3D-News Archive May 2009

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History Channel Launches Next Wave of 'Expedition' Campaign with Glass Free 3D LCD Display Technology
3D-News Posted: Friday, May 29, 2009 (5:55 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Magnetic Media Holdings Inc. announced that History Channel will utilize the company's display technology to promote its new series, Expedition. Magnetic's 57" auto-stereoscopic Enabl3D displays will be featured in two street level billboard installations designed by Pearl Media. Passer-bys will be able to experience Expedition content in true 3D without the use of any special eyewear.

"The Digital Out-of-Home Market is truly an exciting vertical for the deployment of Magnetic's Enabl3D Technology," said Magnetic's CEO and Co-Founder, Tom Zerega. "Our partnership with the Pearl Media and their client, History Channel, has offered Magnetic the unique opportunity to bring the world's largest glasses-free 3D LCDs to the forefront of the digital advertising industry."

Magnetic is the industry-leader in auto-stereoscopic 3D LCD displays, 3D content creation, 3D digital signage solutions and 3D software. Magnetic's 3D LCD displays enable viewers to see 3D without glasses. Display sizes include a wide range of products including 57", 47", 42", 32" and now 22".

"Pearl Media is always looking to bring its clients the newest and most innovative ways to bring their messaging to the street. Magnetic and their 3D products provide our clients with an original opportunity to literally stop consumers in their tracks and create a unique experience for their brands that has never been seen before," said Josh Cohen, President.

History Channel's storefront installations are located on 43rd Street at 5th Avenue and 382 West Broadway between Broome Street and Spring Street in New York City. The installations will be on display from May 18, 2009 through June 14, 2009.

3D Displays Join Autodesk Gallery and Showrooms in San Francisco
3D-News Posted: Thursday, May 28, 2009 (5:13 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Alioscopy USA, a 3D visualization technology provider, today announced that its innovative 42" LCD autostereoscopic 3D display is now a part of the design collection in the prestigious Autodesk Gallery at One Market in San Francisco, California. Built to celebrate the design process of its customers, the Autodesk Gallery at One Market features more than 20 different exhibits that highlight the vast range of inspiring designs, from cathedrals to giant LEGO(R) dinosaurs. The Alioscopy autostereoscopic 3D display supports Autodesk(R) 3ds Max(R) software (with planned future support for Autodesk(R) Maya(R) and Autodesk(R) Softimage(R) software) and Autodesk(R) Toxik(TM) software - allowing artists and technical directors (TDs) to create and composite autostereoscopic 3D content - extending creative and business horizons.

Visitors will be able to view real-world examples of immersive, startling and entertaining autostereoscopic 3D animations and images on the Alioscopy LCD display - without wearing any type of 3D glasses. Just by viewing the Alioscopy 42" LCD display (3DHD-42), guests will quickly comprehend how the Alioscopy multi-view technology offers 3D artists and creative studios a whole new business-to-business (B2B) platform. A special lenticular lens, attached to the LCD display, completes the autostereoscopic effect. The Alioscopy technology opens new frontiers for digital signage, advertising, medical and design visualization, gaming, concerts, trade shows and events - and even a way for cinemas to promote upcoming stereoscopic 3D films in the lobby, without having to issue 3D glasses.

"Alioscopy is thrilled to join the Autodesk Gallery at One Market, where content producers and businesses looking for new ways to display their ideas can see and 'almost feel' dazzling autostereoscopic 3D images and animations," said Philippe Roche, CEO of Alioscopy USA. "The high volume of stereoscopic 3D films hitting theatres this year is driving an unprecedented demand for the same immersive 3D digital display and gaming content - outside of the movie theatre. Alioscopy is also building a community of preferred content developers who can extend their 3D skills via our Customizable Template program, offering multi-purpose templates that can be used and re-used for highly differentiated, immersive and attention-getting autostereoscopic content," added Roche.

Autodesk, Inc. also has the Alioscopy displays installed in its Venice, California and Montreal, Quebec offices. Alioscopy USA also has a showroom at their offices in San Diego, California, and with Worlds Away Productions in New York, NY.

Snell Introduces Enhancements to Kahuna Production Switcher Enabling Streamlined IT-Based Workflows, and Support for 3D Operations
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, May 20, 2009 (20:24 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Snell, the new company formed through the merger of Pro-Bel and Snell & Wilcox, introduced a variety of enhancement for its acclaimed Kahuna multiformat SD/HD production switcher at the 2009 NAB Show.

Enhanced functionality includes new software applications that address the demand for IT-based workflows across production operations, as well as new capabilities targeted to 3D acquisition in live production. By making it easy for broadcast and production facilities to transfer, share, and backup project files across an IT backbone, the new K-Watch and K-Mirror software applications bring greater efficiency, flexibility, and security to production switching. The Kahuna's new 3D stereoscopic functionality simplifies acquisition of high-quality 3D video.

K-Watch for Kahuna The K-Watch software application facilitates the conversion and uploading of file content and graphics to one or multiple networked Kahuna systems. The software supports creation of files in the IT domain and transparent placement of those files onto the switcher without disrupting its operation. With this capability, broadcasters can easily publish name plates and lower-thirds to a Kahuna system, or share other files among multiple networked switchers. By eliminating the need to upload files manually, K-Watch increases control over files, cuts the time required to deliver media to the switcher, and lowers the risk of error. K-Mirror for Kahuna K-Mirror is a software application that allows users to gain significant workflow efficiencies by backing up valuable work, whether working with a single Kahuna or in a networked multiple-Kahuna environment. K-Mirror facilitates the rapid backup and sharing of Kahuna Projects, each of which is a complete show, series, event, or production consisting of elements including graphics files, animations, effects memories, DVE memories, and engineering configurations.

Project files, representing all pre-production work and related settings and elements, now can be copied onto the facility's IT backbone and shared across Kahuna systems. As a result, the entire Kahuna Project for a particular show can be loaded remotely, from a completely separate studio, without disrupting production personnel. Much faster than conventional backup via USB or media drive, K-Mirror brings a cost-saving combination of speed and security to production switching.

3D Stereoscopic Functionality

The newly developed 3D stereoscopic functionality for the Kahuna makes it easier for operators to fine-tune the alignment of cameras, thus enabling faster and more cost-effective calibration of cameras for 3D acquisition. With these added capabilities, the Kahuna offers advanced processing that, through an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, enhances the operator's ability to shoot, monitor, and control 3D video for live production in sports, entertainment, and other programs.

Lightspeed Design and RealD PRO Introduce 3D Bundle
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, May 20, 2009 (20:17 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Lightspeed Design, Inc., a developer of 3D stereoscopic projectors, and RealD PRO, a division of leading 3D technology and visualization equipment provider, RealD, announced the release of the NEW DepthQ(R)/RealD PRO Bundle.

