Preserving stereoscopic history of extraordinary people who have enriched our lives 
Victorian woman looking into a stereoscopic viewer/book

Image of bus full of 3-D people each holding 3-D camera 1983 by Susan Pinsky

Welcome to www.3-DLegends.com


3-DLegends.com is a new creation we hope to establish as a tradition.
This site is a look back in time to remember some amazing people who enriched our lives
with the marvels of stereoscopic images, equipment, experimentation, techniques and brilliance.

Stereo culture, heritage, tradition and foundation have been established by many inspired, creative, inventive people whose names we remember, but we know little about them.

Whilst they are no longer with us, 3-DLegends.com  is a place where we want to remember them. Some of us have been lucky enough to have met these people, others are just names from the past. Together we will share a bit of the 3-D contributions they left us. 

Seton Rochwite designed the Stereo Realist Camera, the red button Realist viewer, the Kindar stereo camera and more. Henry Erskine was the Photographic Society of America Stereo Division Equipment & Supplies Director, who supplied hundreds of stereo photographers with desired cameras, viewers, projectors, mounts and needed supplies for many years, while also being an outstanding stereographer himself. 3-D of Realist inventor Seton Rochwite holding his prototype - Stereo by David Hutchison

Anaglyph of Coming & Going image of Brooklyn Bridge by Ted LambertTed Lambert was one of the early 1950's trick & multi- exposure stereo photographers. 

Along with Tommy Thomas he broke every stereo photography rule he could, while creating images that astounded and amazed their peers. They taught, they inspired, they encouraged us to pursue even more of this fascinating interest.

Timeless trick stereo of Bodiless Cowboy by Tommy Thomas


Paul Wing gave the stereo world so much, from his hyperstereos, taken while flying commercially Aerial hyperstereo view of Mt Cook by Paul Wingor on small planes, to his comprehensive book "Stereoscopes: The First 100 Years" on the many varieties of stereoscopes invented and constructed since 1832. His book shares with us a cornucopia of 2-D & 3-D photos of rare stereoscopes, patent drawings, engravings, and early advertisements. Paul was famous for his frank opinions, his exquisite macro stereo images of nature, his "cha cha" single camera stereo shots, and his extensive knowledge of the field of stereography.

3-DLegends.com is an ongoing undertaking to try to gather images, information and stereoscopic history of people we choose not to forget. 

To name just a few of those whom we will tell you more about: Pat Whitehouse, Tony Alderson, Karl Struss, Herbert C. McKay, David Hutchison, John Meredith, Paul Wing, Peter Palmquist, Seton Rochwite, Conrad Hodnik, Tommy Thomas and Stergis M. Stergis. This is a joint effort. Feel free to email, write or call us with additional ideas, suggestions and information. Write to us at reel3D@aol.com

This is a dream come true to create a heritage site where memories of people who have influenced MY life, and maybe yours, will live on with images of them, and by them, plus a little personal history, when available. When I started collecting other peoples slides, around 1978, I never thought I'd be able to share them with other enthusiasts around the world. What a world! What a wonderful 3-D world!
    Susan Pinsky happily being licked by a cow-stereo by David BurderSpectacular hand painted & inlaid viewers
                                        1950's stereo Realist red button slide viewer

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 Preserving stereoscopic history of extraordinary people who have enriched our lives 

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