3D-News Archive September 2000

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3D-News Posted: Wednesday, September 13, 2000 (6:13 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Phil Roman Entertainment Inc. (PRE) has entered into a three-year,
non-exclusive strategic alliance with the C-3D Television Network and
the 3D.COM Virtual Reality Portal(TM) Web site, divisions of
Chequemate International (d/b/a/C-3D Digital)(AMEX:DDD).

Phil Roman (left) cements the agreement with Fernando Gomez, C-3D's vice president, Affiliate Relations.

The agreement, effective immediately, follows on the heels of
famed animation producer/executive Phil Roman, PRE president,
being named last week to C-3D's advisory board.

The alliance calls for both companies jointly to seek, develop,
produce, promote, market and distribute animation and live-action
programming for the C-3D Television Network and the 3D.COM
Virtual Reality Portal (www.3d.com) Web site.

PRE has agreed to use its best efforts from among its vast
entertainment industry contacts to bring in high-caliber talents and
properties for the development of quality programming that the two
companies will produce together. Decisions to green light or go forth
on projects will be by mutual consent.

"All of us at Phil Roman Entertainment are excited about our new
association with the young and energetic management team at
C-3D," said Roman.

"It is important for an independent producer to be aligned with a
broadcaster such as C-3D, who is capable of giving us a home for
our shows. We see this alliance as a new way of creating content
that is unique and distinctive, a new way of using the latest
technology to push the limits of animation and live action. C-3D's
ability to deliver three-dimensional images brings an entirely new set
of possibilities to the creative process. And animation especially
lends itself beautifully to this 3D stereoscopic technology. We are
dedicated to creating distinctive and fun animation and live-action
programming that families can enjoy together."

"Our new association with Phil Roman Entertainment and the
presence of the highly respected and talented Phil Roman on our
advisory board is yet another stride in delivering the most unique and
entertaining television and Internet programming to millions of
families around the world," said J. Michael Heil, chairman and CEO
of C-3D Digital.

"The real value in C-3D comes from our ability to blend
cutting-edge technology with content that is unavailable anywhere
else. Phil Roman's expertise will enable us to deliver more of the
creative programming that will increase the value of C-3D to our
cable affiliates and our television and online viewers."

Roman, a six-time Emmy winner, formed PRE last year, after
departing Film Roman, a company he founded 14 years earlier. He
began his career in 1955 at the Walt Disney Studios. Afterwards, he
worked for Warner Bros. cartoons, and this was followed by stints
with a string of other major animation companies including MGM
Animation, UPA Film, Bill Melendez' production company, and
Ralph Bakshi's company.

He has served as executive producer of "The Simpsons," "King of
the Hill," and the Garfield series and specials, and has directed
numerous Charlie Brown features and TV specials. Roman also
produced and directed the full-length animation feature, "Tom and
Jerry: The Movie," for Miramax and Turner.

Phil Roman Entertainment has just completed work on a Warner
Home Video Christmas video, "Grandma Got Run Over by a
Reindeer." In addition, the Roman company has recently delivered
"Christmas in Gaudinia" and is working on the animated segments of
"Cyber Quest," a live action/animation theatrical feature, and "Soap
On The Range," a new prime time 26-episode animation series.

Three classic RKO films, "Sinbad the Sailor," "Blackbeard the
Pirate" and "The Fourth Musketeer," as well as three other films to
be selected from RKO's vast library, will be jointly developed and
produced by PRE and RKO as feature-length animated films. C-3D
Television utilizes cutting-edge technology to deliver
three-dimensional images. Viewing these three-dimensional images
requires a synchronous driver, such as the C-3D Channel Player,
and a pair of LCD glasses.

C-3D Digital is a leading innovator in media content creation and
technology for 3D imagery and virtual reality entertainment for
television and the Internet. The company operates several
synergistic divisions including the C3D Television Network, the
world's first and only broadcast network to offer 24-hour,
seven-day-a-week stereoscopic 3D programming; 3D.COM, its
Internet subsidiary and home to the virtual reality/3D
portal/e-commerce community center on the Web; Strata Software,
a leading producer of 3D graphic design software; and the Hotel
Movie Network, a private broadcast network focused on the
hospitality industry.

