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Name:3D Art & Photography by HOLLIDAY
Description:Holliday is an experimental artist specializing in three dimensional stereoscopic art and photography. A traditional artist since childhood, she studied painting, traditional animation and stereoscopic art at the University of California in San Diego (receiving two U.S. Grants for animated films and a Bachelor of Arts in 1988). When did it all start and where does Holliday trace her love for 3-D to? "Andy Warhol’s 1980 - 3-D film Frankenstein, though viscerally nauseating and excruciatingly vile was one of the most visually exhilarating experiences of my life," she says. "It put a 'new twist' in my career path as a lifelong artist and soon to be animator. Experiencing a stereoscopic film was like waking up into a dream of a whole new dimension and I knew from that point on that it was the only way in which images were meant to be seen, in stereo with two eyes...just as we listen to music in stereo with two ears."

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