers alike," said Neil Schneider, President & CEO of Meant to be Seen.

Since MTBS is reviewing and testing games for competing product lines, their results must hold up to public scrutiny. The goal is that when MTBS does a review or a game certification, everyone can go through the same test procedure and get the same result.

"With M3GA, everyone's opinions and experiences can be captured in a timely way for useful feedback to the developers of stereoscopic 3D software and hardware," said John Merritt, Founder of the Stereoscopic Displays & Applications Conference and Merritt.com.

MTBS is following a three-step process to accomplish this, with the first being an alpha release of an interactive scoring system. MTBS' 3D Game Analyzer (M3GA), written by Neil Schneider and Yuriy Niksych, is a web-based calculator that asks the user a series of multiple choice questions and finishes with a quality score and expected 3D experience summary.

The leading challenge with modern S-3D video games is the limited flexibility to accomplish both a depth and pop-out experience at the same time. It is when a mix of the two is attempted that visual problems can undermine the gaming experience. Furthermore, many S-3D driver developers require that display settings get reduced to compensate for these incompatibilities on a game-by-game basis.

"Using M3GA, game developers and S-3D driver developers can test their games long before they hit store shelves and see how their titles will grade before MTBS makes their results public. It's great for optimization and ensures products look their best in true 3D. Customers will also have confidence in MTBS because they will be able to confirm our results, and help spot errors if they exist," Schneider said.

M3GA calculates its score according to 3D flexibility, features settings, and what visual anomalies remain if any. MTBS users can then cut and paste the findings in the related mtbs3D.com forums.

"Meant to be Seen is the stereoscopic 3D gaming community's most trusted and impartial advocacy group, and I am proud to help! M3GA will further push the move for true 3D gaming by finally providing a quality standard for game developers to strive for," said Yuriy Niksych, M3GA's Co-developer.

Game developers who earn complementary MTBS Certification, a recognized stamp of quality assurance in S-3D gaming, will benefit from free advertising on mtbs3d.com, the world's largest website for true 3D gamers. mtbs3D.com has been featured in GAMEINFORMER, C'T Magazine, Joystiq, and more. Sample certification recipients include Epic Games, The Game Creators, and Unigine.

Committed partners and qualified game developers who accept complementary MTBS Certification also get the U-DECIDE Initiative report for free. The U-DECIDE report is a joint effort of Meant to be Seen, American Micro Devices (AMD), iZ3D, Blitz Games Studios, Guild Software, and The Game Creators. This report is best known for breaking the leading myths about stereoscopic 3D gaming and accurately capturing the opinions of both traditional 2D and experienced stereoscopic 3D gamers. Interested parties can visit http://www.mtbs3d.com/udecide.shtml for more information on the report's contents and availability.

"While M3GA has a scoring system we are happy with, we want input and ideas from both gamers and industry before we move this effort to stage two. It's important that our scoring expectations are both fair and achievable for everyone," Schneider said.

To try MTBS' 3D Game Analyzer, visit http://www.mtbs3D.com and select "M3GA" from the main menu. Please share all feedback and ideas in the related discussion forums.

DIMENSION3 2009, The Forum for the 3D markets
3D-News Posted: Sunday, March 15, 2009 (6:10 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

For its third edition, Dimension 3 will be settle in the department of the Seine-saint-Denis, a region that strongly supports 3D research and production. This move will help the Forum to implement an animation plan in favour of the markets convergence

From the 2nd to the 4th June 2009, Dimension 3 invites all the actors and professionals of the cinema, TV, video games, entertainement, communication or training industries to one of the most important event of the 3D industry in the world.

Displayed in the Centre National de la Danse in Pantin (5mn from Paris), this unique-in-Europe event is a meeting point for worldwide visitors. For 3 days, they will evaluate the maturity of the creation and visualization solutions dedicated to the 3D images and their application programs. This year, a space for the 3D production promotion will be added to the Dimension 3 professional exhibition area. In this Espace CREA the producers will present 3D content and their know-how.

