3D-News Archive April 2011

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Be Film The Underground Film Festival 2011
3D-News Posted: Thursday, April 28, 2011 (5:16 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

The 8th Annual Be Film The Underground Film Festival opens Tuesday May 3rd at The Dolby Screening Room. Be Film screens acclaimed and award winning short films from around the world in all genres. The festival includes a 3D stereoscopic short film category for the past three years running. The festival runs from Tuesday May 3rd through Saturday May 7th in New York City.


Oscar® winning, as well as Oscar® nominated shorts, include:

The Lost Thing (Australia), Animation, Dir. Andrew Ruhemann
Na Wewe (Belgium), Narrative, Dir. Ivan Goldschmidt

Film Festival World Premieres include:

Blue Sway (USA), Music Video, Dir. Jack Mc Coy, Music & Lyrics Paul McCartney
Changes We Don’t Understand 3D (USA), Music Video, Dir. Ryan Suits
De-Visions 3D (USA), Narrative, Dir. Ryan Suits
Dead of Nowhere 3D (USA), Narrative, Dir. Chris Young
Miss Daisy Cutter 3D (France), Narrative, Dir. Laen Sanches
Sunday Jog 3D (USA), Animation, Produced by Passmore Lab
Switch 3D (USA), Animation, Produced by Passmore Lab
TS3 3D (USA), Experimental, Dir. John Zieman
Waiting For The End 3D (USA), Music Video by Linkin Park, Produced by Passmore Lab
Walibi 3D (France), Animation, Produced by Cube Creative

US or New York Premieres:

Among Friends (Canada), Narrative, Dir. Geoff Uloth
Choice Night (New Zealand), Narrative, Dir. Christopher Dudman
Copenhagen (Danemark), Narrative, Dir. Andreas Dalsgaard
Escape Velocity (Australia), Animation, Dir. Lew Keilar
Franswa Sharl (Australia), Narrative, Dir. Hannah Hillard
Heavy On The Way (Switzerland), Music Video, Dir. Michael Koch
I Do Air (UK), Narrative, Dir. Martina Amati
Inner Fire 3D (France), Narrative, Dir. Celine Tricard
Jean Francois (France), Animation, Produced by Cube Creative
Rubika (France), Animation, Dis. Autour de Minuit
Stitches (Israel), Narrative, Dir.Dana Keidar
Sugar (Netherlands), Narrative, Dir. Jeroen Annokkee
The Birds Upstairs (USA), Animation, Dir. Christopher Jarvis
The Colors of Flowers (Spain), Narrative, Dir. Miguel Santesmasses
The Fridge 3D (France), Stereoscopic 3D, Dir. Josephine Derobe
The Miracle Lady (Israel), Animation, Dir. Moran Somer & Michael Aboulafia
The Piano Tuner (France), Narrative, Dir. Olivier Treiner
The Shutdown (Scotland), Narrative, Dir. Adam Stafford
TS1 (USA), Experimental 2D, Dir. John Zieman
Vodafone 3D theatrical edit (Spain), Spec, Produced by Bosalay Productions
Water Lilies In Bloom (Norway), Narrative, Dir. Emil Stang Lund
Yuri Lennon’s Landing (Switzerland), Narrative, Dir. Anthony Vouardoux

For a complete schedule and tickets please visit http://www.BEFILM.net

LA 3-D Movie Festival Announces 2011 Dates
3D-News Posted: Thursday, April 28, 2011 (5:12 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

The Stereo Club of Southern California announced the dates for the 8th Annual Los Angeles 3-D Movie Festival, to be held on Saturday, May 14th and Sunday, May 15th, 2011, at the Downtown Independent Theater. The festival will showcase a selection of over twenty-five international 3D shorts in competition.

"Hollywood studios aren't the only ones producing 3D movies. The LA 3-D Movie Festival showcases independent 3-D movies made by filmmakers from all over the world. These creative 3D filmmakers have developed their own solutions to produce stereoscopic motion pictures that frequently are more innovative than the work of the big studios." - Ray Zone, 3D Film Historian

Other festival highlights include the premiere screening of a 3D feature film, stereoscopic art installations, demonstrations of do-it-yourself 3D production, and a special presentation by Chuck Comisky, the 3D VFX supervisor for Avatar. All events will be held at the Downtown Independent Theater, 251 S. Main street, Los Angeles, CA, 90012. For the complete schedule and online ticket sales, visit the festival website, http://www.LA3DFest.com

Automotive Broadcasting Network Launches Exceptional 3D digital signage solution at Digital Dealer in Orlando
3D-News Posted: Thursday, April 21, 2011 (19:59 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Automotive Broadcasting Network (ABN) announced that they are debuting Exceptional 3D no-glasses 3D display solutions at the Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition. As a leading provider for digital signage in automotive dealership service waiting areas, ABN will showcase the Exceptional 3D glasses-free 3D technology in booth #1039. The technology will serve to compliment the ABN booth experience while acting as a centerpiece for showcasing the direction that the digital signage industry is moving.

"We are very pleased to be working with Exceptional 3D to present this highly engaging and innovative digital signage solution," said Steve Mortensen, Executive Vice President of ABN. "Our organization has had an interest in no-glasses 3D," said Mr. Mortensen, "but it wasn't until after we saw the Exceptional 3D display products, that we felt confident in offering this solution to our customer base. They truly have a unique and one-of-a-kind display," continued Mr. Mortensen, "and being that it also can play traditional 2D content with no loss of resolution, compliments our ability to continue to show our exiting 2D programming through their displays. "

"We're very excited that ABN has selected Exceptional 3D and are offering our product line as a display solution for their organization and introducing the technology at the Digital Dealer Exposition," said Mike Egan, CEO & Director Of Business Development for Exceptional 3D. "The automotive industry has always stood out to us as an industry where 3D display technology would be a perfect fit."

With ABN's exhibition of this emerging technology, the aim is now to work towards delivering a unique customer experience to car dealerships and expand advertising opportunity within a very niche market.

Green Screen and Stereoscopic 3D Features Added to VideoPad Video Editing Software
3D-News Posted: Thursday, April 21, 2011 (19:58 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

NCH Software, a provider of audio, video, dictation, business and telephony software tools and utilities worldwide, announced the addition of green screen chroma key transparency and stereoscopic 3D support to their VideoPad video editing software.

VideoPad has been quickly becoming a major player in video editing with its recent 5 star review from CNET while averaging over 220,000 downloads every month. In the last few months VideoPad video editor has seen exciting new changes, giving users even more flexibility with how they can edit and compile their video projects. New features include:

  • Text and video overlay support, making things like scrolling credits a breeze
  • Chroma key transparency for green screen video production
  • Support for stereoscopic 3D video content
  • Additional transitions and effects
What really makes VideoPad stand out is the continuing focus on being an easy-to-use video editor. Even with the addition of these advance features for users who are ready move to the next level in video editing, people new to video editing will still be amazed at how easy making movies can be with VideoPad. NCH Software strives to maintain a user-friendly interface and provides video tutorials for VideoPad to help people get their feet wet when starting their first video editing projects.

SGO's Mistika brings Stereo 3D vision and creativity to The Look
3D-News Posted: Friday, April 15, 2011 (5:58 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

SGO announced that The Look, a cutting-edge London-based creative facility, has added a Mistika 2K post production system to enhance its creative services and propel the post house into the stereoscopic 3D realm.

The Look plans to use Mistika for its Stereo 3D projects and will benefit from the system's DI and 2D capabilities. Mistika's open architecture will also facilitate seamless collaboration with other systems in their existing infrastructure. The Look, which boasts stylish state-of-the-art suites , which include a cinema grading suite with HD projection on to a 4.4m wide screen and multiple grading and online suites, will now be Stereo 3D-capable owing to its investment in Mistika.

Voted as the highest ranked UK Colourist at a boutique facility, The Look's MD & Senior Colourist Thomas Urbye states: "We've been investigating the emerging Stereo 3D market both in the UK and world-wide for the last six months. It appears that it is growing month on month with quality content now being sought, and as such, now seems the perfect time for The Look to make the step in to 3D." Thomas adds: "It is very important to us that we can rely on a manufacturer who is focused on stereo 3D and has a proven track record of delivering the best 3D toolset, as well as a manufacturer who is working hard to build relationships with production companies, directors and producers. It is the passion, the keenness to listen, and the hard working mentality at SGO which has delivered their industry-leading 3D grading and finishing systems to the marketplace, and I am delighted to start my relationship with the company by purchasing their Mistika system for my facility."

Director of SGO Global Sales & Operations, Geoff Mills confirms: "The Look has become the latest company to join the rapidly growing number of facilities to adopt Mistika as their system of choice for stereoscopic 3D production. This decision once again proves that SGO and Mistika deliver the most compelling solutions in the market and we look forward to working with The Look as they move into the exciting world of stereo 3D."

In the heart of Soho, The Look provides full picture post services for commercials, television drama and feature films. Recent projects include the highly successful BBC One drama series 'South Riding', which this week was nominated for a BAFTA for Best Photography and Lighting.

NVIDIA Releases Technology Enabling Websites to Stream Stereoscopic 3D Video
3D-News Posted: Thursday, April 14, 2011 (6:37 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

NVIDIA announced that it is making its industry-leading NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ video player technology available for free to Web developers, enabling them to easily build websites for streaming high-quality 3D video to 3D Vision-equipped PCs.

NVIDIA is the first company to deliver a 3D video plug-in for the Microsoft Media Platform (MMP) Player Framework v2.5 (F.K.A. Silverlight Media Framework) with support for active-shutter 3D glasses. The plug-in is based on the same technology that powers NVIDIA's popular 3D Web community, www.3DVisionLive.com. The MPP Player Framework is open-source code that enables developers to quickly deploy robust, scalable, customizable media-player applications for the Web, based on Microsoft Silverlight and with full support for IIS Smooth Streaming and Microsoft PlayReady DRM.

"With NVIDIA's new 3D video plug-in, developers can now take full advantage of the stereoscopic 3D video streaming support available in the latest version of Microsoft Media Platform Player Framework," said David Sayed, senior product manager at Microsoft Corp. "Microsoft is delighted to work with NVIDIA to deliver exciting functionality and capabilities to help developers build the next wave of websites powered by the Microsoft Media Platform."

