Winkies & Blinkies

Blinking EyeThese are changing image pictures whereby two or more images can be merged to create a moving 'flipping' image. As shown here, even simple images will produce very eye catching results.

Same day proofing service available in London. Inexpensive, litho printed Lenticulars for P.O.S. and P.O.P., pack inserts and 'on-pack' promotions, by Optigraphics.

Please contact 3-D Images for samples.

SUPADEEP 3-D - 3-D Public Display Panels

These 3-D displays are specifically designed for rear illumination in relatively low light, public places, exhibitions, museums and airports. They are virtually vandal proof, and represent the ultimate 3-D display systems, with stunning 3-D effects.

The amount of 3-D is fully controllable, and the depth can extend both from behind as well as in front of the panel itself. They must be rear illuminated. Optimum 3-D results are achieved by closest liaison with our 3-D photographer / designer throughout the project.

Costings: The total cost consists of the original 3-D Photography, or Mastering from Computer Generated Graphics, plus the Unit Cost of each display panel.

1. Origination / Original 3-D Photography / Computer Graphics
As a guide, £1,850 includes local 3-D photography in London, and includes the specialised 3-D cameras and equipment. Studio hire, travel, travel time, film, processing and delivery is charged at cost. For working from Computer Generated Graphics, or for flip images, a £650 mastering fee replaces photography costs. Any computer enhancement is chargeable extra at cost.

2. Unit Prices
Please contact us for an offer.
3. Delivery and Terms
50% deposit payable at the time of order with the balance payable on despatch. Please allow 28 days for delivery of the first display panel.

'True 3-D' in full colour without glasses!
A New 3-D Service for Exhibitions, Advertising, Point of Sale and Public places.

'3-D Images' is pleased to announce '3-D PHOTOGRAMS', exclusive 3-D display panels, even with 'same-day' proofing services, from your own products, pack shots, people or computer graphics. Products, Pack shots, and those 3-D scenes viewed in real life, or on the Computer Monitor, or experienced in Virtual Reality can be transferred to our '3-D PHOTOGRAMS' in full colour 3-D. No special illumination is necessary. Changing images and animated displays as well as 3-D, are also possible.
We offer a wide variety of 3-D display methods to meet every budget and application.

  1. 'SUPERDEEP 3-D' offers the ultimate in stunning 3-D effects and is available in sizes up to 2 metres x 1 metre. These panels must be rear illuminated. It is ideal for exhibitions and public display.
  2. 'CLASSICAL 3-D' is a rigid panel, for front and rear illumination and offers excellent
  3. 3-D effects, even over long viewing distances. Ideal for 'behind the counter' displays.
  4. 'FINE FILM 3-D' is also available up to 2 metres x 1 metre and this is a flexible material that may be front or rear illuminated. It is economical in even relatively low volumes, and perfectly suited for viewing at close distances with top photographic quality.
  5. 'POINT OF SALE 3-D' is a low cost 3-D print, ideal for mass production, point of sale displays, give aways or mailers.
  6. "10 x 8" PROOFING 3-D is a unique same day service for Pack Shots, Portraits, samples, testshots and very low volume requirements.

As well as '3-D PHOTOGRAMS', we can also supply Holograms, either 3-D or Animated, from the same originals, in any size from postage stamp size to a metre high.

Methods of Manufacture. To create your '3-D PHOTOGRAM' we can shoot your product in your studio, otherwise we require a series of views of your subject or via a computer generated model. The best results will be achieved by your designer working in close liaison with our own 3-D specialists.

We would be pleased to discuss your design and applications.

3-D Lenticular Printing

3-D lenticular pictures from your own trans, negatives, artwork, Computer graphics,etc.
Now printing - IN LONDON! - 'FINE FILM' 3-D

3-D Images Ltd. have installed the latest computer controlled, 3-D lenticular processor into their London lab. This is a professional service for design agencies, display companies, promotional agencies, sign companies, POS agencies, computer artists, professional photographers and medical imaging.

The resulting 'Fine Film' 3-D pictures give Real 3-D effects without the need for any funny glasses. The material is flexible  and lightweight. These 3-D pictures are ideal when top photographic quality, with ease of close up viewing, is required. It is the ideal economical service for fast, low quantities and proofs.

We need from you: Uncut film strip of between 2 and 36 images on 35 mm or 120 roll film negatives. We can work from other film formats including tranis, movie film, artwork or computer files, for which there will be a conversion fee.

Note: Special 5 & 12 lens professional 3-D cameras now available for rental.

Unit prices: Please contact us for an offer.

Standard Turn round: Up to 16 x 20 inches: 5-7 days. 3 day service +50%.
Same day -- by arrangement. We also offer a full professional 3-D photography service in either your studio or ours. Full consultancy available.


Photographic quality, 'Changing Image', lenticular pictures from your own transparencies, negatives, artwork, computer graphics. Now available on unique 'Same Day' service! Printed in our North London labs.

3-D Images Ltd offer a special low volume, top quality, fast service for design agencies, display companies, promotional agencies, sign companies, P.O.S agencies, computer artists, & professional photographers - who want their displays to flip from one image to another, as you move past the picture.

All we need from you is: a pair of images, in any form, whether as a pair of transparencies, negatives, flat artwork, or digital files.

Sizes: Any size, one price, from postage stamp up to 10 x 8 inch, vertical or horizontal format. This is the size for which we are always set up, and can offer a very fast service. Beyond this size, up to 2 x 1 metres, by arrangement - please ask for our large format price lists.

Unit Prices: Please contact us for an offer.

Standard Time: 5 days. 3 day service +50%. Same day +100%, by arrangement.
Terms: Full payment with artwork & order.

Please note: 'FotoFlips' is just one of 5 different lenticular services available from 3-D Images Ltd. We offer a complete range of lenticular printing services up to 2 metres x 1 metre! We are professional 3-D photographers, offering a worldwide 3-D network.
Please do not hesitate to call us to discuss a potential job, or for a quotation.

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