The DepthQ(R)/RealD PRO Bundle consists of a DepthQ(R) HD 3D projector, four CrystalEyes(R) 3 professional liquid crystal shutter eyewear, and an EXXR long-range wide-angle IR Theatre Emitter for a total price of $7500. In addition, customers purchasing a DepthQ(R)/RealD PRO Bundle from Lightspeed will be able to purchase additional CrystalEyes(R) 3 eyewear under special pricing.

Chris Ward, President of Lightspeed Design, Inc., said "Combining these state-of-the-art stereoscopic products into one package brings added value to our professional customers who need high-quality, stereoscopic HD 3D technology."

DepthQ(R) HD 3D Projectors offer rock-solid, 120Hz stereo 3D at 1280x720 resolution. These bright, professional-level 3D projectors can easily display 9 ft (2.7m) wide 3D high-definition images using the latest Texas Instruments DLP(R) and BrilliantColor(TM) technologies for stunning colors and a 2000:1 contrast ratio. (http://www.depthq.com/projector.html)

CrystalEyes(R) 3 is the industry standard for engineers and scientists who develop, view and manipulate 3D computer graphics models in CAVEs, theaters and immersive environments. CrystalEyes(R) 3 is the leader for 3D visualization in molecular modeling, virtual prototyping, and aerial photography/mapping. (http://www.reald.com/Content/CE3.aspx)

The EXXR Long Range Theatre Emitter offers a 130 degree infrared spread transmitting up to 70 ft (21m) making it the most powerful active eyewear synchronization emitter in the world. (http://www.reald.com/Content/Emitters.aspx)

3D for operas, films, concerts Dimension 3 rolls out the red carpet!
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, May 20, 2009 (20:16 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

For the 3rd edition of Dimension 3, an event organized by Seine-Saint-Denis Avenir in collaboration with Avance Rapide Communication, especial priority will be given to national and international premieres.

A place for reflection on stereoscopic images, the International Forum on 3D Images also offers great entertainment This year, thanks to the giant steps made in 3D technologies, visitors will be able to witness incredible images and events. Some of the high-profile contents will be for professionals only, but members of the public won’t be left aside!

An active Festival

Dimension 3 Festival, a unique European festival dedicated to 3D films, offers public screenings of a great variety of programs (feature films, documentaries, theme park films). Based in Pantin’s Ciné 104 venue (right next to central Paris) from June 2 to 4, the Festival will show films such as Bolt 3D, Bugs 3D, Monsters of the Abyss, The Nightmare Before Christmas (free admittance).

This is a great chance for viewers of all ages (5 and up) to explore the ocean’s depths, to go on adventures with animated heroes, to see the Earth as it was 80 million years ago, or to visit a space station orbiting over 200 miles above out heads!

Dimension 3 Festival then will become a touring event, with screenings all over the area from June 5 to 15. The film schedule includes The Nightmare Before Christmas (distributed by Walt Disney Motion Pictures France), Sea Monsters 3D (distributed by National Geographic) or Bugs 3D (distributed by SK Films) films that are acknowledged as 3D classics!

The traveling festival is held in 5 towns of Seine-Saint-Denis: Noisy-le-Grand, Romainville, Tremblay-en-France, Saint-Denis and Bondy.

A special opening night

The International Forum on 3D Images will start off with a bang, offering a world first sponsored by Orange and in partnership with La Géode: a live screening from the Rennes Opéra, in 3D and using HOA (High Order Ambisonics), of Mozart’s masterpiece Don Giovanni (invitation required).

La Géode provides the digital equipment, including giant screen and surround sound system, for this live broadcast, allowing Dimension 3 visitors to experience the opera like they never have before.

New Exhibitions and Workshops at the 3D Center of Art and Photography
3D-News Posted: Tuesday, May 19, 2009 (8:08 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Several new exhibitions and workshops will take place at Portland's 3D Center during the next weeks and months:

"Macro Stereo Fotographia by Imre Zsolnai-Nagy - In the STEREO THEATRE: June 4th - August 2nd, 2009

"Macro Stereo Fotographia" presents close-up 3D views of the natural world in a digital theatre presentation by stereographer Imre Zsolnai-Nagy of Debrecen, Hungary. Shooting extreme close-ups in 3D combines art and exacting calculations. The 2 images (left and right) that make up the stereo photo are taken either with a single macro camera with 2 lenses very close together or, if using a single camera, the shift of the camera between the left and right image may be a fraction of an inch. A urologist by profession, Zsolnai-Nagy is very much involved in the technical aspects of creating 3D images. He has developed his own method for de-ghosting anaglyph images (trying to avoid blurred double images) and does a lot of work in 2D to 3D conversion. More information and other images of his work can be found at http://www.freeweb.hu/conversion3d/

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose in 3D! stereo paintings by Abe Fagenson - In the GALLERY: Continues through June 28th, 2009

The 3D Center is excited to be presenting the work of Abe Fagenson for the first time in Portland. Abe's cross-view stereo acrylic paintings were featured in the gallery exhibition at the 2008 NSA (National Stereoscopic Assoc.) convention in Grand Rapids, MI and an interview by Ray Zone appeared in the November/December 2008 issue of Stereo World. Here is an excerpt from that interview:

"In the early fifties, we moved to the San Fernando Valley and started raising a family. Montgomery Ward had a big sale on 3D cameras. It was the Stereo Realist. I was just beginning to see 3D in movies. 'Wow!' I said. 'This is real. It's fantastic!' I had to get the camera. I tried it. It was fantastic and from that moment on everything had to be stereo for me….

Included in the exhibition will be some of Abe's new rose series paintings. Portland, the Rose City, has hosted an annual Rose Festival for over 100 years, so it is highly appropriate that the 3D Center is able to feature these new works in the spring to coincide with the Festival. More information about Abe's work can be found at http://www.abefagenson.com.

3 x 3D a series of activities for all ages and free admission to the 3D Center

"3 x 3D" is a series of three weekends of activities in which families, friends and individuals can
participate. No prior knowledge of 3D is required and all ages are welcome. Best of all, admission to
the 3D Center is free during these three weekends!

June 13th & 14th, 1-5pm: "Stereo Theatre Highlights"
On-going screenings of the 3D Center's favorite 3D digital slide shows and films.

June 20th & 21st, 1-5pm: "3D Doodling"
3D anaglyph (red/cyan) doodling workshops with Jim Olsen. Materials provided.

June 27th & 28th, 1-5pm: "3D Photo Booth"
Have your individual or group photo taken in 3D!