NVIDIA is also releasing a how-to-guide outlining the key steps and additional components necessary for developers to integrate 3D streaming video capabilities into websites. The 3D video player plug-in and guide are available today at www.3DVisionLive.com/apps.

NVIDIA is demoing the 3D Vision video player and other technologies this week at NAB (Booth #SL2728, South Hall), at the Las Vegas Convention Center, April 11-14, 2011.

"The Web is enabling an entirely new market for creating and delivering compelling, innovative 3D content," said Jon Barad, senior business development manager at NVIDIA. "Our 3D Vision technology now makes it easy for web developers to integrate world-class stereo 3D video capabilities into all types of sites."

Clearlake Capital Group Leads Recapitalization of 3ality Digital
3D-News Posted: Thursday, April 14, 2011 (6:37 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Clearlake Capital Group, L.P. announced that it sponsored the recapitalization and acquisition of 3ality Digital and simultaneously provided a significant capital infusion to the Company. 3ality is the leading provider of digital stereoscopic 3D (S3D) production hardware and software technology to the motion picture and broadcast industries. In connection with the acquisition, Clearlake, the Modell Family and management will control the Company. The investment was made from Clearlake Capital Partners II, a $415 million private equity fund that closed in January 2010. Additional terms were not disclosed.

Based in Burbank, California, 3ality provides the motion picture and broadcast industries with stereo image processing software and S3D image scaling technologies and capture solutions that are considered the "gold standard" for the production of compelling and immersive S3D entertainment. The Company's technologies, which make S3D filming and post-production far simpler and more cost-effective, are rapidly being adopted worldwide by networks, production companies, and studios to enable the highest quality S3D content creation and consumer experience.

"Digital 3D media will be a key driver in the digitization of the consumer entertainment ecosystem. 3ality's solutions enable the wider proliferation of 3D content through new, automated technologies that significantly reduce the cost of producing 3D content," said Behdad Eghbali, a Founding Partner at Clearlake. "We're excited to partner with the 3ality team and will bring significant resources to bear as the Company continues to innovate and lead the market."

"3ality brings real results to our customers, who are increasingly looking to produce high quality S3D as the format becomes essential rather than optional. With support from the Clearlake team in this recapitalization, the Company is positioned for additional growth as we continue offering technology solutions and expanded field services to our customers," said Steve Schklair, Founder of 3ality Digital, who will continue to serve as the Company's CEO. "With break-through motion pictures like The Amazing Spider-Man and The Hobbit being produced using 3ality technology and equipment, we are confident the Company is poised for great success."

"3ality has provided ground-breaking technologies and products for S3D production from the beginning. This recapitalization will enable the Company to make significant investments to continue its industry-leading track record serving the film and television industry as S3D adoption becomes a mainstream worldwide," said David Modell, Chairman of the Board.

Mr. Eghbali and Prashant Mehrotra, a Vice President at Clearlake, have joined the Company's Board of Directors.

Headwaters MB acted as financial advisor to Clearlake in this transaction.

CPC MacCaption Delivers 3D Subtitles
3D-News Posted: Monday, April 11, 2011 (21:11 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

CPC's award winning MacCaption software now adds stereoscopic 3D subtitle authoring to its versatile arsenal of HD closed captioning and subtitling post production capabilities. This means content creators can give realistic 3D positioning to subtitles using software only. Unlike traditional solutions, no expensive hardware subtitling devices are required, saving money and improving workflow.

MacCaption's subtitle authoring mode enables content creators to specify 3D depth on a per-subtitle basis. It generates full resolution left & right eye view subtitle tracks which can be overlaid onto a 3D video using any NLE system. Since the left & right eye views are separate QuickTime video files, they are compatible with all industry standard stereoscopic 3D workflows and encoding formats, such as side-by-side, top/bottom, and frame packing.

MacCaption can import existing closed captions from virtually any kind of video file. Although the specification for 3D closed captions has not yet been finalized, the existing closed captions can easily be converted into 3D subtitles or 3D open captions for now. Once a 3D closed captioning standard is established, MacCaption will be software upgradable to support it. Unlike hardware devices, the software will not become obsolete when new standards or formats are introduced.

CPC will be demoing the new 3D subtitle feature of MacCaption using Final Cut Pro and AJA® Kona 3G hardware at NAB 2011, booth SL7620.

Avid Licenses RealD Format for Media Composer
3D-News Posted: Monday, April 11, 2011 (21:11 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

RealD Inc. announced that Avid® has licensed the stereoscopic RealD Format and has integrated support into its award-winning Media Composer® high performance digital editing system. Media Composer supports output of the RealD Format so content can be viewed on 3D displays from leading manufacturers that already integrate RealD Format support.

"We're committed to fostering the creation and delivery of high quality 3D content, whether it's for the home, cinema or other entertainment platforms," said Kevin Faul, Vice President of Business Development at RealD. "By integrating the RealD Format with Avid's editing platform, content producers will have a broader set of tools for producing 3D content ready-made for broadcast delivery."

"The demand for high quality 3D content continues to grow as broadcast networks and production studios expand their 3D offerings," said David Colantuoni, Director of Product Management, P&S Creative Professional at Avid. "Through our relationship with RealD, we're delighted to introduce advanced, state-of-the-art 3D technology solutions to satisfy the burgeoning demand for 3D content and production, while continuing to revolutionize the art of creative storytelling."

The RealD Format is based on RealD's patented side-by-side 3D formatting approach. The technology combines left eye and right eye 3D image streams into a single channel for delivery of high-definition progressive or interlaced 3D video to a 3D-enabled display using today's HD infrastructure, including existing HD set-top boxes and DVRs. The side-by-side format has been named in HDMI Specifications as the mandatory format for the transmission of interlaced 3D content.

Autodesk Flame Premium 2012 Offers Tools for Total Creative Control
3D-News Posted: Monday, April 11, 2011 (21:11 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Autodesk, Inc. is now shipping Autodesk Flame Premium 2012, the company's production-proven creative 3D visual effects and finishing software. Introduced in late 2010, Flame Premium combines the award-winning Autodesk Flame visual effects toolset with a powerful timeline workflow for conform and editing, as well as real-time color grading. Flame Premium 2012 features groundbreaking tools for relighting in post, an enhanced stereoscopic 3D (S3D) finishing workflow, and improved integration with Autodesk 3D animation software.

"While budgets and production schedules shrink, creative expectations are growing," said Marc Petit, senior vice president, Autodesk Media & Entertainment. "Our 2012 lineup prioritizes artistic control and efficient workflows from production through post-production. The relighting tools in Flame Premium are a great example of how Autodesk continues to innovate with next-generation finishing tools that empower artists to tell the immersive 3D stories of today, and tomorrow."

Relighting in Autodesk Flame Premium

With the introduction of relighting capabilities in Flame Premium 2012, artists can now take advantage of the real-world 3D information inherent to their images or composites and dramatically change the look of their final scenes. With relighting, artists can radically adjust and refine the look of their scenes through a variety of lighting, shading, shadows, 3D lens flares and volumetric light rays tools – all of which can have their effects isolated by GMasks directly in the Flame Premium Action 3D compositing environment. Flame Premium also uses image-based lighting and camera mapping techniques from the CG (computer graphics) software world that, when combined with certain other relighting tools, enable artists to have total control over the final look of their imagery.

"The introduction of new light types, true shadow casting, rays and lens flares in Flame will give us an immense creative and artistic edge. Flame is redefining the term '3D compositing,' proving it has always been and always will be the leader in post-production and visual effects." - Ara Khanikian, Senior Flame Artist, Rodeo FX

Stereoscopic 3D Finishing Enhancements

Flame Premium includes a comprehensive toolset for S3D visual effects and finishing: powerful technical and creative S3D compositing and graphic design tools, multilayer S3D timeline editing, and real-time S3D color grading. In addition, the advanced S3D creative tools can benefit from the creative relighting tools that are now available in Flame Premium.

Major Improvements to Workflow with Autodesk Animation Products

Post-production facilities rely on efficient workflows between CG and finishing. With Flame Premium, artists can more quickly and easily use Autodesk Maya and Autodesk 3ds Max CG content in their projects - from render passes, Autodesk FBX software models or animated geometries. Furthermore, the new Gateway Clip gives facilities an open and flexible way to build a finishing workflow using XML that is customized to their CG finishing pipeline needs.

Autodesk Flare 2012

Autodesk Flare takes advantage of the complete set of Flame creative tools and provides facilities with more access to the tools they rely on to get their work done. Streamlining workflows between Flame Premium and Maya or 3ds Max, Flare is procedural compositing software that can be used in a broad range of workflows to deliver finished content for commercials, feature films or television – even in stereoscopic 3D. With the Flare 2012 release, facilities have more reasons than ever to adopt multiple Flare licenses as part of their creative 3D finishing workflows.

"MPC recently purchased 20 Flare floating licenses to split between our London and Los Angeles facilities. We found Flare to be an ideal complement to our in-house Flame systems. It uniquely allowed us to improve our commercials compositing workflow through simultaneous collaboration between artists and sites as well as on-set for precomp work on a laptop." - David Spilsbury, Head of Commercials Technology, MPC

"We have acquired 20 Flare licenses for use across The Mill's three VFX studios. The benefit of this means that we can float them around our studios in London, New York and Los Angeles, to whichever team needs them. They are also the ideal support and training machine for budding Flame operators." - Roy Trosh, Group Technical Director, The Mill

During the NAB Show (April 11-14, 2011), Autodesk will showcase its Digital Entertainment Creation solutions with the 2012 releases of Flame Premium, Flame, Flare, Autodesk Smoke for Mac OS X 2012, Autodesk Maya Entertainment Creation Suite 2012 and Autodesk 3ds Max Entertainment Creation Suite 2012 at booth SL2120. Customer presentations and product demonstrations will be streamed live on AREA - Autodesk's digital entertainment community.

