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SGI and Christie Team Up to Enhance Immersive Visualization Experience With SGI Reality Center Facilities
3D-News Posted: Friday, August 2, 2002 (15:05 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

SGI to Provide First-Line Customer Support for Christie's Mirage 3D Projectors

Enhancing the immersive visualization experience with SGI® Reality
Center(TM) facilities is the focus of an agreement announced
yesterday between SGI (NYSE: SGI - News) and Christie Digital Systems
of Cypress, Calif. SGI is now providing first-line customer support
for Christie's Mirage stereoscopic DLP(TM) projectors that are sold
for SGI Reality Center solutions. Customers who purchase SGI direct
support for their entire SGI Reality Center facilities will be
ensured timely response for all service requirements, backed by SGI's
professionally trained and experienced service organization and the
SGI® global call-tracking database.

SGI service support includes call receipt and management, diagnose
before dispatch, telephone support, and hardware support. Customers
may benefit from faster service delivery because they would not need
to call multiple vendors.

SGI Reality Center facilities are the world's leading collaborative
computing environments. Teams of technical and creative professionals
can engage in interactive, real-time sessions in the scientific,
government, manufacturing and entertainment industries. Christie's
wide array of Mirage projectors, including models 2000, 4000 and
6000, are a popular choice of customers for installation in many SGI
Reality Center facilities.

"SGI and Christie teaming together provides a win-win situation for
our mutual customers, who often are pressed to meet time-sensitive
project deadlines and need responsive, top-quality customer service,"
said Terry Oberdank, vice president of SGI Technology
Solutions. "Customers will now make only one call to receive first-
line service and support on SGI Reality Center facilities and SGI
Onyx family hardware and displays from an experienced, geographically
diverse service organization."

"Christie is excited to be partnering with SGI to streamline the
support process for our shared customers. The Mirage product line of
stereoscopic DLP projectors is enjoying success in SGI Reality Center
environments, and this agreement is a natural outgrowth of both
companies' desire to see our customers continue to benefit from our
world-leading visualization technologies," said Bill Schmidt,
Christie's senior director of business development, VR and Simulation.

Christie's DLP Mirage Projects Brilliant, Digital Images in 3D
Introduced to the market in early 2001, Christie's Mirage projectors
were the first to incorporate DLP technology and provide higher
bandwidth, frame and pixel clock rates for all types of stereo
images. Christie now offers the widest array of stereoscopic DLP
projectors with varying brightness levels (from 2,000 to 10,000 ANSI
lumens of brightness) and both XGA and SXGA resolution. Mirage
projectors are known for their purity of color reproduction, digital
accuracy and brilliant image quality. Recent additions to the Mirage
line, the Mirage 4000 and Mirage 6000, incorporate the newest "dark-
metal" 3-chip DLP by Texas Instruments for improved black level and
contrast ratio.

SGI Reality Center Technology Fosters Team Collaboration
More than 575 SGI Reality Center facilities
(www.sgi.com/realitycenter/) are installed worldwide and help users
arrive at better decisions in less time by providing cost savings
while enhancing productivity. SGI Reality Center facilities deliver
the highest levels of realism, image quality and performance
available today. These state-of-the-art systems offer great
flexibility by supporting multiple independent users, high-
performance users, group decision making in an immersive
visualization facility environment and collaboration in a Visual Area
Network environment.

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