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Another success for Britain's leading 3-D 'one-stop-shop' imaging company.

Virtual VideoIf you are interested in the latest visual promotional technology, then keep your eyes open when shopping in your local supermarket, or even visiting your local pub. There you are likely to find 'Virtual Videos'TM, little and large, by the million!

What are they? 'Virtual Videos'TM are printed pictures which perform like little TV screens, and contain actual moving sequences of sports and video! Just tilt the picture, or walk past them, and see the action take place. These are real extracts from existing videos, not computer simulations! And they are now exclusively manufactured by Optigraphics, the worlds leading lenticular manufacturer.

Who developed them? David Burder, BSc, FRPS, FBIPP, Technical Director of 3-D Images Ltd of North London, developed the patent pending process whilst carrying out research into the company's Medical Imaging systems.

How are they different trom any other animated displays? The special origination process allows clips from video sequences to be transferred directly into the final image, in full colour. Up to 250 frames can be included but, in practice, between 12 and 48 frames are usually used. This compares to most traditional animations which can look quite crude and primitive, as they are usually limited to just a few jumpy frames. Virtual Videos can also be created from computer graphics, movie film, morphs, and even in 3-D!

What do we need from you? Just send us a regular video tape, and that's all we need to create a proof! The 'Virtual Video'TM origination process has now been commercially developed to enable large numbers of proof sequences to be created in a very short time. Television events or movies, can even be transferred to a 'Virtual Video'TM proof within a day. Typical sizes are key ring to credit card to two metres by one metre!

What is the future for 'Virtual Video'TM? Key sequences from new film releases, videos, and sports events can be readily manufactured, extremely economically. They can be used for promoting either the sport, the new film, or used as promotions on licensed merchandise.

Please do not hesitate to call us to discuss a potential job, or for a quotation.

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