Added to those areas dedicated to professionals, Dimension 3 Immersion, an area for the visual experimentations, will be devoted to video games, the telephony but also to the 3D marketing tools and will be open to a broader audience.
A good opportunity for all to discover, test and try all the 3D novelties!

Moreover, 60 international experts will be gathered at the International Forum dedicated to 3D images. They will talk about technologic, creative and economic topics in Dimension 3 conferences and Master classes.

Display window of the international 3D production, Dimension 3 third edition will carry on its entertaining and didactic ambitions thanks to the Festival travelling in the Seine Saint-Denis department but also to Dimension 3 Discovery, an exhibition about the 3D technologies history.

Supporting the 3D development, Dimension 3 also offers bilingual trainings and helps the emergence of young designers or directors through the Writing Talent Grant.

For further information, visit http://www.dimension3-expo.com

Chyron HyperX2 Graphics Systems In NBA All-Star HD 3D Extravaganza
3D-News Posted: Sunday, March 15, 2009 (6:04 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Chyron announced that its HyperX2 graphic system was instrumental in providing HD 3D graphics for the live broadcast of NBA All-Star Saturday Night on February 14 in conjunction with the NBA, TNT and Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp.

The event, broadcast from the US Airways Centre in Phoenix, Arizona, represented the first commercially marketed deal to deliver an NBA sporting event in live 3D nationwide.

Broadcast by satellite to more than 80 digitally-equipped theatres across the US, the NBA All-Star Saturday Night 3D action in HD was critically acclaimed as a huge success and as an identifiable watershed in the appeal of 3D productions.

Powered by 3D technology developed by PACE, Chyron worked closely with NBA engineers, Cinedigm and PACE to ensure that graphics used for the event were integral but not overwhelming for a 3D production. The goal of the production was to make viewers from all 80 cinemas to feel as though they were not only in Phoenix, but with the single-best seat in the arena.

The basic principle of stereoscopic 3D video is to produce two video channels; a right eye and left eye view. Two cameras are aligned so that each camera captures what the right and left eye would individually see. Those parallel video signals are then processed through the entire production chain and played back in a way that enables viewers with polarising glasses to experience the 3D effect.

To make stereoscopic 3D graphics to track with the live parallel video, Chyron modified a two-channel HyperX2 machine to generate left and right eye views. By using two cameras to provide a slightly offset view (the way eyes are naturally spaced) a true 3D image can be created in the composition.

According to Chyron Vice President of System Integration Jim Martinolich: "We were easily able to adapt HyperX2 to create stereoscopic 3D graphics because with Lyric PRO software, HyperX2 has always been capable of creating two independent channels of HD video."

Chyron's Lyric PRO render engine is powered by Chyron's breakthrough InterFuse technology, which supports a high level of integration with existing 3D design workflows. Moreover, Chyron's 'LEIF' plug-in API for Lyric PRO automates the steps involved in creating two channels, meaning that an operator can exercise precise control and update graphics in real time, at the fast pace required in sport.

Cinedigm Entertainment Group President Jonathan Dern said: "The genuine excitement created throughout the country following the success of this groundbreaking event bodes very well for the future of 3D productions of sporting and many other live events. Chyron's contribution was seamless and struck just the right balance for what we wanted to achieve."

Chyron COO Kevin Prince said: "This application is high-profile evidence of the power and flexibility of HyperX2 and we are delighted that it was deemed such a huge success for the NBA, TNT, PACE and Cinedigm. I expect to see many more 3D productions for simulcast to digital theatres and eventually into the home."

Wild Bunch Acquires International Rights to 3D Entertainment's 'Oceans 3D'
3D-News Posted: Saturday, March 14, 2009 (6:11 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

3D Entertainment's filmmakers Jean-Jacques and Francois Mantello (the Mantello Brothers) announced that the international rights (all-media) to their first feature-length film, "Oceans 3D - Into the Deep" (working title) presented by Jean-Michel Cousteau, have been acquired by Wild Bunch, a Paris-and London-based sales, distribution and production outfit. The film is set to become the first ever documentary to be both filmed and released in Digital 3D.

