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The e-mail mailing list named "photo-3d" has been established for the purposes of discussing 3D photography and closely allied subjects. In this list, 3D is defined as the presentation of separate and different images to the left and right eyes. This definition is not intended to exclude lenticular presentations or the Pulfrich effector "wallpaper" stereograms. However, it is intended to exclude discussions of, for instance, perspective drawing and "ray tracing" (often called 3D by people in other fields) and is also intended to limit the discussion of holography to headlines only, inasmuch as holography is a radically different technique. Unfortunately, this is not the place to post 3D computer images; many subscribers cannot afford to receive messages that large.  

Discussions of the following (in no particular order) are encouraged.


  • 3D art
  • 3D equipment and products, both commercial and home-brew
  • 3D personal experiences
  • 3D techniques
  • 3D theory
  • 3D photographic stills and movies
  • 3D television
  • 3D computer graphics
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