3D-News Archive March 2014

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3DIcon Partners With SCHOTT Defense on Next-Generation 3D Display Technologies
3D-News Posted: Thursday, March 13, 2014 (16:45 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

3DIcon Corporation (TDCP), a developer of three-dimensional projection display technologies, announced that it has entered into a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) with SCHOTT Defense, a federally focused subsidiary of SCHOTT North America, Inc. ("SCHOTT"). The agreement encompasses both joint business development and joint technology development activities.

3DIcon's CSpace® technology represents the next generation of 3D display technologies, producing high-resolution, full-color, true 3D images. This display does not require special viewing aids or 3D converting eyeglasses, does not cause viewer fatigue during prolonged use, and is capable of producing translucent images for viewing inside images. This technology goes beyond the capabilities of current display methodologies and its application can have a significant impact in federal government use, such as air traffic control, cargo screening, tactical situational awareness, geospatial exploration, medical diagnostic displays, and in sensitive intelligence applications. Leveraging SCHOTT Defense's long-time reputation as a leader in delivering high-quality equipment to the federal government, 3DIcon will be able to introduce the CSpace® technology solution to the entire gamut of government requirements and mission needs.

3DIcon's patented CSpace® volumetric 3D display technology, along with SCHOTT's specialty glass and optics technologies, intellectual property, and expertise in delivering quality equipment to the federal government, positions the team to develop state-of-the-art displays across the entire spectrum of U.S. government needs. 3DIcon, with SCHOTT Defense, is executing its strategic vision to build a comprehensive interdisciplinary team that aggressively positions itself, through expanded technology and a depth and breadth of market knowledge, for enhanced access to federal business and funding opportunities for continued development of CSpace® technology.

"3DIcon's volumetric 3D display technology is a great fit for the strategic direction of SCHOTT Defense," said Scott Custer, President and CEO of SCHOTT Defense. "The technology provides us with expanded access to new markets and customers within the federal government as well as leverages the core strengths of SCHOTT in specialty glasses and advanced optics. Working together, our mutual efforts position us to successfully commercialize this breakthrough technology."

Victor Keen, CEO of 3DIcon, added the following: "Our new partnership with SCHOTT Defense represents a major step forward for 3DIcon in the implementation of our new strategy to collaborate with larger companies that can provide us with complementary technologies and capabilities as well as credible access to funding sources within the U.S. federal government required to accelerate the commercialization of our volumetric 3D display technology. We look forward to a long and successful collaboration with SCHOTT."

Doug Freitag, President of Bayside Materials Technology, a U.S. federal government business development company that has been working with both SCHOTT and 3DIcon, had this to say: "From the beginning of my involvement with 3DIcon, the synergy and strategic fit between these two companies was both obvious and compelling. The 3DIcon 3D display technology is expected to deliver higher performance at lower risk than most, if not all, of the 3D display technologies that have received significant federal funding to date. In addition to the applications within the federal government that are based on 3D data captured via satellite, radar, sonar, LIDAR, and other imaging systems, there also appear to be significant opportunities for this technology to visualize big data for multiple organizations within the Department of Defense and civilian agencies."

Imagineer Systems to Feature Planar Motion Tracking 2014 NAB Show
3D-News Posted: Thursday, March 13, 2014 (16:44 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

At this year's NAB Show, Imagineer Systems will preview new capabilities planned for the next release of mocha Pro and mocha AE planar motion tracking and visual effects software.

The demonstration will also showcase new tools that facilitate stereoscopic workflows for 3D filmmaking and new roto masking technology designed to reduce manual keyframing; and Python scripting capabilities that allow customers to integrate mocha within custom workflows and general improvements to the mocha toolset.

New features in mocha v4 include: a new stereo 3D toolset, Python scripting support, new export formats and support for more host applications, and roto and masking improvements to reduce manual keyframing of organic shapes.

The 2014 NAB Show takes place in Las Vegas, April 5-10.

