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Key Digital Presents New Champion Series HDMI Matrix Switcher and Distribution Amplifier Line
3D-News Posted: Thursday, May 30, 2013 (7:10 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Key Digital presents new Champion Series HDMI Matrix, Switcher and Distribution Amplifier line: KD-3x1CS, KD-1x3CS, KD-2x2CS, and KD-4x2CS, with full support of 3D stereoscopic signals for commercial applications such as Digital Movie Theaters, CAD, Post Production, Graphics and etc.

KD-3x1CS, KD-1x3CS, KD-2x2CS, and KD-4x2CS are designed and engineered to offer the best quality, performance, and reliability, while providing a cost effective HDMI solution and to enable any HDMI Source to be viewed on any HDMI Output/Display at any time and in any combination.

KD-3x1CS, KD-1x3CS, KD-2x2CS, and KD-4x2CS support lossless compressed digital audio: Dolby(R) TrueHD, Dolby(R) Digital Plus, and DTS(TM)-HD Master Audio. Additionally, they also support SD, HD, and VESA (VGA, SVGA, XGA, WXGA, SXGA, and UXGA) resolutions up to 1080p (60Hz & 50Hz)

  • SD & HD: 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
  • VESA / DVI: From 640x480p up to 1920x1200p
KD-3x1CS, KD-1x3CS support HDMI with HDCP, 12-Bit Deep Color Video, lossless compressed digital audio and CEC. KD-2x2CS, KD-4x2CS has LED Link Lights that indicate connectivity between each input & output device, and Serial IR, Optical IR, Front Panel & RS-232 control and it supports major control systems: Compass Control(R), AMX(R), Control4(R), Creston(R), RTI(R), Savant(R), and Universal(R).

In addition to Native EDID data for any Output/Display, KD-1x3CS, KD-2x2CS, and KD-4x2CS' Internal EDID Library feature 12 default EDID configurations.

The KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival is in search of the newest 3D stereoscopic animated shorts
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, May 29, 2013 (13:06 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Nowadays visual media, especially film, cannot be imagined without the extensive use of stereoscopy. While the 3D revolution advances further in every field, the (independent) animated short in particular keeps utilizing the technique in an innovative way, exploring its influence on and place in a films' narrative. The KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival has been following the evolution of stereoscopy with great interest and introduced a 3D Stereoscopic Animation Competition to their international animation competition last year. The competition turned out to be a great success, leaving the audience in awe of the value that stereoscopy can add to a story. This year the KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival proudly organizes the 3D Stereoscopic Animation Competition for the second time.

Among other competitions, the 3D Stereoscopic Animation Competition for the KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival 2013 is accepting submissions until July 1st. So don't forget to submit your newest 3D stereoscopic animated short before it's too late! Submitting is free. You can submit your animation either by sending a Blu-ray by old-fashioned mail or by e-mailing a plain simple (3D!) YouTube/Vimeo link. A submission's running time shouldn't exceed 25 minutes and it has to be produced later than January 1st, 2012. Aside from the 3D category you submit to, your entry will also automatically compete for the KLIK! Amsterdam Audience Award.

Submit your 3D stereoscopic animated short through KLIK!'s website: http://klikamsterdam.nl/submit2013_page.php

3D Enthusiasts gather in Traverse City, Michigan for 3D-Con
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, May 29, 2013 (9:48 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

The 2013 National Stereoscopic Association (NSA) 3D-Con in Traverse City, Michigan, Cherry Capital of the World, June 4th-10th promises to be the best ever.

The celebrity speaker at this year's convention is Dr. Brian May. Dr. May is a legendary guitarist, founding member of "Queen," songwriter, singer, astrophysicist and author. He has had a lifelong interest in 3-D photography. He will be discussing his new book DIABLERIES – Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell, which is being published this year. A 2005 Planet Rock poll voted May the 7th greatest guitarist of all time. For his work in 3-D see the website: http://www.londonstereo.com

Other featured speakers are Dr. May's DIABLERIES co-authors, photo historian and noted stereo author Denis Pellerin…and Paula Richardson Fleming, another highly respected stereo photo historian and retired Photo Archivist of the Smithsonian Institution National Anthropological Archives.