"We are delighted to have Wild Bunch, as our partner on 'Oceans 3D', a unique 3D experience that will leave audiences in awe of the beauty and biodiversity of the oceans," said Francois Mantello, Chairman of 3D Entertainment. "The work their sales team has already accomplished in conjunction with the Berlinale's European Film Market is absolutely remarkable, with the film sold in 51 territories so far and many others in final discussions."

"Thanks to Digital 3D technology, viewers will literally dive into the virtually unknown deep blue," said Vincent Maraval, Wild Bunch's co-founder and head of sales. "This flagship film is an excellent choice to kick off our new 3D label. Our goal is to quickly develop an independent film expertise in this field, ultimately offering a 3D title at each major film market."

The deal marks the first collaboration between the two companies. Under the terms of the agreement, 3D Entertainment retains the rights (all-media) for the US and Canada.
Distributors by territory for "Oceans 3D" include: Gaga Communications in Japan; Eagle in Italy; New Vision in China; Deltamac in Hong Kong; Filmware International in Taiwan; Festive Film in Singapore; Wanda Distribucion Cinematografica in Spain; Monolith in Poland; Spentzos Film in Greece, Luxor Entertainment in Russia and CIS; Fivia in Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina; Bir Film in Turkey; Acme in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania; Best Hollywood in Hungary; Hollywood Classic Entertainment in Czech Republic; Independenta Film in Romania; Lusomundo in Portugal; Orlando Films in Israel; Video Vision in South Africa; Europa Cine in Brazil and Europa Filmes in other countries of South America and Queen Films in Indonesia. Wild Bunch's Gallic distribution arm plans to launch the film in Digital 3D this summer.

The 85-minute long docu-fiction is currently in post-production and completion is anticipated for this May in time for the Cannes Film Festival's Annual Market. The film is the result of six years of production, 25 challenging expeditions and 200 hours of footage shot in 3D.

A tribute to the ocean, "Oceans 3D" takes viewers on a voyage through, among others, Californian kelp forests, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, and Roca Partida Island off the coast of Mexico, which is home to thousands of sharks. Audiences will witness some of the most spectacular and unforgettable scenes of life beneath the waves ever captured in 3D: the manta ray's enchanting ballet; the noble procession of hammerhead sharks; the lionfish's relentless hunt; a group of young dolphins playing algae-football; the astonishing beauty of the Spanish dancer sea slug; and a unique encounter with the largest cetaceans on the planet.

"Oceans 3D" is presented by Jean-Michel Cousteau and endorsed by the United Nations Environment Programme. Produced by 3D Entertainment and McKinney Underwater Productions, it is directed by Jean-Jacques Mantello with underwater cinematography by Gavin McKinney, and it features an original score by Christophe Jacquelin.

In 2001, 3D Entertainment developed an ambitious plan to produce both a feature-length docu-fiction and a 3D "edutainment" film series for IMAX® theatres. The three installments already released at IMAX® theatres - "Dolphins and Whales 3D" (2008) narrated by Daryl Hannah, "Sharks 3D" (2005) and "Ocean Wonderland 3D" (2003) - have proven highly successful, cumulatively generating in excess of USD 68 million to date at the theatrical box office.

World's First 4K 3D Digital Cinema Camera System For Studio, Location, and Underwater Filming With RED Cameras
3D-News Posted: Thursday, March 5, 2009 (5:52 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Liquid Pictures, a pioneer in 3D stereo production and cinematography, announced the world's first camera system utilizing RED(TM) Digital Cinema cameras capable of shooting 4K 3D footage on land, underwater, and macro 3D.

The proprietary Liquid Pictures 4K 3D Digital Cinema Camera System(TM) is uniquely built with an unprecedented range of acquisition options, including the world's first Digital 3D underwater beam splitter housing.

