3D-News Archive July 2002

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SGI and Fakespace Systems Deliver Advanced Visualization Capability For Oil and Gas Exploration
3D-News Posted: Sunday, July 28, 2002 (21:06 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

SGI and Fakespace Systems Inc. announced on July 25th the completion of
an advanced visualization system for oil and gas exploration at the
Houston, Texas, offices of Norsk Hydro, Norway's second-largest energy
company. Norsk Hydro, which already has six immersive SGI(R) Reality
Center(TM) installations in Norway, attributes an $86 million
return on investment to its work with visualization since the first
system was implemented in 1997.

The new visualization system in the Houston office is based on a
large-scale stereoscopic WorkWall(TM) display from Fakespace Systems,
driven by a powerful SGI® Onyx® 3200 supercomputer. It provides a
collaborative environment that improves and accelerates well-planning
decisions for Norsk Hydro's geoscientists, geophysicists and engineers
exploring opportunities in the Gulf of Mexico.

"The proven value of immersive visualization in helping
multidisciplinary teams bring new efficiencies to the exploration
process led us to contract with SGI and Fakespace for our seventh
large-scale display system," said Rolf Helland, senior geophysicist,
Norsk Hydro E&P Americas. "Our experience in working with these
companies has been exceptional, and the new flat wall stereoscopic
system was delivered in record time to meet our needs."

Following extensive work with CAVE® and flat wall displays, Norsk chose
an 8x18-foot, high-brightness, flat wall display based on the newest
digital stereoscopic projection technology. A single-pipe Onyx 3200
system with InfiniteReality3(TM) graphics drives the edge-blended
rear-projection display.

The new system enables exploration team members to interact with each
other and with huge data sets simultaneously in an immersive
environment that integrates data from all disciplines. The Fakespace
WorkWall is equipped with two active stereo DLP(TM) (Digital Light
Processing) Mirage(TM) 5000 projectors, providing a stable display that
is bright enough for use in a normally lit room, so that users can
also reference documents and drawings as needed.

"Norsk Hydro is an innovator in exploration work using immersive
visualization," said Jim Angelillo, vice president of strategic
relations at Fakespace Systems Inc. "We installed their first
visualization system, a CAVE, back in 1997 in Bergen, Norway, and more
recently installed a RAVE (Reconfigurable Advanced Visualization
Environment) at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology
located in Trondheim, Norway, which Norsk helped fund. Both systems
have significantly aided Norsk in improving their success in locating
reservoirs and choosing well paths."

"Norsk Hydro is an industry leader in the application of SGI Reality
Center technologies for oil and gas exploration," said Bill Bartling,
director, Global Energy Solutions, SGI. "They've made full use of the
unique visualization power of SGI Onyx systems by developing
specialized immersive applications that take exploration teams inside
the data to reach better decisions in a shorter time. As prime
contractor for six out of seven Reality Center installations for Norsk
Hydro, we have been pleased to contribute to the company's growth and
prosperity over our five-year relationship."

Norsk Hydro's first virtual reality environment was installed at the
company's research facility in Bergen, Norway, in 1997. In 2001, Norsk
installed four additional SGI Reality Center facilities in Norway: two
in Bergen, one in Oslo and one in Stavanger. In 2002, Norsk Hydro's
research center in Porsgrunn, Norway, installed yet another facility.
The proven value of SGI Reality Center technologies as exploration
tools led to the installation in Houston, Texas.

Norsk Hydro cites its operations in the Oseberg field in western Norway
as an example of the benefits of working with advanced visualization
systems. Complete details about SGI Reality Center systems are
available at www.sgi.com/realitycenter/.

Fakespace Systems provides the broadest range of visualization systems
available today for seismic data interpretation and subsurface
evaluation. These systems, which are used by geologists, geophysicists
and engineers to promote collaboration and better understanding of
complex data, range from fully immersive room environments to
small-group systems that fit in an average-size conference room.
Fakespace displays are available with passive or active stereo, CRT or
digital projection technology, and a range of motion-tracking and
interaction options.

Three-Five Systems Introduces Advanced Near-to-Eye Microdisplays
3D-News Posted: Friday, July 26, 2002 (21:08 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Three-Five Systems, Inc.®, a leading supplier of display products,
yesterday introduced the Brillian(TM) Z86D-3 SVGA microdisplay, the
company's most advanced near-to-eye microdisplay product. The company
acquired this award-winning microdisplay technology in the first
quarter from Zight Corporation of Boulder, Co. Three-Five has quickly
assimilated the knowledge and production expertise required to
achieve this rapid product introduction with minimal additional
capital equipment expenditures. The company now has the capability to
perform the full front-end display assembly, back-end packaging and
complete electrical and optical test at the company's ISO certified
production facility in Tempe. Three-Five is currently sampling
product and is taking orders for volume production next quarter.

