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The WaveCover™ cover for your Bose Wave radio or Bose Wave radio/CD*

WaveCoverMy name is David Starkman. My wife, Susan Pinsky, and I love to listen to the radio. Several years ago we heard about how great the Bose Wave radio was. However, at around $350.00 we didn't rush out and buy one. To make a long story short, we heard one in a store, bought it for our bedroom, and liked it so much we bought another one for our office.

We also have two cats, Phoebe and Beatrice. We very quickly discovered that there was a small problem with the radio in our bedroom. We put the radio on top of a high dresser. With a remote control we didn't really need access to the buttons on the radio. However, cats love new and warm things, and we found that they were walking across the radio, or even sitting on it, and accidentally changing the station, or the volume, or something!

This is because, as all Bose Wave radio owners know, ALL of the controls are on TOP of the radio, not on the front or sides.

I quickly had an idea, and cut out a piece of cardboard that was the size and shape of the top of the radio, put little rubber feet on it, and placed it on top of the radio. I thought this would foil the cats. It did . . . . sort of. If they jumped right onto the radio it worked fine. But when they nuzzled up to the radio and the cover (to leave their scent, which they have to do with everything!) they would knock it off every time. That's when I had the idea to make something better -- a cover made from 1/2 inch thick crystal clear acrylic, with silicone rubber dome shaped "feet" to hold it in place, with a little air space to keep all of the buttons from being activated. I had a sample fabricated and it looked great, and worked perfectly! It weighs just under 1 pound 11 ounces (760 grams), which is enough weight to keep it in place without the cats knocking it off!

We've had this for a few years now and some of our friends (who have cats, and little curious children) have asked us to have one made for their Bose radios. Already being in the mail order business it seemed like a natural product that others could benefit from, too. You don't have to have cats to find good use for the cover, either. If you keep your radio on the night table, and don't have a lot of room, (as my father does) you can set a book, a drink, or a box of tissues right on top of the WaveCover™ and not have to worry about hitting any of the control buttons. And it looks pretty cool, too!

Each WaveCover™ is individually crafted and polished.
No. 9601 ... WaveCover™ for the Bose Wave Radio

But, wait! Before you buy the No. 9601 WaveCover™ read on!

The WaveCover™ Deluxe cover for your Bose Wave radio or Bose Wave radio/CD*

The WaveCover™ Deluxe cover for your Bose Wave radio* offers extra protection if you have children!

My brother and his wife have a beautiful 18 month old daughter named Zoe. In Zoe's bedroom they got a Bose Wave radio/CD to play her lullaby music and give Mommy something with real quality sound to listen to when she's taking care of Zoe. The problem is, now that Zoe is walking, she can get at the radio and press all the buttons!

I showed my brother the No. 9601 WaveCover™ and he said "That's great for cats, but a child can just pull the cover off!" He had a good point! So, after a little thought, and a little bit of prototyping, I came up with the WaveCover™ Deluxe. This is basically the same 1/2" thick acrylic cover, but with the addition of 1/4" thick "side securing panels" which go down the sides of the radio, and wrap around the bottom of the case a little bit. Due to the tapered shape of the radio you slide the WaveCover™ Deluxe on from the back of the radio until it makes a snug fit when the curved front of the cover matches the curved front of the radio.

Once in place it is held on tightly so that a small child cannot easily remove it. (We're not sure exactly at what age a child will be strong enough, and have the dexterity and cleverness to remove the cover, but it will certainly foil smaller children from tampering with the controls, or opening the CD cover on the CD model. By the time a child is old enough to take off the cover her/himself, she/he will hopefully be old enough to take care of the radio!) We can't guarantee complete childproof protection, but our initial tests with Zoe have been a success!

For operation, while the cover is in place, all of the controls will have to be accessed by the remote control. For CD models, of course, the cover will have to be removed in order to change the CD.

Note, also, that because the sides of the radio are just a little bit taller on the CD model of the radio, we have two models of the WaveCover™ Deluxe. The WaveCover™ Deluxe/R (for the Bose
Wave Radio), and the WaveCover™ Deluxe/CD (for the Bose Wave Radio/CD). They are NOT interchangeable, so please be sure to order the correct model for your radio!

Each WaveCover™ Deluxe is individually crafted and polished.

No. 9602 ... WaveCover™ Deluxe/R for the Bose Wave Radio

No. 9603 ... WaveCover™ Deluxe/CD for the Bose Wave Radio/CD

*Please Note: Bose Wave radio and Bose Wave radio/CD are registered trademarks of Bose Corporation. WaveCover™ is a Trade Mark of Reel 3-D Enterprises, Inc., which is not affiliated in any way with the Bose Corporation, or any of the Bose Wave products.

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