"We're committed to producing mainstream 3D films and content that will entertain audiences with an immersive stereoscopic experience. Until now there was no all-in-one 3D camera system capable of wet or dry in a beam splitter configuration," said D.J. Roller, founder of Liquid Pictures. "Because we're working on 3D features, commercials, and films for 3D IMAX(TM) theaters, we needed a completely self contained system capable of shooting a spectacular vista, Hollywood action sequences, or a fingernail-sized creature at the bottom of the ocean."

After months of rigorous test shoots, the camera system proved itself last fall on a seven-week expedition to Micronesia during principal photography of a soon-to-be-announced 3D film co-produced by Liquid Pictures. Roller and his production team shot over a hundred hours of 4K 3D footage on location in jungles, aboard camera boats, and under water with the new camera system. Other industry firsts for the camera system include acquisition of 4K 3D macro footage, live real-time 3D monitoring and full wireless microwave control of camera functions--all underwater.

Roller's design was executed by a specialized team of engineers tasked with creating a streamlined process for manufacturing multiple units on demand and "future proofing" the system for compatibility with upcoming RED(TM) cameras such as the EPIC(TM) and Scarlet(TM). The Liquid Pictures 4K 3D Digital Cinema Camera System(TM) can also be adapted to use Sony(TM)F35, Phantom HD, and Phantom 65 cameras.

"This new camera system removes old boundaries, freeing us to take audiences on fantastic adventures and tell incredible stories in a whole new way," added Roller. "3D makes the screen disappear and transports you to another world."

For more information and images, visit http://www.liquidpictures3d.com

VisMini 2.0 Carry-On Stereo 3D Projector, Low Cost, No Silver Screen - Available Now from Valley View Tech
3D-News Posted: Thursday, March 5, 2009 (5:49 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Valley View Tech, a Silicon Valley-based marketing and sales firm specializing in high-quality, high-tech products for 3D visualization, virtual reality, and immersive 3D, announced the availability of VisMini 2.0 by Visbox, Inc. VisMini is the value leader in high-quality, truly-portable (fits in an airplane overhead), passive stereoscopic 3D projectors and requires no silver screen - no more need to carry around an additional 50-100 pounds. The system is ideal for anyone who wants the dramatic impact of stereo 3D and needs to "take stereo 3D on the road."

VisMini 2.0 weighs just 11 pounds, is approximately the size of a three-ream stack of standard paper (11.2" wide x 9" deep x 6.3" high), and is the first truly portable passive stereo 3D solution. The VisMini projector comes with a hardened Pelican™ case, enabling the user to move quickly through airports with convenient carry-on sized baggage that fits in the overhead compartment of most airplanes.

The combined weight of the VisMini Basic with hardened case, glasses, and cables is just 27 pounds. By comparison, other so called "portable" passive stereo 3D projectors cost $35,000 and up, twice the price of the VisMini, and require heavy, cumbersome "silver screens," weighing from 50-to-100 pounds, too heavy and large to be allowed on board as carry-on luggage. VisMini, the most user friendly 3D stereo projector system available, takes minutes to set up for display on any existing screen or any light-colored wall and projects images that are flicker free for comfortable viewing with passive glasses.

Dr. Carolina Cruz-Neira, Virtual Reality pioneer and co-inventor of the CAVE system, was an early adopter of VisMini. She stated, "I am constantly asked to bring demonstrations of my projects when I travel around the world. VisMini has made it simple and easy to showcase my work outside my lab. VisMini is my personal presentation system for live demonstrations of my 3D work when I am on the road. It is easy carry-on to take with me on planes, quick to set up in most standard conference rooms, and does not require specialized screens or computers."

VisMini is a general-purpose stereo display system that can be used to display a variety of stereo 3D applications and is designed for commercial and academic use - ranging from medical research and training to geosciences to architecture to entertainment. Any application that supports OpenGL quad-buffered stereo will work with VisMini in stereoscopic 3D mode. This includes applications such as Maya from Autodesk, Discovery Studio from Accelrys, and Second Life in stereoscopic mode. Software designed for active stereo 3D will also project from VisMini.