Being held in the midst the greatest surge of 3D technology in history, 3D-Con participants and guests will immerse themselves in 3D over six action-packed days! There will be stereo theatre, workshops, image competitions, art exhibition, excursions, room hopping, an auction and a trade fair… all about 3D, all in one place. And of course, it's a great opportunity to make new friends and have a great time in general at the spectacular Grand Traverse Resort and Spa on the shores of Lake Michigan.

In recent years, millions of moviegoers have come to appreciate the visual excitement achieved with the addition of a third dimension. Many of today's highest grossing films are in 3D…TV boasts ever-increasing 3D content and its future promise seems limitless.

3D, however, is far from being a 21st Century phenomenon. 3D photography dates back to the 1830's with Stereopticon Cards and viewers providing the masses with an opportunity to visually visit and learn about beautiful, historic and exotic people and places all over the world.

Those who remember the 1950's will recall the thrill of spears, pies, yoyos and various other objects and appendages hurtling toward them from the 3D screen.
Then, thirty-eight years ago, a group of people from all walks of life who loved the 3D experience, met to share 3D images (mass produced and homemade), memorabilia, technical expertise and equipment... and to discuss and plan for the future.

That enthusiastic band which became the National Stereoscopic Association now has grown to 2,500 members from all over the world and remains at the forefront of all that is 3D.

Virtalis VR Aids Joined-Up Thinking at CNH
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, May 29, 2013 (9:47 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

CNH, a world leader in the agricultural and construction equipment business, has installed another six Virtalis Virtual Reality (VR) systems to add to the four Virtalis ActiveWall VR systems already installed in the US, Belgium and Italy. The six systems comprise another three fully tracked ActiveWalls in Burlington and Fargo in the US and Lecce in Italy, plus two 3D TV systems in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and Wichita, US, and a Head Mounted Display (HMD) based system, known as an ActiveSpace, in Curitiba, US.

"Our Virtalis VR systems are used to host design reviews, manufacturability reviews, training sessions and even focus groups", said Andrew Brokaw, CNH design analysis engineer. "The use of this system allows us to create and work with virtual prototypes to streamline and strengthen the overall design process. Our ActiveWalls are all compatible and of a very similar design. They have undoubtedly saved a great deal of travelling, as engineers can now meet virtually, collaborate and consult with each other over the model in real-time. As a result, our VR centers are used daily by small and large groups. We asked Virtalis what was feasible for us and they have designed and supplied the best technical specification."

The Virtalis ActiveWall is an installed, immersive, interactive 3D visualisation system that is the industry benchmark for both price and performance. ActiveWall is Virtalis' best selling interactive 3D visualisation system and probably the best selling VR system in the world. CNH's ActiveWalls are managed by a controller that actually operates the model in the virtual scene. This means they can be used for both control testing and operator training.

The ActiveSpace is an interactive 3D visualisation system using an HMD that provides the ultimate immersive experience. The principal advantage of ActiveSpace is that its users have the freedom and flexibility to move around in their virtual environment, totally unencumbered, whilst experiencing 360o views. At CNH's Burr Ridge site, the ActiveWall is linked to an ActiveSpace to enable one user to be fully immersed while his tracked movements are followed by the audience viewing the ActiveWall stereoscopically. This can be used for anything from analysing assembly processes to ergonomic analysis of visibility.

Alex Theis, a project engineer working alongside the Product Validation Group at CNH Burlington, IA, explained: "Our VR capability has fundamentally changed the way we do business. Thanks to our VR systems, our product engineers are tackling manufacturing challenges at an early stage in the design cycle. Redesigning in this fashion is all prior to the physical prototype stage, allowing us to reduce waste stream, as all parts fit as designed." CNH's use of VR during the last decade has not only significantly shortened its design cycle, but increased communication between other stakeholders, including customers too. Virtual mannequins are deployed to interact with the virtual prototype to test for safety, ease of servicing and operability. The ability to brainstorm in 3D has led to the CNH design engineers feeling that they are ahead of the curve technologically. "Our customers have reacted positively to the VR experience, because they feel like we are showing them the future, which we are! After these sessions, we not only identify problems in VR, we solve them too."

Dimension 3 & Le Big Shoot Conferences: a think tank dedicated to the evolution of images
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, May 29, 2013 (9:46 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

For its seventh edition, Dimension 3 offers two days of conferences to understand of how new technologies can enhance images workflows and their use or their consumption. These conferences deliver an economic, a creative and a technological approach with key information regarding production and distribution problematics. Dimension 3 welcomes visitors from over 30 countries so conferences are also a great opportunity for international networking.

