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Lenticular printing is breaking new ground and World Holographics is the leading lenticular printer in the U.S.

Often mistakenly referred to as “holograms” lenticular print pieces are images that show depth or motion as the viewers angle changes. They are characterized by plastic lines which are actually small lenses that create the effects.

Since the days of the Cracker Jack “winkies” the technology has advanced as have the applications. Companies are now using the technology to show their product in action. A drug interaction or a toy that morphs can now be shown in a printed piece. The story of the product can be told in a dynamic format that was formally only available in expensive video.

Some of the more popular applications are:

  • Postcards
  • Packaging
  • Catalog or book covers
  • Business cards
  • Package inserts
  • Magazine inserts

To see additional lenticular samples visit our website.

World Holographics has been serving the promotions industry for 15 years. Our clients include Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Nike, Sony, Honda and hundreds of the worlds most innovative marketers.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you communicate your message, please visit our website and then give us a call.

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