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Stereoscopy.com online again!
3D-News Posted: Thursday, August 31, 2000 (7:35 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

After 5 days off-line, Stereoscopy.com is back alive again!
It was a tremendous server problem - and it was the first time since
1996 that Stereoscopy.com was down for a long time.

Let's hope that this will never happen again!

Alexander Klein - Webmaster

TECHNOBOT 2000 exhibit at UVA
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, August 23, 2000 (15:56 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Opening September 1, the Leander McCormick Observatory in
Charlottesville, Virginis, is presenting an exhibition of Boris
Starosta's fine art anaglyph prints and posters. The observatory is
open to the public on the evenings of the first and third Fridays of
each month. Additionally, Boris will host a private showing with a slide
show towards the end of the exhibition on November 23 (this is still

During open house nights, weather permitting, observations are
conducted using the venerable 26" refractor (built in 1889) as well as
with smaller and more modern 'scopes in a separate building. In
addition to the art gallery, the observatory houses a small museum
that outlines basic astronomical concepts and equipment. The
Observatory is situated atop Mt. Jefferson on the grounds (campus) of
the University of Virginia, in Charlottesville. For directions, you
may call the Astronomy department, (804) 924-7494. For more
information about the exhibition, contact Boris Starosta by E-Mail:

CEI Introduces EnLiten and EnVideo Software, Enabling Enterprise-Wide Visualization Sharing
3D-News Posted: Saturday, August 19, 2000 (7:55 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

CEI announces EnLiten and EnVideo, two new products that enable
engineering and research organizations to use the Internet and
corporate intranets to share high-end visualizations throughout the

EnLiten and EnVideo work in conjunction with EnSight and EnSight Gold,
used by 350 organizations worldwide to analyze, visualize and
communicate computer-aided engineering and scientific research
results. EnSight users include aerospace, automotive, general
engineering and chemical companies; national and international
research labs; and universities.

"These are the first tools that allow high-end visualizations to be
easily and cost-effectively shared in a collaborative work environment
- any time, anywhere, any place," says Kent Misegades, CEI president.
"Until now, there's been a chasm between the visualization experts and
those who could benefit from their work. EnLiten and EnVideo provide
access throughout the enterprise to rich animations for collaborative
design and engineering; customer, supplier and internal communication;
presentations; and marketing and sales applications."

Collaboration and Communication
EnLiten is a platform-independent, rich geometry player that requires
no special software skills. It allows interactive collaboration and
communication of complex visualizations in areas such as computational
fluid dynamics (CFD), finite element analysis, crash analysis, and
aerodynamics. EnLiten imports EnSight scenario files containing
geometry, color, clip planes, isosurfaces, particle traces and
animation information.

Scenario files can be configured to show only what the originator
wants seen by others. EnLiten's GUI automatically configures itself
depending on the content of the scenario file. If the file contains an
animation, for example, an appropriate video-player interface appears
on the screen. EnLiten plugs into MS PowerPoint, MS Internet Explorer
and Netscape. It supports 3D stereo viewing and a full range of
computing and display systems, from notebook computers to workstations
to semi-immersive environments such as the ImmersaDesk.

EnLiten users can manipulate 3D models, view models and animations
from different perspectives, and run a variety of 3D animations
provided by EnSight users. Engineers and scientists can use EnLiten,
for example, to analyze detailed EnSight visualizations and exchange
information interactively over the Internet or corporate intranets.

Rich Video for the Internet
EnVideo is simple-to-use, platform-independent software that solves
current problems with viewing videos of high-end visualizations over
the Internet or intranet. The two current standardized video formats -
AVI and MPEG - have drawbacks that typically affect engineering and
scientific organizations. AVI files work well with Windows, but not as
well with other operating systems, and file sizes tend to be large.
MPEG files work well with UNIX systems, but don't play on the Windows
Media Player. The quality of AVI and MPEG video is not considered good
enough to meet the needs of some high-end visualization users.

EnVideo uses compact evo files created in EnSight. The evo format
produces files that are smaller than AVI files and about the same size
as MPEGs, but with much better quality than either format. Animations
output as evo files to EnVideo are indistinguishable from the original
EnSight files.

CEI offers two versions of EnVideo: EnVideo Basic, a free software
package that enables users to view EnSight videos one at a time, and
EnVideo Pro, a full-featured online video player. EnVideo Pro allows
users to sequence multiple evo files, output to print, size image
windows, and access easy-to-use controls for looping, cycling,
changing playback speeds, and playing in forward or reverse.