The 3D Center also houses a collection of antique and contemporary stereo cameras, viewers and other devices. Information panels and interactive displays explain the phenomenon of 3D vision. The Center's collection of stereocards are available for viewing and the reference library is open to visitors. There are daily 3D slide projections.

Open Thursday to Saturday from 11am to 5pm, Sunday from 1pm to 5pm. First Thursday 6-9pm. Admission $5 adult (over 15), Free all day First Thursdays. 1928 NW Lovejoy, Portland/Oregon, USA. Tel.: 1 (503) 227-6667, Web: www.3dcenter.us

iZ3D Wins 2009 Display of the Year Silver Award from the Society for Information Display
3D-News Posted: Tuesday, May 19, 2009 (7:54 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

iZ3D Inc., designer, developer and pioneer of advanced stereoscopic 3D visualization systems, announced it has received the Silver Award for highly acclaimed Display of the Year (DYA) from the Society for Information Display (SID). The 2009 DYA awards recognize the innovative display products, components, and applications that hold the greatest promise for shaping the future of the global display industry.

"We are delighted to award iZ3D's 3D gaming monitor with the Silver honor in the Display Application category,” said Dick McCartney, SID's DYA Chair. "The Display of the Year Awards are hands down our highest accolade for the chief influential technologies across the global display community. The high caliber of products and technologies nominated this year certainly made the decision process tough on our Awards Committee, but among the significant number of nominations received from around the world, iZ3D's gaming monitor transcended.” McCartney added, "On behalf of SID, we would like to truly commend iZ3D's ongoing commitment to innovation and to shaping the future of today's display arena.”

iZ3D brand monitors provide two functions, first it is a top-of-the-line 2D monitor the entire family can use for everyday applications. Secondly, with the push of a button and a pair of passive 3D-glasses, it provides an immersive 3D gaming or 3D home entertainment experience.

"iZ3D Inc. and its employees are proud to receive this prestigious award from SID, a society of professionals that are experts in the development of display technologies and products. This award will generate additional attention for iZ3D in the 3D gaming and 3D home entertainment market segments. I also expect it will promote the acceleration of 3D content generation for home entertainment," commented Thomas D. Striegler, President, CEO, iZ3D Inc.

In February iZ3D's monitor was awarded Gaming Peripheral of 2008 by
the reader's of Game Industry News.

The iZ3D 3D monitor solution includes:

  • 22-inch wide screen 3D/2D keyboard switchable LCD monitor
  • 3 pairs of passive polarized 3D glasses (5 other models are available online)
  • Version 1.09 iZ3D Stereoscopic 3D and Anaglyph 3D software drivers (other DirectX and OpenGL Quad Buffer drivers are available online)
  • Power and video cables
  • Quick-start guide
  • Free membership into iZ3D's upcoming 3D owner's lounge and 3D LAN Parties
Monitor specifications are:
  • 22-inch wide screen dual stacked panel LCD
  • 1680 x 1050 resolution
  • Up to 170-degree 3D viewing angle
  • 5ms response time
  • 700:1 contrast ratio
  • 16.7-million colors
  • 300 nits
  • Dual video inputs
  • 3D/2D switchable
The system requires a graphics card with dual video outputs (VGA, DVI, or HDMI).

The software is compatible with Microsoft® Windows XP and Microsoft Vista operating systems plus games and content written for DirectX® 8, 9, 10. Over 600 games written in the last six years are 3D ready, but until now lacked a way of displaying them in 3D. A partial list of games that have been compatibility tested by iZ3D, MTBS and customer testers can be found at http://www.3drulez.com

The iZ3D 22-inch monitor has a MSRP of $399.00 USD and is currently available in the U.S. at Fry's Electronics, Micro Center, and Altex Computers and at NCIX stores in Canada.

National Grid Embarks on Virtual Journey
3D-News Posted: Sunday, May 17, 2009 (20:33 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

National Grid has embarked on a voyage of virtual discovery. It has installed a StereoWorks system from Virtalis, Europe's leading Virtual Reality (VR) Company.

John Tyler, National Grid's transmission technical training manager, explained: "We are poised to revolutionise the training of our operational field force and training scheme recruits. Everyone who has seen the StereoWorks system agrees it certainly has the "wow factor". Our trainee engineers are already conversant with digital technology when they join us, so it makes sense to take that familiarity one step further and introduce them to the Company's engineering assets via VR. Now we've got the infrastructure in place, we are beginning to create 3D training. A National Grid switchgear supplier has supplied us with their CAD models and we are converting them into VR models."

National Grid's StereoWorks system is rear projected and will be fully tracked to allow students and trainers to interact with the virtual model. Currently, trainees are trained on a range of electricity switchgear and gas equipment in the National Grid's award winning, Eakring training centre in Nottinghamshire. The diverse range of gas and electricity equipment found throughout National Grid's networks means it is impossible for trainees to experience the full range of models in a training centre environment.

John said: "VR allows us to be both practical and theoretical. Our trainees can see the whole picture for the first time. They will be able to virtually strip down, put back together and operate our equipment in a completely safe environment. Although we are beginning with training, it has become apparent to us that VR could so easily perform a major role in our product lifecycle management. This really is just the beginning."

I.E. Effects Launches Full-Service Stereoscopic 3D Pipeline
3D-News Posted: Thursday, May 14, 2009 (19:57 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

I.E. Effects announced that the company is now offering a complete postproduction solution for stereoscopic projects. With a strong background in stereo work, I.E. Effects has assembled the talent base, the tools, and the expertise to offer everything from on-set supervision to distribution, all under one roof.

"We've been waiting for technology to get to the point where we could build a stereoscopic workflow that is manageable for today's budgets," explained David Kenneth, executive producer at I.E. Effects. "We've worked very hard to simplify the process to the point where it's not intimidating for our clients. We can now turn around 3D projects on a similar timeline to that of traditional 2D projects. We are removing the fear of going forward on 3D projects."

Stereoscopic films for theatrical release can take advantage of I.E. Effects' dual-stream 2K pipeline, while they can also accommodate an HD stereoscopic workflow for TV and commercial projects.

"We work in stereoscopic 3D throughout the entire post pipeline," explained Kenneth. "At any given moment, if we need to check a shot or sequence, whether it's for VFX, editorial, color grading, or all three - they're all available in stereo."

While the results at the box office suggest that audience demand for 3D content is growing, one of the biggest challenges facing producers right now is locating facilities with experienced stereo 3D artists. I.E. Effects has pulled together a team capable of handling almost any stereoscopic project.

