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Do you want to see 3D at a place close to you? Or are you travelling and are you looking for some 3D-excitement while you are "on the road"? Locations showing 3D-images or movies can be found worldwide.

Just click on the map below to zoom into the desired region of the world.

If you find a new 3D-related museum, cinema, exhibit or any other permanent public display of stereoscopic images, please drop us a note providing us with as much information as possible. Preferable, also include photos and maps - either printed or digitally. If you would like to contribute information, please help us by providing structured information as shown on the Sample Page. Thank you!

VerifieDDD by   Once the attraction has been visited by us personally, the "VerifieDDD" logo (see sample logo on the left) will be shown next to the attraction's name.


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The World of 3D
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Please do not forget to visit the Bookshop, offering the world's largest selection of books in 3D and about 3D.

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