"The productization effort within Three-Five Systems of the Brillian
D-3 display has been very rapid," said Rainer Kuhn, Three-Five
Systems' Director of Sales and Marketing/Personal Display
Systems. "The fact that the D-3 display utilizes off-the-shelf
materials and processes enabled us to integrate this product into our
manufacturing operation at a very rapid pace. Now, our customers can
bring new products with microdisplay technology to market faster than
ever before. In addition, we are one of the few ISO certified
manufacturers of near-to-eye microdisplays -- guaranteeing consistent
high quality for our customers."

The new Brillian Z86D-3 delivers improved performance over previous
generation displays. It now provides support for a microprocessor
interface which lowers power consumption, and supports a wider
operating temperature range enabling its use in rugged environments.
In addition, the display's high fill factor delivers non-pixelated
multimedia, moving video, computer video, still image or text
content. Ideally suited for 2D and 3D full-motion video applications,
the Brillian Z86D-3 can be used in monocular, binocular or stereo
electro-optic designs. Intended uses for the Brillian D-3 include
nightvision systems, wearable computing applications, video
telescopes, microscopes, endoscopic surgery and gaming applications.
It can be used in applications which utilize the display in an
embedded manner such as electronic viewfinders or in tethered designs
such as a head mounted displays.

Three-Five's Brillian Z86D-3 is backward compatible with the former
Zight products, such as the field sequential control and illumination
control ASICs, which are also now available from Three-Five. The D-3
can easily be designed into current products that are based on
previous versions of Zight's SVGA microdisplays, enabling existing
customers to take advantage of the performance benefits without
significant design changes.

Three-Five Systems offers the OEM/ODM community a total chipset
solution for each display, which includes driver ICs, illumination
control circuitry, development kits and complete system reference
designs enabling rapid product development and deployment. To request
a datasheet or for other sales information, contact the manufacturer
at www.display@threefive.com.

About the Brillian(TM) Z86D-3
The Brillian Z86D-3 pixel architecture offers an industry-leading
pixel fill factor of 93 percent, which results in very bright, non-
pixelated, smooth images at a magnification as high as 150x. In
addition, the display offers the highest available frame rate of 120
Hz, or 360 Hz RGB colors per second, eliminating the color break up
and flicker typically exhibited by field sequential displays. The
display is also designed to withstand extreme environmental
conditions of -20 to +70 degrees centigrade. It delivers long
lifetimes of nearly 1,000,000 hours mean time to failure (MTTF). The
D-3 also offers enhanced mechanical features so that product
designers are able to precisely position the display into the most
challenging binocular or stereoscopic optical designs.

About Brillian(TM) LCoS(TM) Microdisplays
A microdisplay is a small display, about the size of a thumbnail,
that when combined with an optics system has the unique advantage of
being able to make the apparent size of the image viewed larger than
the size of the actual display. The advantages of microdisplays
include: extremely small size, light-weight, and the ability to hold
up to 2.6 million pixels in less than one diagonal inch for high-
definition or ultra-high resolution displays. Three-Five's
microdisplay technology is a disruptive technology to the TV and
display industry because it not only creates a much higher quality
image, but it also has the lowest cost per pixel for any large screen
display technology. Three-Five is pioneering efforts in the use of
LCoS technology for microdisplays. Three-Five has developed a
complete line of Brillian Microdisplays from SVGA, the resolution of
the Internet, to WUXGA, for products that require high-definition or
ultra-high resolution. The Brillian family of microdisplays addresses
the market's need for high-information content displays in small,
cost-effective packages.

Siemens Scientists Develop 3-D Technology That Renders Patients Essentially "Transparent" for Surgical Procedures
3D-News Posted: Thursday, July 18, 2002 (22:48 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

The surgeon looks at the MR image on the monitor to check the
location of a brain tumor that lies slightly less than seven
centimeters beneath the patient's skull, in the right quadrant about
half way down.

He marks the patient's head for the incision, looks at the monitor.
checks the mark, checks the monitor again, then begins to cut.

During the thousands of surgical procedures performed each year, many
surgeons -- regardless of their years of experience -- may well wish
there were some means of seeing exactly where to make the incision.
That day is quickly becoming a reality thanks to a Siemens technology
that essentially renders the patient transparent to the surgeon.

Known as augmented reality image guidance, or in-situ visualization,
the Siemens prototype employs a head-mounted display (HMD) that
carries three miniature cameras. Two of the video cameras capture a
stereoscopic view of the surgical site; the third camera is used for
viewpoint tracking, in combination with optical markers framing the
surgical site.