ActivEyes glasses by Volfoni, serving the professionals of NABshow 2011
3D-News Posted: Monday, April 11, 2011 (21:10 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

French company Volfoni will present their latest innovation in 3D glasses, ActivEyes®, at NABshow in Las Vegas from April 11-14, 2011.

ActivEyes® are hybrid active/passive glasses. Consumers will no longer have to choose between purchasing active or passive glasses. With ActivEyes all-in-one technology, developed by Volfoni, 3D content can be viewed on any type of screen (TV and PC), including all brands and all technologies.

ActivEyes® glasses incorporate 4 major innovations: design, optics, electronics, and software. The electronic portion of the glasses is housed externally in a small pod that can be clipped to clothing or handheld. This lightens the weight of the glasses, making ActivEyes much more comfortable to wear. ActivEyes use the latest generation of ECB (Electronically Controlled Birefringence) optics, offering exceptional visual quality that surpasses all other LCS (Liquid Crystal Shutter) technology. ActivEyes are the most comfortable glasses on the market and supply the highest luminosity and brightest images available from 3D glasses. The high-end electronic component, which includes fully progressive software, allows ActivEyes glasses to be updated and immediately adaptable to all future advancements by screen manufacturers.

ActivEyes glasses are a simpler investment for professionals because there is no need to choose between passive, active, or easily upgradable technology. "Over the past two years, while developing this technology, we listened carefully to feedback from longtime professionals in the industry. We are pleased that the result is a state-of-the-art product that is generating so much positive response. Because ActivEyes glasses are high quality, lightweight, and have a long battery life, they are attracting attention from many animation and postproduction studios," says Thierry Henkinet, President of Volfoni.

"During NABshow, we will continue to do beta testing, listen to professional feedback, and strive to provide our customers with 3D glasses perfectly suited to their needs," notes Bernard Mendiburu, Director of Innovation at Volfoni. With an ongoing commitment to innovation, Volfoni is currently developing new interactive functions, such as multi-view mode. This would allow the user to view different types of content on the same screen, an advantage particular to active glasses. The possibilities are endless, especially in the education and entertainment markets.

Dashwood Cinema Solutions Uncovers 3D Mastering Solution V3.0 for After Effects and Final Cut Studio
3D-News Posted: Monday, April 11, 2011 (21:10 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Dashwood Cinema Solutions, developer of 3D solutions, is pleased to announce another breakthrough in its line of cutting-edge Mac®-based, stereoscopic 3D products - Stereo3D Toolbox™ v3.0. Utilized by post-production houses around the world for professional stereoscopic 3D mastering on the Mac® platform, Stereo3D Toolbox™ is powered by Noise Industries' FxFactory platform and designed to work with Adobe® After Effects®, Apple® Final Cut Pro®, Apple® Motion® and Apple Final Cut® Express applications. Groundbreaking new features in its version 3 update include streamlined and optimized code for faster previewing, real-time playback (with supported hardware), multi-input management options, and landmark parallax inspection and depth analysis tools. "Stereo3D Toolbox v.3.0 is the only solution that offers Final Cut Studio and After Effects users such a full-range of 3D mastering capabilities for projects ranging from low budget music videos to big-screen blockbusters. The faster preview speeds; coupled with its assortment of innovative features, will allow 3D post-production teams to work at elevated speeds with greater efficiency, ultimately saving thousands on costly productions," says Tim Dashwood, founder of Dashwood Cinema Solutions.

Stereo3D Toolbox's stereoscopic mastering capabilities include a wide range of output formats, unmatched sub-pixel precision, precise straight or angled floating windows, high-contrast "ghost toasting," intuitive preview tools, fine control of image exposure and color balance, 2D Z-Depth to stereoscopic conversion, and more. Here is the complete list of the new features in Stereo3D Toolbox™ v3.0:

  • Streamlined and optimized code for faster previewing
  • Real-time playback with supported graphics cards and CPUs
  • Multi-input management for multiple-interaxial rigs
  • Custom anchor point for keystone/tilt/rotation disparity correction
Stereo3D Toolbox™ v.3.0 also inherits many of the new, exciting features found in Dashwood Cinema Solutions' just-announced calibration and analysis system - Stereo3D CAT™ - including the following:
  • Auto-calibration for use with footage with the Dashwood 3D Chart
  • Parallax Inspector, or "magnifying glass," to confirm that positive parallax will not cause divergence of the eyes
  • Depth Analysis Tools that include Depth Mapping and Depth Preview modes
Stereo3D Toolbox™ at NAB 2011
Stereo3D CAT™ is debuting at the Dashwood Cinema Solutions booth in the 3D Pavilion (C10514D3) at the NAB 2011 show held in Las Vegas. Dashwood is also showcasing its entire new product line, which automates complex production tasks and lends continuity to 3D workflows.

Stereo3D Toolbox™ v3.0 will be released in Q2. NAB attendees who purchase Stereo3D Toolbox™ v2.0 on the show floor will receive a 20% discount. Stereo3D Toolbox™ v2.0 users will receive the option to download the free upgrade to v3.0 once the new software is released.

3D Second World War footage found
3D-News Posted: Monday, April 11, 2011 (21:10 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Previously unseen 3D footage of the Second World War will be shown on television for the first time.

Film from 1943 showing a German anti-aircraft crew in action will be shown in the programme, called WWII in 3D, next month.

Other footage, including a stereoscopic film found in the archives of the Imperial War Museum (IWM) and a 2D film produced by the Nazis explaining how to use the 3D technology, will feature in the hour-long show on Sky 3D on May 26.

Channel director John Cassy said: "This is truly a remarkable find - seeing the 3D footage made by the Nazis and the accompanying films on how to use them is a compelling insight into how the medium was used during the war.

"3D is often seen as a modern innovation, but this incredible footage reminds us that it's been around for decades - we're completely thrilled to be working with IWM to remaster it for the 21st century."

The show will also feature a collection of colour 3D photographs taken secretly by a civilian in occupied France and 3D reconnaissance photographs taken by allied forces.

Born to be Wild 3D Journeys into Cobb Theatres
3D-News Posted: Monday, April 11, 2011 (21:09 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Cobb Theatres, the highly respected US-based exhibitor recognized for operating first-class entertainment venues, screens the critically acclaimed documentary Born to be Wild in IMAX 3D. The film opened Friday April 8th at these Cobb IMAX Theatres: Lakeside 18 in Lakeland, FL; Merritt Square 16 in Merritt Island, FL; and Hollywood 16 in Tuscaloosa, AL.

Join IMAX and Warner Bros. Pictures on a miraculous journey of second chances when Born to be Wild 3D opens on April 8th. Follow these young orphaned elephants and orangutans on the trip of a lifetime, from birth to their rebirth into the wild. This family friendly documentary will transport moviegoers around the world to the far stretches of Kenya and Borneo and will inspire them to take action and save earth's precious creatures.

Narrated by Academy-Award® winner Morgan Freeman, Born to be Wild 3D is an inspiring story of love, dedication and the remarkable bond between humans and animals. This film documents orphaned orangutans and elephants and the extraordinary people who rescue and raise them - saving endangered species one life at a time. Stunningly captured in IMAX 3D, Born to be Wild 3D is a heartwarming adventure transporting moviegoers into the lush rainforests of Borneo with world-renowned primatologist Dr. Birute Mary Galdikas, and across the rugged Kenyan savannah with celebrated elephant authority Dame Daphne M. Sheldrick, as they and their teams rescue, rehabilitate and return these incredible animals back to the wild.

"Spending so much time among the orphaned elephants and orangutans in this film was a life changing experience," said Producer/Writer Drew Fellman. "And IMAX 3D makes it possible to share that wonder with the audience in a very profound way that takes us directly into the lives and struggles of these amazing animals."

"Cobb Theatres is thrilled to be offering this inspirational, family-friendly film to our valued customers," said Jeremy Welman chief operating officer, Cobb Theatres. "The IMAX 3D experience is immersive, literally putting you in the scene with these animals. We know our guests will be moved by the experience."

Born to be Wild 3D is a presentation of Warner Bros. Pictures and IMAX Filmed Entertainment. Directed by David Lickley and written and produced by Drew Fellman, the behind the scenes team includes supervising line producer Diane Roberts, associate producer Jill Ferguson, director of photography David Douglas and editor Beth Spiegel. Music is composed by Mark Mothersbaugh. Born to be Wild 3D will open April 8, 2011 exclusively in IMAX theatres.

The film has been rated G and has a run time of 40 minutes.

Samsung Makes Home 3D Experience More Affordable Than Ever
3D-News Posted: Monday, April 11, 2011 (21:09 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Samsung Electronics America Inc., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, announced new promotions that will make the 3D experience in the home more affordable than ever for consumers. Beginning April 24, Samsung will provide two pairs of 3D active glasses for its entire 3D TV lineup at no additional cost with the purchase of any Samsung 3D LED TV or 3D Plasma TV.

Also since May 1, 2011, Samsung's 2011 3D active glasses (SSG-3100GB) are available at retail for under $50.

With the new promotions and price reductions, 3D TV customers can now outfit a family of four with 3D active glasses for under $100. The SSG-3100GB model does not require charging and will provide up to 70 hours of use from the included replaceable battery.

Customers purchasing the D7000 and above 3D LED TVs or the D6500 and above 3D Plasma TVs will continue to receive Samsung's 3D Starter Kit (SSG-3100M). The kit includes two pairs of 3D active glasses, promotional versions of DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc.'s (Nasdaq: DWA) complete Shrek collection on 3D Blu-ray and a voucher for Megamind 3D on Blu-ray. Customers already receiving this starter kit with a step-up TV model will not be eligible for the new promotion.

Samsung's 3D Active technology delivers a no-compromise 3D experience. Unlike other approaches to 3D, Active 3D Technology delivers 2x the resolution for an immersive, Full HD image (1080p picture for each eye), a wider viewing angle and no black lines interfering with the picture.

"We are excited to make it even more affordable for the entire family to enjoy Samsung's lifelike 3D experience," said John Revie, senior vice president of Home Entertainment, Samsung Electronics America, Inc. "Reaching new audiences with the wonder of Samsung's Full HD 3D is key to driving continued adoption of 3D in the home."