The company's Strata and Internet division combined to form the
world's first 3D virtual reality portal. The 3D.COM Virtual Reality
Portal(TM) features streaming video over the Internet, real-time
online gaming and e-commerce solutions in stereoscopic 3D. For
more information, visit http://www.3d.com.

IMAGICA Corp./Tokyo Offers Subsidiary, IMAGICA USA INC., for Sale
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, September 13, 2000 (5:58 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

IMAGICA Corporation/Tokyo announced on September 11th that it is
offering for sale its wholly-owned subsidiary, IMAGICA USA INC., Los
Angeles. IMAGICA USA INC. is a pioneering visual effects company and
a prominent leader in serving the 70mm large format film industry with
digital and optical services. Since its 1993 founding, IMAGICA USA
INC. operations have been directed by Christopher Reyna, as company

"The decision to sell IMAGICA USA INC. is one based on geography and
corporate policy," said Fumio Nagase, president and CEO of IMAGICA
Corp./Tokyo. "We have put the company on the market because of a
fundamental corporate decision to concentrate on our core businesses
in Japan and Asia."

Continued Nagase, "From the day it first opened for business seven
years ago in Los Angeles, IMAGICA USA INC. has been an important and
valued member of the IMAGICA family. This is largely due to the
tireless dedication of IMAGICA USA INC. president Christopher Reyna,
his intimacy with the large format film community, his thorough
understanding of the medium and his keen business sense. Reyna's
enterprising spirit, sense of responsibility and uncompromising
devotion to quality and customer service have done honor to the
IMAGICA name and the confidence we entrusted in him."

IMAGICA USA INC. president Christopher Reyna stated, "We are greatly
indebted to IMAGICA Corp./Tokyo for the opportunity created seven
years ago, to form this financially successful and highly respected
company. By providing access to the best technology, equipment and
services, IMAGICA USA INC. has been instrumental in enabling large
format filmmakers to produce better films, and to get wider
distribution of those films, during a key growth period for
the industry. We view the prospect of new ownership as a fertile, new
opportunity that will allow the company to further increase customer
services, to pursue aggressive growth in several new markets and to
further promote new technological advances for the large format
filmmaking community."

IMAGICA Corp./Tokyo has retained the Los Angeles-based investment
banking firm, R.E. Foy & Company, Inc., to handle the divestiture.

Background Information
The term "large format" refers to a film exhibition medium using a
giant screen and a 70mm film print, in 2D or stereoscopic 3D. Flat
screens in large format theaters range from about 60 feet x 80 feet to
90 feet x 120 feet. Hemispherical dome screens can have diameters
between 70 feet and 90 feet. Individual 70mm formats are defined by
the number of perforations ("perfs") per frame: five, eight, ten or
fifteen -- commonly termed as 5/70, 8/70, 10/70 and 15/70. Most large
format theaters are either 8/70 or 15/70. Films may be crossprinted
from one format to another.

Considered to be the premiere visual effects house for giant screen
65/70mm cinema, IMAGICA USA INC. provides optical effects as well as
fully integrated digital processing -- including digital scanning,
film recording, image manipulation and digital effects. IMAGICA USA
INC. possesses the highly rated, proprietary "Bigfoot" digital 65mm
film scanner. The company is also the primary source for cross-
platforming of large format films, offering format conversions between
15/70, 8/70, 10/70 and 5/70.

"Our digital image processing has gone beyond '911' repairs to
creation of quality greenscreen composites and more complex composites
and visual effects," says IMAGICA USA INC. president Christopher
Reyna. "The results are there to see in the latest giant-screen film
releases, such as 'Solarmax,' 'Loch Lomond: Legend of the Loch,'
'Dolphins,' 'Adventures in Wild California' and 'Everest.' As large
format cinema continues to gain acceptance as a mainstream medium, the
bar is being raised on production values. We supply the tools and
services essential to creating, improving and distributing our
industry's core product: the films."