A computer superimposes 3-D computer images taken from the patient's
own CT or MR data onto the video view for display on the surgeon's
HMD. The surgeon, looking at the patient, can now perceive computer
models of anatomical structures at the location of the actual
structures. For example, a tumor visible on a medical image can now
be seen at the location of the actual tumor.

"The ability to look inside the patient and see the tumor in three-
dimensional space from different angles helps the surgeon determine
the best route to the tumor," notes Frank Sauer, Ph.D., project
manager in the Imaging and Visualization Department. "The dynamic
viewpoint provides a very direct and intuitive understanding of even
complex anatomy."

Sauer has been working with Gregory J. Rubino, M.D. of the University
of California at Los Angeles School of Medicine for nearly one year.
According to Dr. Rubino, who is investigating the new technology's
clinical applications, "Augmented vision can support surgical
planning in a very intuitive and efficient way."

The researchers are exploring in-situ visualization with a variety of
medical imaging modalities, using computed tomography (CT), magnetic
resonance (MR) and ultrasound imaging. To date, pre-clinical tests on
phantom objects have been performed with encouraging results.

According to Dr. Sauer, "The basic technical problems have been
solved, and a prototype could be ready to enter clinical testing and
evaluation in approximately six months." He further noted that SCR is
actively exploring clinical applications with Siemens Medical
Solutions' CT, MR, Ultrasound and X-ray divisions.

Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission: Theft of Stereographic Viewer and Cards Reported at PA Anthracite Heritage Museum
3D-News Posted: Thursday, July 18, 2002 (21:47 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Collectors, Dealers Asked for Assistance in Recovering Artifacts

Dr. Brent D. Glass, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Historical
and Museum Commission, announced the theft of a stereographic viewer
and 34 stereoview cards from the Pennsylvania Anthracite Heritage
Museum in Scranton. The cards were produced in 1897 by the Keystone
View Company, which had offices in Meadville, Crawford County, and
St. Louis, Missouri.

"These artifacts belong to the people of Pennsylvania," Dr. Glass
said. "They are part of our heritage and must be recovered and
returned to the Anthracite Heritage Museum. Their presence helps to
interpret the lives of the residents of the coal-mining region in the
late 19th and early 20th centuries."

The stereograph, or stereoview, consisted of a double set of paper
prints mounted on card stock to be viewed through a stereoscope,
producing a three-dimensional image. They became a popular
photographic medium in Europe in the mid-1800s, and through mass
production methods became widely distributed in the United States by
the 1880s. Stereographs reached their peak of popular distribution in
the years 1902-1935 through the business efforts of such companies as
the Keystone View Company and Underwood & Underwood.

Stereographic cameras produced a negative with two views of the same
image side by side on a glass plate. Prints from such negatives were
intended to be seen through a stereographic viewer, which would
provide a three-dimensional image.

The cards are 3.5 inches high by 7 inches wide and hold sepia color
photographic images. Each card and the viewer are marked with an
accession number beginning with "AC."

Dr. Glass asked all museum officials, antiques dealers, collectors,
flea market customers and Internet auction buyers to report any
suspicious artifacts offered for sale to the Borough of Taylor police
at +1 (570) 562-2210, or Steve Ling, museum administrator of the
Pennsylvania Anthracite Heritage Museum, at +1 (570) 963-4804.


1. "Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone Park, WYO., U.S.A."
2. "The Devil's Hole, Niagara Falls, N.Y., U.S.A."
3. "Horseshoe Falls, Niagara Falls, N.Y., U.S.A."
4. "Wall Street, New York, N. Y., U.S.A."
5. "Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A."
6. "Ogden and Wasatch Mountains, Utah, U.S.A."
7. "An Open Passageway in the Debris, Galveston, Texas, U.S.A."
8. "The Last Supper."
9. "The Resurrection."
10. "The `Maid of the Mist.' Niagara Falls, N.Y."
11. "Multnomah Falls, Columbia River, Oregon, U.S.A."
12. "Pillars of Hercules, Columbia River, Oregon, U.S.A."
13. "Machine Warping Room, Cotton Mill, Nashville, Tenn., U.S.A."
14. "Ancient Gateway, Bale, Switzerland."
15, "Looking at the Matterhorn from Riffelburg Hotel, Switzerland."
16. "Panorama of Berne, Switzerland."
17. "Sea of Wool-Lambs for all the Marys, Sheep Industry, Montana, U.S.A."
18. "Compressed Beef-Cattle Shipping Scene, Montana, U.S.A."
19. "Garden of Gethsemane and Mount of Olives, Palestine."
20. "The Traditional Mountain of Temptation, Palestine."
21. "Summer Scene `Mid Winter's Grandeur,' Norway."
22. "The Firmament Sheweth His Handiwork." Mexico.
23. "Union Stock Yards, Texas Cattle, Chicago, Ill., U.S.A."
24. "Dining Room, Soldiers' Home, Marion, Ind., U.S.A."
25. "Lee Monument and Temple Sinai, from Howard's Memorial Library. New Orleans, La. U.S.A."
26. "Maryland Heights, MD., U.S.A."
27. "Union Station, St. Louis, MO., U.S.A."
28. "Alhambra Palace (Court of the Lions), Granada, Spain."
29. "You didn't do it? Look-don't tell me so! I'll give you just five minutes to pack and go."
30. "You brazen hussy! You shall leave at this hour! And Least of your Fault is the wasted Flour."
31. "Washington's Old Home, Mt. Vernon, VA., U.S.A."
32. "Baptizing in Cedar Creek under the Great Natural Bridge, VA."
33. "Fluming Lumber from the Mountains in Oregon, U.S.A."
34. "Chinese Soldiers from Wei-Hai-Wei, who served under the British during the Seige of Tien-Tsin, China."