Imagineer Systems will be in booth SL3331.

Zecotek files Two US Patents for 3D Display Technology
3D-News Posted: Thursday, March 13, 2014 (16:43 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Zecotek Photonics Inc., a developer of leading-edge photonics technologies for medical, industrial and scientific markets, announced that it has filed two important patents with the US Patent Office relating to front and rear-projection autostereoscopic 3D display systems. The first patent application is for a front-projection auto-stereoscopic 3D display system which enables viewers to experience autostereoscopic 3D content through a front-projection system without the need for any special glasses. The second patent application is a rear-projection auto-stereoscopic 3D display system which enables viewers to experience auto-stereoscopic 3D content through a rear-projection system without the need for any special glasses.

"Protecting our intellectual property is of the utmost importance and the two patents filed for our 3D display technology cover key areas for future growth," said Dr. A.F. Zerrouk, Chairman, President, and CEO of Zecotek Photonics Inc. "We have introduce two 3D system designs which do not require the need for special glasses. The front-projector 3D system design uses a special reflection screen to allow viewers to experience auto-stereoscopic 3D content. The rear-projection 3D system, similar to our patented 3D display technology (US Patent No. 7,944,465) which uses a vibrating lenticular display, does not require a vibrating lenticular component which makes the system easier to manufacture and scalable to larger sizes. We will continue to vigorously protect all of the Company's underlying technology through patents."

On December 16, 2013, Zecotek announced it was demonstrating the patented 3D display technology to major electronics companies in its lab in Vancouver, BC. The Company is in discussions with certain major electronics companies to co-develop an OLED/LED (organic light emitting diode) based, flat screen, glasses-free, true 3D HD television. Zecotek has overcome the main technical barriers required for a flat screen form display with HD picture quality with available OLED/LED flat screen display technologies. Furthermore, there is significant interest in the 3D industry for a replacement for display systems which require glasses or provide limited views.

Zecotek previously received patent allowances from the United States, Europe and Eurasia covering the 3D/2D switchable optical imaging system of Zecotek's 3D Display. The 3D/2D switchable optical imaging system further improves the core capabilities of the 3D display technology by introducing a software-selectable full-resolution 2D mode with viewing angles and dynamic range/colour depth on par with conventional 2D displays. The patent covers technology for both 3D and 2D modes, dynamic adjustment of viewing angle, number and width of viewing zones as well as the functionality to dynamically control the positioning of different viewing zones.

Patents have now been granted to Zecotek for its 3D display system in the United States, China, Europe, Eurasia, Russia and Australia. Other patents have been filed and are pending in Japan, Korea and India.

Zecotek's 3D Display System is based on the auto-stereoscopic principle, but with substantial innovative and patented improvements and represents a new and unique generation of 3D displays. It has the capability of simultaneously presenting 3D and 2D images on the same screen, and for separate views at different viewing angles. Zecotek's true, auto-stereoscopic 3D2D display system requires no eyewear and has an effective viewing angle of 40 degrees with 90 concurrent perspectives allowing for multiple views at the same time. Another unique feature of the Zecotek system is constant motion parallax within the viewing angle. Motion parallax eliminates the sense of imbalance and dizziness during normal observation which can occur with polarized and shutter glasses used with other commercial systems. Furthermore Zecotek's 3D display features the preservation of the base resolution in every perspective view irrespective of the number of such views. This is not true for any other glasses-free displays where the base resolution is divided by the number of views. Zecotek's white paper on 3D display technology is available on http://www.zecotek.com

Wildlife Conservationist Jeff Corwin Narrates "Galapagos 3D: Nature's Wonderland" Written by David Attenborough
3D-News Posted: Thursday, March 13, 2014 (16:42 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

nWave Pictures Distribution announced that wildlife conservationist and Emmy Award-winning television host and presenter Jeff Corwin will be the narrator of a new IMAX 3D theatre film Galapagos 3D: Nature's Wonderland. The film takes the audience on a spectacular exploration of the Galapagos archipelago with its remarkable collection of unique plants and charismatic animals such as black marine iguanas, blue-footed boobies and giant tortoises, all filmed for the very first time in 4K 3D.