"The VisMini allows you to walk into any conference room and be ready to present 3D visualizations within a couple of minutes. It is the ideal portable 3D stereo presentation solution," said Paul Rajlich, Vice President, Visbox, Inc. "We are excited to be working with Valley View Tech to help expand the awareness of VisMini and the other Visbox stereo display products to a broader array of both commercial and academic customers around the world."

VisMini 2.0 Basic is available immediately from Valley View Tech for the special introductory price of US$ 13,995.

IMAX posts opening weekend box office results of Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience
3D-News Posted: Tuesday, March 3, 2009 (6:58 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and IMAX Corporation announced that Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience grossed $765,000 in select IMAX® 3D theatres, posting a per screen average of approximately $15,000 during its opening weekend from Friday, February 27 through Sunday, March 1. The limited IMAX 3D engagement will continue to run through this Thursday, March 5.

"We're happy that Jonas Brothers fans have a chance to experience this concert film in IMAX 3D," said Greg Foster, Chairman and President, IMAX Filmed Entertainment. "The rollout of our digital IMAX projection system made this one-week IMAX run possible, and we are pleased that this flexibility enabled our partners at Disney as well as our exhibitor partners to have this special release for a week."

This high-energy Walt Disney Pictures rockumentary 3D feature film event from director Bruce Hendricks ("Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour"), blends excerpts from the Brothers' red-hot "Burning Up" concert tour, including guest performances from Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift. The film also includes exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, off-the-wall segments, a never-before-heard song ("Love Is On Its Way"), swarming fans and a lot of JB-style humor-giving fans never-before-seen insights into the lives of Kevin, Joe and Nick.

Avid Delivers Native XDCAM Support and Industry First Stereoscopic 3D Capabilities With Latest Versions of Editing Software
3D-News Posted: Tuesday, March 3, 2009 (6:11 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Avid Technology announced that it has addressed customer requests for native support of the Sony XDCAM format, a ground breaking 3D Stereoscopic workflow and the "death of the dongle," with the release of Avid® Media Composer® (v3.5), Symphony(TM) (v 3.5) and NewsCutter® (v 7.5) software. In addition to an innovative new architecture designed to make these Avid solutions more open, the latest version of the software delivers a variety of new features that enable customers to take advantage of:

  • More streamlined and efficient HD audio and video workflows;
  • A number of offline editorial effects enhancements like Keyframeable Color Correction and a new Fluid Stabilizer feature;
  • CPU/GPU acceleration of visual effects and;
  • Improved interoperability with Digidesign® Pro Tools®.
What Customers are Saying:

"This new release of Media Composer will greatly improve the speed and efficiency of our workflow here at Discovery," said Mark Miller, Producer/Director at Discovery Channel Canada's West Coast Office. Miller favors the seamless XDCAM HD capabilities and Keyframeable Color Correction in the new release. "By having the ability to natively ingest in the field, my producers, directors, and editors can start working with the media right away, and not waste time traveling back to the office to get a cut completed. Also, the Keyframeable Color Correction features are invaluable. We've been able to save a lot of time and money in the production process by being able to make color changes on the fly in run-and-gun situations where lighting can change and affect color over the course of a single shot. Previously, that could only be fixed in the online color correction."

Editor Michael Tronick and Assistant Editor Aaron Brock have worked on a number of 3D films including the newly released "Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience," and are very excited about the possibilities of Avid's Stereoscopic capabilities. "It would be so useful to see how the 2D material I am cutting would translate to 3D and be able to show that to the director on the spot, while making changes on the fly. Avid has created the most innovative 3D workflow I've seen," Tronick said.

Brock estimates that the benefits of using Media Composer 3D capabilities for offline editorial will save thousands of dollars. "If we could use this new feature, it would save the studio an unbelievable amount of money. Instead of having the online system running for five months straight, we could just conform complete reels for full screenings like on a normal feature. It would be much more efficient than doing conforms on a daily basis."

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