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New & Improved 3-D 35mm / 60mm Film Cutter
No. 8028 Top View
No. 8028 Bottom View
Improved New Features:
  • Easy to Use - makes mounting faster and more accurate
  • Saves You Money - by letting YOU do your own slide mounting!
  • Simply lift the cutting blade handle, insert the film from the left, and a thumb wheel advances the film to the cutting position desired
  • For all 35mm formats! Has a special measure mark added by Reel 3-D Enterprises for Stereo Realist Format. There is also a full-frame measure mark for 2"x2" slide cutting.
  • For all 60mm formats! (120 and 222 rollfilm). Has measure marks for 6 x 4.5cm, 6 x 6cm and 6 x 7cm.
  • Allows EASY visual film alignment!!! The bottom of the cutter features translucent white windows which allow the film path and cutting area to be illuminated -- simply by putting the entire cutter on top of a light box.
  • 3-D film cutting instructions are included!
No. 8028
Handy Fluorescent Mini Light Box
No. 8014 Portable and convenient, this handy 4 Watt fluorescent light box is perfect for sorting or mounting slides. Cool 4" x 5" illuminated area, with overall dimensions of 6¼ x 5¼ x 1½". Uses 4 "C" batteries (not included). Has outlet for using a 6 volt transformer (available at most electonics stores). 
No. 8014

Adhesive Securing Tabs for Securing Transparencies in Slide Mounts
No. 8020 Perfect for securing your stereo film chips in Heat Seal, Aluminum, GEPE, or any type of mount when you want to hold the film in place. These convenient ½" x ¼" (13 x 6mm) self-sticking paper tabs are made by Wess (of Wess slide mount fame) just for this purpose. They can also be used for corrections, labeling, and taping gels into mounts. We offer them in a dispenser, with 1,000 tabs that pop up 2 at a time when a wax paper backing strip is pulled from the dispenser. For convenience a double stick tape on the bottom of the dispenser is provided so that it may be mounted to any dry, flat surface, such as your mounting light box. This is one of our handiest products!
No. 8020 ... (1 dispenser)

Alignment Gauge Set for Mounting 3-D Slides
No. 8001
  • Simplifies 3-D film alignment in mounting
  • Set of 3 different gauges includes:
    • 5 perf "Realist" format Gauge
    • 7 perf "European" format Gauge
    • 2" x 2" Separated Pairs Gauge
  • Easy-to-use informative Instruction Book Included!
  • Produced with precision photographic accuracy
No. 8001

Clear Polypropylene Stereo Slide Protectors
No. 8003
  • For all 1 5/8" x 4" (41mm x 101mm) stereo mounts
  • Protects slides from scratches, fingerprints, and abrasions
  • May be safely used in slide viewers only
  • 100 protectors per box
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