The company, which offers a complete range of services, including visual effects, editorial, titles, motion graphics, digital intermediate and stereoscopic 3D post, was founded by David Kenneth in 2006, himself a veteran of such stereoscopic projects as Star Trek: The Experience - Borg Invasion 4D.

"It was always our goal to design a studio that could provide all of these services together," said Kenneth. "We've provided visual effects and editorial for stereoscopic 3D projects in the past, but now we can offer a full post and finishing solution to our clients."

At I.E. Effects, directors can review their projects on the same floor as the color grading, editorial, and visual effects suites. The company also offers a stereo screening room with a dual-projection system and a 14-foot screen.

"A director can simply accomplish more in a shorter period of time by staying at one location, compared to the hassle of going from one facility to another to view shots," said Kenneth. "We feel it's much more effective to have all the tools in a close proximity. Projects are always completed more efficiently when you can get instant feedback from the director."

Christie And Quantadyn Deliver First BOSS For US Air National Guard
3D-News Posted: Thursday, May 14, 2009 (19:55 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Christie Digital was selected by the Air National Guard (ANG) and the Air Education Training Command (AETC) to design and power the military's first 3D Stereo Boom Operator Simulation System (BOSS).

The groundbreaking trainer recreates the immersive environment of a KC-135 aircraft, in which refuelling boom operators perform complex aerial maneuvers.

The Christie solution adds the stunning realism of 3D stereo to provide an exceptional depth-of-field experience. Military professionals have hailed the trainer's visual system as the ultimate in realism and depth perception, surpassing any 2D experience.

The 3D BOSS is the first to use active stereoscopic technology developed by Christie that specifically addresses a veteran boom operator's critical need for precision, mobility and hi-fidelity depth of field.

It heralds a new age of realism in trainers, made possible through the use of Christie Mirage HD3 projectors' full 1920x1080 HD resolution and enhanced with 3D active stereo. Featuring ChristieTWISTT image warping and edge-blending capabilities, the projectors generate the brightest and most accurate 3D images on the market.

Ron Kornreich, Trainer Development Program Manager for the Air National Guard, said: "We needed a more compact version of the very capable Boom Operator Weapons Systems Trainer (BOWST) that Christie and QuantaDyn developed for Altus Air Force Base. The moment we experienced first-hand Christie's stereoscopic 3D technology, we were absolutely convinced it represented the breakthrough we were looking for.

"This innovative solution exceeded our expectation for a high fidelity simulator that could also fit in the limited space of our facilities."

Kornreich added: "Christie's 3D solution delivers a precise, highly realistic experience that allows our skilled boom operators to experience the highest level of realism. The simulator's unique sense of depth is the key, helping deliver a rigorous testing and validation program that may soon prove superior to the standard 2D experience."

Zoran Veselic, Vice-President, Visual Environments at Christie, noted that reliability was another critical issue.

He said: "Since technicians won't always be on-hand, it's necessary to make the 3D BOSS extremely rugged and easy to maintain. We used Christie AutoCalT for the greatest ease of set-up and operation.

"It automatically calibrates arrayed projection displays of almost any number, minimising the need for constant adjustments."

QuantaDyn Corporation, a privately held engineering firm that specialises in training simulation, is providing integration and testing. The company is widely recognised for its expertise in system upgrades, rehosts and conversions.

"It partnered with Christie to help develop the 3D visual solution and the trainer's unique, compact design that establishes a new level of mobility and installation flexibility.

William Dunn, President of QuantaDyn Corporation, said: "Christie is a leader in stereoscopic projection, offering first-rate solutions, a strong engineering group and a proven history of innovation.

"While the QuantaDyn brings the integration, Christie brings the design expertise and industry know-how to meet the ATEC's rigorous demands for trainer realism and efficiency. Christie consistently exceeds the highest standards of excellence we set for all of our partners."

Dunn added: "With the 3D BOSS, QuantaDyn and Christie have blazed a trail for 3D stereo technology in the simulation market that sets them miles ahead of their closest competitors."

The BOSS features a state-of-the-art Image Generator from Quantum3D, a leading provider of Commercial OFF-the-Shelf (COTS) real-time visual computing. Quantum3D's Independence IDX 4000 ER provides such features as advanced weather effects, a 3D ocean with reflecions, lightng and dynamic shadows - all of which help make the operators' experiences more realistic for increased training effectiveness.

Fantastic Films International Inks Multi-Picture Deal With Stereoscopic 3D Animation House Imagination Films
3D-News Posted: Thursday, May 14, 2009 (5:29 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Los Angeles based Fantastic Films International (FFI), headed by Roxane Barbat and Fred deWysocki, announced their multi-picture worldwide distribution deal with Stereoscopic 3D animation house Imagination Films (IF), a Mexico City based company founded by Ricardo Gomez.

Imagination Films is currently in production on three feature length animated films that will be delivered in both digital 2K and Stereoscopic 3D: the first, "Z-BAW", is about a ragtag team that must defy the odds and win the great tournament in order to save their planet; the second feature, "THE ALLEY OF DREAMS", is a heartwarming story of two brothers and their first Christmas away from home; and "PAPAGIORGIO THE GREAT" is an enchanting look at a magical, ever-changing circus where animals can teach people about love. Celebrity voiceover cast for Z-BAW will be announced soon. Z-BAW should be ready for delivery by December 2009. The other two films will be completed in 2010.

Imagination Films is the only studio in Mexico with three feature length animation projects in production at the same time and the first CGI studio in Latin America to own and operate a 14 Eagle 4 Motion Capture Camera system. They also have a 300 node render farm. Imagination Films has the support of FIDECINE and IMCINE, two Mexican government institutions, who see Imagination Films as a technological and quality pioneer for Mexico's animation industry.

Ricardo Gomez states, "Imagination Films and Fantastic Films International association is an unprecedented alliance in Mexico made possible by our commitment to high quality standards in creative, technical and story telling aspects. We have total confidence in Fantastic Films because they have shown all the professional support and experience that any independent producer could possibly need."

Fred deWysocki, FFI co-founder and executive producer on all three aforementioned pictures, states, "We are very pleased with this multi-picture worldwide distribution deal with Mr. Gomez and Imagination Films. There is great international demand for Stereoscopic 3D movies and animated family films. We are very impressed with the level of quality and technical capabilities that Ricardo and his team have shown us. We anticipate this to be a very rewarding collaboration for both our companies."

Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH Presents: 'From Toys to Technology - Stereoscopic Display'
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, May 13, 2009 (5:29 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

As a child, would you have guessed that one of your favorite toys would influence the future of 3D imaging technology? Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH, Oregon and Southwest Washington's local SIGGRAPH chapter, announced the "From Toys to Technology - Stereoscopic Display" event, scheduled to take place Monday, May 18, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. at the Portland Community College (PCC) Cascade Campus. Highlighting Oregon engineered stereoscopic display systems, the evening will discuss stereoscopic terms and concepts, and will offer an inside look at Oregon's very own youth phenomenon, the View-Master.

