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Plastic Hand-held 3-D Print Viewer
No. 2018  The best value, and our most popular all-around stereo 3-D print viewer. The focal length is approximately 10", suitable for up to 3" x 3" side-by-side stereo pairs (the classic antique stereo card size of 3½" x 7"). It easily fits in a pocket, and is ideal for stereo pairs printed in magazines such as " Stereo World ", or for prints made with the ARGUS or LOREO 3-D cameras. It is similar to the clear plastic viewer included in the original 1950's "Stereo Realist Manual" book. A personal favorite of Susan and David, due to its high quality and ease-of use.

Note that 10 viewers is the miminum order. If the quantity is changed to less than 10 the order will be cancelled.
No. 2018A 10 to 49 viewers
No. 2018B 50 to 999 viewers
No. 2018C 1,000 to 9,999 viewers
 See Catalog Shopping List for larger quantities. 

Folding Plastic Stereoscope
No. 2006 
  • Plastic lenses with folding metal legs
  • Ideal for stereo pairs with up to 2½" center to center separation
  • Focal length of 4.7"
  • Adjustable height and interpupillary distance
  • Legs fold flat for compact storage
  • Pocket size and simple to use
No. 2006 1 to 9 viewers
No. 2006A 10++ viewers
Folding Mini Stereo Print Viewer
No. 2027 
Made by Loreo
For 3½" x 5" and 4" x 6" Prints
Adjustable Prismatic Plastic Lenses 
  • Quality side-by-side print viewing at a low price
  • Adjustable lens panel position for focusing
  • For Loreo, Argus, Franka, and other beam-splitter prints
  • Folds flat to 4" x 3¼" x ¾" - will fit in a shirt pocket
  • Great for gift giving with gift stereo prints
  • Perfect for viewing print pairs in books or albums
  • Well-designed all gray plastic body
  • 5½" focal length prismatic plastic lenses

No. 2027 1 to 4 viewers
No. 2027A 5 to 9 viewers
No. 2027B 10++ viewers

Loreo Lite 3-D Print Viewer
No. 2033
No. 2033 
Made by Loreo
  • Superior quality ! ! !
  • Easy to use!
  • Low price !
  • Folds Flat for Mailing!

The Loreo Lite 3D Viewer is a Parallel Format (side-by-side) 3-D Print Viewer made of coated card paper. It also works well as a Computer Monitor Viewer for smaller sized side-by-side 3-D images.

Low-cost, lightweight, foldable, and mailable, it folds flat to the thickness of its lenses (7 mm) and fits into a 4" x 6" sleeve that comes with the viewer. Easy to use viewing instructions and a sample photo are printed on the sleeve.

It is suitable for viewing 3.5" x 5" and 4"x 6"prints, classic 3.5" x 7" stereo cards, and 5 to 7 inch wide images on a computer screen. The plastic lenses offer superb viewing quality!

No. 2033 1 viewer
No. 2033A 10 viewers
No. 2033B 50 viewers

Do-It-Yourself Holmes-Style Stereoscope Replica Kit

No. 2030

Now made of Oak! 

An easy to assemble do-it-yourself kit containing all the parts needed to create a beautiful heirloom quality antique-style stereoscope. 

Made of beautiful Oak with a leatherette hood, all parts are pre-cut and pre-drilled for easy assembly using brass screws and nails. The only tools needed for assembly are a Phillips screwdriver, a small hammer, and sandpaper. May be sanded, oiled, waxed, and assembled in less than 1 hour. 

When finished you will have a beautiful working replica of an antique Holmes-style stereoscope, but with a hood that is wider than the originals, to accomodate modern eyeglasses. Prismatic, high optical quality plastic lenses. 

Please Note: this is a handmade natural wood product. Natural variations and flaws in the wood are possible. For classic 3½" x 7" stereo view cards.

NOTE: Since early 2001, this stereoscope is made of beautiful Oak instead of Walnut! All photos on the left show the (now unavailable) Walnut model!

No. 2030 ...  (assembly required)


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