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Airequipt Stereo Theater Instructions– 1950's Sequential Viewer, 2 pages
Belplasca Camera Instr. Manual, East German 1950's 7-sprocket format camera, 18 pages
Belplasca Camera Promotional booklet, explains the Belplasca system, 4 pages
Bolex 3-D Movie Attachment Instruction Manual, for Bolex H16 16mm movie cameras, 12 pages
Busch Verascope F40 Camera Instruction Manual, French 7-sprocket format camera, 25 pages
Compco “500” Stereo Projector Manual, last model 3-D projector made by Compco,14 pages
Compco Triad Stereo Projector Manual, the more common model from 1950's, 15 pages
Contura Stereo Camera Manual, One of the rarest stereo cameras. Only 150 made, 16 pages
Coronet 3-D Camera Manual, 127 rollfilm plastic box camera from 1950's, 6 pages
Delta Stereo Camera Manual, simple but pretty blue-bodied 3-D camera, 14 pages
Depthro Stereo Camera & Projector Promotion–1940, rare mechanical shutter projector, 2 sheets
Edixa lA (same as Wirgin) Stereo Camera Manual, the simplest model, German camera, 16 pages
Elgeet Cine Stereo System Manual, for any 16mm C mount camera, 6 pages
GA-20 Stereo Viewer Instructions, rare German made sequential viewer, 3 pages
Haneel Tri-Vision Stereo Camera Manual, 1040's 828 rollfilm 3-D camera, 6 page folder
Heidoscope/Rolleidoscope Camera Inst.–1929, 6x13cm glass plate/120 rollfilm models, 23 pages 
lloca I Stereo Camera Manual, late 1940's German bottom loading 7-sprocket camera, 3 pages
lloca ll Stereo Camera Manual, 1950's German 5-sprocket camera, 7 pages
lloca Rapid Stereo Camera Manual, top model rapid winding 5-sprocket camera, 13 pages,
Keystone Visual Skills Training Promos, 1930's Stereo Eye-Training Info, 12 pages
Kindar Stereo Camera Manual, 1950's 5 sprocket camera, 10 pages
Kindar Hypo-Stereo Attachment Instructions, Macro 3-D lens for Exacta cameras, 11 pages
Kodak Booklet “Picture It In Stereo”, well written intro to 3-D for beginners, 34 pages
Kodak Stereo 1917 Model No. 1 Camera Manual, Antique rollfilm camera, 33 pages
KODAK 35mm STEREO CAMERA Manual, one of the most popular 50's 3-D cameras, 49 pages
Kodak 35mm Stereo Camera Parts Manual, Exploded parts images, not repair instructions, 19 pages
Leica Stereo System Promotional Booklet, 1950's Leica 3-D attachment, 4 pages
Leica - Stereoscopic Photography Booklet for Stereoly, from 1931, 12 pages + letter
Leica - Stereoly 1939 Polaroid Three Dimensional Projection System Manual, 8 pages 
Leitz Stereoly Taking & Projector System Manuals, 1934 Leica 3-D attachment, 8 pages
Linex Stereo Camera System Promotion, Q&A promo for the camera system, 8 pages
Linex Stereo Camera Instructions, 1954 unique low-cost film cartridge 3-D camera, 23 pages
Lutes Stereo Film Cutter Instructions, automatic 5-perf fim advance cutter, 2 side sheet
Mattey Stereoscopes Promotions—1945, wood stereoscopes fo & 6x13 formats, 5 pages
Nimslo 3D Camera Manual, 1983 4 lens lenticular 3-D camera, 24 pages
Nimslo 3-D Camera Guide, 64 pg. by Starkman & Pinsky, incl camera man., specs & exploded views
Nord 3-D Cine Attachment Instructions, rare 16mm prism cine attachment, 12 pages
Nord 3-D Projector Promotion, lower cost alternative to TDC, 2 side sheet
Nord 3-D Projector Instructions, twin 500 Watt lamp 3-D projector, 4 pages
Nordetta 3-D Camera Instructions, Rare 127 rollfilm camera from 1940's, 6 pages,
Owla Stereo Camera Manual, uncommon Realist-format camera from Japan, 4 pages
Pentax 3-D Attachment Instructions, beam-splitter attachment for modern SLR's, 7 pages
Polamatic 3-D Projector Manual, unusual "Vacuum Cleaner" looking 3-D projector, 10 pages
Polamatic 3-D Projector Promotion, promo for the projector, 3 pages
Polarized Light & Its Application—1945, by Polaroid, explaining all about polarization, 46 pages
Powers Trick Stereo Attachment Info, for taking trick 3-D photos with Stereo Realist, 8 pages
Real-Life Automatic 3-D Projector—June 1942, Automated 3-D lantern slide projector, 10 pages
Realist 45 Stereo Camera Manual, German made by Iloca, similar to Iloca Rapid, 19 pages
Realist 45 Stereo Camera Promotion, lower cost alternative to Stereo Realist, 2 sided sheet
REALIST CAMERA MANUAL, 19 pages, a reprint – not xerox – includes new loading instructions
Realist Camera Promotion Book, great introduction to Stereo Realist system, 16 pages