The evening's program will include insight from:

  • Kathleen O'Reilly, Cascade SIGGRAPH Vice-chair
  • Ron Kriesel of 3D Center for Art and Photography and Cascade SIGGRAPH Board Member (Portland, Ore.)
  • Pat Green, Director of Research & Development for Planar Systems (Beaverton, Ore.)
  • Tom Woody, Program Manager of Perceiva 3D LCD Stereo Displays, MacNaughton Inc. (Beaverton, Ore.)
  • Herc Silverstein, Product Manager/ Project Lead for Schrodinger (Portland, Ore.)
Products and technologies on display at the event will include the original View-Master, StereoMirror technology, a Perceiva 19" LCD-based display, a Zalman ZM-M220 interlaced stereo using passive polarized glasses, and NVIDIA quad-buffered OpenGL using shuttered LCD glasses.

Event Location, Registration and Parking

The Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH "From Toys to Technology - Stereoscopic Display" event will take place Monday, May 18, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. at the PCC Cascade Campus, Moriarty Arts and Humanities Building Auditorium (room 104); located at 705 N. Killingsworth Street, Portland, Ore. Registration and a social networking session, featuring light refreshments, will begin at 6:30 p.m. in the auditorium lobby. The presentation will begin promptly at 7:00 p.m.

For planning purposes, all attendees are asked to register prior to the event via http://cascadesiggraphmay2009.eventbrite.com

3D Film Factory Begins Production on Yosemite Documentary in 3D
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, May 13, 2009 (5:23 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

3D Film Factory (3DFF), an innovative company specializing in 3D digital technologies, recently begun production on an original documentary showcasing one of America's greatest natural treasures in 3D - Yosemite National Park.

This breathtaking film will chronicle the history, seasonal cycles and visual grandeur of the park all in high-definition 3D. Like never before, it'll showcase the park's best known activities and natural phenomenon; Yosemite Falls, rafting on the Merced river, climbing Half Dome and El Capitan, tracking bears, the giant sequoia trees and the back country.

"Until now there's been dozens of documentaries produced on Yosemite, but nothing in 3D, nothing like this", said company president Karl Kozak. "What other format can showoff Yosemite like HD-3D? So far all the footage we've acquired gives you the feeling like you're there. It's nothing short of mesmerizing. You'll never be able to watch traditional 2D nature docs again."

With the larger landscapes much of the shooting was accomplished using a side-by-side, 3D camera system (3D-SS Pro Rig) and dual HD cameras. Of course, for the close-up and personal nature shots, a split-beam camera rig (3D-SB) was employed. The company's team of veteran stereographers and cinematographers developed all of the 3D camera rigs utilized in-house. Many of the same 3D camera systems are now manufactured exclusively by 3DFF and offered for sale through their website.

The production, now in its early stages, is expected to be completed by late fall. "It literally takes hundreds of hours of accurate 3D footage to complete a show like this", said lead stereographer Keith Driver. "Larger projects like this challenge you. Everyday we set out to improve our shooting techniques to get not only the best shot possible, but the best 3D we can."

Upon completion, 3DFF will make the 3D Yosemite film available for worldwide rental and/or licensing. A preview trailer for the film can be seen in anaglyph (red/blue) format on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/3deefilm

Mechdyne Integrates "Knowledge Wall" Visualization System for U.S. Armed Forces Joint Intelligence Laboratory
3D-News Posted: Tuesday, May 12, 2009 (18:49 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Mechdyne Corporation announced that it was the prime contractor for design and installation of the ultra-high resolution Knowledge Wall visualization system in the U.S. military's Joint Intelligence Laboratory (JIL) at the Joint Transformation Command for Intelligence (JTC-I) in Norfolk, VA. The custom 37-ft x 13-ft Wall gives specialists and command decision makers new ways to see and interact with large collections of live video and computer generated datasets including stereoscopic 3D graphics.

The JIL is a new multi-service laboratory tasked with delivering innovative and relevant operating intelligence capabilities to field combat commanders. The Laboratory's unique and pioneering development work is based on integration of intelligence data from multiple military and intelligence community resources. The Knowledge Wall's incredible 53 million pixel (12,288 x 4,320 pixel) resolution enables simultaneous, high resolution display of data from multiple computer and live feed video sources in a massive 'picture in picture' style format.

With its requirements for secure and non-secure data integration and command-size group viewing, Mechdyne believes that the JIL Knowledge Wall ranks as one of the largest and most complex single visualization system installations in the world. The rear-projected Knowledge Wall can show multiple 3D stereoscopic images in the center one-third of the screen while displaying additional images on both sides. Computer and video images from dozens of consolidation points in the JIL, including both secure and non-secure sources, are served to the system through a fiber optic matrix switch. Display sources are selected by a multi-windowing control system that works with three multi-node, multi-security level PC clusters that are used to create stereoscopic views from Google Earth and other imaging software. The clusters send data to eight Sony SXRD Quad HD projectors, the most advanced in the world. Mechdyne's Conduit for Google Earth and ESRI ArcGIS application software provides PC cluster support and enables stereoscopic imaging and interaction capability for many of the data sets.

Steven J. Heyer Joins Next3D as Chairman
3D-News Posted: Sunday, May 10, 2009 (7:33 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Former President of Coca-Cola and Turner Broadcasting System to Guide Launch and Growth of Revolutionary 3D HD movie service.

Next3D, the technological leader in direct-to-consumer, stereoscopic 3D High-Definition content delivery, announced that Steven J. Heyer has agreed to join the company as Chairman.

"Steve's decades of proven leadership success with best-in-class companies such as Turner Broadcasting, Young and Rubicam, Starwood Hotels, and Coca-Cola is a perfect fit to guide the growth of Next3D," said David Cole, Co-Founder of Next3D. "We’ll leverage his knowledge and deep relationships in the movie, technology and brand marketing worlds.”

Co-Founder D.J. Roller added, "Until we created Next3D, there was simply no practical way for Hollywood to get its exploding library of 3D films into the home. We've solved the technological challenges. Steve is an innovator who understands how to unlock the revenue stream for our partners as Next3D creates a brand and experience consumers will embrace."

Heyer's international reputation as an operations/marketing executive and brand builder spans the entertainment, advertising, communications, and hospitality industries. “My plan is to focus on further aligning Next3D with content and strategic partners as the company moves from development to launch of the world's first 1080p 3D High Definition home distribution service,” Heyer said. "The market is poised for a rapid transformation to 3D in the home. Our technology is ready to work with content and distribution partners to drive that change and create new revenue opportunities for all the players in the value chain while delivering a stunning in-home experience for consumers.”

