3-D Photography
Giraffe  Giraffe
Statue of Liberty  Statue of Liberty, New York
Peru  Peru
Snake  Snake
Susan and Cow  Susan and Cow
Tiger  Tiger

3-D Images Ltd. offers professional 3-D photography to suit all your needs, plus has an extensive stock-photo 3-D Image Library to choose from. Many popular subjects are available for immediate use, either as stereo pairs, or as red-and-green anaglyphs or colour anaglyphs.

Colour Anaglyphs look almost normal when viewed with the "naked eye". 

Looking through red and blue anaglyph glasses reveals the extra, eye-catching third dimension. 

Colour Anaglyphs can be made from almost any professionally photographed 3-D Photo.

  Sydney Opera House (Colour Anaglyph)

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