TDV Technologies Gives 3D Views of NASA's Mission to Mars
3D-News Posted: Thursday, July 18, 2002 (21:43 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

TDV Technologies Corp. and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, have
assembled the most extraordinary 3D images of Mars and the rest of
our solar system for free viewing on the new www.3dworld.com portal.

These Mission to Mars images have been combined into an extraordinary
online experience with a collection of text, narration and images
that make learning about the solar system online exciting and fun.

TDV brings this planetarium-like experience to the PC for home or
classroom viewing with the TDV Viewing System. TDV adds special
software to the PC, combined with the special TDV Viewing Glasses,
delivering a life-like 3D stereoscopic experience right on the PC!

Peter Smith, Senior Research Scientist at the University of Arizona
and leader of the Pathfinder imaging team has assembled these
extraordinary 3D images of Mars from both the Viking and Pathfinder
missions. Smith said, "TDV brings the experience of visiting a space
museum or taking a college level course online, in true 3D." "Many of
these images cannot be seen elsewhere."

TDV welcomes classroom teachers and space enthusiasts to visit
www.3dworld.com to view these collections online with TDV Viewing
Glasses also available at www.3dworld.com.

C-3D Digital Enters Into Strategic Partnership With Leading VGA Card Manufacturer
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, July 17, 2002 (20:30 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

C-3D Digital Inc., a leading provider of stereoscopic 3D imagery
applications and products, announced that it has entered into a
strategic partnership with Inside Telnetcom Co., Ltd (Inside TNC)
(www.insidetnc.com), one of Korea's largest VGA (video graphics
adapter) card manufacturers. C-3D has acquired the exclusive rights
to market and sell Inside TNC's VGA cards in North and South America.
Inside TNC utilizes the NVIDIA® chip set technologies in its VGA
cards (for more information about NVIDIA Corporation see
www.nvidia.com). C-3D currently utilizes the NVIDIA Detonator XP(TM)
Unified Driver Architecture 3D Stereo drivers with its proprietary 3D
viewing goggles, Another Eye 2000.

Inside TNC has achieved a strong revenue base in graphic card
production by selling its VGA cards in Korea to Samsung Electronics
and TriGem Computer, which combined hold over 70% of the PC market in
Korea. As their marketing partner, C-3D will be responsible for
developing a retail presence for Inside TNC's VGA cards in North and
South America.

CEO of C-3D Digital, Chandos Mahon, stated, "We are extremely pleased
to initiate this agreement with Inside TNC, one of our shareholders.
This demonstrates a strong relationship at work. The new venture
provides us entrance into the exciting VGA card market, which
delivers tremendous synergies with our 3D stereoscopic product line.
During the third and fourth quarter of this year, we plan to bundle
Inside TNC's VGA cards with our 3D-shutter glass system in order to
develop a strong retail presence in North and South America for 3D
products. With our first sales order for 3,000 units already
executed, we expect significant follow-on orders over the next
several months. We believe that this will provide a lucrative new
revenue stream for C-3D during 2002 and beyond."

About Inside Telnetcom Co., Ltd.
Based in Korea, Inside TNC manufactures VGA cards, TV cards and HDTV
cards. Focusing on virtual reality as its next vision, Inside TNC is
in the process of developing a strategic plan for 3D Stereoscopic
Glasses and HMD (Head Mounted Display). In addition, Inside TNC
established a Media Division in 2001, which has been in the SCM
(Supply Chain Management) business in the field of software packages
as well as resale for Microsoft's product. For additional
information, visit www.insidetnc.com.