"I've spent the better part of 30 years in and around media, communications, entertainment and marketing and have seen a sea of change in home entertainment first hand. 3D has all the hallmarks of the next big thing, and Next3D has best-of-breed technology to deliver it to the home," said Heyer. "I've looked at all the companies in the 3D space, and Next3D is best positioned to become the market leader with a combination of technology, strategic partnerships, first-mover advantage, and a great team to assure solid execution. Next3D is an innovation and technology leader and I'm pleased to help the Next3D team unlock the enormous value in their innovative and powerful software platform."

Next3D produces tools, applications and services for professional and consumer stereoscopic 3D production and consumption. The founders, David Cole and D.J. Roller have substantial background and experience in theatrical 3D films, 3D IMAX films, broadcast television, 3D virtual reality rides, stereoscopic gaming hardware, camera and stereo workflow design, and end-to-end digital delivery.

Bluefish444 introduces Epoch range of 2K/HD/SD PCI-e 3G-SDI and Stereoscopic 3D capable video capture cards
3D-News Posted: Sunday, May 10, 2009 (7:31 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Bluefish444 will be introducing and announcing at NAB 2009 the immediate availability of its Epoch range of video cards. Epoch is a modular and extremely powerful product line of cost effective multi channel 2K/HD/SD SDI PCI-e uncompressed video cards containing a new Bluefish444 technology called RapidFlow MR2.

RapidFlow MR2 is a technology allowing the highest quality real-time hardware scaling for format conversion and extreme workflow flexibility through highly flexible signal routing. This technology is implemented in two optional hardware modules onboard the Epoch video card called Jetstream and VariVue.

Epoch, Jetstream and VariVue use the RapidFlow MR2 technology to work together seamlessly to enable up, down or cross conversion of any input or output video signal to/from Epoch whilst simultaneously routing the converted video signal(s) to any combination of Epoch's monitoring and output options - all at the highest possible quality.

Epoch video boards contain all the features of their predecessor 2K|Lust and HD|Fury boards except they now feature a higher performance 4 lane PCI-e bus interface allowing multi channel full duplex operation.

In addition, Epoch video boards contain a host of new features such as 12 bit SDI processing, 3G-SDI support, Stereoscopic 3D capability, embedded audio, embedded time code and full duplex DMA of 1.1 GB/sec data transfer rate to enable developers to simultaneously capture and playback up to two streams of HD.

Breakthrough Software Brings 3D Movies in Full HD to Sony PS3 and Apple Mac
3D-News Posted: Thursday, May 7, 2009 (6:20 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Next3D, the technological leader in direct-to-consumer, stereoscopic 3D high-definition content delivery, announced the first 3D Movie players for Sony PS3 game consoles and Apple computers. The free downloadable player software, combined with Next3D's content delivery service, will allow consumers to download and play full 1080p theatrical 3D high-definition movies and other 3D content on PS3's, Mac computers and, as previously announced, XBOX 360's.

Next3D downloadable content is encoded with patent-pending technology that delivers full stereoscopic 3D 1080P high-definition to the home over broadband. Users will be able to download premium pay-to-view Next3D content including theatrical 3D movies and movies originally produced for IMAX® 3D theaters. Next3D will also offer additional content such as 3D movie trailers and user-created content channels for independent producers and stereo enthusiasts to post and share 3D video and still images. The Next3D Movie Player will be free to consumers on every supported platform, including the XBOX 360, PS3 and Mac, and supports the over 2 million 3D-ready TVs already in consumers' homes as well as upcoming 3D-ready TVs from Sony, LG, Mitsubishi, JVC and others.

The Next3D movie players for Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 were recently demonstrated for videogame industry professionals at the 2009 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. "The response has been phenomenal," said D.J. Roller, Co-founder of Next3D. "Clearly the movie industry is ready for a home 3D audience, and the home 3D audience is primed to emerge. Next3D is on course to be the first to deliver."

Singapore Brings Over 20 Feature Film Projects to Cannes Film Market
3D-News Posted: Thursday, May 7, 2009 (6:15 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

The Media Development Authority (MDA) will be leading a contingent of eight local production companies to promote a slate of over 20 film projects at Cannes Film Market (13 - 24 May). The eight companies participating under the Singapore Pavilion at Cannes are Akanga Film Asia, Axxis, gsmprjct media, Hot Cider Films, Infinite Frameworks, Monsoon Pictures, Oak3 Films and Upside Down Concepts.

Said Dr Christopher Chia, MDA's Chief Executive Officer: "From a production perspective, the number of Singapore-produced films has been steadily growing over the years; from a mere two productions in 1995 to 12 feature films in 2007 and now, more than 20 local productions will be represented at the Cannes Film Market. This is a direct result of several co-investment schemes developed by the Singapore Government, including the New Feature Film Fund and the Stereoscopic 3D Film Development Fund, as well as media financing options through the S$1.3 billion (US$0.9 billion) private equity anchored in Singapore to date."

The Singapore film slate includes "Amphibious", the first stereoscopic 3D film to be developed out of Singapore, which will be directed by world-renowned fantasy filmmaker Brian Yuzna and will star Bosco Francis (My Magic) as a fanatic Elvis Presley fan sea captain who battles a gigantic sea scorpion in a visual effects laden action-adventure tale.

LEVEL Vision Electronics Showcases Its 3D Screens, NO Glasses Required
3D-News Posted: Thursday, May 7, 2009 (6:10 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

LEVEL's Division of 3D Multimedia Advertising/Technology (19" - 24" and 46" HD-LCD screens and computer monitors) plans to deploy and bring to market a unique new Multimedia Solution which is expected to revolutionize the World's advertising market. This Highly advanced Technology of 3D screens with or without integrated CPUs was developed in collaboration with a development partner/engineering firm in Taiwan.

Public and Private Demonstrations of this 3D technology have been made over the last 6 to 8 months to highly respected industry leaders and trend setters including but not limited to the following industries: Advertising Agencies, Digital Signage Companies, Film Studios, Software Developers, Public Transportation Corporations, Large Corporations (Direct Customer) and International Chains (Hotels, Restaurant, Night Clubs). LEVEL's 3D screens were also on display at the CES Convention in Las Vegas, The Beijing Olympics and at the Sundance Film Festival.