EnVideo Pro output can be embedded in MS PowerPoint, Internet Explorer
or Netscape for presentations and online communication. Like EnLiten,
EnVideo Pro supports 3D stereo viewing and a full range of computing
and display systems, including VR devices.

Volume Discounts
EnLiten and EnVideo will be available in September for UNIX, Linux and
Windows systems. EnLiten starts at $3,000, with volume discounts for
five seats or more; corporate-wide site licenses also are available.
EnVideo Basic is free, and EnVideo Pro starts at $450, with volume
discounts for five seats or more and special pricing for
corporate-wide licenses. None of these products require a license
manager or keys.

EnSight, EnLiten and EnVideo are exclusive products of Computational
Engineering International (CEI). CEI has corporate headquarters in
Morrisville, N.C., and authorized distributors around the world. In
addition to its products, CEI provides consulting services to
engineers and scientists from organizations that use computational
methods for research, product design or product refinement.

"Cyberworld" - a new IMAX 3D-movie
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, August 16, 2000 (16:03 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Due to be launched this fall and a feast for the senses, Cyberworld
hurtles you through a labryinth of three-dimensional computer
animation. See some of the world's most beloved animated characters
ever created in a compilation of groundbreaking and award-winning
short films in this radical 3D cyber collaboration.

More details will be announced here as they become available.

Mainframe Entertainment produces new IMAX 3D-movie
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, August 16, 2000 (15:46 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Mainframe Entertainment, Inc. (MFE:TSE) - a large computer animation
studio - is now in production on a large-format stereoscopic feature
film, based on Gulliver's Travels, for IMAX 3D theatres.

Mainframe has successfully produced five computer animated television
series, which have been televised in the North American market on YTV,
the Cartoon Network, Fox Kids and Fox Family Channel. The company
recently completed production on a direct-to-video feature for Harvey
Entertainment based on the long-standing Casper the Friendly Ghost(TM)

Stereo Vision Entertainment Inc. Files Amended Form 10SB and Appoints New Board of Directors and Officers
3D-News Posted: Saturday, August 12, 2000 (15:34 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Stereo Vision Entertainment Inc. (SVED), after originally filing its
Form 10SB on December 17, 1999 and becoming fully reporting on
February 17, 2000 announced August 9 through its SEC counsel, William
Barnett Esq., that it has filed its Amended Form 10SB.

Stereo Vision Entertainment Inc., http://www.stereovision.com, is a new
publicly traded multi-media entertainment holding company, formed
through a reverse merger with NQB Pink Sheets-listed Kestrel Equity
Corp. and has interests in 3-D film production, distribution,
exhibition, and technology development and music production,
publishing, and distribution. The company is actively pursuing
opportunities in Internet content development, Web casting, and
satellite broadcast services. Stereo Vision's management is optimistic
about an expeditious move to the next level.

Stereo Vision is proud to announce the election of additional notable
members to the Board of Directors, expanding it from three to five.
Elected Chairman is Tom Noonan, who currently is President of the
Columbia/Epic Records Alumni Association, and whose many prior
accomplishments included a senior executive position at Billboard
Magazine where he founded the Hot 100 Charts and who also later
evaluated albums and music assets for the Internal Revenue Service.
Elected as Secretary-Treasurer and Board Member is businessman and
internationally recognized actor and comedian Rick Ducommun, most
recently seen co-starring in "Scary Movie."

Also elected to the Board is multiple award-winning producer,
director, and writer Rocco Urbisci. Additionally, elected to the Board
is Herky Williams, who most recently is an executive working with
ASCAP and has extensive experience collaborating with major artists,
and who is expected to be a key in the cohesion of the Board. The
fifth member elected is John A. Bodziak Jr., President of Jannus
Landing Management Inc. Last year Rolling Stone Magazine awarded
Jannus Landing its top ten venues in the world award. Bodziak will
also serve as Interim President while the Company conducts an
aggressive President-CEO search.

DDD Reaches Sky High for Giant Screen 3D
3D-News Posted: Saturday, August 12, 2000 (15:28 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Dynamic Digital Depth Inc. (CDNX:DDE) and Sky High Entertainment have
joined forces to distribute giant screen 3D movies to Windows and
Macintosh PC users via the internet, CD and DVD-ROM.