Samsung's 2011 3D active glasses deliver superior image quality and vivid, realistic 3D imagery. Samsung's complete line of 3D glasses (including the stylish and incredibly light glasses designed by Silhouette) will also soon be price-adjusted.

Henninger Flexes Its Stereoscopic 3D Muscle As It Launches Its New Media Masters Workshops
3D-News Posted: Monday, April 11, 2011 (21:09 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

This spring Henninger Media Services, Inc. kicked off its first "Media Masters" production seminar and workshop. Over 60 Washington, D.C. area television and film professionals made their way to Henninger's Arlington, Virginia facility to attend the event that aimed to demystify and educate the production community about stereoscopic 3D production. "As we gain experience with new technology and navigate the challenges that come with producing content for today's multi-platform distribution channels, we feel we have a responsibility to share our expertise with other electronic-media storytellers," says Henninger Chief Operating Officer, Eric Hansen. "Our industry is always changing, and Henninger, traditionally an early-adopter of new technology, can help producers gain exposure to the latest and greatest-the more we share our knowledge, the more the local market will be open to using the new technology."

The event started off with a presentation by Henninger's Director of Engineering, Sam Crawford. He explained the principles behind how 3D movies and television work; from a look back at the well-known anaglyph red-and-blue glasses, to the stereoscopic and shutter 3D technology that is used in today's movie theaters and now in consumers' homes. After the main presentation, the event participants walked throughout Henninger's post-production facility to examine the many stages a 3D project must go through. These break-out demonstrations covered the Panasonic AG-3DA1 3D camera, 3D editing, animation, and the new DaVinci Resolve's workflow for 3D color correction. "I've been to a few 3D Seminars in the area, and Henninger's 3D presentation was by far something I could really appreciate and comprehend," says Susan Lach, Post-Production Supervisor for National Geographic Television's Natural History Unit and Specials. "They (Henninger) took the time to share their learning and knowledge with the local production community about how to better manage the limitations and challenges of 3D Production. Their leadership into this new frontier will help guide the way for us all."

Henninger partnered with two other local media companies for the event: Story House Productions, a Washington, D.C.-based company with offices in Germany and Canda; and Rebel Arts, an animation and visual arts studio located in the Henninger building. Senior creative leads from each company helped breakdown stereoscopic 3D for the documentarian, local filmmaker and network executive. "I think it is quite natural that families want to extend the 3D experience to their homes, creating little 'family events' by watching 3D movies," comments Story House Productions' Director of Production Services, Thomas Sassenberg. "In my opinion, this (3D entertainment) will grow an appetite for more 3D content on TV, and this will very naturally lead to a growing demand of non-fiction 3D content as well." Henninger is currently wrapping up the post-production on Story House Productions' hour-long 3D show, Rise of the Jellyfish for Discovery's 3D channel, 3-Net.

Producing original 3D content for television and other outlets like museums continues to grow. Cable television giants ESPN and Discovery Communications both launched their 3D networks within the last year, and movie distributors are planning to deliver more 3D home entertainment products.

The purpose of Henninger's "Media Masters" seminars and workshops is to bring together Washington, D.C. area production, communications, and business thought leaders for informative and educational opportunities. The Media Masters events are designed for the sharing and discussion of expert experiences around subject matters that are changing and reshaping the world of electronic media. "At first 3D seemed even more intimidating than HD was when it first came on the scene, but after Henninger's seminar I felt much more comfortable with the concepts and technology," says Beth Mays, a National Geographic Television Post-Production Supervisor. Henninger will continue to host "Media Masters" seminars and workshops throughout 2011.

Redrover: World's First 4K Stereoscopic 3D monitor will be Unveiled at NAB 2011
3D-News Posted: Monday, April 11, 2011 (21:09 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Redrover/True3Di, the innovative 3D technology provider of 3D Camera Rigs, Stereoscopic 3D Monitor and S3D Presentation Software, is going to reveal the World's First 4K-S3D Monitor, a jointly development between Keisoku Giken Japan and Redrover Korea at NAB 2011.

The main exhibit, 4K Stereoscopic 3D monitor 27.8" HD-SDI utilizing half mirror technology, will empower an astonishing experience of Ultra High Definition 3D images/ motion pictures (resolution 3840x2160) as first time in the world for users in 3D production, post production and digital filmmaking.

Redrover will also showcase its 2011/2012 new product lines - 3D camera rig series including micro/ extra large side-by-side 3D rigs, versatile/ sturdy/ light-weighted beam-splitter type mirror rig, 12" HD-SDI 3D field viewfinder, and True3DPT, a powerful stereoscopic 3D presentation software with the latest cutting-edge S3D layer technology that vivifies an ordinary 2D PowerPoint slide with real 3D visual impacts by its convenient 3D editing, real-time 2D to Stereo 3D Conversion, and real-time 3D preview functions.

Redrover will be demonstrating at NAB 2011 in Las Vegas, April 11-14, Booth #C12431.

Next3D and Turner Broadcasting Expand Alliance to Include Stereoscopic 3D Production and Delivery of Live Events
3D-News Posted: Monday, April 11, 2011 (21:08 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Next3D and Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. have expanded their collaborative alliance to include efforts to deploy 3D technology for the real-time production and streaming delivery of Live events to the emerging home 3D audience. The relationship leverages Next3D's proprietary stereoscopic encoding technology and content delivery service to implement industry leading tools and techniques for end-to-end stereoscopic content acquisition and delivery.

"Our approach is to partner with advantaged technology companies, such as Next3D, to deliver high-quality 3D content over existing digital infrastructure," said Jim McCaffrey, Executive Vice President, Operations & Strategy Chief Strategy Officer Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. "Next3D has demonstrated to us that its compression technology addresses some of the major challenges to delivering 3D content."

"Next3D technology preserves and enhances image quality, producing a theater-like experience, the way 3D in the home should be," said Steve Heyer, Chairman of Next3D. "Partnering with Turner to deliver Live events in vibrant High-Definition 3D is an important vote of confidence for us."

Unlike current 3DTV broadcasting methods, which squeeze the 3D image into a single 2D image frame, Next3D's patent-pending technology enables stereoscopic 3D video encoding and delivery in full high-definition 1080p. Reducing the amount of data to deliver a high definition 3D image by up to 75%, Next3D encoding reduces the bandwidth needed for home-delivery without sacrificing image quality. The ground-breaking technology also retains and enhances image details, critical to pristine 3D HD.

Viking Systems 3DHD Vision Systems Provides Superior Stereoscopic Depth Perception and Visualization of Critical Anatomic Structures
3D-News Posted: Monday, April 11, 2011 (21:08 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Viking Systems, Inc., a leading worldwide developer, manufacturer and marketer of 3D and 2D visualization solutions for complex minimally invasive surgery, announced the results of a poster presentation that was given at the 2011 Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons ("SAGES") meeting held in San Antonio, on April 2, 2011.

The poster, entitled "Initial Experience with the Viking 3D/HD Laparoscopic System" was presented by J. Esteban Varela, MD from the Department of Surgery, Washington University, St. Louis School of Medicine. Conclusions from the poster included:

  • The Viking 3D/HD Vision System delivers state-of-the-art 3D/HD vision during minimally invasive surgery, providing superior stereoscopic depth perception and visualization of critical anatomic structures.
  • The 3D/HD system has the potential to improve skill performance and therefore clinical outcomes; reducing procedure time, minimizing equipment set-up and decreasing overall operating costs when compared to other 3D systems.
  • Clinical studies evaluating the 3D/HD system are warranted.
The poster was presented during the Emerging Technology Session of the Conference, where surgeons, physicians and scientists from academic centers as well as industry were invited to submit abstracts for presentation. The submission guidelines encouraged topics that reflected "late breaking", "cutting-edge" or novel information.

During the poster session, Dr. Varela commented, "The benefits of 3DHD were obvious to me from the first time I used the system. I am looking forward to our study that will compare the results of 'Fundamental Laparoscopic Skills' protocol comparing the performance of a set of standardized tasks in 2D versus 3D."

Jed Kennedy, President & CEO of Viking Systems, said, "We are very pleased with Dr. Varela's presentation and are looking forward to the results of the upcoming study. We were also encouraged by the response we received to our new 3DHD Vision System from the delegates who attended the Conference. As our system continues to gain interest from surgeons and administrators, we expect scientifically based studies documenting the benefits of the 3DHD Vision System will further justify the purchase based on reduced procedural times and potentially improved outcomes."

3D Film Factory Launches 3D Production Company
3D-News Posted: Monday, April 11, 2011 (21:08 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

In response to the growing demand for stereoscopic 3D productions, the 3D Film Factory, the leader in professional, affordable 3D camera rigs, has launched a new division – "3D Production Pros". This new entity will be focused solely on stereoscopic 3D production services, including full-service production from concept to exhibition, 3D commercials, 3D features, 3D documentaries, stereographers 'for hire', 3D camera system rentals, specialty 3D camera support, and of course, 3D post-production and exhibition. You can visit them online at www.3Dproductionpros.com

"In just six months we've provided stereoscopic services to clients in Africa, Peru, Canada, Costa Rica, DC, Miami and LA for some very important 3D projects," said company director of operations Shawn Gilmore. "Our clients are mostly referral and repeat. They're thankful to have us aboard because we're very good at what we do, and we're inexpensive. I think it's because we love to shoot 3D. This new division gives us a chance to focus and grow that segment. Right now there's just so many shooters claiming to be stereographers out there it's scary. Honestly, most know just enough to be dangerous. They're doing more harm than good to the industry. We want to change that."

At a time when so many claim to be "stereographers", but few actually deliver, the 3D Film Factory's veteran stereographers are genuine World-Class experts. Each 3D tech has almost a decade of "hands-on" 3D filming and production experience. Over the last several years the company has shot for dozens of clients and fortune 500 companies Worldwide. Simply put – they're some of the best.

"Our life's work has been trying to capture the relationship between humans and nature in extreme environments," said world renowned documentarian Damon Foster, of Foster Brothers Productions. "So when came time to shoot alligators in 3D, in Africa, we knew there would be no second chances. We knew we needed a crew with the experience and equipment to get it right the first time. That's why we choose the 3D Film Factory for our productions. Their stereographers became key members of our team, because they proved themselves to be perfectionists in their trade."