"The possibilities and market opportunities are endless as we envision a great turn in the advertising World through the years to come. The Advertisers' goal is to attract the attention of the consumer for as long as possible and to impress on them what they want to sell and/or publicize -- our 3D displays achieve that goal!" said Jean-Francois Lefebvre, Vice-President of LEVEL Vision Electronics Ltd. "This is imminently the wave of the future in the Multimedia Advertising Age and we believe that it should translate into a Multi Billion Dollar consumer electronics market shortly thereafter," further added Mr. Lefebvre.

The screens' measurements and specifications can be found online at http://www.levelelectronics.com

IMAX(R) 3D Cameras Return to Space to Document Upgrade of the Hubble Space Telescope
3D-News Posted: Tuesday, May 5, 2009 (5:30 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

IMAX Corporation, NASA (National Aeronautics Space Administration) and Warner Bros. Pictures announced that IMAX(R) 3D cameras will return to space to document one of NASA's most complex space shuttle operations - the final service of the Hubble Space Telescope (HST), STS-125. The IMAX 3D cameras are set to launch on board the Space Shuttle Atlantis on May 11th, 2009. The astronauts will operate the IMAX cameras and will film the five intricate and difficult spacewalks required to service Hubble. The IMAX footage will be combined with breathtaking up-close images of distant galaxies from Hubble in the upcoming IMAX/Warner Bros. Pictures co-production Hubble 3D.

This highly anticipated next installment of IMAX's 3D space film series is set to debut in IMAX theatres in Spring 2010. Through the world's most immersive cinematic experience, Hubble 3D will give audiences a front row seat as the gripping story unfolds.

The IMAX team has trained the Atlantis crew at the Johnson Space Center on the operation of the cameras, one of which will be mounted outside the cabin in the shuttle's cargo bay, to capture stunning IMAX 3D images of the historic final servicing mission. The Commander and Pilot will double as filmmakers as two teams of spacewalking astronauts - working in tandem with the shuttle's robot arm - perform some of the most challenging work ever undertaken in space as they replace and refurbish many of the telescope's delicate precision instruments.

"It's been said that The IMAX Experience(R) is the next best thing to being in space, and with IMAX 3D, the audience really IS there," said Producer/Director Toni Myers, who will be at NASA's Kennedy Space Center Press Site on Saturday, May 9th at 3:00pm EDT to answer questions about Hubble 3D. "Fifteen years ago we made a film about space exploration that included Hubble, when it started sending back the first images. Today, we have Hubble's entire phenomenal legacy of data to explore. With IMAX 3D we can transport people to galaxies that are 13 billion light years away-back to the edge of time. Real star travel is here at last."

"We have worked with IMAX on past Hubble missions and were excited about working with them again on the current Hubble mission. The Hubble Space Telescope continues to dazzle us with the splendor of our universe and after the STS-125 mission we look forward to many more years of awe-inspiring imagery," said Bob Jacobs, NASA's acting assistant administrator for Public Affairs at Headquarters in Washington. "One of the challenges in sharing Hubble's story is identifying media that can capture the scope and scale of the cosmos. IMAX has developed innovative 3D image capture and projection technology that creates a large scale immersive educational experience in which those of us on the ground are no longer passive observers of spaceflight, we're active participants."

"This represents a very special moment in IMAX history in which IMAX 3D technology has been selected to document one of our nation's most anticipated technological events. The Hubble Space Telescope has benefited all of humanity with a close examination of our universe. Now we can transport audiences right there, all through the power of IMAX 3D. With this upgrade the Hubble Space Telescope will continue to provide us with many years of service and this film will continue to tell its story for years to come," said Richard L. Gelfond, CEO of IMAX Corporation.

"Hubble 3D will allow moviegoers to get a front row seat to see these amazing other galaxies thanks to the power of this incredible telescope," said Dan Fellman, President, Domestic Distribution, Warner Bros. Pictures. "Through our partnership with IMAX, we've taken audiences to the depths of the ocean and put them in the driver's seat in NASCAR. Hubble 3D will continue this great legacy of taking audiences to places they would otherwise never get to go and will continue to inspire both young and old alike."

"Hubble 3D will transport audiences to distant stars and beyond. It is one thing to look up at the heavens, but through this amazing project, audiences will be able to witness some of the most astonishing astronomical objects known to humankind, all from the comfort of an IMAX 3D theatre," said Greg Foster, Chairman and President of IMAX Filmed Entertainment. "We are thrilled to partner with Warner Bros. and NASA on this project and look forward to taking moviegoers to the outer edges of our universe through these extraordinary images in IMAX 3D."

Quantel and Spatial View announce Stereo3D technology strategic partnership
3D-News Posted: Monday, May 4, 2009 (21:04 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Quantel and Spatial View Inc. announced that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership agreement that will make it easier and more cost-effective for content creators of any size to accelerate 3D development projects. The first partnership project will be a plug-in that enables Stereo3D material produced on Quantel systems to be displayed on a wide variety of Spatial View devices, including 3D displays, computer screens, and the iPhone 3G, without the need for 3D glasses.

Quantel's ground-breaking Stereo3D technology, as used in movie productions such as Disney's spectacularly successful 'Hannah Montana' concert movie, has enabled the industry to handle the post production of live action, high resolution Stereo3D media in manageable timescales for the first time. Spatial View is a leading developer of autostereoscopic 3D image processing and display technologies that enable glasses-free presentation of 3D-rich content for key markets, including retail/POS, digital signage, professional design, gaming, entertainment and animation. Spatial View's latest product, the Wazabee 3DeeShell, enables 3D content to be viewed on the iPhone 3G, glasses-free.

"We are pleased to partner with Quantel to enhance their leading content creation system with our advanced 3D display technology," said Brad Casemore, VP Business Development at Spatial View. "With at least 14 3D films scheduled for release this year, 40 expected to be released over the next three years and industry anticipation that 70% of film admissions will be in 3D by 2010*, this timely partnership is set to benefit production studios as they ramp up these 3D productions. Additionally, content creators will now have a 3D solution that can be viewed across multiple distribution platforms, from display screens to the iPhone 3G."

"How Stereo3D gets delivered is a real issue for many of the people we are talking to," said Steve Owen, Quantel Director of Marketing. "Spatial View provides an innovative range of solutions that both bypass and complement the traditional broadcast delivery chain. It's all about getting great stereo in front of as many people as possible as quickly as possible. Our partnership with Spatial View will help to achieve this and drive this exciting new business area."

In addition to the development of the plug-in, Quantel will offer demonstrations featuring Spatial View's autostereoscopic 3D technology over the coming months. The plug-in is scheduled for release this Spring.

TDVision Selects Magnum Semiconductor for World's First Full HD Stereoscopic 3D Real-Time Encoder for Broadcast and Blu-Ray(TM) Applications
3D-News Posted: Monday, May 4, 2009 (20:53 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

DVision Systems announced it has selected Magnum Semiconductor for the development of the world's first and only Full HD stereoscopic 3D (1920x1080 per-eye) real-time encoder.