Dimension 3 2013 conferences at a glance:

  • What cameras for what uses, tomorrow and in the future?
  • HFR, a gimmick or a technological advance?
  • 4K filming and workflow
  • Producing 3D on a realistic budget to delivery impressive results
  • 3D Printing: the new industrial revolution
  • 3D and 4K: a true added value for the acquisition of concerts and events
  • An overview of ACES: standardization to ease collaborative work
  • The new professions related to digital filming
  • Financing and technologies
  • Immersion: what to choose between 4K, stereoscopic 3D and 3D audio?
  • Ultra HD, soon a TV near you
  • The uses of Augmented Reality in the media (in partnership with French blog Augmented Reality)
  • What's new in my movie Theatre – an EDCF seminar
  • Special Effects in The Great Gatsby with Jon Cowley from Prime Focus Word
  • The Making of Oz the Great and Powerful with Eric Deren, stereographer
  • Behind the scenes of Minuscule: The Valley of the Lost Ants – The backstage of shooting and the workflow with the stereographer Josephine Derobe
Dimension 3 offers 2 kinds of conference passes: with the VIP Pass, book your seat in the Premium area of the conference room, meet the speakers thanks to the access to the VIP Club, attend Dimension 3 Awards ceremony with an invitation for two, and much more. The Free Pass to the conferences gives you access to the conferences but without guaranteeing you a seat.

For more information, please visit http://www.dimension3-expo.com/uk

NASA Selects DTI for Phase I 'Glasses Free' 3D Cockpit Display Contract
3D-News Posted: Monday, May 13, 2013 (15:58 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

NASA has selected Dimension Technologies Inc. (DTI) for a phase I contract to investigate the adaptation of DTI's new high resolution glasses free 3D technology to cockpit displays. Previous studies by the US Air Force and others indicate the use of 3D displays can increase situation awareness and improve hazard avoidance in aircraft, helicopters, and potentially spacecraft. DTI's new 3D display technology avoids the heavy resolution loss associated with other 3D displays, allowing the creation of 3D images with as much resolution as the LCD on which they are displayed. Furthermore, DTI's displays can easily be made sunlight readable, since they do not use slit barriers or other light blocking elements.

Other glasses free 3D displays use optics or barriers in front of LCDs to create 3D images. These limit resolution by dividing the available pixels between different perspective views visible from different positions in front of the display. DTI generates its 3D images using a backlight in combination with a fast, off the shelf LCD that sends light from all pixels to all viewing positions in a time sequential fashion, making full resolution images visible from all positions.

DTI is partnering with DAD Technologies of La Mesa, California in the NASA contract. DAD is a spinoff from L3 communications (Formerly Northrop Grumman, Litton Data Systems, and SAI Technology a Division of SAIC)). The staff at DAD was responsible for the design and manufacture of the MobileVu and the VideoVu lines of LCD based displays at L-3 Communications. These displays are used in numerous rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft, as well as police cruisers in several major metropolitan police departments. DAD is currently exploring the use of 3-D display technology for military and first responder applications with the intention of marketing products in this area.

DTI is also working with 3D International Media to modify an existing 2 view to multiview converter to work with the new high resolution technology. The converter analyzes 2D and two-view stereo video streams and converts them to multiple perspective views in real time, with very good results. This is of interest for hazard avoidance applications because the cameras used for that purpose are very expensive. It would be beneficial if one or two cameras could be used instead of four or more. The contract will include experimentation to determine the efficacy of such a system for hazard avoidance.

22" and 46" displays embodying DTI's new high definition glasses free technology and streaming conversion wowed visitors at the 2012 and 2013 Consumer Electronics Showa in Las Vegas. The displays attracted interest from several manufacturers. DTI is pursuing prototype development projects and licensing deals with several companies.

Arnold Lagergren, CEO of DTI states: "This NASA contract validates DTI's revolutionary technology. NASA wants only the best, cutting edge technology. We have performed on several NASA contracts in the past, and have won a Space Technology Hall of Fame Award and a NASA Hallmark of Success award in previous years for our work."