The 3D Production Pros have the expertise, experience and equipment to succeed. The company's stereographers have mastered HD-3D shooting, including camera selection, gen-lock issues, 3D re-lighting, creating the perfect alignment, 3D rig set-up and usage, shooting ratios, unique/comfortable 3D image creation, setting up easy post workflows, and all the other minute details that create superior quality 3D and make the production a pleasant experience.

"One of our high-profile clients decided to shoot a 3D film. Lucky for us someone referred the 3D Film Factory," said Jeffrey Durkin, a director/producer with Breadtruck Films. "We're extremely happy we went with them. Instead of trying to limp through the 3D process by ourselves - it was a huge success. They were easy to work with, professional and most of all, our client was very impressed. "

The mission of the new 3D production unit is to assist clients in creating unique, memorable 3D images that are comfortable for viewers and ultimately serve the story.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu opens VIRTALIS system at the University of Western Cape
3D-News Posted: Monday, April 11, 2011 (21:07 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu was captivated by the Highly Immersive Visualisation Environment (HIVE) designed and installed by Virtalis when he officially opened the facility at the University of Western Cape (UWC) in late March. "The Arch", as he is known in South Africa, was performing one of his last engagements as the University's Chancellor prior to his retirement. He was joined by Virtalis MD, David Cockburn-Price and Virtalis technical director, Andrew Connell, who formed part of a host of VIPs for the high profile ceremony at the new HIVE, which is located within the Department of Applied Geology.

Archbishop Emeritus Tutu attended the formal presentation and saw how the HIVE will operate, but he also let out a whoop and his trademark giggle when the Virtalis team sent a virtual wasp to buzz near his head. He said, "This is an amazing, amazing contraption." David Cockburn-Price commented: "The Archbishop is a vital bundle of energy. It was a privilege to meet him and observe his enthusiasm at close hand."

Andrew Connell took guests at the opening on a Virtual Reality (VR) journey across Africa using Virtalis' GeoVisionary software. He also demonstrated the power of tracked, immersive VR, but then lightened the mood with some fun, 3D, short films.

Prof. Paul Carey, who holds the Chair of Petroleum Geology at UWC and is also the director of the BP HIVE, explained: "We believe we now have the most advanced VR system in South Africa. It allows us to take the real world and bring it into this room, making it interactive and almost touchable. People can benefit from virtual experiences because it is possible to explore, design and train virtually and bring that virtual knowledge to bear in real life."

At the core of the HIVE is a Virtalis ActiveWall system which is being used to visualise data from a wide range of industry-standard software packages. The HIVE at UWC was financed by a matched funding arrangement between the University and BP. Richie Griffiths, the manager of the BP HIVE, commented: "Students using the HIVE initially will be reading for MScs and PhDs in the South African Petroleum Studies Program and MScs in Applied Geology, but this user body will expand as relationships with other disciplines grow."

EON Reality Launches EON Interact - Interact With Your 3D Data by Using Your Bare Hands
3D-News Posted: Monday, April 11, 2011 (21:07 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

EON Reality, the world's leading interactive 3D software provider, announced the release of EON Interact™, a new stereoscopic 3D display solution based on natural user interaction (NUI). Using hand and body gestures for driving user interactions, EON Interact provides ease of use and the most intuitive user experience available for medium-sized 3D displays with interactive 3D content.

EON Interact is offered both as an integrated turn-key system solution as well as an add-on module:

  • EON Interact™ System: The EON Interact System, provides a turn-key system that includes a bright 47" 3D display and a high-end graphics PC for stereoscopic 3D presentations, making it ideal for Corporate Communication, Tradeshows or Virtual Showrooms. The EON interact System is also bundled with a powerful suite of EON software that enables easy conversion of 3D and CAD data formats and provides photorealistic, real-time interactive 3D authoring and visualization.
  • EON Interact™ Module: For existing users of EON Professional and EON Ultra, an 'EON Interact' add-on module is also available, offering complete flexibility in developing custom hand or body gestures for use in an EON-based 3D applications.
"Using gestures-driven interactions with EON Interact engages you as an active participant in the 3D application, and not merely a spectator," said Kelvin Lee, Senior Manager Technical Solutions, EON Reality Pte. Ltd, in Singapore.

Spatial View Selects SGO's Mistika for Stereo 3D Post Production and Content Adaptation
3D-News Posted: Monday, April 11, 2011 (21:07 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

SGO announced that Spatial View, a major stereo 3D pioneer in content creation and auto-stereoscopic display technologies, has exclusively chosen SGO's Mistika, to prepare stereo 3D content for 3DeeCentral. Spatial View provides software, services and devices for the creation, adaptation, and viewing of stereo 3D content on a variety of platforms including the iPhone, iPod touch, mobile devices, PCs and internet connected devices. 3DeeCentral is the online source of stereo 3D content for PCs, mobile and internet connected devices.

Spatial View has installed a stereo 3D Mistika HD system which delivers an extensive set of 2D and stereo 3D tools including colour grading, parameter adjustments, image deformation correction, match grading, and geometric correction. Mistika is a high-end finishing post-production system featuring editing, compositing and colour grading. Each of these areas is seamlessly integrated into a single timeline-based interface, allowing live interaction between all functions. Mistika accepts almost any image resolution from SD to 4K (Standard Definition to large format digital film) and beyond, in 2D and 3D. Ihor Petelycky, General Manager of Core Technology and Applications at Spatial View stated: "Our greatest challenge is the adaptation of HD and other high resolution video and image content for display on small screens including PCs, laptops, mobile phones and tablets." Ihor continued: "We need to make sure that image quality and stereo 3D are optimised for each display type, and Mistika provides us with the tools to make this possible."

Spatial View plans to use Mistika as its primary platform to automate the adaptation processes based on display characteristics. "This will give us and other Mistika customers the ability to quickly and easily re-purpose stereo 3D content for a wide variety of stereo 3D displays and maintain the high level of image quality and stereoscopic integrity customers have come to expect," Ihor added.

"Spatial View is one of the first companies addressing the challenges of stereo 3D content adaptation and we are proud to have an exclusive and strategic partnership with them," said Geoff Mills, Director of SGO Global Sales & Operations. "The repurposing of content for online and mobile delivery has become an integral part of the distribution chain for content creators, broadcasters and distributors. We are very pleased Spatial View has selected Mistika as their platform of choice to create file formats for stereo 3D content for iPhone, laptops and other platforms, and that it is the official system Spatial View has endorsed for these deliverables." Geoff concluded.

Founded in 2004, with offices in Toronto, San Francisco and Dresden, Spatial View is an established international company with an aim to make the stereo 3D experience more diverse, accessible, cost-effective and inspiring for its users. In January 2011, Spatial View launched 3DeeCentral which is an online store of stereo 3D content offering music videos, movie trailers, video shorts, and images, giving proponents of 3D the ability to view images and videos at home or on the move, with their mobile device, laptop or desktop. Market analysts forecast that by 2013, there will be over fifty-million stereo 3D-enabled mobile and PC devices on the market and 3DeeCentral is now able to deliver content to everyone.

iPhone and iPod touch users can download the free 3DeeCentral app at the App store. Spatial View's 3DeeSlide is an accessory that allows users of the iPhone and iPod touch to view stereo 3D content without glasses. Further information about Spatial View can be found at http://www.spatialview.com/3deecentral

'3D Safari: Africa' Premieres on 3net
3D-News Posted: Monday, April 11, 2011 (21:06 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Stereoscopic 3D production company, Digital Revolution Studios (DRS), in partnership with Wild Eyes Productions and Executive Producer, Eric Ustian, announced the world television premiere of "3D SAFARI: AFRICA". The program is currently featured on 3net, the joint venture 3D television network from Sony Corporation, Discovery Communications and IMAX Corporation.

"3D Safari: Africa" is a 90-minute adventure documentary, hosted by Emmy award winning, Hunter Ellis. From hot air balloon rides to a wildebeest stampede, the action-packed journey through beautiful and exotic Africa becomes vividly alive in spectacular 3D. Viewers experience the animal kingdom in full-effect, from an unsuspecting zebra defending her life from a crocodile, to a mother cheetah searching desperately for her lost cub. "3D Safari: Africa" immerses audiences in an adventure they will never forget.

3D Safari: Africa is currently available to millions of DIRECTV customers across the country on 3net's channel 107. According to Executive Producer, Gina Light Tanner (DRS CEO), "DRS is proud to be on the ground floor with the premier of 3net. Our mission is to drive the emerging 3D market with the highest standards for quality productions and compelling storytelling, and '3D Safari: Africa' is a prime example of such work."

Lightspeed Design, Inc. to Debut the DepthQ Polarization Modulator for 3D Digital Cinema at CinemaCon in Las Vegas
3D-News Posted: Monday, April 11, 2011 (21:06 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Lightspeed Design, Inc. / DepthQ® announced the debut of the new DepthQ® Polarization Modulator for 3D Digital Cinema at the CinemaCon tradeshow at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 29-31. When combined with a silver screen, the DepthQ® Polarization Modulator allows your digital cinema projector to display stunning stereoscopic 3D films, viewable using inexpensive passive circular polarized glasses.

Paired with projectors up to 18.5K ANSI Lumens, DepthQ® provides a spectacular 3D experience for screens up to 13.7m (45ft). DepthQ® meets Hollywood's demanding image quality standards by precisely and efficiently varying the polarity of light passing through it in perfect synch with the "triple-flash" of left and right eye images. An unprecedented symmetrical 50 microsecond switching time between the eyes ensures bright, low-crosstalk operation.

Features include:

  • Bright, low-ghost 3D
  • Crisp, sharp image
  • Heat-tolerant, accepts up to 22K Lumens
  • With 18.5 K lms, 3D screen sizes up to ~13.7 m (45 ft)
  • Simple, easy to set up and use
  • No moving parts - low cost/maintenance
  • Works with all DLP projectors
  • Compatible with standard polarized 3D glasses
  • Two position actuator allows easy switch between 2D and 3D
  • Simple, single-cost business model
  • Approved by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
The DepthQ® Polarization Modulator is co-developed by Lightspeed Design, Inc. and LC-Tec Displays, AB. The two companies have over 18 years of experience in their respective fields of stereoscopic design and liquid crystal manufacturing and development. Lightspeed Design is the exclusive worldwide distributor of the DepthQ® Polarization Modulator.

