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Nimslo Stereo Camera Repair

Please note that there is a certain amount of risk involved in trying to repair a camera. No guarantee is made as to the accuracy or suitability of these procedures to a repair you are contemplating. These repairs vary in difficulty - assess your skill levels carefully before tearing into your camera, as we are not liable for any damage to person or property.

NOTE: There were two models of the Nimslo Camera made. The following procedures apply to the Japanese-made model.

Removing the camera bottom

The bottom of the Nimslo camera is quite easy to remove. First remove the batteries, then remove the three bottom screws. The bottom of the camera comes off quite easily. You have to do this to help unjam the film-advance mechanism. (most of the "mechanics" of the film winder are down here.)

Removing the camera top

To remove the top, you must undo three screws:

1. First, remove the film advance lever. On top of the lever is a special screw with two small holes. You can buy the special wrench needed, or, you can use a pair of pliers holding two paper-clip ends at just the right distance apart. Turn the screw counter-clockwise and it should come out. Next, remove the lever and the two small silver "washers". Set aside.

2. Next, remove the top of the film RE-winder handle. Pop it partway up, and, while holding the "film catch" (the part that usually sticks into the roll of film), turn the top counter-clockwise. It comes out easily.

3. The last part is the shoe. On top of the flash shoe is a thin metal clip that slides directly back. The FRONT of the clip must be "lifted" slightly before the clip can be slid back. After that is removed, there is one silver screw that holds the shoe in place. Remove it. (note: this actually holds part of the shoe, but more importantly, it's the only screw that truly keeps the top of the camera secure. The shoe is ALSO held in place, from UNDERNEATH, by two more screws)

Finally, being VERY careful, wiggle the top of the camera loose and pull it straight up. Do not pull hard or fast! There are two very small wires that are only about 2 inches long that connect the camera to the flash shoe--if you pull too hard, you'll rip out the wires.

You may have to perform this operation in order to re-secure the shoe. The flash shoe is ALSO held in place by two small screws that hold it in from the INSIDE of the camera.

Fixing problem causing completely unexposed rolls of film

Symptom: Unexposed rolls of film, shutter sounds like it is operating.

Solution 1: It sometimes turnes out that the battery contact is not providing enough pressure against the cells (and the cover).

Solution 2: You may find grunge on some "switch" contacts inside. The "switch" is made up of a wire that makes contact with a post inside. A little rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip cleanes it right up.

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