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IBC2007 digital cinema day to look at 3D moviemaking
3D-News Posted: Friday, August 17, 2007 (9:30 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

The theme of IBC2007, held in Amsterdam, will shift to digital cinema Monday, Sept. 10, with an emphasis on major issues such as retaining and increasing movie theater audiences and how the availability of HD broadcasts and packaged media for home viewing will impact movie attendance, as well as emerging issues such as 3D movie production and presentation.

As part of the day's theme, several digital cinema-related sessions will be presented, including:

  • "The digital cinema experience: Is it affordable enough for the big time?" Led by David Hancock, a senior analyst of film and cinema for Screen Digest, this session will delve into the existing state of the digital cinema market, which has seen the installation of 4000 screens worldwide, but is still rolling out at a slower than expected pace. Participants will include: Chris Koppelmeir, project manager/consultant, German rollout FFA; Lionel Bertinet, Centre National de la Cinematographie, France; Chuck Goldwater, president of AccessIT, United States; Howard Kiedaisch, CEO of Arts Alliance Media, UK; and Bernard Collard, CEO of XDC, Belgium.

  • "3D, a new dimension in cinema, part 1 — Creating the content: the opportunities, challenges and issues." Led by Loren Nielsen, CEO of Entertainment Technology Consultants, this session will explore the process of making 3D movies with a live demonstration of different approaches to 3D capture. Participants will include: Steve Schklair, executive producer, 3ality Digital Systems, United States; Vince Pace, CEO PaceHD, United States; and Robert Neuman, stereoscopic supervisor, Walt Disney Animation Studios, United States.

  • "3D, a new dimension in cinema, part 2 — Delivering the show: the presentation technologies; how they work and how they compare." Led by Howard Lukk, executive director of production technology at The Walt Disney Company, this session will explore the commercial aspects of 3D movies. Participants will include: Charlotte Jones, analyst and author of "The Business Case for Digital 3D Cinema Exhibition," Screen Digest, UK; Joshua Greer, president and co-founder of REALD, United States; and Richard Welsh, manager digital cinema services, Dolby Laboratories, UK.

  • "The ultimate D-Cinema Q&A: An interactive panel on the future of digital cinema." David Monk, CEO of the European Digital Cinema Forum, will lead this panel discussion. Participants will include: Drew Kaza, head of digital technology, Odeon and UCI Cinemas, UK; Antoine Virenque, Secretaire General, Federation Internationale Des Association de Distributeurs de Films, France; Christine Costello, CEO, More2screen, UK; Robert Kisor, VP of engineering and technical services, Paramount Pictures, United States; Wes Stalcup, manager DLP cinema, Texas Instruments, United States; Jerry Pierce, chairman ISDCF, United States; and Albert Barton, VP of Digital Cinema Technologies, United States.
For more information, visit http://www.ibc.org

Ray Zone Produces Three New 3D Comics Projects
3D-News Posted: Sunday, August 5, 2007 (16:37 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Continuing his 25-year career converting "flat" art to 3D, Ray Zone has recently completed three new 3D comics projects. The first, Action Comics number 851, published by DC Comics in both 2D and a 3D variant edition, hit comic book stores in North America on July 5. Selling for $3.99, the 3D edition includes custom "Phantom Vision" 3D glasses bound into the book and manufactured by Zone. The 2D issue sells for $2.99.

Written by Geoff Johns and Richard Donner, director of the 1978 Superman film, Action Comics 851 presents the final installment in the four-part "Last Son" story arc. Art for the issue was created by Adam Kubert in a unique page-layout style ideal for 3D. All recent 3D comics have used "polychromatic anaglyph," full color art in red/blue 3D as their process, a format inaugurated by Zone. Kubert's art, depicting flying shards of glass and non-stop action, was also colored by Dave Stewart in a color palette allowing strong 3D effects. The result is some highly dramatic 3D.