Realist Camera/Viewer/Accesories Promotion, shows ALL of the Realist products, 20 pages
Realist Macro Stereo Camera Manual, rare model for close-ups at 4.5", 22 pages
Realist Macro Stereo Camera Promotion, explains the Macro System, 4 pages
Realist Stereo Projector Manual, shows the projector, inside and out, 12 pages
Revere “33” Stereo Camera Manual, complete camera operating instructions, 15 pages
Roto-Vuer (sequential 3-D viewer) Manual, 60 slide rotating drum sequential viewer, 2 sided sheet
Simda Stereo Camera Instructions (in French Only), 16mm panoramic format camera, 16 pages
Simda Stereo Camera Promotion, French on one side, English on the other, 2 sided sheet
Sputnik “120” Stereo Camera Manual, instructions for Russian-made 120 rollfilm camera, 21 pages
Steinheil Redufocus Wide Angle Lens Instructions, for Stereo Realist and Kodak Stereo, 3 pages
Stereo “50” Viewer Instructions, 50-slide continuous belt sequential viewer, 2 sided sheet
Stereo Graphic Camera Manual, low cost alternative to Stereo Realist, 23 pages
Stereo Graphic Parts & Service Manual, shows insides, with service tips, 9 pages
Stereo Hawk-Eye Models 3 & 4—1916, rollfilm folding bellows camera, 20 pages
Stereo Meopta 35 Camera Manual, Czech-made camera copies View-Master Mark II format, 20 pages
Stereo Mikroma Sub-Mini Camera Promo, Czech-made 16mm View-Master format camera, 4 pages
Stereo Puck Rollfilm Camera Instructions—1931, 120 rollfilm box camera, 3 sides
Stereo-Tach Attachment & Proj. Instructions, beam-splitter for old rangefinder cameras, 9 pages
Stereotar C (Zeiss) Attachment Manual, prism beam splitter for this model, 33 pages
Stitz Stereo Attachment Manual, Japanese universal beam-splitter attachement, 16 pages
Super Duplex 120 Camera System Info. Sheets, Italian 120 rollfilm 3-D camera, 4 pages
SVE Stereo Projector Instructions—1945, first commercial projector to use polarization, 7 pages
Taylor Table Viewer & Projector Manual, rare table-top rear screen unit, 2 pages
TDC Project-Or-View Manual, best of the table-top rear screen projectors, 15 pages
TDC Stereo Cameras & Projectors Service Instructions, covers all TDC 3-D models ,37 pages
TDC Stereo Colorist I Camera Manual, German made for TDC, Realist format, 27 pages
TDC Stereo Vivid Camera Manual, American Made, most ergonomic 1950's camera model, 27 pages
TDC Vivid 116 3-D Projector Manual, most popular 3-D projector from 1950's, 15 pages
TDC Vivid 716 Deluxe 3-D Projector Manual, rarer deluxe version of TDC 116, 16 pages
TDC Vivid Camera Promotion, for this easy to use model. 2 sided sheet
Tower Model 83 Camera Manual, Sears branded version of the Iloca II, 7 pages
Tri-Delta Prism 3-D Attachment Manual, horizontal format mirror/prism beam splitter, 18 pages
Tru-Vue Dealer Promotion Package, 1930's 3-D filmstrips–produced before View-Master, 18 pages
Universal Steréall Camera Manual, lowest cost of 1950's Realist format cameras, 15 pages
Vectographs—“How to Make Polaroid Vectograph Prints”, explains the process, 11 pages
Videon ll Stereo Camera Manual, one of the less common Realist format cameras, 15 pages
View-Master “112 Ways To Use 3-D Pictures for Profit”, still useful for commercial ideas, 22 pages
View-Master—“Sawyer's Story”, a history of the company until around 1954, 12 pages
View-Master 24" & 36" Close-up Attachment Instructions, for the View-Master Personal, 4 sides
View-Master “Alpine Wildflowers” Booklet, nice copy, goes with the 10 reel set, 31 pages
View-Master Mark II Stereo Camera Manual, diagonal film path model, made in Germany, 28 pages
View-Master Mark ll Camera Parts Manual, complete parts list, with drawings, 16 pages
View-Master Mark II Reel Making Instructions, for making the Personal reels, 2 sided sheet
View-Master Personal Stereo Camera Manual, to make your own View-Master reels, 32 pages
View-Master Personal Camera Promotion, original promo for the camera, 12 pages
View-Master Personal Camera Parts Manual, photos of the exploded parts assemblies, 29 pages
View-Master Personal Reel Making Instructions, to make your own View-Master reels, 4 pages
View-Master Stereomatic 500, the ONLY 3-D projector for View-Master reels, 4 pages
Wollensak “10” Stereo Camera Manual, deluxe version of the Revere 33, f2.7 lenses, 15 pages

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