The emergence of stereoscopic 3D has helped large format film move
quickly into new commercial markets and differentiate it from
mainstream cinema. IMAGICA USA INC. provided services on four recent
3D giant screen releases: "Siegfried & Roy: The Magic Box"; "Cirque du
Soleil(TM)" "Journey of Man"; "Ultimate Gs: Zac's Flying Dream" and
"3D Mania: Encounter in the Third Dimension." Filmmakers make use of
the company's 65/70mm digital and optical services to perfect, correct
and manipulate their 3D shots. IMAGICA USA INC. was instrumental in
developing Dynamic Digital Depth's (DDD) innovative, patented DeepSee
technology, to convert 65mm shots from 2D to 3D stereo. IMAGICA USA
INC. provides the DDD conversion process on an exclusive basis to the
large format industry.

For 26 years, IMAGICA USA INC. president Christopher Reyna has
promoted the advancement of large format cinema. Specializing in
production, post production and theater and projection design, he has
fostered high standards of quality and innovation through the use of
appropriate technology, creative experimentation, and the application
of 70mm film to urban attractions. He is a founding member and charter
president of the Large Format Cinema Association, formed in 1996. In
1998, the Telluride Film Festival honored him with the Silver
Medallion, its highest award. The Tokyo-based parent company of
IMAGICA USA INC., IMAGICA Corporation is the largest, oldest and most
respected advanced film laboratory service facility in Japan. From the
early 1980s to the present, IMAGICA Corp./Tokyo pioneered large format
post-production services in addition to operating in 16/35mm film,
video, and HDTV formats. IMAGICA Corp./Tokyo has been a constant
provider of new innovations in the large format film and the digital
industry. In 1993, IMAGICA Corp./Tokyo founded IMAGICA USA INC. in Los
Angeles to service the specialty film industry in the western

DDD Appoints New Board Member to Aid 3D Growth in Internet and Television
3D-News Posted: Thursday, September 7, 2000 (7:35 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Dynamic Digital Depth Inc. (CDNX:DDE) has appointed Geoffrey Roman of
Motorola, Inc. to its board of directors to provide strategic guidance
in bringing 3D to the internet broadcast market.

In addition, the company has promoted Chris Yewdall to president and
CEO of DDD, expanding his role to oversee the global operations of the
company. He previously headed up DDD in North America. Neil Speakman
will remain Chairman, but has stepped down as CEO.

As corporate vice president and director, Advanced Technology and
chief technology officer of Motorola's Broadband Communications
Sector, Communications Enterprise, Roman is responsible for the
strategic business and technology direction for the sector, a global
leader serving the cable television industry.

"Geoff will be a great asset to DDD. He is one of the most highly
respected broadband professionals in the world, and he has tremendous
technical knowledge and status in the industry," said Yewdall. "His
background and expertise will help DDD on its mission to bring 3D to
mainstream entertainment."

The relationship between DDD and Motorola dates back to June, 1999,
when Motorola's Broadband Communications Sector (then General
Instrument Corporation) made an investment in DDD and entered into a
development agreement aimed at bringing 3D programming to cable
television. In January, 2000, Motorola increased its stake in DDD and
became its second largest shareholder.

"I'm excited to be working with DDD to help transform the visual
experience," said Roman. "DDD is an innovator in the 3D space, and I'm
looking forward to participating in their growth."

Roman fills a Board position vacated by the resignation of Jim Alford.

Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT) is a global leader in providing integrated
communications solutions and embedded electronic solutions. Sales in
1999 were $33.1 billion. For more information, visit Motorola on the
Web at www.motorola.com.