About C-3D Digitial
Through its core stereo 3D technology utilizing Virtual & Augmented
Reality (V&AR), C-3D Digital, Inc's. (www.3d.com) mission is to
become an international market leader in the rapidly growing and
value-added field of stereoscopic 3D imagery. C3D furnishes high-end,
3D application services and content to the entertainment, industrial
simulation, education and training, broadcasting, and PC game
industries, among others. The company plans to become a leading
provider of end-to-end, true stereo 3D solutions through systems
integration, proprietary hardware, and professional software

TDV Technologies Changes Name to X3D
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, July 17, 2002 (20:20 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

TDV Technologies Corporation announced earlier this month that it has
changed its name to X3D Technologies Corporation, reflecting the
company's goal to develop an online culture where X3D (X-treme Three
Dimensional) images push the boundaries of experiences on the
Internet in the areas of education, entertainment and video games
(www.3dworld.com ).

The X3D system transforms still and moving computer images to
realistic X3D images that appear to float in space, inside, or out in
front of the monitor screen. The technology significantly enhances
ordinary 3D by adding depth information to the perspective view,
resulting in a totally immersive experience. Users can convert
television and DVD signals on the fly to Stereoscopic X3D that's
viewable on any computer with a CRT display. They also can experience
PC games as never before and surf the Internet in X3D.

"Our company is dedicated to delivering the most realistic and
powerful visual experience possible to PC users," said Elliot Klein,
CEO of X3D. "That's why we developed 26 patents related to X3D
technology. Our new name is indicative of the unique and powerful
nature of our products."

The X3D system includes everything required to convert 2D into X3D-
including wire and wireless glasses, receiver, connecting cords and
infrared transmitter, install system software, and TV/DVD conversion
software. To access the Stereovision X3D experience on the X3D Web
portal, each customer must purchase the X3D Viewing System, which is
easy to install and retails for $99.00. For more information, go to
www.3dworld.com .

About X3D Technologies Corporation
X3D Technologies Corporation offers unique hardware and software
imaging products that enhance education, entertainment and video game
experiences on the Internet. Its primary Internet site,
www.3dworld.com , is the Web's first destination for viewing X-treme
Three Dimensional images. X3D's proprietary True Depth Visualization
technology and web architecture, branded "X3D", makes images,
animations or digital video appear to float in front of a screen. X3D
is a trademark of X3D Technologies Corp.

Microvision Awarded Army Contract to Design Flight-Capable Full-Color Helicopter Display
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, July 17, 2002 (20:16 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Microvision, Inc. announced on July 12th it has been awarded a
$500,000 contract from the U.S. Army to develop a flight-capable full-
color display -- based on the company's Spectrum(TM) display system --
for demonstration on an Army helicopter.

The contract comes from the Army Aircrew Integrated Systems Product
Office awarded through the Aviation Applied Technology Directorate
(AATD), Fort Eustis, Virginia.

The contract calls for Microvision to integrate Microvision's
Spectrum display with the Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below
(FBCB2) system to demonstrate an affordable solution to upgrading
legacy aircraft to the modern digital battle space requirements. The
FBCB2 forms the Army's principal digital command and control system.

Microvision will integrate, test and loan to the government for
evaluation a Spectrum color system for flight-testing in a UH-60L
Blackhawk helicopter. The company expects to complete the required
display ruggedization design and implement a flight demonstration at
Fort Eustis, VA, within the next 12 months.

Spectrum is Microvision's daylight-readable, full-color, see-through
personal display. Microvision designed the display as an application
development platform for select partners for use in advanced research
and application studies. Spectrum uses Microvision's proprietary
scanning display technology and is configurable as a monocular (one
eye), biocular (two eyes), or binocular (stereoscopic) display. The
company recently sold a Spectrum system to the Cleveland Clinic for
use in image-guided surgery.

CDP Accès Capital and RESO Investissement Inc. invest $600,000 in Les Technologies Sensorielles TEG inc.
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, July 17, 2002 (20:13 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

CDP Accès Capital, a subsidiary of the Caisse de dépôt et placement
du Québec, and RESO Investissement inc. announced they have each
invested $300,000 in Les Technologies Sensorielles TEG inc., a
Montréal cinema and entertainment company that develops and markets
new stereoscopic technologies. The investment was made under CDP
Accès Capital's Program for Sponsored Companies, which offers SMEs
financial and management expertise, as well as access to CDP
Capital's national and international business network.
This investment will enable the company to complete the R&D phase for
its first two products and to deliver an operational prototype.

Les Technologies Sensorielles TEG Inc, which was founded in February
2000 and is positioning itself in a rapidly growing sector, has
designed and will soon begin marketing a three-dimensional image
generator (3DIG) and a 3D encoder that will allow home cinema
aficionados to create an Imax 3D-type experience at home. This is a
highly promising market: more than 23 million homes in the United
States, or 23% of all households, have a home cinema system.