The system includes the liquid-crystal modulator as well as its control unit, plus hardware which mounts the unit to the front of your projector, and an actuator to move the modulator in and out of the projection path (for switching between 2D and 3D). Sync output from your projector's GPIO port is supplied to the control unit, which then conditions the signal to match the modulator's required input.

For more information, go to http://www.depthq.com/cinema-modulator.html

MasterImage 3D Announces $15M Strategic Investment by Samsung Ventures
3D-News Posted: Monday, April 11, 2011 (21:05 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

3D technology company, MasterImage 3D, Inc. announced that it has received a $15M investment from Samsung Ventures. MasterImage 3D provides auto-stereoscopic 3D displays and 3D content creation tools for mobile devices, and 3D digital cinema solutions.

MasterImage 3D invented, patented and mass-produced the cell-matrix parallax barrier, the leading 3D technology for auto-stereoscopic mobile display, which offers a higher quality 3D experience than striped and lenticular approaches. The company enabled one of the world's first glasses-free 3D mobile phones and is in development to deliver additional smartphones and tablets equipped with its 3D displays in 2011. MasterImage 3D digital cinema systems are installed in nearly 60 countries, following a year of over 300% growth.

"Samsung's investment supports our strong belief that we've just begun to realize the impact 3D will have on consumers," said Younghoon Lee, Chairman and CEO of MasterImage 3D. "We are committing this investment to innovation - specifically, to advancing our 3D solutions for cinema, smartphones, tablets, and larger autostereoscopic displays. We will continue to build toward our vision of 3D on every screen."

Ilseok Yoon, Managing Director of Samsung Ventures America, said, "Our investment in MasterImage 3D is consistent with our strategy to work closely with established market leaders. The company was early to market with auto-stereoscopic 3D mobile displays and has built a significant business in 3D cinema. MasterImage 3D has demonstrated both a technical and business vision in driving adoption of 3D and we look forward to contributing to the progress MasterImage 3D has made in all facets of consumer entertainment and communication."

Dolby Announces Next-Generation 3D Glasses at CinemaCon 2011
3D-News Posted: Monday, April 11, 2011 (21:05 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Dolby Laboratories, Inc. announced the availability of its next-generation Dolby® 3D glasses. Designed with Dolby's 3D technical know-how, the expertise of a leading eyewear design company, and 3M's new multilayer optical film lenses, the glasses are compatible with Dolby 3D Digital Cinema systems currently installed.

"With the newly designed Dolby 3D glasses, we look to maintain the premium quality visual performance that Hollywood has come to expect from Dolby 3D, while providing a more comfortable fit for cinemagoers and a lower price point for exhibitors," said Matt Cuson, Senior Marketing Director, Cinema, Dolby Laboratories. "The next-generation Dolby 3D glasses strike the perfect balance between style and performance and are designed to be used repeatedly, bringing per-ticket costs well below disposable single-use 3D glasses."

The new glasses are currently available at a list price of $12.00 or lower when purchased with a Dolby 3D bundle. Dolby also plans to make children-sized glasses available next quarter.

New Technology Increases Performance

  • Dolby has partnered with 3M to develop a new multilayer optical film lens that greatly reduces the weight of the glasses, increasing comfort while providing the excellent optical performance moviegoers expect from Dolby 3D.
  • A more robust mechanical design, the new nylon frame features wide side temples and a shelf along the top edge of the frames, which help prevent extraneous light from entering the glasses, reducing internal lens reflections.

Style Enhances Comfort
  • Updated industrial design makes both the audience member and the movie look marvelous.
  • The new frames fit comfortably over 98 percent of prescription glasses and are well-suited to youth and adults.

More Robust for More Use
  • The next-generation Dolby 3D glasses can withstand the rigors of many wash cycles and can be reused hundreds of times.
  • The new 3M lenses are scratch resistant and include an antireflective coating.

RFID Tags Added for Tracking
  • Beyond the antitheft tag included in previous generations of Dolby 3D glasses, the new Dolby 3D glasses also include individually serialized RFID tags.
  • These tags can be used for inventory tracking and management.

New Lower Cost
  • Dolby 3D glasses are high-performance, environmentally friendly, passive glasses that require no batteries or charging.
  • Because they are reusable, the per-ticket cost of Dolby 3D glasses can be well below the cost of disposable 3D glasses.
  • The new glasses are available at a list price of $12.00 or lower when purchased with a Dolby 3D bundle.

Nintendo 3DS Changes the Way You View Portable Entertainment
3D-News Posted: Monday, April 11, 2011 (21:03 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Nintendo introduced portable entertainment in 3D – without the need for special glasses. The Nintendo 3DS™ system went on sale in the United States on March 27 at a suggested retail price of $249.99. It comes with a collection of pre-installed games and fun features, with more on the way.

"Nintendo 3DS can play 3D video games and take 3D pictures, but that's just the tip of the iceberg," said Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. "The 3D display is amazing in its own right, but just as compelling are the new forms of game play it delivers, and the groundbreaking ways it will connect players to new content … and each other."

To celebrate the arrival of the system, Nintendo is holding a midnight launch event starting at 9 p.m. Eastern time on March 26 at the Best Buy store in Union Square in New York City. The event will feature hands-on Nintendo 3DS demos with food, music and giveaways (while supplies last), all leading up to a countdown to midnight, when the Nintendo 3DS system goes on sale. For those who can't make it to New York, additional midnight launch events will be held at several Best Buy stores throughout the country. Fans can visit http://www.bestbuy.com/3DS for more information. Nintendo is also installing more than 6,000 kiosks at retailers across the country over the next couple of months to let people demo the new Nintendo 3DS system.

Nintendo 3DS has 18 games available on launch day, with more than 30 total available by early June. Nintendo-published games available March 27 include:

  • Pilotwings Resort™, a high-flying aerial adventure that lets you soar over a tropical island in a plane, on a hang glider or with a rocket belt. You can take on more than 30 challenging missions, or go sightseeing and snap pictures in the game.
  • nintendogs™ cats, which lets you train and interact with your very own puppy and kitten. They react to your voice and will even welcome you with a lick of the face as you lean in. There are three different versions of the software, each featuring a different starting breed: Toy Poodle, Golden Retriever or French Bulldog. In each version, players can eventually unlock all 27 different breeds to enjoy.
  • Steel Diver™, an action-packed and immersive 3D submarine combat adventure. Take command of your sub to control its speed, depth and pitch, and use both the touch-screen and motion-sensitive controls to navigate through lush undersea environments and fire torpedoes at enemy ships and obstacles.
Nintendo's third-party publishing partners are rolling out their biggest names for launch day. Games ready for March 27 include Super Street Fighter® IV 3D Edition from CAPCOM, The Sims™ 3 from EA, Madden NFL Football from EA SPORTS, Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D from Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., LEGO® Star Wars® III: The Clone Wars™ from LucasArts™, RIDGE RACER® 3D from NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc., Super Monkey Ball™ 3D from SEGA, BUST-A-MOVE UNIVERSE™ from Square-Enix, Inc., SAMURAI WARRIORS®: Chronicles from TECMO KOEI AMERICA Corp., plus Asphalt™ 3D, Combat of Giants™: Dinosaurs 3D, Rayman® 3D and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Shadow Wars from UBISOFT.

Meanwhile, Nintendo is working on Nintendo 3DS games from its top franchises, including The Legend of Zelda™: Ocarina of Time™ 3D, Star Fox™ 64 3D, Kid Icarus™: Uprising and new installments in the Super Mario™, Mario Kart™, Animal Crossing™ and Paper Mario™ series. The system is also ready to play nearly every single Nintendo DS™ game with its original 2D graphics. Nintendo DS games that required the use of the Game Boy™ Advance slot are not compatible with the Nintendo 3DS system.

Nintendo 3DS features two screens. The top screen displays 3D images without the need for special glasses. The bottom screen is touch-sensitive. It also has three cameras. One inner camera points at you, while two exterior cameras let you take pictures of your friends and family in 3D or 2D. It weighs approximately 8 ounces and is available in Cosmo Black or Aqua Blue.

Built-in games and applications include Mii Maker™, which uses facial recognition technology to create a Mii™ character that looks just like you; Face Raiders™, which requires you to shoot at comical depictions of your own face as well as others around you; AR Games™, which superimpose graphics and animations on the real world using the included AR Cards; and Nintendo 3DS Sound, which lets you listen to MP3 or AAC music files, or make your own recordings and play with them using fun filters. The StreetPass™ feature lets some of your games and applications wirelessly swap small bits of game data as you pass other Nintendo 3DS users throughout the day, if you choose. SpotPass™, on the other hand, lets the Nintendo 3DS system detect wireless hotspots or wireless LAN access points and allows users to obtain information and game data when the system is in Sleep Mode. Free software and videos will also become available with future system updates.

Soon Nintendo will roll out a series of additional features for Nintendo 3DS, including an Internet browser, an online store called Nintendo eShop, the ability to access 3D Hollywood movie trailers, automatic and free access to more than 10,000 AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots nationwide and the ability to stream Netflix movies (Netflix unlimited membership required).

AT&T Takes Smartphone Customers Into a New Dimension
3D-News Posted: Monday, April 11, 2011 (21:03 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

The LG Thrill 4G will be exclusive to AT&T customers and reach AT&T stores in the coming months. Running the first dual-core, dual-channel 1 GHz processor in the U.S. and based on the Android 2.2 platform, LG Thrill 4G will be among the first to deliver a glasses-free 3D experience to U.S. customers and will allow users to shoot 3D video and 3D stills with the dual 5-megapixel stereoscopic camera. In addition to apps and games from Android Market, LG Thrill 4G will offer 3D content via the "LG 3D Space," which houses 3D games, video clips and images for quick, convenient access.