The trailer for Sky High's latest giant screen 3D production, Ultimate
G's: Zac's Flying Dream, will be formatted using DDD's DeepSee(TM)
process and available at ddd.com and Sky High's website. It will be
viewable in 3D using DDD's free downloadable plugin for Apple

"By enabling delivery of large format content via the internet, DVD
and CD, the DeepSee process creates a new revenue channel for owners
of large format content. It also uniquely leverages the internet
allowing innovative promotion of 3D movies by film makers and theater
owners," said Chris Yewdall, president and CEO of DDD.

Ultimate G's features the Air Combat Canada air show team racing
through the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell. DDD plans to reformat the
feature length production and make the PC and Mac versions available
to audiences at giant screen venues.

"There is a limited amount of quality stereo 3D content available, and
the highest quality 3D is available in large format or location-based
venues," said Carl Samson, President of Sky High Entertainment.
"Working with DDD gives us the opportunity to deliver our quality 3D
productions to a broader audience."

Founded in 1998 by Carl Samson, Sky High Entertainment produces large
format and attraction ride films. The company currently has two
projects under production, with the next release slated for September

DDD is transforming the visual experience by bringing 3D to mainstream
entertainment. The company's patented DeepSee(TM) technologies provide
solutions for converting 2D material to stereo 3D and transmitting 2D
compatible 3D(TM) content via the internet, television, DVD and CD.
The company is publicly traded on The Canadian Venture Exchange under
the symbol CDNX:DDE. More information is available at http://www.ddd.com.

SiS Showcases the Industry's First Highly Integrated Single Chip -- SiS730S For AMD Athlon(TM) and AMD Duron(TM) CPUs
3D-News Posted: Tuesday, August 8, 2000 (22:24 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

SiS, a logic products company, held a press conference on August 8th
to present the first 3C integrated single chip - the SiS730S which
optimizes the performance of AMD Athlon(TM) and AMD Duron(TM) CPUs.
SiS730S optimizes the performance of AMD Athlon(TM) and AMD
Duron(TM) Processor-Based PCs with Integrated Core Logic, Graphics and
Connectivity Technologies.

During the demonstration, the SiS730S incorporates seamlessly with AMD
Athlon(TM) CPU platform when running graphics and multimedia
application. The built-in SiS300, a 128-bit 3D/2D graphics chip,
which allows the video memory to share with the system memory up to
64 MB, and enables a dramatic 3D VR effect. Furthermore, it provides
hardware DVD playback that significantly contributes lower CPU usage
to systems.

The SiS730S also provides up-to-date PC133 SDRAM, ATA-100 IDE and a
stand-alone AGP 4x slot. The stand-alone AGP 4x slot is especially
designed for upgrades to easily accommodate future advances. In
addition, a high quality data transferring capabilities, including
56K Modem, Fast Ethernet, 1/10Mb Home PNA, allows users to immerse
themselves in surfing the Internet. The SiS730S can drive systems up
to an ultimate level of performance.

The SiS730S provides an all-in-one software for driver installation.
With a click, the software can automatically implement the driver
installation of built-in graphics, audio, and connectivity chips and
it supports up to 32 languages. The worldwide first user-friendly
interface software developed and introduced by SiS for Linux platform
is also available on the SiS730S.

The software supports hardware DVD playback, 5.1-channels and Internet
applications. The SiS730S is compatible with all major OS like
Windows 95/98/Me/2000, NT4.0, WinCE and Linux. The SiS730S is an
ideal system solution for desktop PCs, Notebooks and Set-top boxes.

"SiS has proved to the market that it is a leader in integration
technology. We are delighted to see the 3C integrated SiS730S bring
enhanced features and capabilities to AMD Athlon(TM) and AMD Duron
(TM) processor-based PCs," said Richard Heye, Vice President and
General Manager, Texas Microprocessor Division.

The SiS730S key features:

  • Support AMD Athlon(TM) / AMD Duron(TM) processors synchronous and
    asynchronous front side bus frequency
    • Support PC133, 3 DIMM slots and up to 1.5 GB main memory
    • Stand alone AGP 4x graphic card slot
    • ATA-100 IDE
    • Private IDE-to-MEM bus, transfer rate up to 132 MB/s
    • Support 6 OpenHCI USB ports

  • Built-in 128 bit 2D/3D graphic chip with SFB (Shared Frame Buffer)
    architecture and display memory size up to 64MB with 1920*1200
    resolution supported

  • Flexible dual view application such as TV-Out, digital flat panel
    and secondary CRT with the SiS301 chip
    • Support 3D VR (Virtual Reality) with 3D stereoscopic glasses
    • Built-in H/W DVD accelerator engine
    • Built-in 3D positional audio
    • Flexible connectivity including 56K Modem, 10/100 Mb Fast
      Ethernet, and 1/10Mb Home PNA
    • Microsoft PC99A, ACPI compliant
The SiS730S is using the advanced 0.18-micro process technology and
assembled in the highest pin count (672) plastic BGA package in the world.