The groundbreaking system applies TDVision's "Encode Once, Deploy Everywhere" methodology to HD stereoscopic 3D digital video streams, resulting in an H.264 3D-Ready video format that can be deployed on Blu-Ray(TM)disc and broadcast platforms, such as Cable, Satellite and IPTV, and for studio dailies as well as live-event streaming to cinemas.

The system uses TDVision's patented 2D Delta TDVCodec technology to compress the video streams at full resolution while maintaining backward compatibility with all existing 2D displays in 2D HD, as well as forward compatibility with all existing and future 3D-ready displays and methods.

The system does comparison between left and right source frames, compresses the video information based on redundancies between the two, resulting in stereoscopic compression at less than 200% of a 2D video stream. TDVision's 2D Delta TDVCodec is referenced by ISO, JVT and MPEG as a core patent for future stereoscopic 3D video standards.

"Legacy solutions for stereoscopic 3D broadcasts have recently produced resolutions as low as 640x720 per eye on a 2K digital cinema screen. Audiences tune into 3D live event broadcasts for a premium experience and they expect HD resolutions. TDVision is committed to 3D HD on all delivery platforms, including broadcast, streaming and optical disk, as well as for all possible content, including live events and movies at quality levels that match the original's," said Ethan Schur, Chief Marketing Officer at TDVision.

To achieve practical bit rates, without compromising quality and resolution, TDVision has selected Magnum Semiconductor, leader in professional-grade video processors to provide real-time compression and decompression for stereoscopic video streams. Magnum's DXTPro family of advanced multi-core media processors supports multiple video standards, such as MPEG-2, H.264 and VC-1, at full frame-rate 1080p60 encoding, decoding and transcoding. The DXTPro provides a single platform for all segments of the broadcast chain, from contribution to production to distribution. Its scalable and flexible multi-core architecture delivers highest channel-density, highest quality and lowest bit rates.

"Our DXTPro video processors provide maximum flexibility in encoder toolsets and implement our advanced algorithms for Full HD 1080p60, multi-standard H.264 and MPEG-2 encoding, decoding and transcoding for superior quality and bit rates required for stereoscopic 3D video broadcast and Blu-Ray(TM) applications. We are pleased to work with TDVision, a pioneer in stereoscopic 3D HD video processing, to bring state-of-the-art 3D-capable video codec products to market," said Bob Saffari, VP of Marketing at Magnum Semiconductor, responsible for broadcast and set-top products.

According to soon-to-be-published research by Futuresource Consulting, 3D is on track to become the next major revenue generator for the home entertainment industry, potentially causing more of a consumer impact than the migration to HD.

"Hollywood is making an ever-increasing commitment to 3D movies for theatrical distribution," says Jim Bottoms, co-founder of Futuresource. "The target now is to bring a high quality 3D viewing experience into the home. The broadcast and gaming industries, consumer electronics companies and all those behind Blu-Ray(TM) are poised to propel these technologies through into the mass market. Over the next 12 to 18 months, the industry will intensify its efforts, and although there is much to be done in terms of finalizing specifications, we fully expect to see consumers enjoying the benefits of 3D in the home as early as 2010," he continued.

NASCAR Media Group chooses Quantel for color correction
3D-News Posted: Monday, May 4, 2009 (20:39 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

NASCAR Media Group has selected a Quantel Pablo non-linear color correction system for the high end color correction and editing suite at the NASCAR Plaza facility under construction in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Pablo will be equipped with the stunning Neo control panel as well as Quantel's Stereoscopic 3D toolset. The Pablo will initially be involved in finishing and color correction of the over 900 extensive post production projects done by NASCAR Media Group on a yearly basis. The Pablo will also provide a full online post production environment, including handling native RED material and Stereoscopic 3D projects as NASCAR Media Group looks to embrace this new media opportunity for its wide ranging audience.

"NASCAR Media Group is very excited to partner with Quantel in light of ever expanding needs for world-class color correction of traditional workflows as well as new paradigm-changing technologies like that of RED," said Jeff Lowe, NMG's Managing Director of Broadcast and Media Technology. "We are really looking forward to working with the new 3D option that allows Pablo to edit with 3D files in real time, something we could only do with Quantel. This fabulous system will be available for all major production projects in the south-eastern United States as NASCAR Media Group builds its state-of-the-art facility in Charlotte, NC."

"With its reputation for excellence and the enormous audiences it commands, NASCAR Media Group is undoubtedly one of the world's leading sports media organizations," said Ray Cross, Quantel CEO. "We're delighted that they have chosen Quantel technology as an important part of their future, and we're very proud to be part of this exciting sport."

Thales Angenieux and Binocle Showcase Solution for True 3D Stereoscopic Imaging
3D-News Posted: Monday, May 4, 2009 (20:37 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

At this year's NAB trade show and conference, Thales Angenieux and Binocle are together previewing a ground-breaking imaging technique that will allow full 3D stereoscopic shooting without objectionable side effects. The solution combines perfectly paired optics with full motion control, along with advanced algorithms designed to alleviate viewing stress.

"The development of this solution by Binocle and Angenieux offers significant value and enrichment to the film and television production community," said Chris Beauparlant, VP, U.S. Sales and Marketing, Thales Angenieux. "By eliminating adverse issues such as visual stress that are associated with 3D viewing, the potential for a new cinematographic art, and the emergence of a new vein of production capabilities is greatly increased."

Since its inception, full acceptance of 3D stereoscopic imaging has been hindered by the incompatibility of the human eye to process dual images without visual aids. Engineers at Binocle, France's innovative leader in stereoscopic film shooting and post production technology, have overcome the challenges by developing a technique which allows camera motion to be accurately controlled with the use of computers and digital image correction.

Thales Angenieux has partnered with Binocle on these developments and the Company's superior quality optics have been instrumental in Binocle's recent developments and successes. On display at the Thales Angenieux booth are Binocle motion control rigs, stereo visualization displays and correction software, all utilizing Thales Angenieux lenses.

Thales Angenieux offers a full complement of high precision lenses for a wide range of broadcast and video production applications, including: Optimo Series Lenses for the most demanding HDTV and 35mm production applications; High Definition (HD) Series cine-style, wide angle and studio lenses; High Resolution (HR) Series wide angle and all-purpose ENG lenses including economically priced HD-e series; Studio and Sports/Outside Broadcast (OB) lenses.

Binocle offers a selection of products- namely motion control rigs, stereo visualization and correction software - and provides services and training for its equipment.

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