I was thrilled to provide the narration for this amazing project written by my longtime hero David Attenborough, said Jeff Corwin. During the film's post-production, I had a chance to watch it in 3D at Montreal Science Center's TELUS IMAX Cinema and it literally took my breath away and I have to admit that despite traveling the world for twenty years hosting and producing films and documentaries, I was thoroughly impressed with this incredible giant screen achievement. Corwin added, When you bring nature's wonder to this medium in a powerful and compelling way, it engages and inspires the audience. ‘Galapagos 3D: Nature's Wonderland' perfectly captures what makes this archipelago, and its creatures, so special and so resilient to our fast-changing world.

I am truly honored and delighted to have Jeff Corwin lend his storytelling to this fascinating film that brings to the giant screen the extraordinary world of the Galapagos in a way that has not been possible before, said Eric Dillens, Chairman of nWave Studios. I am also pleased to report that the film in its initial few weeks of release has been very well received by museum leaders, audiences and reviewers, including receiving a four-star rating from La Presse of Montreal.

Galapagos 3D: Nature's Wonderland is currently playing at the Houston Museum of Natural Science (TX), Montreal Science Center (QC) and will be launched this May both at the Tennessee Aquarium (Chattanooga, TN) and Moody Gardens (Galveston, TX) followed later this year by the Arizona Science Center (Phoenix, AZ). In February, the film made its international debut in Denmark at the Tycho Brahe Planetarium in Copenhagen. It will premiere March 14th in Mexico at Planetario Alfa in Monterrey before opening in Guayaquil, Ecuador at the Malecon Foundation 3D Cinema. Additional sites will be added as the footprint expands domestically and internationally over the coming weeks, with the Asian premiere set for April during the prestigious 4th Beijing Film Festival held in association with the China National Science and Technology Museum in Beijing.

As one of the leading voices for the conservation of endangered species and ecosystems around the globe, Jeff Corwin has been a tireless environmental advocate for more than twenty years. Jeff began his work in conservation at an early age, spending much of his youth exploring tropical rain forests and advocating for their protection. He received Bachelor of Science degrees in both biology and anthropology from the Bridgewater State University. He further developed his expertise in tropical ecology while completing his graduate work at the University of Massachusetts, where he studied bats and snakes. Jeff's television career began 1996 with the Disney Channel, where he produced and hosted the ground breaking series "Going Wild with Jeff Corwin", then partnered with Animal Planet and Discovery Communications to produce and host the internationally acclaimed "Jeff Corwin Experience" and "Corwin's Quest". He has also written "100 Heartbeats: The Race to Save Earth's Most Endangered Species" and featured in the MSNBC documentary "Future Earth: 100 Heartbeats". Beyond television, Jeff has authored more than 10 critically acclaimed books on wildlife and conservation, including "Living on the Edge, Amazing Relationships in the Natural World". He is currently featured in "Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin" a documentary series which explores the ancient connections between life in the sea and life on the rest of the planet, airing weekends on ABC stations nationally.

Galapagos 3D: Nature's Wonderland takes audiences to a paradise unlike any other. Located close to the equator in the Pacific Ocean, these remote volcanic islands have developed over millions of years in relative isolation. The result is a living museum of nature, with an abundance of curious plant and animal species that have adapted to thrive in this unique and challenging environment. Giant half-ton long-necked tortoises lumber among dancing blue-footed boobies and flightless cormorants. Penguins living thousands of miles from their natural habitats share the seas with unique marine iguanas that spit sea-salt. This is a story of discovery, of survival against the odds, and of nature's ingenuity.

