Henry Chung, Cinematographer


Henry Chung, CinematographerHenry Chung, HKSC
60 King’s Road,
23/F, Flat C,
North Point,
Hong Kong,
Tel./Fax: 852-2856-1685
Pager: 852-7102-6872
Mobile: 852-9233-6788
E-Mail: magicmtp@netvigator.com
Home Page: http://www.stereoscopy.com/henry

Education: Hong Kong Polytechnic University Design Dept.
First Institute of Art, Commercial Photo Course.
Working Experiences: Assistant Photographer to Commercial Photographers, Paul Tang,
Raymond Wong, and Kevin Orpin.

Promoted to Photographer.

Part Time Teacher in First Institute of Art in Commercial Photography.

Worked on 2 films as Art Director, 2 films as Assistant Art Director,

Visual Effects Assistant for movies:
Warriors from Mount Zu,

Esprit Mon Amour,

The Man From Bond Street,

Part Time Rotoscoper in VCE optical House in Hollywood.

Camera Assistant on numerous documentaries, features and

Now a Free Lance Cinematographer on various documentaries,
short films, and commercials. Equipped with his own 35mm Arriflex,

16mm Bolex cameras, he is also familiar with Panavision, Aaton, and

Moviecam camera systems.

Photography Books:

Annie 1994 Photo, Photographer,
photographed entirely in Greece,

Neo Culture Production. Taiwan.

Partial in 3-D.

Good Bye Kai Tak
3-D Photo Book
About Kai Tak Airport
Closing down in Hong Kong.

3-D Films:  35mm ‘Envious’ 3-D Test Short Film, Director of Photography
for American Dream Parks. 90 Secs.

Director, Josephine Ho.

‘Professor Extreme’, Director of Photography
3-D 35mm Short Feature Film, 18 min.

American Dream Parks,

Directed by Josephine Ho.

Commercials: Thera-med Commercial, Director/Cameraman
Hong Kong Version,

15 Sec. TVC. 35mm Film.

Fa 2 in 1 Douche & Body Lotion, Director/Cameraman

15 Sec. TVC. 35 mm Film.

Arnold Palmer, Cameraman/Director,

Client, Café Designs Ltd.

Garfield, Cameraman/Director,
‘The Painting’,

Client, Café Designs Ltd.

Glory Property Promotions, Director of Photography,
20 Sec. TVC. 35mm

L A Production

Directed by Louise Au Yeung.

ANA Airline Commercial, Assistant Cameraman
DOP, Yoshihiko Ueda.

Royal Hong Kong Police produced by
The Fuji Studio. Director of Photography

Directed By Alric Ng.

Harry Winston Watches, Director of Photography
Directed by Tommy Li.

General Electric Asia, Assistant Cameraman
Director/ Cameraman, Joe Pytka.

China Motion Pager, Focus Puller,
Director/Cameraman, Ganor Ho.

Hong Kong Arts Centre, Director of Photography
Handmade Films Ltd.

15 Sec. Three Versions.

Kowloon City Plaza Commercial, Director of Photography
Client, Sight and Sound,

Directed by Peter Chan.

Golden Elephant Thai Restaurant, Director of Photography
Client, Kowloon Boys and Girls Ltd.

Directed by Lam Man Chung.

Lawson, Shanghai Commercial, Director of Photography
Production, J.C.Libero Co. Ltd.

Signature, Fashion Commercial, Director of Photography
Client : Thompson World Wide Partnership

Directed by Sita Yeung

MBY Gel Products, Director /Cameraman,
Client: Mega Design Ltd.

Features: 35mm

Peony Pavilion, Director of Photography
Directed by Yonfan.
Best Acress, Special Mention FIPRESCI
Awards, 23rd MIFF Moscow.

Bishonen, Director of Photography,
Directed by Yon Fan.


Slow Fade, Operating Cameraman,
Directed by Daniel Chan.

A Small Miracle, Director of Photography, shared
Directed by Kenny Bi

Public Toilet, Director of Photography, shared
Directed by Fruit Chan

Mind Notes, Director/ Cameraman
Film of Merits Awards,

Hong Kong Independent Short Films

Competition 1994.

Foreign Moon, Focus Puller
Directed by Zhang Zeming

D.O.P. Iu Lik

‘The One Who Picked Up the Garbage’, Director of Photography
Short Feature. Directed by William Huen

'The Protector', Assistant Cameraman
DOP Mark Irwin.

'Blade in Hong Kong', Key Grip
DOP Woody Omens

'Eat A Bowl Of Tea', Assistant Cameraman
DOP Amir Mokri.

