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Stereoscopic 3D-film production for industrial presentations and entertaiement productions. "Cyberheidi 3D" and "solutions for the moving universe" won awards in the USA in 2003 and 2005.

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 Viral 3-D Video  Hot Link!
A blog that showcases 3D stereoscopic video available on YouTube and other video sharing sites

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 Voyage Films - Advanced Stereoscopic 3D Productions  Hot Link!
Voyage Films is the premier 3D Stereoscopic studio in Hawaii with world-class production facilities. Our company's unique specialty lies in pioneering Stereoscopic 3D Production of enhanced content ranging from live-action, fiction, non-fiction, sci-fi, animation, television, feature films, documentaries, advertisements and genres that only a true Digital 3D experience can bring to life.

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 Youtube 3D Blog  Hot Link!
Best of Youtube 3D

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 cubicute  Hot Link!
CubiCute is a steroscopy 3D online Game.

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 films 3D - Home  Hot Link!
The place for discussion on all things 3d, upcoming films and selected video clips

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 films3d   Hot Link!
News on the latest in all things 3d from new films, gadgets and a selection of stereoscopic video clips

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 harrie verstappen  Hot Link!
introduction to 3D anaglyph movie techniques

Added on:Mon Feb 20 2006, Hits: 145 [ Report ]  Hot Link! You can find the trailer of my first underwater DVD in field sequential (ntsc, 4:3) here. The tiltle of the DVD is: Three Oceans 3D

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