Henry Chung, Cinematographer

Good Bye to Kai Tak in 3-D
front cover

Good Bye to Kai Tak in 3-D
back cover
Good Bye to Kai Tak in 3-D

This is a tribute to the now historic Kai Tak Hong Kong International Airport. Published in stereoscopic three dimensional format, this is a viewing of side by side photos in pairs from a set of lenses incorporated in the book cover.

There are 48 stereoscopic photos printed in high resolution 300 lines/inch screen in total.

These exceptional pieces were taken by Hong Kong 3D photographer, Henry Chung during Kai Tak Airport's last two months of operation. This set of photos made its debut in an exhibition entitled "The Last Days of Kai Tak in 3-D" held at Pacific Place, Hong Kong in May of 1999.

These impressions of Kai Tak Airport show the close relationship between the people of Hong Kong and the forever approaching aircrafts during Kai Tak Airport's final days. The three dimensional effect enhances this feeling and reveals the absurdity of spatial relationship of the people in this modern city and the low flying airliners.

ISBN  962-85519-1-4
US$ 19.95
106 pages printed in Colour
3-D glasses embedded in the inside flap of the book cover protected by cushion sheets.

3-D  Photos and English text by Henry Chung.
Japanese text by Noriko Kanazawa.
Chinese text by Freddie Wong.

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