A presentation of Colossus Productions in association with SKY 3D, and distributed exclusively worldwide by nWave Pictures Distribution, the 40-minute film is written by renowned naturalist David Attenborough, produced by Anthony Geffen and directed by Martin Williams.

The film's official website is http://Galapagos.nWave.com and the trailer and TV spot can be both seen on nWave's YouTube channel at http://www.YouTube.com/nWavePictures

Miami University showcases virtual reality systems
3D-News Posted: Thursday, March 13, 2014 (16:41 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

People explored caves, shopped for groceries, examined ancient artifacts and beat zombies to death with a baseball bat all without leaving Miami University.

The occasion was an open house at the Smale Interactive Visualization Center Friday to showcase virtual reality systems; and they weren't just video games. People wore helmets and 3D glasses to perform even simple tasks.

I was walking around a grocery store using an XBox controller. It was pretty simple. You use one controller stick to move around, and then you turn back and forth using your head and your body. It's pretty cool, said Jonathan Held, a Miami senior studying education.

Rob Cheezum, the director of visual communications for a company called Kaleidoscope, demonstrated a 3D application in which a user wears 3D glasses and wields a pen to move objects through various scenarios. At first glance, it might seem to be just for fun, but the device has practical uses too.

It's very high-fidelity, so it's very good for surgical exercises. There's a demo in here that has some anatomy stuff that kind of hints at that. A lot of the applications don't have a tactile, immersive feel. This is the best I've seen so far, he said.

One of the most popular attractions was called CAVE, which stands for Cave Automatic Virtual Environment. It uses 3D projectors to create images that surround the user, allowing that user to enter into a virtual world by taking only a few steps.

It's very nice because it's visually immersive and surrounding you can get ones that have a ceiling and a back wall, and be completely surrounded by the virtual display, said Eric Hodgson, the director of the Smale Interactive Visualization Center.

Some of the applications were primarily games, and that was a big draw for visitors like Denver Stewart of Cincinnati. He checked out a zombie killing game by PrioVR, which makes limb-tracking technology.

I'm a geek and I like virtual reality, he said.

Jeb Card, a visiting professor of anthropology, is no stranger to hi-tech devices. He's used 3D printers to recreate artifacts that were stolen from the university. He doesn't work at the Smale Center, but he visited to see how they were using technology. One of the items on display was a 3D-printed object based on scanning Machu Picchu, the historic Inca site in Peru.

Instead of me showing a picture saying, ‘Here's the temple of the sun, kids,' we pop in our 3D whatever, and we can walk through it, Card said. There's a lot of work being done with 3D documentation and digitalization of archaeological sites what I hope is not the case is that what we're doing ends up being props. I don't want our artifacts to be in the 2020 version of Tomb Raider.

Tivax Releases Exclusive Glasses-Free 3D Tablet - Featuring 3D Streaming Video And 3D Games
3D-News Posted: Thursday, March 13, 2014 (16:40 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Michley Electronics/Tivax announced the immediate availability of its new 8-inch MiTraveler 3D-8 tablet.

This tablet lets you enjoy 3D images and games without glasses, along with all the familiar features you expect from an advanced Android tablet.

Stream thousands of 3D videos and movies online with Tivax' proprietary 3D video player through YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, GoPro and Phereo. You can also use their real-time 2D-3D conversion feature to add 3D enhancement to any 2D photos and videos, including those from your smartphone!

In addition, Tivax offers Yabazam®, the world's first 3D Video-on-Demand service for 3D TV and 3D mobile, which includes over 120 3D programs, with new titles released regularly.

Gamers will be able to enjoy familiar games such as Angry Birds, Grand Theft Auto, Temple Run and many more titles - in full stereoscopic 3D - through built-in Tridef® 3D software.

The tablet is a full-featured Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) device with an 8" capacitive multi-touch screen. MiTraveler 3D-8 is now available online through Amazon and Hammacher Schlemmer.

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