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3-D Digital Stereo camera

Digital 3-D CameraDavid Burder, Technical Director of 3-D Images Ltd., launched the company's first 3-D Digital Stereo camera, at Focus '97, the UK's primary Photographic Imaging trade show.

The camera is a true stereo camera, giving full synchronized, single button release, side by side stereo pairs of images, as in a traditional stereo camera.

The camera is a conversion be 3-D Images Ltd., and is based on the body & electronics of a pair of Kodak digital DC20 cameras. However, compared to the very popular 35 mm Kodak Stereo camera of the 1950's, this camera is filly automatic, time synchronized, and digital. It is also extremely compact & fits a jacket pocket.

3-D Images Ltd. have produced over 20 different 3-D camera designs over the past 15 years, mostly for their client's use, and almost all of which are based on conversions of conventionsl, one-eyed cameras.

Technical Director, David Burder, BSc, FRPS, FBIPP selected the Kodak DC20 camera as the basis for the conversion, as it offered the neatest design, with the most convenient internal layout, for conversion. As this is a 'cut & spliced' electronic and chassis conversion, it is not Kodak approved, and therefore 3-D Images Ltd. offer their own 12 months warranty!

The cameras are available from 3-D Images Ltd., at £995 plus VAT, and come complete with a lorgnette 3-D viewer, plus 50 pairs of anaglyph 3-D spectacles.
Basis '3-D Images Ltd.' own conversion from Kodak DC20
Inter-ocular 100 mm
Storage 2 x 1 MB internal
Number frames 16 pairs @ res 320 x 240, or 8 pairs @ 493 x 373 pixels
Colour 24 Bit, millions colours
Shutter Speeds Auto: 1/30 - 1/4000 second
Aperture Auto: f/4 - f/11
Focus free 0.5 m - Inf.
Outputs Sequentially, via serial cable to modem or printer port
Compatible PC > 3.1 and Max > 7.1
Size, approx. 1 x 2.5 x 8 inches
Weight, dry 200 grams
Accessories, included Lorgnette 3-D print viewer, plus 50 pairs of 3-D anaglyph red/blue spectacles.
As the original Manufacturers Warranty is invalidated by the conversion, 3-D Images offers their own 12 months repair, refund or replace policy. This is not a Kodak approved conversion.

Lenticular Stereo camera

This 12 lens camera is ideal to take lenticular pictures. Further information is available from 3-D Images Ltd.

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