Henry Chung, Cinematographer

Stereo Greeting Card Stereo Greeting Card

Here is the Stereo Greeting Card developed by Henry Chung. It could be folded flat for mailing in an envelope and it is designed for corporations as premiums or gifts for promotion. Prices for a quantity of 1,000 are US-$3.50 per piece with slides inside, including 4-color printing on the cover.

Prices are lower at higher quantities. All enquiries are welcome, please contact us at the address below.

Henry Chung
60 King’s Road,
23/F, Flat C,
North Point,
Hong Kong,
Tel./Fax: 852-2856-1685
Pager: 852-8236-8732
Mobile: 852-9233-6788
E-Mail: magicmtp@netvigator.com

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