"I just wanted to drop you a direct line and tell you what a STELLAR, AMAZING job you did on the Action Comics pages!" wrote Matt Idelson, DC Editor, in an email to Zone "They look incredible, man!!!! We had some pretty high hopes going in based on your prior work, but this just blew me and Adam away." Adam Kubert also emailed Zone and wrote "Just wanted to say what an unbelievable job I thought you did with the 3-D stuff on Action. It came out better than I imagined... . in fact, our toughest critic gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up!" Attached to his email to Zone, Kubert included a photo of his father Joe Kubert, co-inventor of 3D comics in 1953, wearing 3D glasses and looking at 3D page proofs of Action Comics.

Strong sales of the Action Comics 3D issue have taken place in the retail market. "Action #851 is doing very well in the 3D version (we ordered 80% of our order 3D, 20% 2D)," writes Cliff Biggers, comics retailer and publisher of Comic Shop News. "Many of our customers are new enough to comics that they haven't had a chance to sample a 3D book from a mainstream publisher."

The 3D trend will continue in August with release of Bad Planet #3 with 14 pages in "Super Terror 3D" from Raw Studios, distributed by Image Comics. Custom Bad Planet 3D glasses manufactured by Zone are bound into the book. Co-written by Raw Studios publisher Tom Jane and Steve Niles, Bad Planet 3 was penciled by James Daly III and inked by Tim Bradstreet. From the outset, the art for the 3D pages of Bad Planet 3 was designed to be seen in three dimensions. Even the coloring by Grant Goleash and the sound effects and lettering by Jason Hanley were modified so that Zone could create maximum 3D effects.

Those efforts paid off. "Well, we had to change our diapers after looking at your absolutely STUNNING pages," wrote Tom Jane in an email to Zone. "These truly are the best 3D pages I've seen! If this don't get peeps reading the book, nothing will, and we are doomed as a species. But I truly believe this book will be around for years to come. It's that good."

Zone also recently completed full-color stereo conversion work on the last 17 pages of Black Dossier, a 200-page League of Extraordinary Gentlemen graphic novel to be published by Wildstorm/DC Comics. Written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Kevin McNeill, Black Dossier is a towering defense of the imagination with highly detailed art and storytelling that is ideal for 3D treatment. Full-size four-color custom 3D glasses designed by McNeill and manufactured by Zone will be incorporated into Black Dossier when it is published.

VMI Inc. and Spatial View Inc. Sign U.S. Western Distribution Deal
3D-News Posted: Sunday, August 5, 2007 (15:40 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Spatial View Inc., Toronto, ON and VMI Inc., Sunnyvale, CA announced a new product distribution agreement. VMI, one of the U.S. west coast's largest and best known distributors of broadcast and presentation solutions, will become an official US sales representative and distributor of Spatial View 3D products. In addition to a wide range of manufacturers, VMI offers rentals and repairs to provide complete service for corporate, government, education, and house of worship markets.

Spatial View, a pioneer of multi-user glasses-free 3D, offers a series of affordable, high quality, auto-stereoscopic displays as well as an innovative software portfolio that enables the stereo display of 3D data of all types, in any 3D format, and on any stereo device.

"As digital signage and AV applications continue to grow, organizations are increasingly looking to differentiate their message, couple this with the increasing acceptance and desire for 3D in electronic media, —just witness the 3D explosion in movies, advertising, and corporate presentations – and you have a unique and eye catching solution," says Jennifer Dorsa, Marketing Director of VMI Inc. "Having 3D as an available option for our clients is very important given the latest trends; the caliber and scope of Spatial View's products fits that perfectly and is a welcome addition to our product line."

Under the terms of the agreement, VMI, Inc. will exclusively handle the distribution rights of Spatial View 3D in the corporate signage and presentation markets for the west coast states of California, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. In addition, VMI Inc. will also represent Spatial View non-exclusively in Nevada, Montana, Alaska, and Arizona.

"Like VMI, we see increasing demand for 3D digital signage and other 3D-visualization solutions," says Brad Casemore, Spatial View VP of Business Development. "We're thrilled to be expanding our market reach with a partner as dedicated, experienced, knowledgeable, and trusted by customers as VMI. We intend to work closely with VMI to ensure that customer requirements are met or exceeded with imaging and display solutions that encompass the entire 3D workflow."

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