StereoGraphics Parallax Player Now Shipping
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, July 17, 2002 (19:03 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Stereoscopic image viewer for all stereo formats and stereo display modes

StereoGraphics Corporation, the world’s leading supplier of
stereoscopic visualization products, announced on July 2nd the
immediate availability of Parallax Player™, the new software package
for viewing stereoscopic images and videos. Parallax Player supports
most common stereo file formats and display modes and allows users to
convert formats in real time and use any available stereoscopic
display mode. Parallax Player will even automatically add a stereo3D
effect to any existing image or video file – even if it was not
created as a stereoscopic image.

"Parallax Player is a superb product for those wanting a high quality
stereoscopic viewing program." said Ron Labbe, President and Founder
of Studio 3D. "One single viewer supports all the stereo display
methods currently available which makes it a superb tool for
professionals and hobbyists to show animations and visualizations
with added impact on laptops, desktop stereo computers and
presentation rooms."

How it Works
Parallax Player allows images and movies formatted in common stereo
formats such as above and below, side by side and interlace to be
displayed in any available viewing format including anaglyph
(requiring red/blue glasses), page-flipping (quad-buffering stereo
display), sync-doubling stereo display modes, or even using
StereoGraphics Synthagram autostereoscopic display. Supported file
formats include .jpg, .jps, .bmp. tga, .gif, .wma, .wmv, .asf, .avi
and .mpg, and when used with StereoGraphics Stereo3D products, such
as CrystalEyes®, StereoEyes™ and Monitor ZScreen® gives unparalleled
stereoscopic viewing.

In addition, Parallax Player includes a 'stereoize' feature that
allows a Stereo3D effect to be applied to non-stereo movies and
images allowing them to be viewed stereoscopically. A print facility
allows anaglyph images to be output to color printers for viewing in
Stereo3D with anaglyph glasses. Parallax Player is supported on
Windows 98/98SE/Me/2000 and XP platforms. The Parallax Player even
allows anaglyphs to be viewed page-flipped or above and below with
CrystalEyes or the Monitor Zscreen.

Pricing and Availability
Parallax Player is available immediately for a manufacturer's
suggested retail price of $295. For additional product, sales or
reseller information on Parallax Player and other products from
StereoGraphics, call 1(800)783-2660 (outside the United States,
+1(415)459-4500), visit the StereoGraphics Web site at
www.stereographics.com or send an email to info@StereoGraphics.com.

IMAX Makes Its China Debut at the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, July 17, 2002 (18:55 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

IMAX Corporation officially launched its world-leading cinematic
technology today in the People's Republic of China, with the
formation of its China operations and Asian headquarters in Shanghai.
This was announced by IMAX Corporation Co-Chair & Co-CEO, Richard L.
Gelfond at an event celebrating The IMAX Experience(R) in China, the
establishment of IMAX Asia operations at the renowned Shanghai
Science & Technology Museum and the screening of the IMAX premiere
film, China: The Panda Adventure.

"IMAX Corporation's commitment to China has never been stronger and
we are proud to establish our Asian headquarters at the Shanghai
Science & Technology Museum," said Richard L. Gelfond. "IMAX is
committed to working together with municipal authorities towards the
development of world-class museums and science centers, that provide
the Chinese market with key venues to educate and stimulate the

The IMAX Shanghai Office will undertake the task of working together
with 'world-class' standard science centers throughout China to
enhance their facilities by providing the world's leading
entertainment technology. As an integral part of science centers and
museums around the world, IMAX aims to bring a unique educational
experience and provide wholesome family entertainment across all ages
nationwide. Don Savant, Vice President & General Manager for Asia
Pacific, will head the newly established Asia Pacific Shanghai

IMAX plans to roll out IMAX theatres throughout China and has
recently signed an agreement with the Heilongjiang Science &
Technology Museum to build an IMAX theater in its new science center.
Slated to open in 2003, the Heilongjiang Science & Technology Museum
is located in Harbin City in Northern China. IMAX has also finalized
an agreement with Golden Harvest Entertainment to develop a
commercial cinema at the Peace Cinema site in Puxi, Shanghai, which
is scheduled to open in 2003. In addition, IMAX completed an
agreement with the Shanghai Film & TV group for a Race For Atlantis
attraction, a motion simulation ride that incorporates an IMAX 3D
Dome theatre, which is slated to open in Shanghai in 2003.

Lens Caps for the Stereo Realist
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, July 17, 2002 (5:24 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

3D Development Company announces the release of lens caps for the
Stereo Realist. Lens caps are used to provide superior protection
against dust and moisture on the Stereo Realist lenses. Lens caps
are also use for taking hyper or hypostereo shots. Precision
machined, and sold in pairs for $21.50.

Protect your valuable and fragile Stereo Realist with the new LC-02
lens caps from 3D Development Company.