Preloaded with 16 GB of memory (8 GB onboard plus an 8 GB MicroSD card), the LG Thrill 4G will record 3D video at 720p resolution and 2D at 1080p quality. The smartphone will be able to play video back in high definition through the HDMI-out port on the device or stream content wirelessly through DLNA technology.

Connected TV sales grow faster than 3D at end of 2010
3D-News Posted: Monday, April 11, 2011 (21:02 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Demand for TV sets continued to grow in the last quarter of 2010, with a total of 24 million TV sets shipped to EMEA, an increase of 5% year on year. Most of the growth was from Eastern Europe and the MEA region, according to market research specialist Meko.

The key product areas showing growth were 3D, connected TV and LED-backlit TV. While there was a moderate increase in 3D TV sales, it was internet connected TV sales which saw the fastest rise.

In Western Europe, during quarter four, 27% of TV set shipments were internet connection capable. "However, these TV sets are not necessarily connected by consumers", commented Goksen Sertler, senior analyst for TV at Meko. Looking at brands, Sony and Samsung have the highest connected TV share of shipments, both at above 40%.

A total of 1.1 million 3D TVs were sold in the EMEA region in Q4. "This is about 30% of world-wide 3D shipments", commented Sertler. "This was above our forecast, but there is a huge mount of 3D TV stock in sales channels. 3D sets were clearly pushed into the sales channels by TV set makers, with the hope of increasing sales revenue and finding a reason for consumers to pay more", she added.

However, lack of content and weak demonstrations kept sales figures low. About 1.8% of total Western European flat panel TV set shipments were S3D TV sets and plasma accounted for 21% of this figure.

Finally, LED-backlit penetration went up to 30% of total LCD TV shipments in Western Europe, with Germany shipping the highest number of LED-backlit LCDs.

Sertler concluded, "We will keep seeing more models with S3D, more connected TV sets and LED-backlit TVs. However, retailers need to set up better demonstrations for connected TV and S3D TVs to convince the consumer not choose on price but to look at value".

Dimension 3 welcomes the first edition of the Lenstar Lenticular Print Award
3D-News Posted: Monday, April 11, 2011 (21:02 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

DPLenticular and www.lenstar.org have teamed up to create the Lenstar Lenticular Print Award. This award, which has specifically been created to reward and encourage companies and individuals in the development and use of lenticular printing throughout the marketing and communication mix, will be given during the International S3D and New Images Forum (May 24-26 / Paris area, France).

Participating in the Lenstar Lenticular Print Award is free of charge, and the contest is open to any candidate, person or company, having activities in the field of creating, processing and printing of lenticular images.

The winners of the LLPA 2011 edition will be announced on May 26th on the LLPA stand of Dimension 3, the International S3D & New Images Forum in Paris. All entries will be shown during the 3-day Forum, which creates a visibility, both for lenticular print and the participating companies.

To cover the entirety of applications for which lenticular images are suited, 5 different categories have been defined:

Sales material: Merchandising products such as postcards, posters, etc.
Premium promotional material : Objects, magnets, gadgets, accessories, gimmicks, etc.
Packaging material : Book or magazine covers, CD, DVD, in-pack content, partial or full on-pack content, other packaging, etc.
Promotional material : Point of Sales or Point of Purchase such as poster, shelf tag, wobbler, display, aisle decoration, face frames, etc.
Large format : Any format between 711 x 1016mm (28 x 40 inches) and 1219 x 1828mm (48 x 72 inches) Produced in offset or digital.

There will be one winner (award) for each of the five different categories. The winning candidate will be awarded with a "Lenstar Lenticular Print Award" certificate, and a digital Lenstar Lenticular Print Award logo they can show on their websites or in other forms of communications.
There will also be a Public Prize. The visitors' favorite will receive the "LLPA Supreme Public Preference" Award.

Judging criteria:
Creation : relevance and impact of the message, originality
Technical prepress : DPI quality, printing synchro
Technical printing : color synchro, phasing and colorimetric profiling

To learn more about the LLPA, visit http://lenstarlenticularprintaward.org

Framestore flies with Mistika to demystify stereo 3D for ingenious LG cinema commercial 'Rare Butterflies'
3D-News Posted: Monday, April 11, 2011 (21:01 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

SGO's Mistika was used by Framestore for all the stereoscopic alignments, depth grading and visual effects compositing for the LG "Rare Butterflies" cinema commercial for LG's integrated 3D cinema and digital campaign. Directed by Richard Ayoade for Framestore's digital team, and lead by Executive Producer, Simon Whalley, Framestore conceived, filmed and post produced the high profile campaign for agency Mindshare, to demystify stereoscopic 3D, using humour and interactive elements on the online version.

Framestore used its extensive stereoscopic 3D knowledge gained from working on Avatar and subsequent stereoscopic productions such as the PHILIPS' Parallel Lines' The Foundling to create the spot and chose SGO's Mistika to complete the cinema commercial. Filmed with a pair of SI-2K cameras, the project was a "one shot" commercial and therefore, initially, the best take was selected to work from. At the start of the film, Mistika was used to mimic the tone of an old "anaglyph 1950's B-style movie", using internal colour grading and grain generating features.

Framestore's Executive Producer, Simon Whalley states: "Mistika was the perfect tool for this project. It was essentially the main hub for the commercial, and we were able to plug our CG pipeline directly into it. Also, as this was a commercial for cinema, the ability to export a DCP from the Mistika to our network and be viewing the film back in our cinema, in stereo 3D, within fifteen minutes, was fantastic."

David Cox, Visual Effects Artist & Colourist, worked on the entire stereo 3D post effects at Framestore, using Mistika, where he explains the stereo 3D post process: "The next main section of the commercial shows a footballer kicking the ball directly at the audience for a classic, 3D surprise "duck" moment. In fact, the ball was actually kicked directly upwards and out of the frame. At the point of the kick, Mistika's stereoscopic painting and compositing tools were used to remove the original ball and replace it with one created in stereo 3D, which could then be carefully animated to create the desired effect." David continues: "A similar process was used to remove a puppet of a parrot that flew through the frame, and replace it with an alternative version that hit its cue mark a little better."

Mistika was also used to augment an eye-catching sequence that included hundreds of blossoms falling from a tree. Around fifty additional blossoms that exactly matched the original ones, were created and animated in Mistika, in order to enhance the stereoscopic 3D experience. The final scene includes hundreds of flying butterflies that fill the 3D space around the main characters. These were animated in Maya and passed to Mistika as EXR files for compositing along with shadows, reflections and so forth. David concludes: "The commercial ends with a classic product shot, which had all the usual "beautification" processes applied to it, but this time in stereo 3D by Mistika."

The online interactive campaign is currently available to view at the LG 3D website http://www.lg.com/uk/3d/ and on YouTube.

SEGA Announces Captain America and Thor Video Games Will Feature 3D Visuals on Three Platforms
3D-News Posted: Monday, April 11, 2011 (21:00 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

SEGA® Europe Ltd. and SEGA® of America, Inc. announced Thor™: God of Thunder and Captain America™: Super Soldier, scheduled for release this spring and summer, will feature eye-popping stereoscopic 3D graphics on the Xbox 360®video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system platforms. Additionally, both games will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS™ system later in the year as an immersive new handheld 3D experience.

"Playing as Captain America with bullets whizzing past in stereoscopic 3D and having a titanic Frost Giant charge straight at you in Thor will bring an unprecedented level of adrenaline to the gameplay experience," commented Gary Knight, Senior Vice President of Marketing at SEGA Europe and SEGA of America. "When you combine the triple threat of epic gameplay, hall of fame franchises from Marvel, and outstanding 3D visuals, it's clear that Thor: God of Thunder and Captain America: Super Soldier comprise a new class of Super Hero game."

Both games, which will also be available at launch on the Wii™ system and Nintendo DS™ handheld system, feature original third-person adventures written in conjunction with Marvel scribes.

Creating interactive epics that stand on their own, the games share lead actors and a visual universe with the films based on the same Marvel franchises. Both games will support multiple 3D modes, including anaglyph Color mode utilizing red- and blue-lensed glasses for conventional displays. For active shutter glasses and 3D televisions, the games provide Side-by-Side and Top-Bottom modes, and on PlayStation 3, the higher resolution Frame Packing mode for HDMI 1.4 3D displays is supported.

In Thor: God of Thunder, scheduled to street on May 3, 2011, players will play as Thor while battling through several of the Nine Realms to save his homeland of Asgard. Players will wield the iconic Mjölnir, Thor's legendary hammer, to fight enemies on an immense scale while controlling the elemental storm powers of lightning, thunder, and wind to vanquish enemies. The sweeping vistas, Thor's devastating hammer throws, and the explosive elemental effects of Thor's godlike powers will be especially powerful when viewed in 3D.

Captain America: Super Soldier, scheduled for release on July 19, 2011, transports players to the darkest days of World War II to face the Red Skull and his Hydra army in an epic action adventure. Playing as Captain America and wielding his legendary shield, gamers will engage in free-flowing combat and acrobatic platforming to infiltrate Hydra's mysterious castle and battle the infamous Iron Cross, the forces of Hydra, and a host of nefarious enemies serving the Red Skull. As the First Avenger himself, players must defeat the evil scientist Arnim Zola and his wartime experiments, combining shield attacks and powerful melee combos to devastating effect. Aside from rich 3D visuals, players will gain gameplay benefits from 3D platform environments inside the castle, with the ability to discern depth aiding in judging leaps from one platform or pole to another.

Both titles will be available for Nintendo 3DS in conjunction with the movie DVD releases later in the year, with action-packed adventures that provide players a new way to experience Thor and Captain America in 3D.

DQE Announces 3D Feature Film Release Slate
3D-News Posted: Monday, April 11, 2011 (21:00 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

DQ Entertainment International ("DQE") announced its 3D feature film release slate starting 2012 onwards to be produced at a budget of $25-30M each.

The Company will release three stereoscopic feature films:

1. THE JUNGLE BOOK (2012-13)



The slate will be led by the flagship property of DQE, The Jungle Book 3D TV Series-sold in 160 countries and greenlit for a second season after being broadcast on networks such as TF1-France, ABC-Australia, BBC-UK, Disney-SE Asia, ZDFTV-Germany, TVO-Canada, EBS-Korea and others. The Stereoscopic pilots received appreciation at feature film forums and will be presented at the feature film markets at Cannes and AFM to appoint sales agents and distributors worldwide.