The SiS730S will start pre-production in September in its own wafer
fab. The SiS730S is priced at US$42 for 10K order.

About SiS
SiS is the logic product company in Taiwan. Founded in 1987, it is
located in the Science-based Industrial Park in Hsinchu, northern
Taiwan. The company focuses on leading edge logic products for the
mainstream PC market, including core logic, multimedia, and

Coming Soon: 3D Television and Internet Without Glasses
3D-News Posted: Friday, August 4, 2000 (15:45 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

DDD and Dimension Technologies to Integrate 3D Technologies

DDD (CDNX:DDE) and Dimension Technologies Inc. (DTI) announced on
August 1st that they have joined forces to speed the delivery of
glasses-free 3D technology to the marketplace.

Under the terms of a memorandum of understanding, DDD will integrate
its patented DeepSee(TM) 3D enabling technologies with DTI's range of
Virtual Window(TM) flat-panel displays, allowing the consumer to view
stereo 3D without 3D glasses for the first time.

"Eliminating the need for glasses will greatly accelerate widespread
adoption of 3D," said Chris Yewdall, president and CEO of DDD. "3D is
the next step in visual communication, just as color television was
the natural progression from black and white."

DDD's DeepSee(TM) 3D technologies enable the conversion of 2D material
to 3D, the optimization of 3D for all screen sizes from PC to
television, and the delivery of 2D compatible 3D(TM) via the internet,
DVD and television.

DDD and DTI will work closely in the PC and broadcast markets. In the
PC market, DTI will have access to the growing library of DeepSee
encoded content available via DDD's recently introduced DeepSee
plug-in for the Apple QuickTime player. For broadcast, DDD's
technologies will be incorporated in both Motorola's DCT5000 advanced
digital set top boxes and DTI's Virtual Window displays to enable
glasses-free 3D television.

"DDD provides a comprehensive offering of content conversion,
formatting and delivery technologies for our 3D displays," said Arnold
Lagergren, president & CEO of DTI. "The partnership between DTI and
DDD is a substantial step in making 3D a reality in mainstream

For the term of the agreement, DTI will use DDD's DeepSee conversion
and delivery technologies exclusively in conjunction with its
glasses-free 3D displays.

DTI holds most of the world's major patents on autostereoscopic 3D
imaging technology. DTI displays produce real 3D images without
glasses, headtrackers or other cumbersome viewing aids. Its Virtual
Window(TM) line of 3D LCD flat panel displays has proven very popular
in medical, aviation, military, research, scientific, design and
consumer markets. The company has won numerous entrepreneurial awards
and recognition as the pioneer in 3D display devices, including an R&D
100 Award, an Excellence In Innovation Award from New Equipment Digest
Magazine, and a Top 40 Design Award from Product Design and
development Magazine.

DDD's patented DeepSee technologies provide 3D content and delivery
solutions for film, television, internet, CD and DVD. The company is
publicly traded on The Canadian Venture Exchange under the symbol
CDNX:DDE. More information is available at http://www.ddd.com.

Sun Joins Industry Leading Display And Software Vendors To Broaden Market By Offering More Affordable High-End, Immersive Visualization Technology
3D-News Posted: Thursday, August 3, 2000 (15:16 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced a series of new products and key
vendor relationships that will dramatically expand the immersive
visualization market by making collaborative visualization centers
more affordable. Sun announced that leading immersive display vendors
Trimension Systems, Panoram Technology and MechDyne Corp., are now
supported on SunT platforms. In addition, the premier immersive,
software utility vendors, VRCO, vrcom, Muse Technologies and Teneo
Computing also announced availability of their software on Sun

The collaborative agreements come on the heels of Sun's announcement
that Sun Expert3D, a high-performance graphics accelerator board, is
now supported on the Sun Enterprise(tm) 450 and Sun Enterprise 420R
Workgroup Servers. A Sun Enterprise 450 with three Sun Expert3D
boards, driving a large screen display, provides high resolution and
3D graphics functionality at less than half the cost of some
competitive solutions. Sun's new graphics solution allows workgroups
to view images across multiple displays at resolutions of up to 5760
by 1200 pixels in 3D, or up to 3840 by 1024 pixels in 3D stereo. As a
result, workgroups are able to collaborate easily, viewing large data
sets from a single system in a group setting. The availability of
affordable, collaborative visualization centers will enable
manufacturing workgroups in the automotive and aerospace industry, and
seismic interpreters in the Oil & Gas industry to increase their
collaborative engineering efforts.