Vice President Jesse Eichenlaub states: "Other 3D displays get their 3D effects from physical barriers or lenses in front of the LCD. We use patterns of light behind the LCD to produce the 3D effect. Our Time Multiplexed Backlight System, in combination with today's fast LCDs, overcomes the problems associated with other no-glasses 3D technology, which include loss of resolution, light loss, and moiré effects. Our display can also switch between perfect 2D images and perfect 3D. We can also put moveable 3D windows in a 2D background and vice versa.

"We believe that this technology will finally allow glasses free displays to enter and then become standard in many markets for many applications: military, scientific, business, and consumer. Low resolution, sweet spots, and optical artifacts have kept glasses-free displays out of most markets. Now those are a thing of the past."

Sungame Corporation Announces Launch of Flightdeck Commander Glasses-Free 3D Android Tablet
3D-News Posted: Monday, May 13, 2013 (15:58 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Sungame Corporation, developer of the social network and content community, Freevi.com, has announced the launch of the Flightdeck™ brand of Android tablets, beginning with the 10" Flightdeck™ Commander 3D. This revolutionary device enables users to experience 3D viewing without the need for special glasses.

"We believe the Flightdeck Commander 3D represents the future of online content delivery, and are very excited about the preliminary feedback from users who have tried it to date in terms of its quality," stated Sungame CEO Neil Chandran. "We recognized that 3D was important to the growth of our platform and invested to ensure we were well positioned as that market grows. The Commander 3D fits into our business model and efforts to be a provider of 3D content."

World 3-D Film Expo III Returns to Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood
3D-News Posted: Monday, May 13, 2013 (15:58 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

The World 3-D Film Expo will return to the Egyptian Theatre, September 6-15, 2013. The ten-day festival will pay tribute to the 60th anniversary of what many film historians regard as the "Golden Age" of 3-D, and will include screenings of the John Wayne western HONDO, the Vincent Price horror film HOUSE OF WAX, Cole Porter's musical KISS ME KATE, and sci-fi thriller IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE., and even later 3-D films, such as 1983's JAWS 3-D. Lesser-known titles, such as THE FRENCH LINE with Jane Russell and SECOND CHANCE with Robert Mitchum, will also be included.

The Expo is partnering with digital 3-D projection sponsor RealD to present a number of screenings in RealD 3-D including Alfred Hitchcock's DIAL M FOR MURDER and Jack Arnold's sci-fi/horror classic CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON. Stefan Droessler, 3-D historian and head of the Munich Film Museum, will present an in-depth overview of "European 3-D Filmmaking 1935-1953," including long-lost footage from the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

The festival will also be home to several premieres including the Los Angeles Premiere of the 1946 Russian 3-D adaptation of ROBINSON CRUSOE. September 14th will mark the World Premiere of the stereoscopic version of the 1954 Korean War drama, DRAGONFLY SQUADRON. The film was only released in a flat version during its initial release, and has never been seen by audiences in 3-D. Newly-restored 35 mm prints of shorts "Rocky Marciano, Champion vs. Jersey Joe Walcott, Challenger" and "College Capers" will be screened in 3-D for the first time in 60 years. Most programs being presented at the festival will be shown in archival double-system 35 mm. prints, many of them the last known copies.

The World 3-D Expo has been called "a Woodstock for movie geeks" by film critic Leonard Maltin. Organized by Jeff Joseph of SabuCat Productions, the Expo was first presented at the Egyptian Theatre to sold-out crowds in 2003 and again in 2006. "The technical demands of presenting 3-D cinema and the increasing difficulty of finding prints means that for many of the films presented, this may be the last time they are ever screened in this format" says producer and programmer Jeff Joseph.

Tickets for the festival are available on the Expo website at www.3-dfilmexpo.com or by calling the Expo Box Office at (661) 724-0934. Individual tickets are $18 per show; an Expo Pass for all 35 programs is available at $399 including priority seating. The World 3-D Film Expo will be held at the Egyptian Theatre at: 6712 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood CA 90028. [Please note that the World 3-D Film Expo III is not a presentation of the American Cinematheque which owns and operates the Egyptian Theatre.]

zSpace, Inc. and Mechdyne Announce trackdTM support for zSpace
3D-News Posted: Monday, May 13, 2013 (15:57 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

zSpace, Inc., a technology provider that is transforming the future of human-computer interaction, announced that software partner Mechdyne has released a version of trackd that supports the company's 3D virtual holographic platform, zSpace. With this release, more than 22 trackd-compatible applications can now take advantage of zSpace's immersive 3D environment. trackd® is the standard device driver software for leading virtual reality applications, developers, display manufacturers, motion tracking companies and input device manufacturers in the immersive 3D display industry. The software takes information from a variety of motion tracking and input devices and makes the information available for other applications to use.

