Le Secret Des Yeux
A Stereoscopic Book by Philippe Assalit
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Sample Image 2This book was published in France. "Le Secret des Yeux" ("The Secret of the Eyes") contains 96 stereo black & white stereo pairs, tastefully colored as in the old days of photography.

The author and artist, Philippe Assalit, carefully chose his subjects and manages to re-create an "old-time feeling". The coloring is very well made, and adds the extra touch to the images.

There is one scene per color-printed page: the 2D-version on top, and below, near the bottom rim of the page, the stereo pair. This means that you can enjoy the detail of a large image, and can then study the 3D-image later. Since the stereo pair is located at the bottom of the page, you can also use other stereoscopes (includng "Grandfather's Holmes-type stereoscope"), if you wish to do so.

The book is printed in color, hardcover, 21.5 x 22 cm (8.46 x 8.66") and comes complete with a stereo viewer. This is a very nice stereo-book and we have obtained a limited supply for sale to the users and friends of Stereoscopy.com. The price is 55.00 US-$, which includes shipping by SAL (Surface Air Lifted - handled as surface mail in the country of origin, and the destination country, but as airmail between the two countries).

To order, you have to be 21 years or older (all countries, except except Europe, where 18 years is the minimum age).

Please send a personal check ($55.00), made payable to "Alexander Klein" to:

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Any questions? Please contact us. Prices in other Currencies quoted upon request. Please write for details!

Below: Sample Page, taken from "Le Secret Des Yeux

Sample Image 1


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