'Dancing Bull' Directd by Allen Fong, Focus Puller
DOP George Chan

'The Boxer' Directed by Larry Lau, Focus Puller
DOP George Chan

'Double Impact' additional Camera Operator
DOP Richard Kline.

‘Supernatural’ Focus Puller. Additional operator
Directed by Lo Ting Kit

Super 16mm ‘Hero and Kid’ Focus Puller,
Directed by Ann Hui
Betacam ‘Trouble, I Have It All My Days', Director of Photography
Directed by Peter Chan.
16mm Ah Ming's Macau, Director of Photography
Directed by Albert Au.

A Five-Leg Tour.
3-D Photography Exhibition.

Hong Kong Fringe Club.

Fringe Gallery and

Heineken Gallery.

Feb. 23 to Mar. 6, 1996.

The Last Days of Kai Tak,
3-D Photography Exhibition.
Hong Kong Pacific Place,
June 1999

Europe, China
Joint 3-D Photography Exhibition.
Broadway Cinematheque,
October 1999

Documentaries: 35mm ‘Life in a Day of Mandarin Oriental’ Focus Puller
DOP, Dean Head, Directed by James Lingwood.
16mm Gammon corporate film, Focus Puller
DOP, Dean Head, Directed by James Lingwood.

'Opium Warlord', Assistant Cameraman
Directed by Peter Yung.

'Someone Will Know Me', Director of Photography
Directed by Roberta Chow

Glass Sculpture of Yang Wei San, Director of Photography
Documentary, Taiwan

Video Hong Kong Art Centre, Director/Cameraman
Corporate Video 1995

Director / Cameraman for Corporate
Marketing/Sales Video of Modern

Classics Wedding Services.

Video: Hong Kong Map, Director of Photography
Directed by Makoto Yoshimura

'Alain Yip's Video Guide to Photography' Cameraman / Director

Omni Group Hotels Video, Director of Photography
Directed by Barry Aldridge.

Direct Culture Sales. Director of Photography
Directed by Lo Ting Kit.

Hutchison Mobile Telephone Corporate Video, Director of Photography
Directed by Alric Ng.

Japanese NTV, Director of Photography
Wind And Water Progamme

Art Centre Commercial Photography Seminar Video for:
Sam Wong, Richard Whitfield, Cameraman / Director

Cathay Pacific In Flight Video produced by
Video Workshop. Director of Photography

Directed By Rob Middleton.

SAAB Hong Kong 1993 Video. Director of Photography
Directed by Susan Coombes.

HKTA Canadian Office CFTO-TV Hong Kong 1993 Video
Director of Photography. Directed by Vyvyan Campbell.

ABC TV, Director of Photography
Good Morning America, Hong Kong

11 Stories covering Food, Canto-pop

Music, Fung Shui, Expatriates,

Housing, Bamboo, Celebrities,

Medicine, Movies, Factories and Old

Countryside of Hong Kong.

Directed by Tim Braun, John Reiss.

Shenzhen Tourist Board Travel Video, Director of Photography
Directed by K. Aida.

Soccer in Guangzhou Video. Director of Photography
Directed by Charlie Risso-Gill.

Bridal Fashion Show. Director/Cameraman
Modern Classic Wedding Services.

Johnny Walker Presentation Video, Director of Photography
Interactive Multimedia Ltd.,

Director, Peter Campbell.

Guangzhou-Shenzen Railways, Director of Photography
Corporate Video,

Audio Visual Technique Ltd.,

Directed by Sean Yeung.

Airport Mall Promotional Video, Director of Photography
Client, Interactive Multimedia.

Marks & Spencer, Asia, Director of Photography
Corporate Video 1996,

Client, Interactive Multimedia.

Carlsberg 150 Anniversary Presentation, Cameraman,
Asian Countries: Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia.

Directed by Andrew Stewart.

POSH Sun Hing Steel Furniture Corp. Video,


David Carradine’s Martial Arts Journey,
Director of Photography,

Directed by Harold Weldon.

IML, Director/cameraman
Corporate Video

Foster speakers factory, Director of Photography
Corporate Video

Music Video: Koizumi Kyoko: Fade Out, Director of Photography
Directed by Mio Hani

‘Paradise in the Heart’ Director of Photography
Directed by William Huen.

“Think Clearly” Angela Zhen, Director of Photography
35mm Film, 1998

Directed by Tom Barnes.

Big Fish Productions.


Henry Chung with Twin Camera Rig for 3-D Movies

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