"When working in 3D, motion tracking is critical to ensuring the user experience is as realistic, comfortable and interactive as possible," said Julien Berta, Vice President of Technology and Innovation for Mechdyne's Software Division. "We are thrilled to take the capabilities of trackd and apply them to a display like zSpace that offers a highly realistic and immersive environment. With the release of trackd, we look forward to seeing not only Mechdyne's software products in zSpace, but also other leading software applications that use trackd to enable virtual reality interaction."

Through this collaboration, a wide spectrum of mainstream industries can reap the benefits of virtual realism for product styling, interactive simulations, architectural walkthroughs, and training for military, medical and first responders. zSpace users are able to create and experience visually stunning, interactive content with ease right from their desktop.

"As one of the most innovative, world-wide companies selling immersive software and technologies, we are excited to be working with Mechdyne on multiple fronts," says Dave Chavez, CTO of zSpace, Inc. "trackd is recognized as a standard for the immersive 3D industry, and allows users to take advantage of the six degrees of freedom necessary to make an experience look and feel real. This partnership will further enable the zSpace developer community to bring innovative and highly realistic virtual reality solutions to the market."

VR Addresses Engineering's Demographic Timebomb
3D-News Posted: Monday, May 13, 2013 (15:57 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

As the average age of qualified engineers has crept ever upwards, National Grid has embarked on a big recruitment drive. "This September, we have 46 Graduates, 64 Engineering Trainees and 39 Substation Apprentices starting. Last year was the same and next year is set to be similar. The race is on to get these recruits fully trained before too many of our existing engineers retire", explained Chris Croce, Technical & Safety Specialist at National Grid's Eakring Training Centre.

Already experienced in advanced simulation, National Grid has Virtalis, Europe's leading Virtual Reality (VR) company, as its technological partner. National Grid UK has installed an ActiveWall into its Training Centre and also has an ActiveMove portable system for Road Shows, Recruitment Fairs and Site Visits.

The Virtalis ActiveWall is an immersive, interactive 3D visualisation system and is probably the bestselling VR system in the world. ActiveWall draws on active stereo technology and features a custom screen, specialist computer, Virtalis custom software and powerful projectors. Movements within the ActiveWall environment are tracked using a tracking system. This added functionality alters the perspective of the visuals according to the user's position and orientation within the scene to give a natural and accurate sense of relationship and scale. The hand-held controller allows the immersive experience to be enhanced further. The user can navigate through the virtual world, pick and manipulate objects, and even tools, in real-time.

ActiveMove is the ActiveWall's smaller sibling. It comprises an active, stereoscopic, three chip DLP projector with a rear projection screen in a dedicated enclosure, coupled with a PC, eyewear, head and hand tracking, installation and support. ActiveMove is transported in two, custom, wheeled cases specifically design for local and international shipping, making it easy to share between locations.

"We, or our partners, like Alstom, provide CAD data to Virtalis and they VR-enable these models, optimising them for interactive 3D stereoscopic display", said Croce. "Crucial this year has been for us to render in 3D a virtual replica of our T155 Circuit Breaker in our new £4 million workshop. Although the workshop has been specifically designed for hands-on maintenance practice for our new trainees, we find virtual practice in a VR world speeds development, making our recruits even more confident of their skills. Also, there are some tasks that are done very, very rarely, either because the kit is rarely used, or as is the case of our Alstom T155 400kV Circuit Breaker, it isn't sensible to carry out the procedure on a regular basis. This particular circuit breaker uses Sulphur Hexafluoride (SF6) gas as the insulating medium, which is a greenhouse gas so is not designed to be released to atmosphere. Circumstances such as these are absolutely perfect for virtual, rather than real world, practice.

"We're also finding that the next generation of engineers are completely natural around computers. Even VR doesn't phase them. When we take our VR kit out to Recruitment Fairs, everyone wants to have a go and we believe that showing ourselves as technological leaders in this way has boosted our recruitment, both in numbers and quality. Let's face it, 3D is how we all live our lives, so VR looks fantastic and is state-of-the-art."

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