Stuttgart historisch - Stadtimpressionen in 3D
Historic Stuttgart - City Impressions in 3D

Stuttgart-Stereo 1

Marktplatz Stuttgart

Market Place, Stuttgart, Germany - Copyright 1889 by J.F. Jarvis
J.F. Jarvis, Publishers, Washington, D.C.
Sold only by Underwood & Underwood, Baltimore, Md. - Ottawa, Kas.

Stuttgart-Stereo 2

Brunnen auf dem Schloßplatz

6229. Fountain in the Royal Park, Stuttgart, Germany - Series of 1904 by George W. Griffith
Sold only by Griffith & Griffith, Philadelphia, Chicago, London, Hamburg, Ger., Milan, Italy
Geo. W. Griffith, Publisher, Philadelphia, Pa.

Stuttgart-Stereo 3

Schloßplatz Stuttgart

(25) Old Castle of Stuttgart and Column of Peace. S.E. across Palace garden to mountains, Germany - Copyright 1908 by Underwood & Underwood
Underwood & Underwood, Publishers. New York, London, Toronto-Canada, Ottawa-Kansas
Works and Studios Arlington, N.J., Westwood, N.J.
Aufschrift auf der Rückseite: Those hills ahead, covered with vineyards and forests, send down their brooks to swell the Neckar River on its way to Heidelberg and the Rhine, eighty miles or so behind us in the northwest. We are facing now nearly southeast. Munich is only about one hundred and forty miles beyond those hills. Strasbourg is at our right and Nuremberg at our left.
That beautiful column with the bronze figure of Peace on its summit was erected in 1841 in honor of King William of Wurtemberg who did so much to develop the kingdom by his wise administration of affairs. Those bronze figures at the base represent the teacher, the workman, the trader and the warrior, as those on whose faithfulness Peace depends. The palace in which the king made his home stands at the left (east) side of this park. The castle yonder with its towers and steep roofs rising above the trees belongs to an earlier day, more than three centuries ago. It is a huge rectangular structure with a courtyard in the middle. The Obersthofmeister (Chief Intendant of the royal palace) lives there now, and certain rooms are shown to the public as a reminder of old times and customs. The most splendid era of that castle was during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. In those days Wurtemberg was a grand-duchy. The whole country is only about as large as Wales or the State of New Jersey, U.S.A., but its lands are rich and the industrial genius of the people adds to its general prosperity.
If we turn so as to look from this same point towards the southwest we shall have a fine view of the handsomest street in the city. (Stereograph 1251.)
From Notes of Travel, No. 28. Copyright, 1905, by Underwood & Underwood.

Stuttgart-Stereo 4

Königstraße, Stuttgart

King Street, Stuttgart, Germany
J.F. Jarvis, Publishers, Washington, D.C.
Sold only by Underwood & Underwood, Baltimore, Md. - Ottawa, Kas.

Stuttgart-Stereo 5

Der alte Stuttgarter Hauptbahnhof

Bahnhof Stuttgart
L. Schaller, Stuttgart
Aufschrift auf der Rückseite: Rail road depot in Stuttgart, arrived May 26th 1871

Stuttgart-Stereo 6

Schloßgarten, Stuttgart

212. K. Schlossgarten.
T. Richard, Photogr., Maenedorf, Zürichsee

Stuttgart-Stereo 7

Schloß Rosenstein

Ohne Aufschrift

Stuttgart-Stereo 8

Schloßplatz Stuttgart

Le Château de Stuttgart, Allemagne



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