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As a private collector of 3D-Movies, I am looking for all types of stereo movies. If you have any for sale, or know someone who sells 3D-Movies, please contact Alexander Klein.

There are various types of 3D movie formats, two of which are the most common:
Single Side-by-Side Anamorphic Stereo 
Stereo Projection Lens 
Top: Projection lens for Side-by-Side Anamorphic Stereo Movies. The anamorphic attachment can be seen on the right half.
Anamorphic Anamorphic 
Left: Original filmstrip from the Movie "Capital Hill Girls". Note anamorphic compression. 
Top: Same image, but viewed through an anamorphic lens.
A number of 3D-Movies was released in Side-by-Side Anamorphic format, which means that left and right eye pictures are located next to each other, side by side, but squeezed horizontally. 

The standard spaced type "SS .415" for such films as "House of Wax", "Dial 'M' for Murder", "The Stewardesses" etc. have a horizontal separation of 0.415 inches. A second type, "SS .460" was used for such films as "The Starlets". Both projection systems are not interchangeable.
Below: A scene from Alfred Hitchcock's "Dial 'M' for Murder". 
Dial M for Murder

Single Strip Over-and-Under Stereo 

Most stereo-movies shown today use the "Single Strip Over-and-Under" stereo format, where one standard frame is split in the middle, with the right-eye view on the top half and the left-eye view on the bottom half. Usually, the panoramic views have an aspect-ratio of 2.35:1. 

This system was used by ArriVision, StereoVision and various other companies. The illustration on the right shows the stereo lens by StereoVision's Chris Condon, which is basically two lenses (14, 16) in one: the twin projection system is installed within a primary lens barrel. 

As ultra-violet light tends to degrade and reduce the life of the polarizing filters (32, 34), an ultra-violet filter (36) is located in the center.

US-Patent 4,235,503: StereoVision Projection Lens

There will soon be a complete list of 3D-Movies in my collection! Please come back and visit again soon.

If you are looking for 3D-Movies on Video and DVD, please go to the "Videos" section of the Stereoscopy.com Bookshop for more information and the latest offers.

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