DDD's patented DeepSee(TM) technologies provide solutions for
converting 2D material to stereo 3D, and transmitting 2D compatible
3D(TM) content via the internet, television, CD and DVD. The company
is publicly traded on The Canadian Venture Exchange under the symbol
CDNX:DDE. More information is available at www.ddd.com.

Isee3d Announces Results for the First Half of 2000
3D-News Posted: Wednesday, September 6, 2000 (5:54 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Isee3d announced on August 29th its results for the six months ended
June 30, 2000. For the period, with all figures in Canadian Dollars, a
Net Loss of $3,183,494 or $0.05 per share was recorded compared with a
Net Loss of $1,056,182 or $0.03 per share for the six months ended
June 30, 1999.

During the year 1999 the Company changed its principal business
activity from the development, research and marketing of a single
lens/single camera stereoscopic system for use in medicine, to the
development, research and marketing of the distribution of three
dimensional stereoscopic streaming video to be distributed over the
Internet and via other local media formats.

Isee3d had $2,138,935 (Cdn) in cash at June 30, 2000 as compared to
$4,085,160 (Cdn) in cash at the end of June in 1999. During the first
half of the year the Company raised a net of $1,188,000 (Cdn) by the
issuance of common shares via the conversion of debentures and stock
options. During the first half $2,627,176 (Cdn) was used in operations
and $607,206 (Cdn) was used for the purchase of capital assets.

Chairman Morden C. Lazarus stated, "We are still in the process of
trying to generate revenues from our internet transport technology
while pursuing technology partnerships for our Virtual Movie Maker
project. We look forward to reporting our progress to our Shareholders
in the third quarter of this year."

FREE Anaglpyh Software: Z-Anaglyph (Version 1.3.0)
3D-News Posted: Monday, September 4, 2000 (8:22 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

Z-Anaglyph (Version 1.3.0) is now available from Stereoscopy.com's
Downloads page.

It's a great Freeware program to make color and black & white
anaglpyhs. Images can be saved as TIFF or JPG. Requires Windows™ 95,
98, 2000 or NT. Program is in French, but can also be started with
english menues.

Z-Anaglyph was written by Georges Rosset, Geneva, Switzerland.

Go to http://www.stereoscopy.com/downloads for more information.

IS-900 Motion Tracker Serves As Integral Component for 3D Interactive Display
3D-News Posted: Sunday, September 3, 2000 (16:09 UTC) | Posted By: Webmaster

InterSense Inc., a market leader in precision motion tracking
technology that allows people to easily interact with 3D computer-
generated environments, has been selected as the key motion tracking
technology for Trimension Systems 'V-Desk 6' virtual reality
workbench. The V-Desk 6 displays impressive high-resolution images
providing engineers, scientists, and researchers the ability to view
and manipulate data in 3D.

"The combination of InterSense's precision motion tracking technology
and Trimension's immersive displays offer users in a variety of
markets the ability to improve design, development, research and in
some cases, reduce costly prototyping resulting in higher quality
products and faster time to market cycles," said Mike Donfrancesco,
InterSense's sales director for the Americas.

At the recent Siggraph 2000 computer graphics trade show in New
Orleans, Trimension unveiled its V-Desk 6 complete with built-in
stereo viewing, full motion tracking, and an advanced audio system.
Viewed on two perpendicular (L-shaped) screens, users can interact
with data through the fully integrated InterSense IS-900 tracking
system that provides the ability to pick up and manipulate virtual
objects from various angles. Designed as a powerful visualization tool
for an individual, the V-Desk 6 can also accommodate small groups
working collaboratively.

"By partnering with InterSense and other leading component suppliers
we have been able to produce a fully integrated 'plug & play'
workbench which can be deployed into most office environments," said
Natalie White, marketing manager at Trimension Systems. "The
outstanding display performance enables users to view their data in
incredible stereo 3D, and with the use of InterSense's accurate
tracking system, individuals can actually interact, manipulate and
change their data all in real-time. This technology is already being
adopted by the automotive industry for mechanical and component design
and the oil and gas industry for geophysical interpretation."

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