The Company has produced 3D animated stereoscopic feature film "The Prodigies" with Onyx Films and Fidélité Films, France-distributed by Warner Bros Pictures and Studio37, France.

The Jungle Book Feature film based on the original writings of Rudyard Kipling will be in high quality stereoscopic 3D with state-of-the-art visual effects. The film will come to life with high drama, comedy and adventure as the man-cub Mowgli learns to survive in the deep tropical jungles of Seonee. Shere Khan, Baloo, Bagheera, Kaa, Hathi and other animals will come alive to entertain children.

The New Adventures of Peter Pan will see Peter Pan back in timeless Neverland and 21st century London. The fight to save Neverland from the evil Captain Hook and many more 'unimaginable evils' will have Peter and his friends save the island with courage, daring and so much more.

The Phoenix and the Flying Carpet originally by Edith Nesbit, will have the Five Children, the millennial phoenix, a bird of awesome vanity and a magic carpet make a number of expeditions around the world from China to Arabia and India.

Tapaas Chakravarti, Producer and Chairman of DQE, said: "At DQE, there is enormous excitement to develop 3D Stereoscopic feature films for global release. DQE group with its strong 3D CGI production pipeline of 3500 professionals has produced famous 3D Series such as The Jungle Book, Little Prince, Iron Man, Little Nick, Casper, Galactik Football, service productions for Disney-Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Penguins of Madagascar, Tak, Fan Boy for Nickelodeon."

Portugal's stereo 3D pioneer, CVisual relies on Mistika to post produce its 2D and stereo 3D projects
3D-News Posted: Monday, April 11, 2011 (21:00 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Portugal's stereoscopic 3D pioneer, CVisual, which is a digital animation and VFX post production company, stands out from its competitors, by embracing stereo 3D and providing clients with highly advanced technology and solutions using SGO's Mistika. As system of choice at CVisual, Mistika's 2D and stereo 3D capabilities form the foundation of the facility, producing first-rate quality work. CVisual acquired a Mistika system a year ago, which was used to post produce their latest project titled TERATRON - As Cobaias 3D (which means TERATRON – The Guinea Pigs) at CVisual, a 45-minute stereo 3D concert for digital cinema, which was filmed in 4K with the RED Camera.

TERATRON is a band that was previously formed by two leading Portuguese musicians Pedro Quaresma on guitar and João Nobre on bass. As-Cobaias 3D is TERATRON's final work of art, in which Quaresma and Nobre invite three other musicians on board to tell the story of Professor M, a scientist who is investigating a series of peculiar robberies. Adolfo Luxuria Canibal, New Max, actor Miguel Guilherme and the illustrator, João Maio Pinto are the additional artists involved. The project pieces music, comedy and cinema together beautifully. TERATRON – As Cobaias 3D is showing across eight main theatres in Portugal.

The trickiest aspect of the project involved the six music artists' very demanding schedules, which had to be juggled, with great skill accordingly, in order to shoot the piece in a single day. Despite the numerous challenges faced throughout production from the outset, including the stereo 3D shoot, a small studio set, playback sound issues, tight capture time-frames and camera hardware difficulties, CVisual completed the successful post production, and victoriously delivered outstanding stereo 3D finishing results, owing to Mistika's superior problem-solving abilities, openness, remarkable speed, stunning colour grading and powerful toolsets. Mistika is a flexible high-end post system capable of SD, HD, 2K, 4K, and stereoscopic 3D with real-time ARRI, RED camera and other native data work-flows. It seamlessly integrates timeline-based editing, conforming, infinite-layer compositing, colour grading and image restoration all in one complete system with various tool-sets working together in the time-line. The team at CVisual also relied on Mistika for a wide ranging list of tasks which included the reconstruction of 3D images, image restoration, chroma corrections and camera alignment and stabilisation issues, which originated with camera rig hardware. Mistika was also used to correct errors in shootings; stereo 3D compositing with CGI interaction, 2D motions graphics and playback issues.

Antonio Teixeira, Technical Director at CVisual explains: "Mistika literally performed miracles at CVisual. Mistika was amazing, as it worked for 24-hours non-stop, over two months solidly, handling RED RAW data in 2K and 4K resolutions as well as large files for graphics and backgrounds effects, and it accomplished everything you can imagine in record time. Ever since we had Mistika installed, from that moment onwards, it has become a valuable tool for most of the projects in which CVisual is involved in. " Antonio added: "I am sincerely grateful for all the support from the SGO team who helped us finish this project smoothly."

CVisual is currently preparing for post production work on a ninety-episode 3D animation TV series, including a stereoscopic 3D version, now made possible to create with Mistika, as the fundamental system of the project

Syabas Is First to Implement Matroska 3D Video
3D-News Posted: Monday, April 11, 2011 (20:59 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Syabas Technology, a leading global distributor of digital entertainment solutions, announced that it's the first to support Matroska 3D in its latest firmware update for both the Popcorn Hour and PopBox products. During the CES 2011 show they demoed the new 3D playback software and received great feedback from both re-sellers and existing customers.

A free firmware update is now available for the Popcorn Hour C-200 with the A-200/210 and PopBox version on the way. Users can now enjoy playback of 3D movie files in both stereoscopic modes. Side by Side and Top and Bottom video are now supported in a wide variety of popular containers including MK3D, MOV, MP4, and M2TS. Using HDMI 1.4 commands, playback on any 3D compatible television is now a reality.

"At Syabas it was our goal to offer our customers a better TV viewing experience and 3D brings it," said Armando Lopez VP of Strategic Product Marketing. "We took a look at the most popular playback formats and found that 3D was one of them. We put together our engineering resources and now have one of the best 3D playback devices on the market."

The innovative Syabas products enable consumers to enjoy a wide assortment of content including, home videos, photos, personal music, movies, games and a wide range of TV apps. They have some of the most popular apps like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Revision3, Flicker, Howcast, TED, Weather Bug and many more. To complete all this we have a great user interface that aggregates all your media from any networked device anywhere in the house. Syabas continues to add value to our customer experiences and further enhance our firmware which will benefit existing and new customers alike.

"For a long time Syabas Technology has been a strong early adopter of the Matroska technology," said Steve Lhomme of Matroska. "They have been reliable partners of our team for years. We are delighted to see them raise the bar once again with the first hardware/software support of 3D Stereoscopic Matroska files. We expect use of .mk3d (.mkv with 3D video) to increase a lot during the coming months/years and with the help of hardware partners like Syabas."

Mistika proclaims CineForm compatibility supporting SI-2K Silicon Imaging Cameras
3D-News Posted: Monday, April 11, 2011 (20:59 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

SGO announced that the codec used by Silicon Imaging Cameras, such as the SI-2K, is now supported natively in Mistika, without required conversions, and all in real-time. Industry-leading DI and stereo 3D post system, Mistika, has been developed to support the CineForm RAW™ digital intermediate codec, a powerful 12-bit codec that natively encodes the RAW Bayer data from the single-sensor on Silicon Imaging cameras. It then preserves the RAW data at the codec level, until the information is "flattened" for final output. Silicon Imaging SI-2K combines a digital cinema class 2048x1152 resolution camera head, and the power of CineForm RAW™, to deliver a direct-to-disk raw recording platform with unprecedented image quality and shooting flexibility.

Mistika has the advantage of being uncompressed internally, and therefore compression is always a compromise for other systems that are not able to handle uncompressed data. Mistika's powerful colour grading, compositing and editing environment, together with the direct native support of CineForm RAW™ for SI-2K cameras, ideal for stereo 3D projects due to their portable design, provides a truly formidable and invincible combination, resulting in further enhanced mind-blowing speed, astounding workflow efficiency and ultimate quality of creative freedom. The CineForm RAW™ Digital Intermediate codec enables editing and effects to be achieved in real-time at the user's demand. CineForm RAW™ has now joined the evolving list of formats that Mistika supports, which include RAW data from RED One, RED EPIC, Phantom, Weisscam, ARRI ALEXA and other data formats.

"The fact that Mistika can now support a format like CineForm RAW™, clearly demonstrates SGO's philosophy of placing our customer's requirements at the forefront of our technological advancements. This new development delivers enhanced capability to import a wavelet-based codec natively, which is one of the most effective methods of image compression available today, without the need for rendering or conversion, and all in real-time." Miguel Angel Doncel, CEO of SGO states.

"CineForm RAW has quickly emerged as the format-of-choice for the production and post production community worldwide, and it has always been our mission to simplify the camera-to-post workflow by offering broad support and compatibility across the systems our customers are using," added David Taylor, president of CineForm. "By enabling Mistika with CineForm RAW support, their customers can now experience new levels of efficiency and quality in all aspects of production, from HD to the now booming stereo 3D production workflow."

The SI-2K captures full resolution, DCI-compliant 2K and 1920 x 1080 progressive-scan 12-bit raw images for use in both digital cinema projection and HD television or optical disk environments. It uses Silicon Imaging's proprietary 48-bit digital processing algorithms to perform adaptive pixel-by-pixel black calibration and colour image enhancement. RAW digital information from the camera's sensor is recorded directly into the CineForm RAW™ format, which leverages CineForm's respected Visually Perfect™ wavelet compression technology. Recording in the CineForm RAW™ The Digital Intermediate format records a "digital negative" direct-to-disk, preserving the full dynamic range and per-pixel sensor data in the codec. This technique gives the producer/director the added flexibility to develop these "digital negatives" in post, rather than being forced to make non-reversible decisions and apply camera adjustments on set. It also eliminates the YUV conversion steps on most 3-chip cameras, which unnecessarily expand the data by 300% before encoding. Recording raw sensor data results in higher detail and dynamic range for the same or smaller file size.

Mistika was used by The Framestore in London recently for all the stereoscopic alignments, depth grading and visual effects compositing for the LG "Rare Butterflies" cinema commercial for LG's integrated 3D cinema and digital campaign and filmed with a pair of SI-2K cameras.

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