Visit the 3D Development Co. website at http://www.representatives.com/3d

New 3D movie to open in Disney World in 2003
3D-News Posted: Monday, July 15, 2002 (16:09 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Disney magic meets Disney music in a new 3-D film spectacular
debuting in 2003 at the Magic Kingdom Park in Walt Disney

"Mickey's PhilharMagic" will star Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and other
favorite Disney characters animated in a way they've never before
been seen: grand, glorious, in-your-face three dimensions.

"We're really excited about this new attraction," said Al Weiss,
president of Walt Disney World Resort. "Guests love the Disney
characters and films, and this gives them the chance to take a
magical ride right into the world of Disney animation."

The "Mickey's PhilharMagic" cast will include Mickey and Donald, as
well as Ariel from "The Little Mermaid," Aladdin and Jasmine
from "Aladdin" and Simba from "The Lion King."

Set in the PhilharMagic Concert Hall, which replaces "Legend of the
Lion King" in Fantasyland, the eye-popping 3-D experience will unfold
on one of the largest screens ever created for a 3-D film, a 150-foot-
wide canvas.

Complete with in-theater effects, the attraction will immerse guests
in the richly animated world of the Disney characters. The Walt
Disney Company has experimented with animating the Disney characters
in 3-D before, most notably in "Working for Peanuts," a 1953 Donald
Duck/Chip 'n' Dale cartoon short, but never on a scale as grand
as "Mickey's PhilharMagic." The attraction is being produced through
the combined efforts of Walt Disney Imagineering and Walt Disney
Feature Animation.

"We're always exploring ways to take 3-D to the next level," said Tom
Fitzgerald, executive vice president and senior creative executive at
Walt Disney Imagineering. "From 'Jim Henson's Muppet*Vision 3D'
to 'Honey, I Shrunk the Audience' to 'It's Tough to be a Bug!', we
keep looking for new ways to allow guests to become a part of the
action and story.

" 'Mickey's PhilharMagic' will be the most animated, energetic and
magical 3-D show we've ever created!"

Rack Mount 3D Displays Announced by Dimension Technologies
3D-News Posted: Monday, July 15, 2002 (16:06 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Dimension Technologies Inc., (DTI), one of the world leaders in 3D
flat panel display technology and the world's only producer of
commercially available 2D/3D switchable flat panel displays, recently
announced that their popular 18.1" 3D LCD Display would be available
in several rack mount versions.

In announcing the new products, Arnold Lagergren, President of DTI,
noted that "demand for our 3D display technology continues to increase
across a very wide spectrum of applications. These new products and 3D
component kits are designed for use in applications such as military
and security markets, arcade games and R&D. I am pleased that we are
able to offer these unique 2D/3D switchable flat panels in
configurations that allow mounting in a standard 19" rack."

The new rack-mountable products are available in two versions. The 3D
Components Kits include the 2D/3D flat panel, circuit boards, cabling,
and control panels and are targeted at manufacturers who are already
experienced in rack mounting equipment and wish to incorporate DTI's
unique 3D technology into their own products. The rack mount version
of the display includes all components noted above plus the frame and
hardware required for mounting the display in a standard 19"
industrial rack. Drawer slide versions are also available to provide
easier access to rear panel I/O and power connections.

For additional information, visit DTI's web site at www.dti3d.com or
call +1 (716) 436-3530.

IMAX's New 3D SPACE STATION Film Reaches New Heights; Film is Fastest IMAX-Distributed Film to Hit $5 Million Mark
3D-News Posted: Monday, July 15, 2002 (16:00 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

SPACE STATION Voted Best New Large-Format Film by Prominent Industry Group

SPACE STATION, the first-ever IMAX 3D space film, has reached new
heights as it continues to launch at IMAX theatres around the globe.
Currently in release at 59 IMAX theatres worldwide, the film has
accumulated a worldwide box office gross of $5,905,022 within a few
weeks of since its April 17th launch at the Smithsonian's National
Air & Space Museum in Washington, D.C., making it the fastest IMAX-
distributed film to hit the $5 million mark. SPACE STATION placed
13th on the industry box office charts with a gross of $784,947 (up
41% from the previous weekend) for the Memorial Day holiday weekend --
confirming its position as the best performing large-format film
presently in release.

Produced by IMAX Corporation (Nasdaq: IMAX; TSX: IMX), and presented
by Lockheed Martin Corporation in cooperation with the National
Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) and narrated by Tom Cruise,
SPACE STATION documents one of the most challenging engineering feats
and important accomplishments by NASA since landing a man on the
moon -- the construction of the International Space Station.

The film was also voted best new large-format film by members of the
Large Format Cinema Association (LFCA) at its recently concluded 2002
conference. The LFCA is a non-profit organization representing the
large format cinema community of filmmakers, distributors, equipment
manufacturers, consultants, exhibitors and others involved in this
rapidly evolving sector of the motion picture industry.