"Customers increasingly want to use visual collaboration technologies
to improve their decision making and time-to-market efforts," said
Fred Kohout, director of product marketing, Workstation Products Group
at Sun Microsystems. "Sun platforms combined with the best of breed,
immersive display and software utility vendors, will make this
technology more affordable to deploy across the enterprise."
The large screen displays will enable manufacturing workgroups to
review complex designs at full scale and in real time, resulting in
fewer design modifications and lower costs. Seismic interpreters in
the oil & gas industry will be able to view massive seismic data sets
as interactive images, dramatically increasing productivity for
interpreting the subsurface, examining drilling sites, running
reservoir analyses, and designing downstream facilities, thus reducing
interpretive time from months to hours and lowering overhead costs.
Research groups will be able to use these immersive, visualization
technologies to gain insights in molecular modeling, computational
fluid dynamics and finite element analysis. The collaborative
visualization centers driven by Sun Enterprise 450 with three Expert3D
boards is part of a full range of cost-effective immersive
visualization solutions for individuals, small teams and large
workgroups. These solutions include multi-panel desktop displays,
immersive work benches, stand alone viewing stations and large, flat
and curve screen displays.

Sun has further reduced the cost of deployment of these visualization
environments because existing OpenGL[R]-based applications can be
displayed across multiple graphics displays, without modification. In
addition, applications using Sun's Java 3D[tm] technology can be
deployed on a variety of visualization environments with no
modification, while scaling in performance on multiple graphics
frame-buffers, because of Java 3D's flexible viewing model and
multi-threading, multi-pipe capabilities.

Cost & Availability

The Sun Expert3D technology support for the Sun Enterprise 450
Workgroup Server is available now. Costs are determined by customer
configuration needs. The price for a typical system*, including one
Sun Enterprise 450 Workgroup Server with three Sun Expert3D boards is
currently listed at $53,815. To learn more, please visit

3M Acquires Polaroid Technical Polarizer and Display Films Business
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, August 2, 2000 (14:41 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

3M (NYSE:MMM) and Polaroid Corp. (NYSE:PRD) announced that 3M's
Optical Systems Division has purchased Polaroid's Technical Polarizer
and Display Films business. The sale includes the acquisition or
licensing of Polaroid patented technologies related to this business.
Financial terms were not disclosed.

"This enhances 3M's display films portfolio by adding Polaroid's
polarizer (circular, h-type and k-type), plastic display and certain
display-viewing-enhancement film technologies," said Andrew H. Wong,
division vice president, 3M Optical Systems Division. "We will
continue to supply polarizing material to current customers, as well
as to Polaroid for its finished sunglass, sunglass lens and sheet
business," Wong said.

3M's line of light management products includes dual brightness
enhancement film (DBEF), a proprietary thin film reflective polarizer
that increases screen brightness for liquid crystal displays and
extends the battery charge in portable devices. Other applications for
3M's display films include desktop monitors, palmtop computers,
display phones, instrumentation, word processors, personal TVs,
camcorders, mobile communication devices, automotive and avionics
displays, and more.

Judith G. Boynton, executive vice president, business development, and
chief financial officer, Polaroid Corp., said, "This allows us to
focus our resources on growing our core imaging business. We're
pleased that a world-class company like 3M, which recently acquired
our computer monitor anti-glare filter operation, decided to buy this
business." The business will continue to operate at its current site
in Norwood, Mass.

A significant majority of the 85 employees will be offered positions
with 3M. "We are impressed by the talent and expertise of our new
employees and look forward to working together to build a strong and
successful business," Wong said.

3M is a global diversified manufacturer of innovative products for the
electronics, telecommunications, health care, industrial and consumer
markets with annual sales of more than $15 billion. 3M has operations
in more than 60 countries and is one of the 30 companies in the Dow
Jones Industrial Average stock index.

Polaroid Corp., with annual sales of approximately $2 billion, is the
worldwide leader in instant imaging. Polaroid supplies instant
photographic cameras and films; digital imaging hardware, software and
media; and secure identification systems to markets worldwide.

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