"SPACE STATION is off to a great start as both a box office performer
and audience pleaser as is evidenced by the success it has achieved
since it premiered in mid-april," said Greg Foster, IMAX
Corporation's President of Filmed Entertainment.

"We're thrilled that SPACE STATION has been given this honor by
professionals working in the large-format industry," he
continued. "Peer recognition is one of the greatest compliments that
any film can receive and this award from LFCA is a testimonial to
producer-director Toni Myers and consulting producer Graeme Ferguson
and the talented team of men and women who worked so very hard to
bring the experience of traveling to, and living aboard the
International Space Station to life via the medium of IMAX 3D."

About the film:
Early in 1997, IMAX, in association with Lockheed Martin and the
National NASA, started work on SPACE STATION starring astronauts and
cosmonauts from the United States, Canada, Japan, Russia and Europe.
These men and women collectively have spent thousands of hours in
space and with the guidance of producer-director Toni Myers and
consulting producer Graeme Ferguson, have captured on film and in
IMAX 3D, the excitement and magnitude of this amazing project being
built in outer space in a way that no other medium can. SPACE
STATION is the fifth space film to be sponsored by Lockheed Martin.
The others were: "The Dream Is Alive" (1985), "Blue Planet"
(1990), "Destiny In Space" (1994) and "Mission To Mir" (1997).

Dimension Technologies Announces Pricing for New 18.1" 2D/3D Display Rack Mount Component Kits
3D-News Posted: Monday, July 15, 2002 (15:50 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Dimension Technologies Inc., (DTI), one of the world leaders in 3D
flat panel display technology and the world's only producer of
commercially available 2D/3D switchable flat panel displays, has
recently published pricing for their recently announced 2D/3D Display
Rack Mount Component Kit product.

The new 18.1" Display Component Kit includes the unique DTI 2D/3D flat
panel, circuit boards, cabling, and control panels and allows the user
to create a 2D/3D flat panel display that can be incorporated into a
manufacturer's existing product in a standard rack mount

Typical applications include medical imaging products,
military/security devices, mobile geological imaging equipment,
aircraft and shipboard mounted displays, installations in laboratory,
R&D and educational facilities and anywhere that equipment is
normally mounted in standard 19" industrial racks.

The new Component Kits are priced at $4999 in single quantities.
Quantity discounts can decrease the price per unit to less than $4000.
As a comparison, the DTI 2018XLQ 18.1" 2D/3D Desktop Display retails
for $6999.

Contact DTI at +1 (716) 436-3530 for additional information on
ordering and delivery.

National Amusements opened Circuit's First-Ever IMAX Theatre at Its Cutting Edge, New Movie Complex on the West Side of Los Angeles
3D-News Posted: Monday, July 15, 2002 (15:46 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

National Amusements opened the circuit's first-ever IMAX theatre on
January 1, 2002. The IMAX 3D theatre is located at "The Bridge,"
National Amusements' new, cutting edge, 17-screen cinema and
entertainment complex at Howard Hughes Center on Los Angeles'

"We are very pleased that National Amusements, a forward-looking and
innovative exhibitor, has decided to put an IMAX 3D theatre in such a
high profile location in Los Angeles," said Richard L. Gelfond and
Bradley J. Wechsler, Co-CEOs IMAX Corporation. "We are excited by
the opportunity to showcase IMAX content to the Los Angeles community
with such a strong operator especially given the increasing interest
by Hollywood in our format."

"With 'The Bridge' quickly becoming Los Angeles' most popular
entertainment location, we couldn't ask for a more complementary
addition than the presence of the largest commercial IMAX 3D screen
in Southern California." said Shari E. Redstone, President of
National Amusements, Inc. "With its high-visibility location at 'The
Bridge', our new IMAX theatre will, without question, become a must-
visit venue for patrons from Santa Monica to the South Bay."

The Bridge Cinema Deluxe or "The Bridge," as the theatre complex is
known, is the centerpiece of a 250,000-square-foot entertainment and
shopping complex called the Promenade at Howard Hughes Center, an
office and retail development adjacent to the 405 (San Diego)

"The strongest film slate ever will be made available to the large-
format industry during the next 18 months," added Gelfond and
Wechsler. "Our major focus has been on better and more film product
to drive attendance at IMAX theatres and we are obviously happy with
the results of our efforts. Approximately 30 films will be released
from a variety of independent and Hollywood filmmakers and
distributors, including Disney's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, IMAX's own 3D
film shot in space, entitled SPACE STATION, Steve Oedekerk's Santa
vs. The Snowman, The Young Black Stallion Disney's prequel to The
Black Stallion and James Cameron's Ghosts of the Abyss."

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